Aaditya Pandey Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Aaditya Pandey upsc biography

Every year, tens of thousands of applicants hope to pass the UPSC, but only a fraction of them actually succeed. In every exam, success is the lot of a select few, while failure is the lot of the majority. Some of them decide to choose a different path after failing. So, some people manage to succeed after failing. Such is Patna resident Aditya Pandey, who was dissatisfied with the UPSC’s initial attempt. however, on the third try, I was able to crack the top 50.


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Aditya wasn’t let down.
Aditya’s road to achievement has taken several detours; he received the 48th rank in the UPSC 2022 results revealed on Tuesday. Aditya, a Lovely Professional University B.Tech graduate, successfully completed his 12th grade year at Kendriya Vidyalaya Kankarbagh. Aditya has always been passionate about taking the UPSC exam, but it took him three tries to succeed. Aditya failed PT in both of his initial attempts. Aditya, however, did not let his disappointment get the best of him and finished the third with a perfect 48th place.

Late start preparation
Aditya also did a job after doing engineering. After this he did MBA from IIT Roorkee. After this, I did a job again and finally focused on fulfilling my passion. Aditya told Insider Live that in the first attempt of UPSC, there was a delay in designing the job, less time for preparation. The result was that number 25 lagged behind in PT. The same situation remained in the second attempt as well and PT could not qualify from number three. But these two attempts clearly showed me the way forward.

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benefited from Job
After the results were out, Aditya, who received the 48th place in the UPSC, claimed that I benefited from the work I did. Banker Om Prakash Pandey is Aditya’s father. Mother Lalmuni Devi works as a domestic worker. Abhishek, Aditya’s brother, is employed for the Excise Department concurrently.