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Aakriti Sethi upsc

Hello everyone!! This is Aakriti Sethi. I have secured an AIR 249 in UPSC CSE 2022.
I have achieved this in my sixth attempt (could not clear prelims in my previous 5 attempts) My optional is Economics. I have done my graduation and post graduation from Delhi University.
I have made a telegram channel to share  and help the students who have been stuck in any of the stage.The objective of this channel would be to ensure honest and reliable information regarding the complete preparation process. I would also be sharing my strategy, some notes, answer scripts, and other such relevant information. Most importantly, take this channel as a source of guide and based on your wisdom, realign your strategy.

(Please be a part of this group and share it to as many people as you can, so that all can take advantage of this)

Notes read by Aakriti Sethi

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Prelims Preparation Strategy by Aakriti Sethi

I will try to ensure that only true and real strategies will be shared in this post.

Prelims is just 48 hours away, so How’s the JOSH??

While I know that this is a crucial time for you all appearing for prelims. But believe me, I have faced all of those attempts and I know the feeling!

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Mazze ki baat to ye hai, that in my 5th attempt I failed really bad, only could score 66 marks in Prelims (my lowest score, even lower than my first unprepared attempt). Imagine those numbers with 5 years of preparation!

And this year I scored more than 100 marks! (Wow I feel so great to say that finally).

This transition was possible only with 1 MANTRA..

“Do NOT Stress at all!”

I literally was in no tension mode, followed the same routine, went to park daily and waited for the hours in which I will perform my best (my last attempt).

So cutting short, Do not OVERTHINK

Also, I can understand the feeling of those who have just saw their marks in last year’s prelims and were facing pressure due to that.

BUT Past is Past, think and visualise yourself in the best possible state.

28th is your day and you have to win it!!

Just manifest yourself that you are giving your best shot. Plan the things in your mind that how that day will go!

And needless to say, revise your last minute short notes, do practise world map ( it helped me a lot), Have a look at last years UPSC papers.

But more than that, Be Calm and Relaxed. God will definitely be on your side.

All the very best!

And we will work in depth for Mains (for which I am really excited)

#Kar har Maidan Fateh

Aakriti Sethi

Motivation Post by Aakriti Sethi IAS

Hello Soldiers,

KUDOS to each one of you who have participated in most of the toughest exam of the world!

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This itself is a big achievement and I appreciate all the efforts you have made till now.

UPSC has again proved that no one can beat it.

Indeed it was a tough exam!

Some of you might be happy and some of you might be worried.. I know all the worries that comes to mind post exam. Running behind the answer keys, matching your answers, facing different feelings on checking each one of them.

Looking at today’s exam, I would just like to suggest you, please do not run behind the answer keys.

Relax your mind and feel that you have done it, now result will be in God’s hand.

Definitely the cutoff will go down as exam was equally tough for all.

Similar to last year UPSC will be releasing the results within a fortnight. So do not panic, just wait for the results to come out.

By that I do not mean that you should wait for the result to continue studying for mains.Take 2-3 days of break and start preparing for mains.

If you clear or not, this is the time that you should focus exclusively on mains .

As I believe preparing Mains is the crucial part of the whole preparation, so do not think much and keep moving forward.

I will be sharing Mains detailed strategy for this year. And I would also be sharing strategy for 2024 exam.

So be more proactive in the group. I do read each and every comment of you, but replying each one of them is not feasible. I will share a planned strategy for each case.

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As of now, you just relax and feel gratitude towards God!


Aakriti Sethi

Hello Friends

I hope you all have recovered from the Prelims shock, have scrambled all the answer keys and will be confused about the next journey.

Many of you will be stuck on the border line and will be wasting essential time on thinking whether they will make it or not!

But this is the time to prepare for mains, be it this year’s mains or 2024 mains. These days can be called as Mains Season.

So gear up to prepare for your mains.

I will make a video for those who are appearing for mains this year and what should be done for next year.

For basic students too I will share the strategy!

Hoping to upload some of them by evening!

Stay tuned!


Aakriti Sethi