Ajay Yadav IAS Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Age, Rank, Family, Caste

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Hello Everyone! This is Ajay Yadav, graduated from IIT Delhi, I got UPSC rank – 276 in CSE-2022.

Firstly best wishes to everyone waiting for prelims result….

As you know I have made this platform to help you all in any way I can. Since I am consistently perform well in geography so focus would be more on optional geography.

My scores in geography optional are below :

UPSC – 2019 (273 marks)

UPSC – 2020 (250 marks)

UPSC – 2022 (277 marks)

UPPSC – 2022 (249 marks/400) (selected for DSP)

Besides this I also perform well in general studies specially in GS paper 1&4.

Thus, through the channel I will try my best to help you in all possible ways. For me, it will be great feelings if I contribute a little in your success..

In next few days I will share my geography optional notes and comprehensive strategy to get good marks in geography optional ….

Ajay Yadav IAS Marksheet

Ajay Yadav UPSC Marksheet
Ajay Yadav UPSC
Ajay Yadav IAS Biography

Hello Guys,

UPSC copy checking is quite different from the way Coaching evaluator checks.

My marks in GS1

Abhyas-2022:  82.5 marks
UPSC-2022 :   110 marks

My marks in GS3

Abhyas-2022: 116
UPSC-2022 :  91

So please don’t follow coaching marks blindly, you should give as many test as possible without worrying too much about Marks….
…Focus should be more on quality content, diagrams and correct interpretation of the questions.

How many tests I have written in CSE-2022?

GS – 18 tests
Essay – 7 tests
Optional – 7 tests

Total – 32 tests

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