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UPSC has announced the final result of the Civil Services 2021 Exam as well as the name of the top scorers. The Union Public Service Commission has suggested that 685 candidates be hired.
The top three winners this year are Gamini Singla, Ankita Agarwal, and Shruti Sharma. All three are women from different parts of India. Let’s look at Ankita Agarwal, who came in second (UPSC CSE 2021 AIR 2), and her story of success.

Ankita Agarwal Biography
Ankita Agarwal Biography Bio/Wiki
ProfessionIAS Officer in India
Physical Stats & More
Eye ColourBlack colour
Hair ColourBlack colour
Personal Life
Age (as of 2022)Not Known
HometownKolkata, West Bengal, India
SchoolShe did her elementary education in Modern Public School, Bihariganj, Bihar, after which her family shifted to Kolkata. She further pursued her schooling in DPS, Kolkata.
College/UniversitySt. Stephen’s College, Delhi, India
Educational QualificationGraduation in Economics
HobbiesBasketball, Reading Novels, books
Relationships & More
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather– Mohan Aggarwal (He is a businessman)
Mother– Kiran Aggarwal
SiblingsBrother– Ayush Aggarwal
SportsBasketball, Tennis
BookThe Lives of Others by Neel Mukherjee
Ankita Agarwal Biography

UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal

UPSC Topper 2021 CSE AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal

Ankita Agarwal took the IAS Exam three times and passed it on the third try. She was ranked second (AIR). After leaving a job in business, she took her first exam in 2019 and got the 239th place in all of India. She took her second exam in 2020.
Ankita is from Kolkata, West Bengal, and she got her bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, in 2017. She then worked for a consulting company called Dalberg for a year, going to places like Bangladesh. Then, in 2018, she quit her well-paid job in business to study for the UPSC CSE Exam.
Ankita Agarwal Journey
Ankita’s elective course was Political Science, and she chose IAS and IPS as her first and second choices in the UPSC. She used to play basketball and likes to read when she has free time. Her father runs a business in Kolkata, West Bengal. Ankita is a strong, independent, and single woman who likes to give back to her country.
She said in an interview, “Issues like poverty, unemployment, climate change, etc., that are common in other countries are on the table everywhere.” Ankita Agarwal said, “I’d like to work on them.”

Ankita Agarwal Strategy

Ankita Agarwal Strategy

Ankita Agarwal said, “I studied as hard as I could while still making time for my health, my family, and my friends.” She was talking about how she planned to prepare for the civil services test, which was her dream. I tried to study at least 8–12 hours a day for as many hours as I could.
“I wrote my notes on my computer so they would be easy to organise since they are digital. She said, “I used sources to study, and then I translated them into my language, which makes it easier to review.”
Ankita kept a balanced routine while she was studying for the Civil Services Exams. She took time to relax, de-stress, and hang out with friends. Agarwal also said that she shut down all of her social media accounts so she wouldn’t be distracted while she was studying.

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Ankita’s Opinion

Ankita Agarwal Strategy upsc

She said that it was a great source of happiness and honour for women to be at the top of the list of people with the best grades. She said that the fact that there are more women in the top three ranks doesn’t mean they are better; it just means that more women are getting chances.
“Women have a lot more motivation to prove themselves because society holds them to certain standards, which drives them,” Ms. Agarwal said, adding that the country will see more women at the top of the list.


Ankita Agarwal marksheet

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Some things you might not know about Ankit Agarwal

Ankita Agarwal rank

Indian woman Ankita Agarwal got AIR 2 on her third try at the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services test in 2022. She got 1050 out of a possible 2025 points.

Ankita worked for the Indian Revenue Services (IRS) before she passed UPSC 2022. She passed UPSC AIR 236 in 2019, but she wanted to be an IAS, so she tried again and got AIR 2.

Ankita said in an interview that she wanted to work in the fields of women’s empowerment, primary health care, and school teaching.

When she talked about why she wanted to work in public service, she said that

I knew what I wanted to do, so I did not sign up for a masters degree. I worked for a year, and then I went straight into getting ready for the UPSC. I passed the test in 2019 and got a job with the IRS, but what I really wanted was to work for the Indian Administrative Services. So, I took the test again in 2021. This is the third time I’ve tried,”

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Ankita was in college at St. Stephen’s, where she was part of the Campus Placement Cell and The Finance & Investment Cell. She was the head editor of the Yearbook Editorial Team and had also joined the economics club.

In 2015, Ankita did a two-month summer internship at CRY (Child Rights and You), an Indian non-government organisation that works to protect children’s rights. In 2016, she did another three-month summer internship at Pratham, an Indian non-government organisation that works to give underprivileged children in India a good education.

After finishing college, Ankita went to work for a corporate company called Dalberg, which is a strategy and policy development consulting firm. She worked there for almost a year.

In an interview in 2019, Ankita said that she wants to be an IAS Officer first and then an IPS Officer second.
She played basketball for her college, but in her last year, she was hurt in an accident, so she stopped playing.

Before moving to Kolkata, Ankita’s father ran a hardware store in Bihar. Ankita studied for the Civil Services test at a well-known school in New Delhi’s Rajinder Nagar neighbourhood. She also went to the mock test interview that Shubra Ranjan IAS study Pvt. Ltd. held in 2019.

The UPSC CSE – 2021 results were mostly made up of women. In fact, the top three spots on this elite and highly sought-after list went to women.

Today, will tell you about AIR-2 Ankita Agarwal’s exciting UPSC trip and how she got ready for it.

Getting to the goal means cutting off all ties

Ankita Agarwal hometown

Ankita was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. She went to school at DPS Ruby Park, which she joined in 2003. Her family is from Bihar, where they all lived together as one big family.

Her father works in business, and her mother takes care of the house. In Delhi, her brother is getting an MBA. The home of the family is in Kalindi. Ankita has always been quiet and serious about her studies, even when she was young.

After she finished school, she went to Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College to get a degree in Economics with Honours. She finished college in 2017 and got a job at a consulting company called Dalberg. She worked there for a year before quitting her job and starting to study for the UPSC.


Ankita was pretty sure and excited about UPSC CSE from the time she graduated. There was no room for doubt in her plans for her work. She decided to take the UPSC test and do well on it.

“My parents gave me a lot of help along the way,” she said. Also, they never pushed their own goals on her or made her work hard in school. She told the press after her success, “My parents were never pushy about my career plans.”

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She worked hard to get ready for her first try at UPSC in 2019 and got AIR-239. She got into the Indian Revenue Service, but her dream was to become an IAS officer, and if that didn’t work out, an IPS officer. So, Ankita chose to take the UPSC CSE exam again in the year 2020.

But it wasn’t until her third try at UPSC CSE 2021 that she not only passed the civil services test to become an IAS officer, but also got AIR-2 and became the best.

In an interview, she said, “This is my third try. The first time I tried, I didn’t have much time, so I didn’t get very far. On my second try, I didn’t work hard enough, but on my third try, I was able to make up for it.


Ankita wants to work in the government of Bengal. She wants to work in school teaching, health and family welfare, and the development of rural areas.

“West Bengal is my home cadre, and I’m hoping to get it,” she said. I want to work close to the people and help them. For a country to grow, its people need to be well informed. So, I believe that a well-educated people is the first step towards economic and social growth.


Ankita Agarwal said this about how she studied for the civil services exam: “I studied as hard as I could while still taking care of myself, my family, and my friends. I tried to study at least 8–12 hours a day for as many hours as I could.

She put her notes on her computer to help her keep track of them. She used sources to study and then translated them into her own language, which made it easy for her to review.

Ankita told UPSC applicants, “One should be very clear about why they want to join the services, and if one has the motivation, it helps more.” Since it’s a long process that takes at least two years, it’s important to have a plan that will last. This will help you stay focused.

She picked Political Science and International Relations as her electives because she didn’t know much about them and wanted to learn something new. This helped her keep studying and kept her interested.


Ankita said that seeing women at the top of the merit list is a great source of happiness and honour. She said that just because women hold the top three positions doesn’t mean they are better than men in some way. It just shows that more chances are being given to women.

“Women are more motivated to prove themselves because society holds them to certain standards,” she said, adding that more women will be at the top of the list in the future.

Ankita started working for the IRS in 2019, and she is currently on probation at the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics (NACIN) in Faridabad, Haryana. She can’t wait until the end of the week to go back to her city and see her family. In her free time, she likes to read, and she used to play basketball.