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Arpita Thube UPSC

This is Arpita Thube, AIR 214 in CSE 2022. I am currently an IPS probationer of Batch 2021 undergoing training in National Police Academy, Hyderabad. I am from Thane city of Maharashtra, have done my Electrical Engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai and my optional is PSIR.

Arpita Thube UPSC Marksheet

Arpita Thube UPSC Marksheet

To give a brief about my UPSC journey, this was my 4th attempt. I began my UPSC journey since my 4th year of engineering days, then travelled to Delhi for coaching in GS and optional as I was clueless about the process. In my 1st attempt did not even clear prelims after a year long preparation so decided to give a full fledged 2nd attempt staying in Delhi . But as fate had it, COVID happened and I had to rush back home to Thane, from where I did all my self study and preparation and gave my 2nd attempt. Luckily I cleared the exam with AIR 383 and got into the prestigious IPS service. Since I had IAS as my first preference, I gave prelims but failed to clear it so ultimately I took leave from IPS and gave CSE 2022 attempt to clear this exam finally with AIR 214.

Detailed Strategy

There are certain common points that need to be kept in mind for this exam:

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  • Always remember to go for a combined study plan for prelims and mains
  • Refer to the syllabus and pyq always before as well as during preparation
  • Consistency and daily schedule is a must to survive in this marathon exam

Marks in CSE 2020:

  • Essay -125
  • GS 1 – 89
  • GS 2 – 110
  • GS 3 – 90
  • GS 4 – 113
  • PSIR – 118 + 134
  • Interview – 157

Marks in CSE 2022:

  • Essay – 96
  • GS 1 – 111
  • GS 2 – 109
  • GS 3 – 85
  • GS 4 – 121
  • PSIR – 132 + 135
  • Interview – 190

I will be talking in detail about my GS strategy because I have a consistent good score in GS mainly:

UPSC Booklist by Arpita Thube IPS

Resources used for GS

GS 1 Booklist by Arpita Thube IPS

  • Ancient and medieval Hist – NCERT
  • Art and culture – Nitin Singhania
  • World Hist – vision summary book
  • Modern Hist – Spectrum
  • Post independence- pradhan mantri series + NCERT
  • Geo – NCERT + Rishikesh Reddy notes
  • Rest syllabus – Googled and made notes eg globalisation ,secularism etc

GS 2 Booklist by Arpita Thube IPS

  • Polity – Laxmikant + Mains 365 + SC judgements list + Committee recommendations
  • Governance – Atish Mathur website
  • IR – Mains 365

GS 3 Booklist by Arpita Thube IPS

  • Eco – SriramIAS + mains 365
  • Economic survey – vision summary
  • Budget – PIB
  • Agri – mains 365
  • Env – Mains 365
  • Internal security – Mains 365 + vision value added
  • Disaster Management – 2nd ARC + mains 365 + vision value added
  • Snt – mains 365

GS 4 Booklist by Arpita Thube IPS

  • OrientIAS summary book
  • Atish mathur case studies
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Things common for all GS

  • Toppers copy referred to improve answer writing especially for ethics case studies
  • Compilation of data sets for each GS separately
  • Extensive diag and map compilation
  • Made all notes online on evernote and covered every topic of the syllabus
  • Create intro and conclusion templates for broad topics of the syllabus eg globalisation

Tips to improve answer writing

  • Focus on structure especially a proper intro, conc and hitting demand of the question
  • Introduction should be contextual to current affairs or include defn or dataset
  • Use the Q keywords as subheadings
  • Diag should be drawn in a proper labelled box
  • Use diag as much as possible apart from Geo Q eg in hist, in IR etc
  • In GS2, use SC judgements, committee recommendations and Articles of the constitution as much as possible
  • Complete all the questions and try to fill all the pages

Last but not the least coaching attended

  • For GS – Vajiram classroom classes
  • PSIR – Shubhra ranjan classes + crash course
  • For mains writing – Forum MGP year long prg + vision mains answer writing
  • For prelims – multiple class test series especially open tests
  • Current affairs magazine – vajiram (1st attempt ) , vision (2nd attempt ) and shunya IAS (3rd attempt )

All the Best !