Arya VM Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Arya VM UPSC Topper Biography

Arya VM UPSC Topper Biography

VM Arya (26) from Balaramapuram failed to pass the civil service test prelims on her first attempt, she was disappointed. But she persisted despite that. She revised her preparations for a second attempt, and on the second try, she aced the preliminary examination. She studied hard and gained more self-assurance to earn the 36th spot in the All India Civil Services test. Up till class 10, Arya attended Sree Vivekananda Memorial Public School. She later finished her Plus-Two requirements at Viswabharathy Public School.

Before attending Pondicherry Central University for her MA, she earned her BA in English from the Government College for Women in Thiruvananthapuram. Arya was a talented student who earned the top spot in both the BA and MA programmes. The child claims that ever since she was a student in class 8, she had dreamed of joining the civil service. She had decided to take English as an elective for the civil service, as well as English Literature for her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Arya VM UPSC Topper Rank

Arya VM UPSC Topper Rank

Arya VM UPSC Topper Rank is 36th in UPSC CSE 2022.

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Arya spent some time working as a teacher after earning her postgraduate degree. Arya continued taking PSC tests and exams while preparing for the civil services exam in order to get appointed to various positions in the federal government. She was disappointed because she didn’t perform well in these exams. But her dedication to her civil service training paid off in the end. Arya claims that performing modifications at appropriate intervals had aided in her memory of the subjects. She enjoyed viewing flicks in the meantime to decompress from her hectic routine. Arya is the sole child of Venkiteshwaran Potti and Mini, both of whom worked for the government.

Arya VM UPSC Topper Age

Arya VM UPSC Topper Age

Arya VM UPSC Topper Age is 26 years old.

She attended classes and got ready for her first attempt. The second time, though, she focused on a few points that she thought were crucial.

Arya V.M.’s initial reaction when she learned she had earned the 36th spot in the Civil Services tests was relief. According to the Balaramapuram inhabitant, “more than happiness.”

It was Arya’s second attempt at passing the Civil Services tests. She narrowly missed passing the preliminary examination on her first try. “That gave me hope that if I tried again, I could succeed,” says Arya, who attended Viswabharathy Public School in Neyyattinkara and Sree Vivekananda Memorial Public School in Aralummoodu for her education.

Arya VM UPSC Topper Marksheet

Arya VM UPSC Topper Marksheet

Arya VM UPSC Topper Marksheet is not available yet.

Arya, who earned a first-place English graduation from the Government College for Women in Vazhuthacaud and a postgraduate degree in the field from Pondicherry University, selected English literature as her optional Mains subject.

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Due to the lack of English literary coaching or test series, Arya claims she was “a little unsure” about her decision. She enjoyed it as well, though, because it was a topic she was extremely familiar with.

She attended classes and got ready for her first attempt. The second time, though, she focused on a few points that she thought were crucial. She felt satisfied knowing she had contributed in a positive way. She claims that the Hindu was a huge assistance to her planning.

Arya VM UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Arya VM UPSC Topper Optional Subject is English Literature.

She remained quiet throughout her preparations but maintained in touch with those closest to her for her “emotional health.” She studied for eight hours every day, but it depended on her “mood.”

Her go-to stress relievers were OTT programmes and films. “Everyone gets ready in their own way. I came to the realisation that I should follow my own plan,” Arya explains. So rather of putting in additional hours, she indulged her want to watch an OTT series.

Arya says her mantras are passion and endurance. She has taught as a guest lecturer at the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies for a year following her postgraduate degree and at Government Polytechnic, Karamana, for a few months following her preliminary examinations.

Her mother, a retired teacher, and father, a retired health department employee, have been of tremendous assistance. She says, “I could remove myself from different societal influences, but they were the ones who had to go out and deal with this.

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Arya admits she did not anticipate herself to do this well. She even considered making a third attempt, but she is relieved she won’t have to. “It feels amazing to have passed the IAS because it is what I intended to happen. She says, “I’m hoping to acquire the Kerala cadre.

Arya VM UPSC Topper Caste

Arya VM UPSC Topper Caste is Dalit.

Arya VM, a native of Balaramapuram, who obtained a 36th-place finish on her second attempt in the civil services test, said passing the UPSC exams was her childhood aspiration. “Although it was a desire I’d had since boyhood, I only began to truly pursue it in 2020, when I was on the verge of achieving financial stability. I was employed as a guest professor after receiving my post-graduate degree in English literature. After working for a year, I had financial security and revived my public service aspirations. I failed the preliminary examinations on my first try in 2021, but I wasn’t ready to give up, stated Arya VM. Knowing her skills and flaws, according to Arya, was beneficial.

Arya VM UPSC Topper State

Arya VM UPSC Topper is from Kerala State.

I did well in English and History but poorly in Science and Literature. She claimed that my success was aided by my self-assurance and willpower, as well as my tireless efforts.

Arya VM UPSC Topper PDF Notes

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