Chaitanya Awasthi Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Biography

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Biography

Kanpur native Chaitanya Awasthi placed 37th overall in the nation for the 2022 UPSC exam. He succeeded in his first attempt at this accomplishment.

The Civil Services Exam results have been released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Kanpur resident Chaitanya Awasthi earned the 37th spot in this exam. On account of his achievement, the entire area is filled with joy. Chaitanya accomplished this feat despite extremely challenging circumstances and a dearth of resources. People have started visiting Chaitanya’s home to express their congratulations. Chaitanya spoke in-depth about his road to becoming an IAS during a special interview with One India Hindi.

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Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC CSE BOOKLIST

Officers had a strong memory from their early years

Originally from Belupur Bidhuna in Auraiya, Chaitanya Awasthi now resides in Barra village in Kanpur city. His father, the late Shant Sharan Awasthi, was a respected journalist who led the state’s newspaper industry. The father used to honour the officers greatly and also used to do these rites for the boy. He introduced his son Chaitanya to IAS officers from an early age and used to talk to him about their methods, feeling of commitment to the public, and selfless lives. These events left a lasting impression on Chaitanya’s memory.

Father had discussed the goal of life in tenth class

Chaitanya tells that when he was in class X, his father discussed in detail with him what to do next and how. Father also wanted to see me in the form of IAS somewhere. Just after this discussion, the picture became more clear about becoming an IAS.

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Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Rank

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Rank

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Rank is 37th in UPSC CSE 2022.

Chaitanya Awasthi Education

Chaitanya claims that Ranchi was where he received his early education. Dad was then assigned to Ranchi. He remained here for approximately 8 to 9 years. He completed his eighth grade studies in this location. Then left from here and attended Swaraj India Public School in Kanpur for his or her tenth and twelveth grades. In the ICSC 10th and 12th board exams, I received 95.6 and 79 percent of the possible points, respectively. Then I travelled to Kolkata and attended National Law University to earn my BA LLB Honours degree. August 2021 saw the completion of my graduation, and soon after that, I began my UPSC preparations.

After his father passed away, Chaitanya was devastated.
His father Shant Sharan Awasthi passed away from Corona at the time Chaitanya was pursuing his BA LLB. Mother Pratima Awasthi and Chaitanya were both in shock following this incident. Nothing except blackness could be seen. Chaitanya was so overcome by despondency that he was internally broken.

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Age

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Age

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Age is 31 years old.

Mother acted as a defence

Chaitanya claims that it was extremely challenging for me to prepare for the UPSC just after the passing of my father. Mother approached and spoke with me. She used to comfort me even as she sobbed quietly in another room. something I find difficult to articulate. Mother’s bravery inspired courage. Accept the disappointment and continue. Mom acted as a shield. In addition to this, father’s advice was always recalled. If you succeed, look up because there are others at the top, and if you are desperate, look down because there are those who are more unhappy than you, according to what Father used to say.

The table was set with a picture of the parents, and the preparations began

According to Chaitanya, he was internally broken but was given courage by his mother’s bravery and his father’s guidance. I kept the picture of my parents on the study table and got to work on my planning.

Exam preparation at home
Chaitanya stated that he studied for eight to ten months, staying at his home during that time. He began carefully preparing after reading material in web sources.

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Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Marksheet

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Marksheet

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Marksheet is not available yet.

Used to study for eight to ten hours

Before preparing for UPSC, Chaitanya used to think that studying for two to four hours by heart is enough. But when he started preparing for UPSC, his thinking changed and felt that it is necessary to give eight to ten hours regularly. What was it then that Chaitanya started devoting so much time to his studies everyday.

These factors motivated Chaitanya

Both Chaitanya’s late Baba Ram Prakash Awasthi and his father shared a passion for reading. Baba had established a library within the community. It contained publications written by national and international authors and officers. My father and baba used to give me books to read about policemen. which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It had a significant impact. Along with this, Baba and Dad always instilled the importance of serving one’s country.

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper have chosen Law as an Optional Subject.

Chaitanya Success

Chaitanya claimed that my parents are responsible for my success today. It was made possible by his inspiration, education, and upbringing. My parents planted the crop that I am harvesting today.

Success comes from discipline and hard work

Chaitanya believes that the secret to success in life is perseverance and hard effort. They claim that it can help you succeed in any area of your life.

After the outcome, Chaitanya sobbed while hugging his mother.
According to Chaitanya, his buddies Deepak, Ishant, and Mehul texted him to let them know the UPSC results. I was internally terrified as well. I witnessed the outcome three to four times even after telling them. Even that much wasn’t true, so I printed the document. When he was finished, he immediately rushed to his mother, held her, and sobbed for a long time.

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Caste

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Caste

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper Caste is OBC.

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper State

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper State is Uttar Pradesh. He is from Kanpur district.

Rama Sharan Awasthi, the editor of a reputable newspaper in Ayodhya, is Chaitanya Awasthi’s uncle and is ecstatic with his nephew’s accomplishment. They claim that the boy has improved the family’s honour as well as that of the entire district and state. Since he was a young child, Chaitanya has been responsible and diligent. I’m proud of my son right now for the position he’s worked so hard to get. I hope he would join the IAS and devote himself fully to serving the nation.

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Persevering even in the face of adversity

Appealing to the youth, Chaitanya says that no matter how adverse the situation may be in life, do not lose courage. Face it and keep striving for your goal. Will surely succeed.

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper PDF Notes

Chaitanya Awasthi UPSC Topper PDF Notes is available in our telegram channel.

The UPSC result released on Tuesday validated his efforts. Chaitanya Awasthi stated that he gave the pre-examination on June 5, 2022. This was followed by Mains, and after the interview on April 13th, the results were announced on Tuesday. Mother Pratima, uncle Ramsharan, Sadguru Sharan, and other family members’ faces lit up as a result of the outcome. The residents of the region were filled with joy. From early morning until late at night, a steady stream of individuals came to his residence to congratulate him. He is currently residing in Barra village, Kanpur, with his family.

Chaitanya Awasthi, who lives in Barra, south of the city, made UPSC 2022 history. After passing the UPSC exam, Chaitanya Awasthi was appointed as an IAS officer. He finished 37th in the country in the UPSC 2022 exam. At the same time, by achieving first place in Kanpur, the name of the city has been lit. There was a rush of people congratulating Chaitanya on his accomplishment. There is a joyful vibe in the family. Chaitanya Awasthi had a special talk with ETV India during this time. Please let us know what he mentioned regarding his exam results and preparation.

Chaitanya told that he studied online from Vajirao Classes in Delhi. Along with this, he also prepared for his UPSC through YouTube. He told that he had secured 95% marks in high school. At the same time, he passed the intermediate examination with 79%. Chaitanya told that he has done his studies from ICSE board.

Chaitanya is primarily from the Auraiya district. He passed the UPSC exam on his first attempt and established a track record of achievement. He attributed his accomplishment to his family. He claimed that his entire family was always there for him. Chaitanya revealed that his father had passed away in Corona. His mother and two sisters, on the other hand, were always there for him. That is why he has risen to such prominence now. How long should one study for the UPSC? In response to this query, Chaitanya stated that those who claim to study for 15 or 20 hours are mistaken. This is not acceptable. The longer you study, the more likely you are to succeed by studying with your mind.