Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Biography, Wife Name, Marksheet, Date of Birth, Ganjam Collector

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Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Biography

Parida is from the city of Cuttack in the state of Odisha. He has a master’s degree in Botany, with a focus on genes.
His father, Prasanna Kumar Parida, is an engineer, and his mother, Dr. Mayabini Jena, is a researcher at the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) in Cuttack’s entomology area.

Nikhil Thawal2017Rank 799
Dibya Jyoti Parida2015Rank 26
Stuti Charan2012Rank 3
Gopala Sundera Raj2011Rank 5
Ashish Kumar Srivastava2010Rank 61
Arvind Mallapa Bangari2010Rank 83
Divya Jyoti Parida IAS BIOGRAPHY
Dibyajyoti Parida IAS wife name

One important thing to do if you want to pass the UPSC test is to read about how the IAS toppers did it. When you read about how hard they worked and what they gave up, it will make you want to work harder. To get to a high job goal like UPSC, you need more than just hard work.
To pass the test, you need to study well and handle your time well. In this piece, you will learn about IAS Dibyajyoti Parida’s life and his strategy for passing the UPSC.

Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Divyajyoti Parida UPSC CSE BOOKLIST

IAS Dibyajyoti Parida Biography

Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Optional Subject

It was the third time he had taken the IAS test.
“They are a source of inspiration for me,” he says. Their work ethics, honesty, and morality as government workers have given me a lot to think about. I was determined to do well on the civil service test this time.” He says that his folks are to thank for his success.
After he finished his course at the LBSNAA in 2018, the Indian government put him in charge of the Department of Commerce as an Assistant Secretary.

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Dibyajyoti Parida Optional Subject

Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Date of Birth

He picked Botany as one of his electives.
Botany, on the other hand, is not a popular UPSC optional topic like public administration, geography, and political science. Botany as an optional subject in the Mains is only recommended for people who have studied botany or bioengineering before.
Botany as an optional subject has many benefits, such as less opinion and room for interpretation in written answers, static parts, simple, clear questions, and many chances to earn marks with diagrams. Dibya Jyoti Parida did very well on the UPSC test in 2015, getting a rank of 26. He picked this optional subject.
Botany is the study of plants.
A notice from the General Administration and Public Grievance Department says that Dibya Jyoti Parida has been named the new District Magistrate of Sambalpur.

Dibyajyoti Parida Strategy

Dibyajyoti Parida IAS Contact number

Hard work and commitment
All IAS winners have grit and drive, no matter where they went to school, what their family situation is like, how old they are, or what category they are in.
UPSC top scorers have said that their success was due to their hard work and commitment, as well as the help and support of their family, coworkers, and teachers.

Learn the Course Outline

IAS candidates need to know a lot about the UPSC Prelims and Mains Curriculum. The schedule is an important part of preparing for the UPSC because it tells you where to go and what to study and what not to read for the civil services test. All of the top scorers said that they used the UPSC material to study for the test.

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The right direction and help

Those who want to join the UPSC need the right training and help to prepare for their tests.
The most important part of the UPSC is the attitude test. The conversation is more of a test of who you are than of what you know. Most UPSC toppers got help from pros and mentors in order to prepare for their interviews.
You should look for people who have passed tests before as you study. They can help you get ready by telling you how to study and what to study.

Mock Exams

Aspirants can find out what their strengths and flaws are by taking practise tests and going over question papers from previous years.
All IAS top scorers who passed the UPSC exam were found to have used different schools or online test series programmes to prepare for the test.
Mock test question answers are needed for both the Prelims and the Mains. It also gives students a chance to fix mistakes they made in the prelims and helps them improve their writing skills for the mains.

Taking a Look at the News

For UPSC exams, you have to read Hindu newspapers. Without it, you can’t have a good idea of what’s going on in the world. UPSC gives the most weight to current events in all tests, including the preliminary, main, and interview rounds.
All of the top scorers said that they read the national news every day to find out what was going on. Most of the top winners read either The Hindu or The Indian Express. Most people chose the Hindu.

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Time Management

People who are successful know how to use their time well. The most important part of getting ready for the IAS is how well you use your study time.

Now that you know what this IAS winner did to get to the top, you can work harder and smarter to pass the UPSC test.
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Divyajyoti Parida Wife

Divyajyoti Parida, a young IAS officer from Sambalpur district, has tied the knot. Her wedding was held in Balasore on Tuesday night. It included family members and relatives from both sides. The wedding party will be held there on Wednesday. His wife is a teacher in Kakudibhag village in Dhenkanal district. Notably, Mr. Parida took over as the District Magistrate of Sambalpur on January 5, 2022. Prior to that, he served as Rourkela Metropolitan Corporation Commissioner and Baripada Deputy District Commissioner.

Divyajyoti Parida IAS Date of Birth

Divyajyoti Parida IAS Date of Birth Is 03/19/1998

Divyajyoti Parida IAS Optional Subject

Parida belongs from Cuttack, Odisha and he holds a master degree in Botany, specializing in genes.