Dr. Anjali Garg IAS Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Dr. Anjali Garg UPSC

Hello everyone. This is Dr.Anjali Garg AIR 79 (UPSC CSE 2022).Through this channel, I intend to share my notes and strategy which helped me sail through the exam.
Also, since I got the All India top score – 287 in Medical Science, I will be helping the doctors with my strategy, tips and some notes which will be helpful to you.

Dr. Anjali Garg
From Chandigarh
MBBS – VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi (Aiims AIR 46 and IPU AIR 18)
HCS executive 2022 – Rank 5
Success mantra – Patience, Perspiration, Perseverance and Positive Attitude 🙏🏻


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Last minute tips for prelims by Dr. Anjali Garg IAS

1) Do not panic, just trust yourself and your instincts.
2) In these 3 days, you have to just believe that you have done enough preparation.
2) Revise till you want to do but get a proper 7-8 hours sleep before prelims.
3) On the day of examination, have a light breakfast, stay confident.
4) While writing prelims, please keep your watch in front and attempt according to your strategy as per time. Please don’t spend extra time on any one question. Time management is a major part in UPSC exams.
I used to attempt the paper in 3 rounds, first round in 1hour 10 minutes , then second in 30 minutes and last one in remaining time. But it is up to one’s practice.
5) Please take every question equally important and move on from one to another. Even if it is an easy question, please check again before marking on omr. Stay humble while attempting easy questions and confident while attempting tough questions.
6) CSAT – revise the formulas in the break time and attempt minimum 60 questions in order to be safe for csat. Here again time management is the key.I used to do minimum 15 Questions per 30 minute slot ( mix of English , logical and maths ques).

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Most important is to believe in yourself. Just enter the room with the confidence that no one is more prepared than you. God will favour you. 😇
All the best everyone

GS 4 strategy by Dr. Anjali Garg IAS

1. Collect basic notes of all the key terms of syllabus with new/good/interesting example
2. Ethics writing is a combination of writing the concept along with substantiating with philosophy behind and suitable examples. For example – if you are explaining not to do corruption write Kant’s Categorical Imperative with it, if writing doing good to every person write Gandhi’s Sarvodaya – just writing philosopher name with philosophy’s name is enough. No need to explain..
3. For examples – prepare a lot of examples from diverse backgrounds. The examples must be based on key words of syllabus and explain a bit. For eg – innovation – Collector Saurabh Kumar’s lunch with collector to motivate youth. Or write anecdote – ishwar chandra vidyasagar – made his son marry to widow thus leading by example.
4.   I made collection of examples from History, Mythology (Ramayana, Mahabharata), Civil servants, Doctors examples like Dr. Rajendra bharud for Emotional Intelligence in managing oxygen crisis, some padma award winner working for humanity, vulnerable section, some NGOs, Sports. Aim should be to prepare examples from different field in all major key words.
5. So any question comes you are ready with its definition, philosophy and examples to use in that. For example – i knew if a question on Emotional Intelligence comes i can write examples of Dr. Rajendra Bharud, crisis into opportunities- Lal bahadur shastri, using EI in difficult situations – IPS vishwas patil during 26/11 attacks.
6. And address each and every part of question so as to maximise marks.
7. Prepare some diagrams, flowcharts to add in between.
8. This is the major thing to write answers.

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Ethics Case studies Strategy by Dr. Anjali Garg

  1. Write an intro and make sure u write different styles in intro. Like in 1-2 write major issue, 1-2 write vision of the case study, 1-2 stakeholders and their role. Diversity it
  2. Address the parts of questions. It is also in the same manner, write the solution in steps prioritising what is important first substantiate with philosophy and examples.
  3. End with a positive conclusion, in 1-2 i used to write a quote or even a Doha in one ending.
  4. Be time bound in attempting ethics. I used to attempt questions first coz i feel they need to be written with good points and examples and used to take 1.5 hour. Then 1.5 hr for case study, it’s format is basically the same so i used to attempt them later on.
  5. It’s very important to write full length ethics atleast 5-6 in 90 days because nowadays ethics has become too lengthy so practice has to be done.