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Dr Atul Dhakne UPSC

Hello everyone!

First of all, all things shared here should be taken as my perspective and not as an absolute one.

Success in securing rank in CSE 2022 is being a result of my perspective of approaching CSE just like any other exam( final year graduation or 10th boards).

I believe there are some fixed things just like our university exam, which are repeatedly asked in Prelims or mains. We need to find them and become best in it. They will constitute abt 70% part of your Paper.

In remaining 30%, we need to make ‘SAVE YOUR ASS STRATEGY’ instead of thinking of perfection in it.

Also here, good balance of Study-practice-handling exam day pressure plays an important role.

Will soon share my subject specific strategies.

Dr Atul Dhakne Prelims Marksheet

Dr Atul Dhakne Prelims Marksheet
If there is thing called as luck, look at my CSAT marks!
And I will say, “Luck favours the Brave and Bravery comes through hard-work and objective outlook towards the exam!”
Simply it signifies that CSAT is getting tougher day by day.

Social Service by Dr Atul Dhakne

Talking about Life, for me CSE prep wasnt a full life. I run an NGO named Lift for Upliftment, which imparts free coaching for NEET since 7.5 years. Till day, 200+ students from underprivileged families have became doctors through it.

Basically its a team based model and runs in offline and residential mode.

To know more, u can watch our docu-film – https://youtu.be/c1TVx1opgnk.

This is just an example that while preparing for CSE, u can have a good life too.

Here we will also share many such stories.

I think this is an humble attempt to keep up ur self belief in this period of uncertainty during CSE preparation.

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Prelims Strategy by Dr Atul Dhakne

Low performance in Prelims 2023 and Way ahead!

I still remember my days after 2018 prelims and 2019 prelims. I was not able to clear both of them. But there was difference in my mindset in these two set of days.

After 2018 prelims, i was blaming myself, was hard on myself without objective analysis of my performance in Prelims 2018. Even blamed exam system🤦🏻

For some months, i wasn’t able to pick myself up. Was in sort of sub clinical stage of depression. Even I joined a job in hospital for 2 months. 

Then again i regained energy and started working hard. Used to study for 12+ hours daily for prelims.

Still I cudnt clear Prelims 2019.

But after 2019 prelims, what i did immediately was objective analysis of my performance.
I traced every question in my static sources and also current affairs question on The Hindu website by searching ‘ keyword + the hindu’ on google.

This helped me understand my mistakes objectively. This helped me strategise properly for next prelims.

Then again I restarted studying without taking stress of studies. (But with 100% focus. While studying only study, while doing other works only work)

This gave me confidence to prepare for mains too.

And eventually i cud clear prelims 2020 for first time.

Sharing these two experiences to help you all to make choice about what and how u want to spend days immediately after prelims in case of low marks/performance.