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Dr. P. Srija IAS Biography

Hello everyone!!!

This is Dr. P. Srija , AIR-20, UPSC CSE-2020. Would be glad to share my notes and strategy of GS and optional (Medical Sciences),links considered important for CSE via this post.

Hello everyone !!!
My journey for UPSC has started with this saying of Anudeep Durishetty Sir after his tremendous achievement in CSE-2017,when he was invited for a gathering of more than 800 students at
Ravindra Bharthi at Hyderabad to address the students…Here it goes…which I immediately after coming home have penned down on a chart and pasted on my wall.

I intentionally used different colours and improper way of writing -To make it clear to me everyday that “it is OK to be imperfect…You can still make it..and it is how you start it”.

In this post, I would share all those things which kept me moving and also certain important takeaways I learnt in this process…GRADUALLY….But would take a minimum of some 5-10 days to compile and keep posting all the notes which I have made…

If at all you have any specific queries regarding how and what to prepare after reading my whole strategy after some 5-10 days …I’m still accessible at Twitter with ID- @srija_p_23


P Srija UPSC TOPPER Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Strategy for UPSC CSE by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)Go through Previous year papers
2)Analyse areas of interest for UPSC and make required notes with diagrams .
3)Practise previous year questions while revising
(I used-Medicivils initiative-for dialy answer writing-was good to revise ,get clarity on way of answering optional answer)

4)Give test series
(I gave-a)UPSC MEDICO initiative(correction,solutions,types of questions-very very beneficial)
         b)IAS Delhi-since got extra 3 mths gap with Covid -To make revision more effective-used just for time management-diversity of questions was present)

*DISCLAIMER*-I owe no interest in promoting any of the institute,all the write-up is made on my individual analysis and is subjective.

Dr. P. Srija IAS Marksheet

My marks list for CSE 2020

ESSAY Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)Try to think on all issues which you are seeing ,experiencing each and every moment.(why,how ,why not,if,what else???)
2)Give yourself that space to explore your personalised experiences/use Ted talks/topper copies -To understand the flow in an essay,
3)Ask your NON UPSC friends to evaluate your essays(to not make them informative/rigid)-it helped me to be simple,clear in explaining what I opined about an issues via essay,
4)Test series-any two institutes(20 essays this -good number self evaluate also,keeps you on your toes)
5)Writing an essay once in 5 days is a MUST to finish all 20 within 3 mths,
6)ESSAY-can be a sixer for you in last over,so never ignore…it also improves your skill of answer writing for unknown answers as I have experienced.

1) Start with mind mapping -I have used 25 min at times to make rough blue print of both essays-first second essay,next of first essay, so that I can go with the flow with first one.
2)Choose your topics very wisely(try not to overlap the main content)
3) Introduction-anecdote/movie reference/book reference,
4)Try to make conclusion as best as possible with quote/linking with already made anecdote ,
5)summarise probably-in penultimate para,but give the last para a fresh and finishing touch,don’t start a new question again .

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GS Test series joined by Dr. P. Srija IAS

For GS-a)Vision IAS -no replacement for it,highly beneficial,I even wrote subject wise full length test after prelims results so that I can identify my weak zones then started attempting GS papers full length
b)Civils daily-was choosy to write only those subjects which I was weak,have attempted all full length GS

Would have written in last 2 of 3 mths gap for Mains at least one full length paper once in 2-3 days…Helped me to be spontaneous

Essay test series joined by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1) vision IAS
2)GS Score
3)Have written some 10 essays -based on previous year topics-analysed with my non UPSC friend.(could write many -because of Covid gap)..but I think writing 20 essays is quiet sufficient provided you keep working on your feedback.

Ethics test series joined by Dr. P. Srija IAS

Even took Lukman IAS along with vision IAS , civilsdaily….as Ethics could be another sixer if at all worked smartly.

Ethics Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1) Make your own definitions of words in syllabus with examples collected from newspaper/books/movies/personal experiences.
2)Case studies-practise previous year questions-you will get 4-5 model of questions,discuss solutions with your friends,can also use flowchart for the same.
3)Ethics can give a sixer again in last over- so give atleast a month to organise it properly …also try to finish it initially with optional so that you need not start afresh in gap between prelims and mains.
4)10 marks are more challenging than case studies…so practice them too….look VISHAKHA YADAV (AIR-6,CSE 2019) topper copy in visionIAS website….it gave me good perspective….also tip to see Hindi translation if at all thoughts given to explain in theory part are not clear in first reading.

Post Independence Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)Vision IAS pdf,
2)Analysed Previous year papers and made addons by googling.

Modern History Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

2)Made tables for Socioeconomic reform movements,Newspapers,
Personalities,Battles, Education reforms,INC meets-for Prelims
3)For mains-I made notes by integrating class notes with spectrum with Timeline based on INC meets. (Easy to remember why,what,when)

Society Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

VisionIAS video classes by Smritishah ma’am

Geography Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)Class notes-concepts for climatology
2)Ratnajil ma’am(Mrunal YouTube videos) -for doubt clarification,World Geography
3)PMF IAS-Physical geography,Oceanography,Cropping patterns,Mines and minerals,Industries location
4)Found NCERTs quiet confusing so had to refer other resources instead of them ,
5) World Geography-made maps for easy revision.

Disaster management Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)Studied Model answers and DM VisionIAS pdf,
2)But case studies from Newspapers with current affairs regarding DM were good addons,with India maps representing their frequency.

3)For prelims-DM organisational structure .

GS 2 Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

Polity –
  1)Class notes of Vision      IAS(concepts)
2) Laxmikanth,
3)Bakshi’s constitution (to read few important articles ,again for factual&conceptual clarity-better if you are studying polity without any base in graduation)

Tips for Polity-
1)Make notes of lengthy topics-Parliament
2)Make comparative analysis in form of tables-constitutional,non constitutional,President-Governor,
PM-CM, ministers analogies.
3) Rest can mark within Laxmikanth.
4)You will never mark all polity questions right even after many revisions…so after 1 to 2 revisions start revising by practicing polity bits.(from Previous year papers/Laxmikanth bitbank)

5)Make list of important articles and amendments -for prelims
6)Make value addition with RS TV Big picture debates,Supreme court judgements,current affairs.

For mains-Polity can be revised by making one page notes of important topics -for example I’m attaching notes for elections:::

Miscellaneous topics-
1)Policies,schemes-part of Mrunal economics videos (Alternative- can use Vision schemes pdf-sit with your friend ,keep revising one imp ministry per day during prelims prep itself …so that no active effort is made to add them as part of your answers in mains(since only name suffices mostly)

2)SHG,NGO topics -vision pdf along with googling for good examples suffices.
3)Governance-I studied it based on Previous year papers topics – making notes of those topics by searching for good institute’s(Drishti/vision/lukmaan IAS) -free PDFs.

Tips for miscellaneous-
1)Be cool …Google,Newspaper will help you to cover most of the syllabus.
2)ECONOMIC SURVEY(vol 2)-BEST source to pick IMPORTANT SCHEMES and to study in detail about them for Prelims &Mains.

1) Vision IAS class notes
2)Institutions-I made one page note of each (from IAS parliament pdf on International Institutions-selectively)
3) Current affairs-most imp value addition.

GS 3 Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS


1)Mrunal sir’s videos in telegram(quiet exhausting…so had to become choosy based on PYPapers)
2)Google/YouTube of difficult topics for conceptual clarity
3) Economic survey-MOST IMP
(Watched Rau’s IAS free videos on it,made notes…then started reading vol 2 completely ,then vol – 1 very very selectively)-gives insight on schemes, statistics for prelims,analytical view of Indian  Economics.

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Make separate notes for WTO,UN,WHO,ADB,AIIB,WB -searching in Google and vision PDFs.

1)Save the next day’s(after budget announcement) newspaper ,
2)See any institute’s (Rau’s/vajiram/byjus) free videos on budget.
3)Open PRS and make addons…

Thus finish notes on budget in short(handy for prelims and mains)

1)PMFIAS -Cropping patterns,
2)Vision IAS pdf on agriculture (very selectively)
3)Better to refer to Mrunal site for agriculture related topics and make notes by googling.

1)PMFIAS (Laws,acts,conventions,basics, endangered animal list)
2)Vision ias class notes
3)Maps (biodiv sites,wetlands,state animals)-highly beneficial for Prelims
4) current affairs

1) Vision IAS class notes
2)Movies, current affairs
3)Read Challenge s on internal security book by Vipul,Ashok sirs(just for concept clarity-cannot make any notes out of it).

Other Miscellaneous topics of GS3-
1) Current affairs will suffice.

Reports and indices-
Make a Google sheet keep adding new reports and indices.

Current affairs Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)The Hindu
2)Live mint(only for interview)
3)Did 5 questions each from INSIGHTS IAS daily on current affairs,static part till prelims for one complete year (daily)
4)Used to read INSIGHTS daily compilation in early morning…then used to read newspaper of day before….so that I can jump to important articles more readily.
5)Read monthly Vision IAS PDFs till interview -made 3 separate books for GS subjects and compiled current affairs under them,also integrated once in two months the current affairs into static notes….wherever possible….so that revision becomes easy.
6)RS TV Big picture -extremely useful till mains.(based on nonrepetitive) topics.
7)Etv-9pm regional & International news every day -To keep an eye on daily happenings.(during dinner).

Initial 5-6mths(optional notes,Ethics,attending classes of major subjects in Vision IAS)

Next 3 mths(oct-Jan) -started Vision, Civilsdaily Prelims test series (subject wise),along with revisiong optional,finishing major and half of minor GS subjects.

Then in another next 3mths(Feb-April)-
1)Started full length tests for prelims one in 3days (could do some 40-50 tests full length)
2)Stopped optional
3)Started essay VISIONIAS videos(3)writing atleast 4-5 essays till prelims..
4)Revision …(on repeat mode ;p)

Last one month before Prelims-
Buffer month -To revise tests ,volatile topics,did current affairs monthly compilations of Insights last 15 days…..

Last 1 week-
Relax…all that you have to do …is done…don’t impose your short term memory on your long term memory…

UPSC Prelims strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

💯% unpredictable
So,go laugh at paper…but respect each and every question….don’t judge it on face value.

Try to mark no of questions say 80-90 as per the strategy which you could analyse for you… while attempting Prelims test series.(I have increased my no. from 85 to 90 plus when I could understand that my score was not at all crossing 100 ..so need to risk in safe zones(for me-Environment, Science&tech)

UPSC Mains Preparation strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

💯%spontanity required

So,just see the question analyse keep writing…don’t worry if you couldn’t make any diagram/map….or if you are just making a flowchart/amoeba to address question.

Also if you couldn’t write Intro/conclusion for last 3-4 …as it is humanly impossible to be 💯%perfect …just make sure you address all the parts of question atleast…and leave no question unattended unless you no nothing about it(again which is not possible if tried)

My strategy::
Revise and write as many tests (full length GS,optional tests)as possible …I have written one in 2-3 days in last 2 mths…so that I’ll be spontaneous…but analysing with toppercopies is must however.

Tips for exam–
1) Don’t sacrifice food(eat healthy,be healthy) & take a 20-30 min walk.
2)sleep for 7hrs atleast..(must to reorganise your memory …to turn it from transient to permanent)
3)Don’t skip entertainment (Reward principle)-reward yourself either with a video/movie/icecream/chocolate for doing a one complete week as per schedule.
4)Try to start some app based meditation/keep penning down your thoughts in a book/Talk to your loved ones…just to be mentally stable and confident….

Last 1 day Preparation Strategy for UPSC CSE by Dr. P. Srija IAS

On day of Mains exam–
2)Enjoy the paper…pen down your answers like crazy…
3)Revise your one/two best full length copies just before each exam..for getting idea of pattern of answering & Presentation,
4)Do eat breakfast & lunch(don’t take Glucose water /skip meals)-since eventually your brain undergoes fatigue by the end of 1.30 hr.. and throws you in the state of confusion and mental exhausion along with pain in the limb….so better take a very light meal(egg whites/idli/curd rice-7-8 spoons in combination would work)—Try in your mocks if they are suitable to you.

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Take a diclofenac spray(volini/any) during GS papers…..since your hand really hurts…if not your mitochondria have enormous ATP generating potential … Congratulations.

Write atleast 2-3 simulation mocks(morning one , afternoon one full length test with optional)….depicts Practical difficulties which you may face

1)I have attended Vision IAS foundation course in Hyderabad (Prelims&Mains)
2)Took interview guidance from
Braintree-Gopala Krishna sir,CSB IAS academy- Bala latha madam,joined Mahesh Bhagavat sir’s whatsapp group…….all these only AFTER MAINS.

3)All other institutes claiming me as their student …is on the basis of attending their single mock interview at Interview stage…so be careful while choosing any institute..(please don’t blame me for any…I’m innocent …trying to make things as clear as possible.)

Interview preparation strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

1)DAF based division of topics
2)Practise transcripts with your friends (3-4)
3)Mock interviews (atleast 5-6)-just to identify dimensions…
4)Honesty is the best policy….(TAKE AWAY)

Finance commission,Ministry of health,AYUSH,NITI Aayog,Do we care book(By K.Sujatha Rao), questions collected from institutes.

CSAT Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

CSAT tips by one of my friend:

Focus on maths – takes more time to practice but also more rewarding on three levels
A) higher weightage
B) more accuracy than English
C) similar patterns repeat across previous year questions

English limit attempts only to questions where options have been narrowed to two

Last 1 month strategy for UPSC CSE Exam by Dr. P. Srija IAS

Last one month of Mains 2021 exam (few takeaways I would like to share):
1)This one month creates a huge difference in the way your answers gonna be written (being nervous, dissatisfied with completion of syllabus,fear of future -becomes multifold)-So CHILLAX and be consistent in tests and Revision and only think of 3hr=20Q… everything gonna be alright.
2)Body is temple …..since mains is a marathon..so balance day with workout/walk for minimum 20-30min…and be mentally active engaging in a hobby or try being calm with meditation (let the thoughts flow freely)
3)20Q in 3hrs is not impossible but HARD to accomplish in quality…so PRACTISE in SIMULATION MODE is the key.
4) Never skip Breakfast or Lunch during prep or on Exam day(Even GluconD is effective for an hr only….scientifically brain uses only Glucose ,but body deduces it from carbohydrates and proteins too…to keep glucose levels in blood at optimum values…)
So, try and test with light food which suits your body during simulation tests and repeat on Exam day
4)Never get nervous…because our neuronal circuits developed during practise will be disrupted…and will end the task in confusion(absolute disaster)…So MENTAL HEALTH and being HAPPY is of utmost importance…practise stabilising your thoughts…from now on taking a pause consciously when thoughts are in haste during a test.
5)This is a huge opportunity to shower GRATITUDE to all those who have been there for you till now…so don’t lose it…HOLD ON till the last second…every question counts.
6)Be competitive…but with the person whom you look daily in the mirror …work an extra mile each day….(Don’t forget appreciating him/her for the efforts which s/he took to reach till this stage…so SMILE :P)

AT the end we are here just for that one seat among many……which you will get for Sure only if you believe in YOURSELF….. everything else is none of your business

What should you do on Mains Exam day by Dr. P. Srija IAS

The Mains exam is down the lane….. sharing few tips:
On the day :-
2)Enjoy the paper…pen down your answers like crazy…
3)Revise your one/two best full length copies just before each exam..for getting idea of pattern of answering & Presentation,
4)Do eat breakfast &lunch , better take a very light meal(egg whites/idli/curd rice-7-8 spoons in combination would work).
5)Just think about 20Q-3hrs,respect each question and try to finish paper.Always remember none in the room /nation writing these papers will ever know all 20 .So….just chill!
6)Live in present…don’t worry about paper or answer which went wrong…a single sixer in any of subject can still make you win your match.LET EVERYTHING GO WRONG , BUT YOU STILL STAY SANE.
7) GRATITUDE to self and nature for allowing you to be at this moment

All the very best….:)

Wishes to students by Dr. P. Srija IAS

ALL THE BEST for tomorrow’s Prelims .Few last minute tips :
1)Prelims remains unpredictable ,but it is a relative exam…so perform your best.
2)Don’t judge any question on its face value …read it at least once before leaving it.
3)Never mark an answer without some logical connection…and always networks form when thought with calm mind
4)It is not the no.of days of preparation which matters ,but that 2hrs of exam duration.
5)Don’t carry any after affect …be it a question ,paper ,or events in life ….Try to live in that moment …as creates an inbuilt bias  and alters our performance.
6)Don’t carry your baggage of failures to this another phase of CSE …it is all over a new attempt…respect your attempt.
7)CSAT is equally important…try to attempt as many maths questions you can than english as probability of them being correct when solved properly is high.
Last but not the least …be cool …PRELIMS is all about applying whatever we learnt …with crazy interconnections…


UPSC CCSE Mains Preparation Strategy by Dr. P. Srija IAS

Mains preparation:(the most important padaav of CSE ahead)

1)OBSERVE like never & ever before …analyse each thing happening in life …be it subject ,newspaper,MOVIE,advertisement,the game you play,people around and their actions…
2)ANALYSE them from the basic point of view …that why do they happen this way…what else can make it different…
3)REVISE -WRITE-ANALYSE——repeat …SPONTANEITY with CLARITY is  the essence of any mains answer..
4)Respect your time and attempt…DON’T JUDGE self on any imperfection which you think you hold for this attempt…TRY WHOLE HEARTEDLY…

Best wishes …