Durga Prasad Adhikary (UPSC Topper) Marksheet, Notes, Strategy, Biography

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Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Topper
Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Topper

Durga Prasad Adhikary Biography

Namaskar All

This is Durga Prasad Adhikary belonging to Berhampur, Odisha.

This year I have secured AIR 205 in UPSC CSE 2021.

Disclaimer : I am not at all a topper. I am one among you all. This is just an attempt to give back to society what I have gained from it.

I can understand the pain that an aspirant faces due to lack of guidance.

Here , This channel will become the means of our interaction so that I can share with you all the tint yet practical set of knowledge and advice with you all.

Aham Brahmashmi

What one can expect from this Post ?

1) Tips and practical advices for Answer Writing ( UPSC & OPSC )

2) GS Paper Analysis

3) Enhanced Focus and a deeper analysis of Philosophy as an optional

4) Motivation for this Journey

5) Other miscellaneous things.

Philosophy Optional strategy by Durga Prasad Adhikary

This year my marks have been 285 ( 141 + 144 )

Therefore , one of my major attention will also to share insights and wisdom about dealing with Philosophy as optional.

What goes wrong in Philosophy Answer Writing ?

1) Confused about the key terms and misunderstanding

2) Lack of Philosophical Flare in answers

3) Urge to forcibly add more facts ( like thinkers etc ) than necessary thereby making the answers mechanical

4) Restricting the viewpoint to a narrow outlook when the Question is open ended.

5) Unable to complete the paper as more time is needed to think the answers

6) Reduced Interlinkages in answers ( inter part and inter paper interlinkage )

7) Other miscellaneous issues like not writing complete and holistic answers.

For the aspirants appearing for UPSC Mains 2022 and also for all other aspirants

As an attempt to help you in your answer writing by making your answers multidimensional and enriched with value ,

I will daily post (as far as possible ) a set of information containing

1) Quote ( Useful in GS and Essay )
2) an easy to remember Fact ,
3) one Constitutional article ,
4) one multidimensional Judgement
5) Name of a committe and its usage
6) Excerpts from book
7) Case study
8) Any other relevant information.

I am quite hopeful that anyone following it regularly will be greatly benefitted in answer writing and this definitely add a feather to the answers.

Following it daily and duly practicing it will not lead to Burden. Therefore,  our approach would be to learn the things on the same day itself without piling it up.

That precisely means One Step at a Time.


Dear Friends

Namaskar All.


This is my email id.
You can mail me anything ( preferably related to studies ) in which I can be of any help to you and also to inform me of topics wherein I can help anyone.

Further , you can also mail me any new learning that has amazes you so that we can expand the horizon of our knowledge. Also you can help me with feedbacks.

Thank you.

One more request to each one over here

Never ever feel inferior about yourself.
No doubt the Destination is important but that should not be at the cost of butchering the Journey.

During my prep days too , there were many queries ( of course academic ) that i wanted to ask but could not ask due to various reasons.

Therefore,  here , please feel free to ask any relevant questions. I will not be of any help in personal matters.
However,  in all academic matters , I will try to help you all in every possible manner.

So , everyone should feel free to learn and suggest any improvement.

14th June is always an auspicious day for me as it is the birthday of my late Grandmother whose contributions to my life is immeasurable .

Let us start our Journey on this day itself.

The first excerpt is from Kathopanishad .

I will give you a brief summary of the Upanishad. This will be very handy and useful in Ethics , Essay and Philosophy paper.

Kathopanishad basically deals with the Dialogue between a Young Child Nachiketa and the Lord of Death , Yama. Nachiketa ‘s father Vajashrava had unintentionally offered Nachiketa to Yama.

The child Nachiketa reaches Yama and is adamant to learn the reality of Life.

Yama offers him all materialistic Pleasures but Nachiketa is adamant to be satisfied only with the knowledge of reality.

So here comes our first excerpt ,

” Na vittena tarpaṇīyo manuṣyo “

i.e. Man is never satisfied by Wealth.

We can use this to show that the real nature of Man is beyond material Wealth. It yearns for knowledge. True Knowledge.

It is also aligned with Maslow’s law of Hierarchy.

Thank You.

Post of the Day : 15/06/2022

Theme : Poverty 

1) Sustainable Development Goal ( SDG ) 1 i.e. No Poverty
SDG 2 i.e. Zero Hunger is also directly linked.

Infact all other SDG can be linked to it.

Related Term : Inequality

2) Quote

Poverty is the worst form of Violence – Mahatma Gandhi

Extreme Poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere – Kofi Annan

3) Constitutional Article : DPSP

Article 38: The State shall strive to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting a social order by ensuring social, economic and political justice and by minimising inequalities in income, status, facilities and opportunities

Articles 39 (c): The State shall in particular, direct its policies towards securing:
that the operation of the economic system does not result in the concentration of wealth and means of production to the common detriment;

( It should be noted that the “c” used here is mot capslock as it was part of original constitution)

Article 39A: To provide free legal aid to the poor.

( It should be noted that the “A” mentioned in the article is in capslock as it was added by subsequent amendment)

4) Supreme Court Judgement

People’s Union for Civil Liberties v. Union of India & Others : The Right to Life Is the Right to Food

Thank You.

For Mains

If there is anything that I feel should be remembered in first priority , then it should be the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG ) and the DPSPs .

I would request all to start memorizing it from today itself without any delay as they make the answers much more refined , analytical , scholarly and objective.

It would be a small effort but the returns are Huge.
Infact a single SDG can be used in multiple contexts and multiple answers. We will discuss the same in strategy videos later on.

Thank You.

Matha B Manjamma Jogathi
Matha B Manjamma Jogathi

Personality of the Day (Very useful for Ethics , Essay and GS )

Matha  B Manjamma Jogathi

. Indian Kannada theatre actress, singer and dancer of Jogathi Nritya, a folk dance form of North Karnataka
. A Padma Shri Awardee
. Inspiration for all
. TransgenderFolk Dancer

Can be used in answers related to upliftment of Transgenders , Vulnerables , revival of Folk Arts.

Lots of Respect and admiration for her. She is a living example that with dedication , efforts and courage , one can achieve anything in Life.

A true warrior

One request to all Aspirants

Please practiceMaps Frequently.

For UPSC Aspirants : India and World Map ( Rough sketch )

For OPSC Aspirants : Odisha , India and World Map ( Rough Sketch )

Advantages of using Maps :

1) Provides Conceptual and visual clarity to answers
2) Saves Time and fills the space
3) Aesthetically Pleasing
4) Breaks the Monotonicity for examiner
5) Makes the answer complete

Caution : We should not overdo it. Excess of anything is bad. The Maps placed should appear as Normal part of answers and not like it has been forcefully placed.

Thank You.

Some of the Maps drawn by me during Answer Writing Practice.

Pardon me for the bizzare out of proportion sketches.

Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Notes

Durga Prasad Adhikary notes
Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Notes
Upsc topper notes
Ias Topper notes
Ishita Kishore UPSC Notes

How mentioning Committee Recommendations can enhance your answers ?

1. It provides support to arguments in the answer.

2. Committee recommendations provide genuineness to one’s answers.

3. They are authentic with objective suggestions drafted by experts.

4. It makes the answer thoroughly analytical thereby removing possible apprehensions from the examiner’s mind .

5. It makes the answer balanced and multidimensional

Again the word of Caution would be to not to overdo it and fit them without relevance.

Thank you.

Committee of the Day :

Kiran Aggarwal Committee : Tasked to give recommendations regarding overall training and probation periods of selected IAS officers.

Although lesser known committee,  but , it has high scope to be included in answers.
I would recommend you to selectively read the committee recommendations.

I am just mentioning a suggestions of it which the committee recommended to be included in the Training of IAS Probationers :

a) Inclusion of inputs for Media dealing
b) Inclusion of Yoga and Meditation in Physical Training
c) Exposure to process related to higher and lower Judiciary

In which answers this  committee can be used ?

1) Civil Services Reforms

2) Governance

3) GS 4 Case Studies where in it can be said that by following the recommendations as suggested by the committee , the civil servants can maintain their emotional intelligence ( via Yoga and Meditation)

4) Questions related to efficient media dealing by civil servants

5) In questions pertaining to higher efficiency of Judiciary as the Civil Servants well versed with Judicial Procedure can reduce unnecessary litigations.

There might be even more applications which will come only when we brainstorm it deeper and go to the roots of the committee.

Thank You.

Best Practice of the Day


– By District Administration,  Vizianagaram , Andhra Pradesh

– To provide subsidized food to Labourers and Daily wage earners who come to file their grievance with the Administration so that they won’t return empty stomach.

Outcome : It has resulted in increased number of petitioners attending the grievance call meeting

Where it can be used in answers ?

1. Governance : Compassionate Governance

2. Efforts to enhance grievance redressal

3. Enabling the Vulnerable income group to register their issue : Empowering the Vulnerables.

Values : Empathy , Compassion , Helpfulness , Ethical Administration,  Good Governance

Useful in GS 2 , GS 4 , Essay , Philosophy Paper 2

Thank you.

Namaskar All

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I got to know that some of you wanted to know my Background and Attempts.

Here are the details :

Native : Berhampur,  Odisha
B.Tech : 2016 : Mechanical Engineering  from CET Bhubaneswar

2016 – 2018 : Design Engineer at Bosch India ( RBEI )
2018 -2020 : Assistant Manager at Maruti Suzuki India Limited
2020 – Class Teacher for 3 Months at Vedantu Innovations Pvt Limited.

Left Job in 2020 to pursue my passion for Civil Services.

Attempt History for UPSC

2017 : First Attempt : Failed in Prelims

2019 : Second Attempt : Failed in Prelims ( missed by probably couple of marks )

2020 : Third Attempt : CSE Prelims cleared . Couldn’t qualify mains by a margin of 7 marks.

2021 : Fourth Attempt : Qualified both Prelims and Mains of CSE and IFoS
CSE Final Result : AIR 205
IFoS Final Result : Not yet released.

Attempt History of OPSC

2021 : First Attempt : Qualified Prelims & have written mains .Awaiting the result of Mains Examinations.


For UPSC CSE : Philosophy
For UPSC IFoS : Forestry & Geology
For OPSC : Philosophy & Forestry

Thank You.

Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Marksheet

Durga Prasad Adhikary UPSC Marksheet
2020 UPSC CSE Mains Marks
Durga Prasad Adhikary Marksheet
2021 UPSC CSE Mains Marks

Post of the Day : 16/06/2022

Theme : Judiciary ( GS2)

1) SDG : SDG 16 i.e.  Peace , Justice and Strong Institutions can be linked
2) Quote : a) Justice delayed is Justice denied – William.E.Gladstone
b) Judiciary’s mission is to deliver Justice to the common man – Justice DY Chandrachud
c) Dissent is the safety valve of Democracy . If you don’t allow Dissent , the pressure valve of Democracy will burst – Justice DY Chandrachud

3) Constitutional Articles : ( Only Some are mentioned , rest to be referred )
Art 124 : Estb of Supreme Court
Art 129 : Supreme Court as Court of Record
Art 130 : Seat of Supreme Court
Art 131 : Original Jurisdiction of Supreme Court
Art 136 : Special Leave Appeal to Supreme Court
Art 137 : Power of the Supreme Court to review its orders
Art 142 : Complete Justice Clause 
Art 143 : Power of President to consult Supreme Court 
Art 214 : High Court for States

There are some other articles about SC , HC & Subordinate courts too that must be read by the aspirants directly from Laxmikant. The above list is just indicative and not exhaustive.

4) Facts :

a) Pending Cases : As of May 2022 , 4.7 Crore cases are pending of which 87.4% are pending in subordinate courts , 12.4% in High Courts and rest in Supreme Court  . ( Data from Dept of Justice )
b) Vacancy :  Out of Combines Sanctioned strength of 1104 Judges of all Highcourts , there are only 717 Judges leading to a vacancy of around 35%

Thank You.

Personality of the Day :

Shri Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel Laureate : Peace Prize ,2014

– Fought against Child Labour and Slavery

– His Protest in 1998 helped spur the United Nations International Labour Organisation ( ILO ) to adopt convention (182) protecting children against exploitation and hardwork.

– Founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan , Global Campaign for Education,  Global March against Child Labour

– He established GoodWeave International to end illegal Child Labour in Rug making industries.

A gem of our times….
A crusader for Justice and Human Rights…

# Respect

Upsc topper Biography
Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi Work and initiatives of this Legendary Person can be mentioned in answers of Essay , Ethics ,GS and humanities optionals .

For Philosophy Optional Aspirants

In 2020 my marks were 244
In 2021 they were 285
( Increase of 41 marks )

What changed in this attempt ?

1. Completion of Paper – Major Factor

This is attributed to reduction in thinking time due to better grasp over subject + enhanced writing speed due to change of Pen ( Pentel Energel 0.7 )

2. Enhanced Interlinkage of both the Papers
e.g. For Questions on Women Empowerment , one can can Link it with Prakriti of Samkhya.

3. Substantiation of Arguments like mentioning name of books , thinkers etc
e.g. Mentioning ” Samkhya Karika by Ishvara Krishna” for answers of samkhya

4. Use of Sanskrit Shloka and excerpts wherever felt necessary ( This is not recommended for aspirants who are not comfortable with this as we have toppers who have scored even higher marks without this )

5. Broader Interpretation of Subject e.g. Corruption is not merely physical corruption involving wealth and power,  Rather,  Corruption can also happen at intellectual level – The Psychical Corruption.

Rest there are many tips which we will discuss over a video in detail.

Thank You.

One can see there is a break in my attempt in the year 2018.

This was due to the fact that I had decided that I will not be appearing for Civil Services again in my life.

The main thought process behind that was I felt all officers who will be recruited will be equally good. If I will not be selected , someone else who is equally good and better than me might be selected.
I felt I wouldn’t make a very big difference to the pool.

I thought that I must pursue the thing which needs people now and in which I have my passion. Therefore , I had decided to dedicate my life to read Vedic Texts and Upanishads and explore the real meaning of my life.
I thought I must work towards recovering and reinterpreting all those texts in the light of modern day science ( as I was myself employed in R&D sector )

But one thing changed the whole game.

I happened to read that a District named ” X ” that is adjacent to Gurgaon ( where I was then living ) is the topmost Aspirational District ( I.e. most lagging District) of the country .

I thought of visiting it once as it was near my place and if possible try to make a proposal to CSR team of my Employer to work on some projects there.

That day changed everything for me.
I had to change some vehicles to reach there with many people asking me not to go there.

Yet , I went there.
It was a sunny Day.

Temperature must be around 45 degree. Few moments of standing in sun felt like death trap.

I saw there was not a single Fan in any of the shop in that area. I could literally feel the lagging of the socioeconomic indicators of that area.

It was ironical that some kilometres beyond that area we have the fledgling city of Gurugram that boasts of its opulence and here many don’t have even the basic necessity.

It was there that I decided that I must enter into the services so that I can reach out to the masses , can reach out to the last man standing in the line. I felt that reinterpretation of Vedas can wait but a hungry man cannot.

I knew there were other avenues wherein such work could have been done but I felt civil services provided the best avenue for it.

That changed the world for me.

The image of that area is still my motivation. Such areas are there in every State but we are ignorant of them.

I am grateful to Lord that that day happened for me.

The Purpose of sharing the above anecdote is to share with you what I feel is the Power of a Decision that is backed with Good Intent.

That day I had the choice.
I could have continued my Professional Career and could have progressed .

On the other hand , I had to choose a exam that is so unpredictable in nature, for which later I had to leave my Job too as I firmly believed in my decision.

When I look back now , I feel it was good decision. But would I have thought the same if I couldn’t have cleared it ?

Perhaps Yes… Bcoz I believed in the intention of my decision.

Life gives is immense opportunities. Civil Services is only one of the way and not The only way.

If I wouldn’t have been selected in the service , I.would have tried something else to get to the people.

At the end, all I know is This exam is a game of probability in many senses with prelims being the major probabilistic game , then there are high chances of being sick and not being able to give mains itself as the exam spans over a week.

I feel Clearing this exam is no doubt a good thing but never an achievement that cultivates a feeling of Superiority in anyone.
Rather this is an opportunity to serve the land , the people and all..

Again ,

One thing I have always said to myself and others is that Neither Kalam Sahab was IAS nor Mother Teresa was IAS nor Pt Nehru was nor Mahatma Gandhi was nor Prof CNR Rao was nor Sardar Patel was…

Everyone had their own way of serving the society. Their contribution is nowhere lesser than any civil servant.

In fact I do feel and assertively say the Contribution of a safai Karmachari towards nation building is equivalent to that of highest politicians..

Everyone has their own unique role to play. We all have.. Everything will fall in place in time.

Only thing is that we must believe in our purpose. That makes the Journey beautiful. That doesn’t makes one guilt.

We will study in such a manner that wherever we will go , we will say that “Mazza aa Gaya tha yaar woh time main itna sab padhke “

During my prep days too , I used to think no matter if I go into the service or not , I will ensure that I will not regret how I spent my day. Bcoz every day was a new learning for me.
I learnt things everyday. I used them. I felt happy.
At the end , it made me the man that I am now…

Agar Civil Services nahi Hota , toh kuch aaur kar leta … Par Har din prayaas yahi rehni chahiye ki Mera charitra aaur bhi nikhar jaaye Har din…

I would therefore say let us not take stress , let us enjoy the journey, let us feel every learning , let us take pride in each learning.

Let us pat ourselves on back every night that Waah , I learnt a new thing today. So good. Tomorrow again I will learn a new thing.

At the end , I am making my personality.
That’s it…

We are what we make ourselves of.
Make Yourself out of Love , affection, compassion , service.

Be the Banyan tree that will nurture thousands of creatures and yet remain humble.

Be the Sun that lights all the world and yet remains ego less

Be the star that shows light to Lost Ship and never asks for credit.

May you a reach highest height.
May you all be the Child of Destiny.

Take Care friends…
We will do it together.

Another Request to you all

I have planned the following things . But they will commence with some delay as I don’t have the necessary apparatus to carry out them.


1 ) Daily Live Answer Writing in YouTube ( 1 Question from each GS Paper )

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2) Strategy Video for Prelims & Mains Preparation

3) Decoding Answer Writing strategy : Value addition and multi dimensional answers

4) How to think Dimensions

5) One session on Essay

6) One session on Generic things like Book Sources , Test Series , Plans etc


1) Session on strategy of Answer writing for Philosophy

2) Philosophy Paper Strategy : How to attempt questions , Unconventional Questions , Use of Sanskrit Terms etc

3) Interlinkage of both papers and other miscellaneous things like Plan , sources etc.

4) Daily Live Answer Writing ( 2 Questions a day , each from one paper )

5) Philosophy Short Note making and value addition

If you feel that apart from this , I can be of any help to you , please feel free to mail me and provide your suggestion / feedback.

Plz mail at ahambramhashmi205@gmail.com

Meanwhile , I will be actively engaging with all via the Daily Initiative like Theme Post , Committee , Best Practice etc.

Feel free to inform me for any thing more that you want me to do for you so that your preparation can be streamlined and you won’t waste your energy and time.

Further,  There might be some delay in mail reply as I have received a lot of mails.

But I will reply to each and every mail for sure.
Hope you can understand.

Thank You.
Aham Brahmashmi.

Many a times it appears that everything that matters to us is falling apart .

But that’s not all.
There is always light at the end of tunnel.

Same is also in this journey of Exams. One or two failures doesn’t define our destiny.

What defines our destiny is what we think of ourselves and how we react to things.

So let’s always think positively.

Image Courtesy : AI4Diversity , LinkedIn

Can writing specific schemes of States in GS Answers help fetch extra marks ?

I personally feel they have high leverage in enhancing marks in answers because :

1) They create an impression in the mind of Examiner that the student is well informed about all parts of the Nation

2) Such impression will also have a cascading positive effect on other answers too

3) Further , they enrich the answers substantiating one’s arguments.

Therefore,  from today we will also discuss one unique multidimensional scheme everyday belonging to different states.

Thank You.

How to spend the time till Prelims Results ?

With Prelims results all set to be released within 5 -10 days ( as per market speculations ), we can do the following things

1) Focus on Consolidating all creative value addition things like Facts , Data , Best Practices , Committees , Conventions etc

Bcoz after results are out , a sense of urgency of completion of syllabus will set in wherein searching and consolidating new things will not be possible

2) Enhanced Focus on Ethics , Optional and Essay

Again the same reason that once results are out , the bulky syllabus of GS will bury you down and one tends to neglect these subjects , most importantly  Essay

3) Think about finalizing the Pen for Mains.
Pen plays a very important role in paper completion as smooth flowing pens reduce time consumption and also creates less hand fatigue.

I had used Pentel Enegel 0.7 mm in this attempt. It worked perfectly fine.
You can choose as per your convenience.

4) Would recommend watching Editorial Discussions daily ( else reading daily Newspaper Editorials ) and if possible RSTV Discussions ( relevant ones )

5) For the ones with slow handwriting , without delay one should work on improving the writing speed from today itself .

6) Brainstorm extensively on any relevant topic . Take Time . Generate Dimensions. Analyze what more can be added.  Think in which other questions same dimensions can be used. Widen your thinking ability.

Regarding Optional

1) This is the perfect time wherein one should dedicate adequate time to develop a thinking to interlink both the Papers.

Interlinkage , I have felt,  is a crucial step to fetch higher marks in Paper 2 ( of Humanities Optionals )

Regarding Essay , one can spend time for developing thinking towards Philosophical essays. There are some free Youtube Videos from renowned coaching institutes wherein bureaucrats are discussing Essay topics. You can look at them . They might help.

Other than that, 

1) Have Faith on your abilities

2) Utilize every bit your time ( not just on studies but with family,  friends too) so that you can feel content with your life

3) Practice Brain Storming and Answer Writing .

Most Important Thing :
Previous Year Questions ( PYQs) & Syllabus  : These two are your real friends in this Journey. They are your Friend , Philosopher and Guide. Never ever leave their hand or get deviated from them. Their friendship will reward one Handsomely.

Thank You.

For Philosophy Optional Aspirants

When should a New Beginner start answer writing in Philosophy?

Q.  Should we start answer writing immediately after reading a topic or Should we start only after completing the whole syllabus ?

Ans. My opinion would be to start answer writing after learning a topic and not wait till full completion of Syllabus because by the time you complete the syllabus , you might forget the first chapter.

So , we must proceed step by step.

However,  the answers here would be raw lacking various interlinkages. These things would come only with practice and after we progressively read , contemplate & brainstorm on each successive topics.

For Philosophy Optional Aspirants

How do we select the questions for Answer Writing ?

In my opinion , we must at first attempt the Previous Year Questions based on the read topic .

For example , If you have read the Topic ” Charvaka” , try to attempt the PYQs of Charvaka .

As far as my Knowledge is concerned , Chapterwise Classified Philosophy PYQs are available for free in Mitra’s IAS website.

You can also refer any other resource available.

For Philosophy Optional Students
( Relevant for GS Answers too )

What are the frameworks on which a answer should be evaluated ? / What are the parameters for answer evaluation ?

Answers can be evaluated on the following parameters:

1) Was the answer to the point ?

2) Have I addressed all parts of the questions and allocated proportionate space and respect to each part ?

3) Is the answer Crisp , short and sweet ?

4) Does the answer has some value addition points  like Sanskrit Shloka term , interlinkage etc that could have been included?
( For GS ,the value addition points can be Fact , Committees,  Examples , Best practices , diagram etc )

5) Is there a coherence between all parts of answer and there is no sudden jump  i.e. Is the answer Natural and not appear to be mechanical ?

6) Is the answer complete which includes various viewpoints and is multidimensional ?

7) Is the answer non controversial , positive and oozing out optimism ?

I will form a Mnemonic of the above parameters in coming days so that one can remember easily.

If I would have missed any other parameter due to human error,  I will add it subsequently.

Thank You.

For Philosophy Optional Students

In total , I had written 3 FLTs for Philosophy ( 1 in 2020 Attempt and rest 2 in 2021 Attempt )

I am uploading the same herewith for kind reference.

Disclaimer: There are some questions that I had left unattended or have left some space at the end in the FLTs.
However,  in Real Mains , I had attempted all the Questions and had not left any single iota of space vacant.

However, this is not an ideal strategy.
I recommend students to write as much answers as possible with awareness.

However, this approach has worked for me as I tried to manage the lack of answer writing with extensive Brain Storming.

Regarding my Philosophy Notes

Many have asked me to upload my Philosophy Notes.

However , I didn’t made any extensive notes for Philosophy rather I did value addition on the notes of toppers and read them as I lacked time to prepare elaborate notes.

Which Toppers Copy I referred ?

1) Ambarish Vemuri Sir’s Notes
2) Ankita Jain Mam‘s Notes
( Both available on Website of Mitra’s IAS for free )

These two were my core resources as they were not so voluminous.

3) I selectively referred Himanshu Gupta Sir’s Notes as and when I needed Conceptual Clarity. Further , I might have taken some Value Addition points from them.

Further , i might have referred some online YouTube Videos , other coaching materials that are available on Telegram etc

I did my own addition to Compendium of Shlokas from Scriptures and Texts of Philosophers.

This is all that I remember as of now.
If anything more I remember in course of time , I will inform you all.

Thank You.

Unfortunately , I could only write one test of Epoche in 2020 . However,  on recommendations of Mitra Sir , I had repeatedly listened to his Epoche Discussions. I would term the Discussions nothing sort of ” Gem” . They were really helpful in widening the viewpoint of the Topics and necessary interlinkages. Further , they also helped in writing balanced answers. I feel they had a major role to play in enhancing my marks.

In 2021 , I did not take Epoche as I lacked resources to have it ( and also bcoz of my own guilt of not writing it
completely in previous attempt ). Therefore , I attempted only 2 FLTs of Old Monks Philosophy.  Amey Sir’s evaluation was also fine.

Thank You.


Hello All

Yesterday , The prelims results were announced. It is a day of parallel realities.

Some celebrate while some mourn , some feel relaxed while some feel burdened,
Some feel overwhelmed with happiness while some feel choked with grief.

For the ones who couldn’t make it this time , I can feel your pain . I have been through it. I know no words of Solace can help you know. It’s very subjective..
The only thing I can say is Don’t lose Hope. This is not the end of the world.

We are here to make the world a beautiful place. If one feels that UPSC is the end goal of life , probably S/he has to rethink.
It is only a medium. Again I say , Neither Gandhi Ji was UPSC Aspirant nor Nehru Ji was nor Patel Ji was nor Kalam Sahab was nor Saalumarada Thimmaka was.

Yet , they have contributed to society in much more meaningful ways than a bureaucrat could.

I feel everyone of us has immense potential. The day one realizes his potential , S/he becomes relieved.

For the ones who are having attempts left , plz pull yourself back . Take time to think. Dont take decisions in Haste . Give time to everything. We must get back to normalcy as early as possible.
I know grief will be there. But let us channelise that grief to make ourselves a better human being.

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Many a times truth hurts , the reality hurts. But , Life means Continuity. The onus is on us how we can make every moment of our life beautiful. May be its the work of Destiny to carve out the True potential of ours.

One thing again, Never ever doubt yourself. Everyone of us has infinite potential. We can change the world meaningfully . Each one of us.

Take Care

Onething I always said to myself and others when I feel confidence is spiraling downwards

The arrow that is pulled most backwards is the one that reaches greatest distance.

May be we our pulled back now by Destiny so that we may become worthy to uphold the greater responsibilities.

We can never decipher the way Nature works. But have faith , it always works in our favour.

For the ones who have made it through ,

Congratulations … The forces and your hard work has worked in your favor.

Celebrating this moment is fine. But let us not get overwhelmed with it.

One thing I have felt in this journey is that Rejection at each subsequent levels makes the pain 10x more.

In Mains,  one has to write for 27 Hours ( 9 Papers – each 3 hours). Imagine the attachment and emotions attached with it. Plus also the effort of writing papers in close concurrence. Failing at this stage takes a toll on Confidence.

That’s why , now , it is the time of action if we don’t want to face that 10x pain after mains results.

Infact , in my opinion , with Interviews becoming highly unpredictable , This stage I.e. The Mains are the most important stage in this journey where things are somewhat in our control.

And this , infact has the largest component in the Final marks.

Therefore,  the only task we have at hand right now is to do Justice to this opportunity that one has got.
With Prelims becoming highly unpredictable,  one would not be sure , if S/he can clear prelims next time i.e. Kal ho na ho…

All the very best for your efforts and hardwork.

Feel free to reach out in case of any relevant support.

I apologize for not being regular either in Posting Informations or in responding to mails. This was because of some Unavoidable circumstances. Hope you can understand.

I reiterate will respond to each mail one I get some time.
Till then , please bear with me.

Thank You.


Someone asked me today , ” Why are you all set to reveal all Knowledge , Wisdom of your Preparation to Aspirants now wherein you yourself might appear in the exam again ? Revealing them might put you in Disadvanataged position

I must tell you today what I feel about Knowledge. It is one of the most sacred thing in the world for me.

The following verse has inspired me from the Day I have learnt it ,

Na chora haaryam, na cha raja haaryam, na bhaatr bhaajyam, na bharakaari
Vyayam krute vardhat evam nityam vidhyadhanam sarvadhana pradhanam

Literal Meaning

Knwoledge cannot be snatched away by a robber, cannot be snatched away by king, cannot be divided amongst the brothers, Not heavy to carry. Even if spent daily, it always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the most precious wealth amongst everything

Such is the uniqueness of Knowledge. Therefore , it is a virtue for me to spread the light of Knowledge among all as far as possible.

Further , I might give another attempt but what is more important is that the Nation must get an able Bureaucrat. If by this knowledge,  someone more worthy than me can gets into the Service , I will be the happiest person. At the end , it’s all Service to the Nation that matters…

Am I not getting any benefit by sharing my wisdom here?

It’s absolutely wrong. The huge amount of love , affection and good will that I receive from all is much more than what I can expect. What more is needed in this tiny mortal life other than to help others in any possible manner.

Further , it gives me self satisfaction
And also it hones my knowledge level as I read and re read the things when I post it over here.

Therefore , my intention is to create a level playing field so that everyone gets the equal opportunity to appear in this exam in a wholesome manner.

Thank You.

Namaskar All

Good Morning

Since , last few days I have been receiving mails that are appreciating my initiatives to make the UPSC journey more smooth.

My intention since Day 1 is not to load you with Notes , Copies etc. We have Notes of many Top Rankers circulating in the Telegram. One can use them wisely to get more knowledge.So , what more benefit my Notes could have done ( which are almost non -existential ).

My intention is to help you all figure out by yourself What is important for the exam , how to filter it out and use it appropriately.  My aim is to make you all self capable such that you can unleash your full potential.
That’s it. I am happy to see aspirants appreciating that .

I have always believed in the following quote and this channel is an earnest effort in that direction.
“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Thank You.


How to generate More Multidimensional approach while writing answers ?

Many of you have asked me how to generate more multi dimensional approach while writing answers.

Let us take an example today and discuss it.

Let the question be on Health/Medical Technology.

While interpreting it , one might narrowly interpret in terms of only doctors and infrastructure.

But wait,  is that all ?

Let’s see what WHO has to say about it ?

WHO defines Health/Medical Technology as the application of Organised Knowledge and skills in the form of devices , medicines , vaccines , procedures and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives.

Now observe the diversity of points that can be incorporated in the same answers.

Besides incorporating about doctors ( skill and manpower ) & infrastructure,  you can talk also about vaccines , about procedures ( like MRI , CT ) , systems ( like rehabilitative,  palliative Healthcare etc ) and what not .

Further , in a broader Interpretation you can also include the dietary suggestions, Ayurveda , traditional established medicines ( like use of Haldi , Tulsi etc ) as they all are organized form of knowledge ( as required by WHO Definition )

Hope , you can add even more dimension to it. Medical Technology can be as naive as normal blood/urine testing to as complex as the ECMO ( if not aware , read about it. Gained prominence during Covid ).

Thank You.

Message to all appearing UPSC Mains 2022

Would request all to kindly focus on preparing Optional and not neglecting Language Paper

It’s normal that everyone of us would be getting thoughts like I could have done better , if i would have written some more answers, had I revised a bit more , had I not wasted the time.

It’s fine to have them but let’s ignore them now

These 5 Days are Game Changer . No matter what sins you might have committed in Essay and GS , Optionals have the capability to wash it off all .

Focus singlehandedly on Optional without being diverted .

To do :

1) Look into PYQs
2) Do Brainstorming
3) Revise your notes
4) Refer Topper Copies if need be

I can say from my experience that better performance in Optional is key to getting a rank ( there are exceptions too )

The battle is still on . Many after doing exceptionally well in GS and Essay become Complacent and lose out on the Optional , thereby erasing their name from Final List .

Don’t do that blunder . Give all that you have . Don’t waste today’s time . I feel you all must have by now have relaxed yourself up in sufficient manner.

Now the time is to make it or break it .
Use it judiciously .

Tips for Language Paper :

Don’t Neglect it. Please go through PYQs . Many questions get repeated for sure.

Ensuring best in Grammar would help a lot . Do the translation part well .
Write the essay with heart and mind .

Take Care
Stay Happy

This is what I feel about today’s Philosophy Paper

Raw Feeling

Primafacie paper dekhke laga easy and doable . Fringe sawaal like Nimbarka , Vallabh , Nozick Justice aisa type sawaal nahin tha

But while attempting it was real tough nut. Very analytical and specific.
Zyaada se zyaada 1-2 page ka content khinch khinch ke . Usse zyaada likhne se feel aa jaata tha ki irrelevant likh rahe .

Rest , UPSC is evolving . Question qualities are improving . Brings in level playing field . Will help serious ones ultimately . It will mislead newcomers and even veterans to think that paper is easy , predictable and doable in time period .

I just rememeber a dialogue by a former Chief Minister, ” Acha Finance Minister wahi hai jo logon ka jeb kaate aaur logon ko pata bhi na chale “

Message for all Aspirants appearing for UPSC IFoS Mains 2022

It is being planned to organize a guidance session with Azeez Sir ( Rank 24 , UPSC IFoS 2020) regarding UPSC IFoS Mains 2022. He had Forestry and Zoology as his Optional .

As a person , he is a thorough gentleman , a man of no nonsense and one of the best seniors I ever had. There is so much that I learn everytime I meet him and yet there remains higher number of things that still remains to be emulated.

He can offer his highly valuable suggestions for UPSC IFoS Mains 2022. I am sure his rich experience and meticulous tips will help you a lot . I too will be present with him ( AIR 29 , UPSC IFoS 2021)

Sincere request to kindly send your queries beforehand to
ahambramhashmi205@gmail.comtill 12:00 Noon tomorrow ( Sunday ) .

As it will be a recorded video ( not live stream ) , therefore request you all to send your queries beforehand .

Will inform you all once the video is plublished. Mostly it will be within next few days .

Thank You .
Study hard and with smart strategy .
It’s doable .