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Ethics definition and examples UPSC

Ethics Examples

Social influence

Assam—Plasma donors given preference in Govt schemes

UK – ‘Ghaur ki Pachyan, Nauni ku Nau (Identity of house, in name of daughter) → house name plate will mention daughter name—Gender sensitization Give it up!


Edward Snowden.

Satyendranath Dubey



Satish Dhawan—took R/S for failure of 1st launch of SLV—But when launch was successful, gave full credit to team

Armstrong Pame—Used social media for crowd funding for constructing 100 km road.

Prashant Nair—Compassionate Kozhikode initiative to feed hungry people

IAS Awanish Sharan took his daughter to Govt school & shared Mid-Day-Meal with her

IAS Faiz aq Ahmad Mumtaz—Converted unused Govt buildings into public libraries in Jamtara (Phising capital)

Be the change you wish to see

PM Modi himself cleaning road before promoting SBM

Japan gave up nuclear stockpiling for promoting nuclear disarmament.

Imp of +ve attitude

Stephen Hawking—Paralysed from neck down but used best of his abilities to supply breakthrough theories in physics

Hima Das — Success despite adversity.

In 1999, Deepa Malik was diagnosed with a spinal tumour that left her paralyzed. In 2016, she became 1st Indian woman to win Paralympics medal. Good intentions producing bad results


Discretion granted to public officials.


Dedication to service—

  1. Rajinikanth Mendhe— Teacher in Mh travels 50 km to teach his only student in a village.
  2. TN Seshan cleaned electoral system– Dedication, Moral courage, etc.
  3. E Shreedharan — Constructed Delhi Metro with limited resources
  4. N.S Rajappan—69 yr old paralysed—But strong commitment to cleanliness (of Vembnad lake)— hailed by PM in Man ki baat.
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Medical ethics

Dr V. Shanta—Pioneer Of Affordable Cancer Treatment—Medical ethics—Ethos Of service & care to all

Dr Bhakti Yadav—treated thousands of women patients w/o charging any fees

Doctrine of ‘last man in the row’.