Garima Narula IAS Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Garima Narula UPSC

Hello all!
I am Garima Narula. I have secured AIR 39 in UPSC CSE 2022.
This was my first attempt.

Many people have asked me to share my strategy, so I’d be using this channel to share whatever has worked for me.
Hope it helps!

Prelims strategy by Garima Narula UPSC Topper

Tomorrow is the day for which everyone has worked so hard i.e Prelims 2023.

It is the first stage of this long journey, also the most important one.

I would like to extend all the appearing candidates my best wishes🌸

I will also like to suggest few important points that I feel are very important for this stage:
•Having confidence in yourself with whatever you’ve studied so far and practised so far.
•Maintaining calm in the environment of the exam as you sit there waiting to start the paper.

  • Avoiding panic.
  • Giving your complete dedication into the paper of those 2 hours slots
  • Have a proper sleep the night before.
  • Staying positive
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Most importantly, having faith.

Do not take any pressure, or do not overthink a night before.
Its important to be confident, positive and trust the sources you’ve referred to.
You have worked hard, you have studied. Have confidence within you.

All the veryy bestt!🌸

Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”


A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Garima Narula UPSC CSE Booklist

Sociology OPTIONAL STRATEGY by Garima Narula UPSC Topper

My optional was sociology and I have secured 291 in that, so I’d be sharing my strategy for that.

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I have not taken any particular coaching for sociology but I joined one telegram channel sociomentor, which helped me in answer writing because I needed some help for that.

I took their 500+ question programme but I was not able to properly read them due to time crunch but that channel’s mentor helped me through her evaluation and framing answers. So, I used to write answers and send them to get evaluated before my mains ( around august and starting of september 2022).

For the resources, I followed following materials:
*Paper 1*
• Followed the syllabus topic wise extensively
• Referred available youtube videos to understand certain theories which were difficult to comprehend.
• Nitin Sangwan’s Sociology was my base book.
• I read that two three times initially and then made my own notes by adding and substantiating with the content that was available for eg Youtube videos, google individual topics and the pyqs with their sample answers.
• I also referred Chronicle Ias book previous year questions to get accustomed to the pyqs and topic wise questions.
•The old test series that were available I bought them and added it to my notes.
• First reading as just the first reading since my optional subject was different from the graduation.
• 2nd reading again while underlining with pencil.
• With 3rd reading I made notes.
• Then I used to re read them and then through resources like pyqs and test series I enriched them.
• Before few days of mains, I made very very short notes of every topic of paper 1 which I used to revise at the last moment days.
• Thereafter, I was also writing answers side by side.

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*This is for paper 1.*
I used to write proper introduction, body and conclusion.
I completed all the questions in those 3 hours.
I used to *add thinkers* wherever and as many possible related to the question.
In paper 1, we have enough thinkers for eg religion- we have karl marx theory, weber theory, functional theory.

*So, trust your resources and trust yourself. You’ll do great.*

I’ll share the Paper 2 strategy in next one or two days🌸