Gauri Prabhat Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Biography

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Biography

The much awaited Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2022 results were released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday. Gauri Prabhat of Noida earned an excellent 47th rank out of the 933 qualifying applicants.

Gauri Prabhat, a resident of Noida, spoke exclusively to Ten News India about her motivational journey. She described how she majored in Economics and graduated from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. Gauri selected Economics as her optional subject for the test, and she carefully studied in English.

Gauri recognised the noteworthy outcomes produced by applicants who prepared in Hindi medium while highlighting their impressive accomplishments. She mostly used self-study, with tutoring for practise examinations and mock exams as a supplement. Gauri emphasised her family’s crucial assistance and credited their direction and inspiration for her accomplishment.

Both of Gauri’s parents have worked in the administrative field; her father, Prabhat Kumar, was a successful and outspoken IAS officer who finished first in the Uttar Pradesh cadre’s 1985 intake. Additionally, Prabhat Kumar has held notable posts including vice chancellor of Gautam Buddha University and chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

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Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Rank

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Rank

Gauri expressed her appreciation for her parents’ unwavering support, which included study materials and advice in addition to moral support. The IAS exam requires a lot of study, but Prabhat Kumar stressed to other parents that the road to success also requires persistence in the face of setbacks.

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Himalini Kashyap, the mother of Gauri, a former Indian Revenue Service officer, also credited her own commitment and labour of love for Gauri’s success. She highlighted the parents’ responsibility in mentoring their children yet ultimately letting them choose their own paths by emphasising that Gauri did not feel any family pressure. Best wishes were sent from Himalini Kashyap to all of the UPSC test winners.

The accomplishments of Gauri Prabhat serve as evidence of the tenacity and commitment necessary to succeed in the coveted civil services tests. Her success serves as an example for aspiring civil officials across the nation and emphasises the value of family support and self-belief when pursuing one’s goals.

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Age

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Age

26-year-old Gauri Prabhat earned the 47th spot. Gauri, a resident of Sector 39 in Noida, graduated in 2018 with a BA in Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, after completing her education there. She was born and raised in Delhi.

Her father, Dr. Prabhat Kumar, was the former commissioner of Meerut and is a retired IAS officer. Her mother, Himalani Kashyap, is a former officer with the Indian Revenue Service.

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Marksheet

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Marksheet

Gauri Prabhat, a resident of Noida, excelled in the Union Public Service Commission’s Indian Civil Services Examination. Gauri placed 47th. Gauri is the daughter of Prabhat Kumar, a retired IAS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre and a member of the 1985 batch. The Centre, Uttar Pradesh, and Gautam Budh Nagar have all posted Prabhat Kumar to crucial positions, let us inform you.

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Gauri Prabhat stated that this was her third time succeeding in an interview with He attended Delhi’s Sardar Patel School through the 12th grade. Excellent result in the Central Board of Secondary Education’s 12th examination. As a result, he was granted admission to Delhi University’s famous St. Stephen’s College. Gauri began preparing for the Civil Services Examination after earning an Economics Honours degree from St. Stephen’s College.

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Gauri said, “I didn’t get success twice but that didn’t matter. There was no drop in my morale. I started preparing with more enthusiasm. Whose positive result has been received today. Gauri has an elder brother Shashank Kumar. He is a lawyer at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper Caste

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Biography

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper State

Let us inform you that Prabhat Kumar, Gauri’s father, was an IAS officer in the Uttar Pradesh cadre from the 1985 batch. The Cabinet Secretary for the Indian government was Prabhat Kumar. both the vice chancellor of Greater Noida’s Gautam Buddha University and the chairman of the Yamuna Motorway Industrial Development Authority. He was chosen by the Uttar Pradesh government to lead the UP Public Service Commission after retiring. In Uttar Pradesh, Prabhat Kumar is known as a trustworthy and colourful IAS officer.

Gauri Prabhat UPSC Topper PDF Notes

613 male candidates and 320 female candidates out of the 933 declared successful in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022. We are sharing with you today the story of one such candidate who, by following in the footsteps of his retired IAS parents, was successful in this exam.

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Gauri Prabhat, IAS top candidate, was born in Kanpur. Following that, he attended the Sardar Patel School in Delhi’s Lodhi Road. He graduated with honours in economics from Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College, where he excelled. Additionally, he earned his MA in Economics with Honours from DU. Gauri Prabhat stated during an interview that she decided to enter the public service immediately after graduating.

My parents were IAS officers

Please let people know that Gauri Prabhat’s parents were both IAS officers. Her mother Himalani Kashyap was an IRS officer of the 1985 class who retired from the position of Principal Director General in the Income Tax Department, and her father Prabhat Kumar was an IAS officer of the same batch. While his father has left his position as Commissioner of Agriculture Production. He has also served as the Indian government’s cabinet secretary. Shashank Kumar, Gauri’s older brother, works as a lawyer for the World Trade Organisation in Geneva at the same time.

Was motivated to pursue an IAS career by my parents

Gauri claims that her parents served as an inspiration to her. The presence of two IAS officers in the home was helpful in providing direction during the preparation. Gauri, the IAS winner, stated that this was her third try. After failing the prelims in her first attempt and the interview in her second, she was extremely dejected. However, she restarted her preparation, and with the help of a strong support system, she was able to succeed in securing the 47th position in her third attempt.