Kritika Goyal UPSC Biography, Marksheet, Rank, Age, Optional, Notes

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With hard work and determination, Kritika Goyal passed the UPSC test on her fourth try and got an impressive All India Rank 14. She was chosen as a reserved candidate and is now going through training through the DANICS programme.

Kritika Goyal UPSC

Kritika Goyal UPSC Marksheet

Kritika Goyal UPSC Marksheet

Notes read by Kritika Goyal

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Test Preparation Strategy by Kritika Goyal

Test Strategy

1) In total, I attempted 7 tests this time. This is in addition to the answer writing practice I  would do while studying for Law Optional.


For those writing Mains and even those who are not writing it, you can follow a flexible approach and attempt the test as per your schedule. ( Considering you have to balance it with GS as well). But don’t delay it also to an extent that a month or probably more than that has passed and you haven’t taken a test.


I used to write a couple of pointers on a rough page.

For e.g. a) Complete the paper in time.
b) In a difference question, write basis of difference as well.
c) legible handwriting
d) Once a question is chosen, don’t think about the other questions.
e) rest at the end and not in the middle

Reminding myself of these things before the paper kept me attentive.


I used to attempt the questions in the following manner :-
* Firstly, I would attempt Q1. (10 markers)
* Then 3 questions from Section A and Section B ( whichever feels comfortable)
* At last, I would attempt the 5th question(10 markers)

The reason here was that five 10 markers was manageable at the end and I guess psychologically also, writing two pages for an answer felt much more easier than 3 or 4 pages for 15 or 20 marker.

* Another thing is and that is my personal opinion that if I write a 20 marker at the end when anyways I am in a rush to complete the paper, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the 20 marker. So that is why the above pattern.


* Worked on feedback received and noted down mistakes in a small diary so that I can go through the same before attempting the next test.

Hope this helps!

Kritika Goyal Family Background

Kritika Goyal’s father, RP Goyal, is a respected District Additional Sessions Judge in Sonipat. He was born in Punjab. He is known for making important inputs to the well-known Maruti scandal case. Also, Kritika’s brother Gautam Goyal is also an IPS officer, which shows how important public service is to their family. Her cousin sister and brother-in-law both became IAS officers in the 2019 batch, which was their dream. Her cousin brother is a proud officer in the IDES class of 2020.

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Kritika Goyal Preparation Strategy

She was in her last year of college when she made the brave choice to start the UPSC journey. She chose to study on her own without any coaching and worked hard to get ready. She worked hard to improve her skills and knowledge by taking many mock exams and test classes at different places. She chose law as her optional study and came up with a plan that involved taking tests often and making changes over and over again. Her steady determination drove her to finish each test set in the time allotted, making sure she covered the whole curriculum. Her structured way of doing things set her up for success.

Success story of Kritika Goyal

Kritika Goyal is a dedicated person who has tried four times to pass the UPSC test. During one of her tries, she got a very good number of 314 and started working as an SDM in Delhi. Even though she had to work, she continued to work hard to get ready for her next tries. Notably, Kritika has a highly regarded Gold Medal from Gujarat Law University, which shows how well she knows the law. In order to do well on the UPSC exam, she chose law as her optional topic and used her knowledge and skills in the field to her advantage.

On her first two tries, she had trouble. She couldn’t pass the preliminary stage, and on her second try, she had trouble with the CSAT. Still, her luck changed when she tried for the third time and got on the protected list. But her life took an amazing turn during the UPSC CSE-2022. On her fourth try, she got a great All India Ranking of 14, which was a big deal.

Kritika Goyal Family support and Impact

Throughout her path to get into the UPSC, Kritika Goyal’s family was there for her and gave her strength. She used her brother’s study notes and helpful advice to improve her own ways of getting ready. At home, she worked hard on a set of tests, and her IAS brother-in-law was kind enough to look over her answers. She and her cousin brother worked together to get ready, and he was a big part of how well she did on the preliminary tests. On Kritika’s way to success, her cousin sister gave her good advice and helped her along every step of the way. Their backing as a group made her more determined.

Kritika Goyal Future Plans

She thinks that her job in the future will be to make sure that the government’s top goals are carried out in the best way possible. She is sure that working on projects at the local level can bring about big changes for the better. Her goal is to help with this by making sure that government plans and policies are carried out in a way that helps the local areas. She wants to make a difference, so she wants to work hard to make a big difference in her chosen field.

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Kritika Goyal Suggestions for UPSC Aspirants

When asked for tips for people who want to run for office, she stressed how important it is to stay true to one’s own path. She said that patience is the most important thing in this process. Consistency is another important factor, because without it, it’s hard to qualify. She stressed how important it is to study every day, because even missing one day can slow down progress.

Kritika Goyal Biography

With a sport like weightlifting, Kritika Goyal has always wanted to be a strong woman. And her behaviour shows that this is how she feels.

“Be true to the game, and the game will be true to you,” said Michael Jordan, the best basketball player ever. If you try to skip ahead, the game will skip ahead for you.

As someone who grew up watching Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, she thinks that the rule applies to everyone, including UPSC.

On her first two tries, she didn’t make it past the preliminary tests. Even on her second try, she failed the CSAT.

On her third try, she was able to get on the list of people who had already signed up. But UPSC CSE-2022 was a different story. In her fourth try, she got the 14th best score in all of India.

She used her “Mul Mantra” to explain that she didn’t study for the CSAT the second time she took it, so she failed. “Then, I didn’t take many tests for the mains exam in my third try, and UPSC still got me. But I went all out this time,” says this future hero.

Kritika Goyal FAMILY

Kritika is from Sonipat in Haryana, and her family is made up of soldiers. Her mother is a teacher, and her father is a judge in Sonipat. Her brother works for the IPS. Both her cousin sister’s husband and her brother-in-law are IAS. They are all officers from the 2019 batch. Her cousin’s brother is an officer for the 2020 IDES.

Justice RP Goyal is well-known for his choices in the Maruti factory violence case, in which 13 out of 31 workers were given life sentences.

Kritika, who has a degree in law and is currently teaching in DANICS and working for the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, told Indian Masterminds, “It was a journey full of learning. Even though there were many ups and downs, I ended up a better person than when I began.”

SUPPORT by Family

Throughout her road to the UPSC, her family has been her rock. Her mother has always been her first choice. She calls her mother her friend at 3 AM.

She studied with her brother’s notes. He also showed her how to do things.

She did a lot of practise tests at home, and her IAS brother-in-law checked them. She cooked with her cousin’s brother. He gave her a lot of help with her tests. Her younger sister helped her through every step.

UPSC Journey

In her last year of high school, she went for the UPSC. She didn’t have a teacher, so she had to learn on her own. But she took many mock exams and tests at different places.

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How to prepare for the UPSC exam

Her plan was to give test sets and make changes over and over. She always tried to finish each set of tests on time.

She said, “Aspirants should imagine themselves in the exam room as they study and act accordingly.” It’s best to make your home feel like a test and stick to the time limit, just like you would at an actual UPSC centre.”

Interview Questions

Half of the questions at her interview were DAF questions, and the rest were general questions from different fields. She was asked about the civil service and what she thought the future held for it. She answered questions about the economy and government, as well as the caste census and boundary changes.

Patience during UPSC Preparation

She told aspiring people in the future, “Be true to your journey. On this trip, the most important thing to have is patience. Consistency comes next. If you don’t stick to the same rules, you’ll never earn it. If you miss a day, you have to study the next day.”

“Implementing government priorities in the right way” will be her job in the future. If things are done at the local level, it will be helpful. I’ll do my best to do that.”

UPSC is one of the most difficult tests in the country, and passing it is no easy task. Some candidates give up after a few tries and choose a different road, but others make it all the way to the end. One such person is Kritika Goyal, who made the list of top students in the UPSC Result 2022. She got the 14th best score on the test.

People think that a job with the government is one of the best ways to have a safe and secure future. This is why people keep studying for the test even after failing it a number of times. Kritika Goyal took the UPSC exam not once, not twice, but three times. She did not get the score she wanted, though. Even though she tried three times and failed, she didn’t give up and tried again with a good mood.

A wonderful family

Her father, RP Goyal, is the District Additional Sessions Judge in Sonipat. He is from Punjab. He became well-known because of the important decisions he made in the Maruti scandal case. Gautam Goyal, who is also her brother, is also an IPS officer.

On the fourth try, it worked

The UPSC test has been taken by Kritika Goyal four times. On one of her tries, she got the 314th rank and was hired as an SDM in Delhi. Even so, she kept working and getting ready for her next try. You might also be happy to hear that Kritika Goyal won a Gold Medal at Gujarat Law University. At UPSC, she chose law as an extra course.

Michael Jordan gives her hope

Kritika Goyal follows the rules of basketball player Michael Jordan in her daily life. “Be true to the game, and the game will be true to you,” was one of his sayings. “If you try to take short cuts, the game will make them for you,” is something she thinks is true at every step of the UPSC process.