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Kunal Yadav IAS

Kunal Yadav IAS Biography

Hello everyone !!
Kunal Yadav AIR – 185 (CSE – 2020) here. Will be sharing my learnings over the process along with strategy, tricks, tips. Hope it helps.

Many of you would be getting borderline marks in Prelims this year. You might be confused. You might be feeling demotivated. It’s natural. It’s totally humane. No need to feel that you are doing something wrong.

Just remember time to mains is extremely limited. It’s your decision as to how to utilise this time. Better not regret wasting this time once you clear prelims.

Don’t miss the bus. Just push yourself for 10 more days. Revise or read anything you want. Just do something. You will thank me when you clear prelims. Start now. Start early.

Kunal Yadav IAS Booklist UPSC CSE

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Kunal Yadav IAS Marksheet

Kunal Yadav IAS Kunal Yadav IAS Marksheet

Essay Preparation Strategy by Kunal Yadav IAS

I could write total of 2 essay tests due to paucity of time and that too after prelims.

This is definitely not advisable. Try writing atleast 4-5 tests. In my limited knowledge essay is the best way to show your novelty and try things. Be organic and find your mojo in this.

Sharing my copies below. Will share my post facto learnings after you read the copies.


Kunal Yadav IAS Booklist for UPSC CSE

One of the most common questions asked by aspirants. This is the list of books I referred to. Some books are essential in this list in my opinion. Marked (E) in front of them. Rest you can modify as per your convenience.

List  of books and resources:
1. Polity – LAXMIKANT (E)
2. Modern History  – SPECTRUM by Rajiv Ahir (E)
3. Environment  –  SHANKAR IAS Book
4. Geography – YouTube series of RAJTANIL SOLANKI Ma’am
5. Economy – Handbook of Mrunal Sir (I read only first half) (E)
6. Science and Technology  –  Current Affairs Magazine (INSIGHTS IAS)
7. Art and Culture – Nitin Singhania Sir Book (Only selected few chapters)
8. Ancient and Medieval History – Tamil Nadu Board NCERT 11TH class  (E)
9. Society ( GS -1 ) – Vision IAS notes + Other topper’s notes (SELECTIVE READING)
10. Disaster ManagementVision IAS Notes + Forum IAS notes
11. Internal Security – Vision IAS Notes + IAS Network Notes
12. Ethics – Forum IAS Red data book Only (very structured and concise) (E)
13. Post Independence History – Other toppers notes only

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Adding to this –

1. Notes of Anudeep Sir helped me in saving a lot of time and also provided a lot of relevant content. (Will share the pdf here)

2. For essay find a template that suits you. You can start with a quote or a story or facts etc. Find your strength and then practice it through mocks.

3. In CSE 2020 both essays had abstract topics mostly. I decided that I would start both with short stories as they make an interesting read for the examiner. You can choose to make your essay interesting in your own small ways. But you need to write to find your mojo.

Should you join coaching institute for UPSC CSE by Kunal Yadav IAS ?

* Views/ Opinions are personal. Take it with a pinch of salt*

Que – Whether coaching is necessary for the CSE exam ?

AnsNecessary, definitely NOT. Helpful, YES. Coaching or guidance of any sort becomes helpful merely because of the nature of this exam and  it’s vast coverage of things which encompasses almost everything.

Here coaching helps you in certain ways :-

1. Materials provided can reduce your effort of finding the right content to read.

2. Attending regular classes can inculcate a sense of discipline and timeliness into your schedule.

3. You can find right kind of peers which can steer your prep in the right direction.

4. Online mode has also made it easier for aspirants not staying in Delhi.

But coaching can only be a catalyst. Nothing more than that. No need to be underconfident if you are not taking any coaching. It’s totally possible to ace this exam without going to coaching or even coming to Delhi.

1. It’s freaking costly and very expensive to stay in Delhi away from home. If you can’t afford it, don’t join it. You are not missing out on anything.

2. All the notes/ materials are already available online in digital format. You can also order it from Amazon/ Flipkart if you want hard copies.

3. Discipline is anyways internal. If you really want this badly you will find ways to study effectively and consistently. Going for a coaching and attending classes regularly doesn’t ensure selection.

4. Being in the midst of the competition can work both ways. You can not know anyone from this community and still perform well. Working hard is the only skill you need to primarily have.

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About my decision to not go for coaching :-

I was a working candidate and hence lesser time to study. Going for coaching never came to my mind because I knew going to classes would take most of my weekends and I wouldn’t have sufficient time for self- study. I am not that hard working that I can manage job, coaching and self study together. Moreover, I had friends who rightly guided me and emphasised that coaching is not VITAL. Plus there are several role models who have cracked this exam without going for coaching.

At last, if you can afford it and feel that it would help you, then you can go for it. Just be sincere with your schedule and do find time for self study.

If not then you are perfectly fine as you are. Just keep digging resources online and you will be fine.

Motivational Post by Kunal Yadav IAS

Prelims result CSE 2021

Those who didn’t make it kindly don’t lose heart. It’s okay to be sad and dejected. Give yourself a few days. Don’t try to suppress this pain and agony. Express it in a constructive manner. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself to get up again.

If you want to quit preparing, that’s okay too. Life is not about one examination anyways. But if you want to continue go full throttle after a few days. Prepare as if you were to give mains this time only. Show that passion and fire in you. Focus on answer writing. Capitalise on essay preparation. But start preparing. Otherwise this time lost will hurt more than the result itself. Good luck

Secret UPSC Preparation strategy by Kunal Yadav IAS

My learnings over the process have taught me that content is important but not everything. If you are someone like me who barely managed to complete his syllabus even till last day and did not have an in depth understanding of the topics do not be disheartened. Content is important but presentation is equally important if not more. During my answer writing practice I used to keep few things in mind :-

  1. Always strive to complete your paper.
  2. Instead of writing few very good answers write all answers even if they are average.
  3. If you have a poor handwriting work on it. More easier it is for the examiner to read and understand your copy, more marks you are likely to get.
  4. Try to finish every sheet you get in the answer booklet because it provides an impression to the examiner that you know things. We all know that examiners do not read every word you have written. It is just the overall image your answer creates in the mind of the examiner and that image should be of a positive, concise and informative answer.
  5. I would suggest writing answers in point wise format as it looks neat and is easily comprehendible.
  6. Marks don’t matter. Your improvement over the tests does.
  7. Always analyze your test copy after it has been evaluated by someone. Mentally frame some improvements you would like to try in the next mock.
  8. Diagrams, flow chart, maps do help in better presentation. Can include these in around 5-7 questions out of 20. But don’t overdo it.
  9. Case studies in ethics do require separate attention and practice. Do practice these a lot. Find a template you would use in the actual examination beforehand.
  10. Don’t use full sentences except in Introduction and conclusion. Just use phrases to highlight your point.
  11. Never ever leave any question without conclusion. Cumulatively it will make a difference of around 20-30 marks in itself.
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PSIR OPTIONAL Preparation Strategy by Kunal Yadav IAS


This optional needs no introduction to be honest and is one of the most popular one amongst candidates. Personally I felt interested after reading it for a few days. Being a Chemistry Hons. graduate I was looking for a non- science optional and few well wishers proposed PSIR. I was told it would overlap with GS-2 and help in ESSAY as well as ETHICS. It is true to an extent but not as much as one would expect.

So few criterias in descending order of importance for opting of optional can be :-

1. Choose a subject which interests you or something you liked during your school days. It can be anything ranging from history, Geography or maybe polity.

2. Interest need not be deep as such but enough long lasting so that you can read the subject again and again.

3. If all subjects are same to you, then you can choose subjects which have slightly better track record in terms of scoring – PSIR, ANTHROPOLOGY etc. But primary criteria should still be your interest.

4. For example if you are not liking PSIR, change it immediately since forcing something down your throat won’t work for good in optional.

I am sharing few of my PSIR copies here. Ideally you should just go through them once . Don’t waste too much time. Then I will share my thought process and Learnings for the optional. That way you can better relate to it.

#optional #PSIR

Diwali wishes to students by Kunal Yadav IAS

Happy Diwali everyone

Enjoy the day to the fullest. It’s true that festivals come each year but it’s also important to focus on basic things such as spending time with family and enjoying these moments. 1 day of not studying won’t push you out of the competition. It will give you a much needed break. Just remember to bounce back from tomorrow onwards with renewed intensity. Best wishes.