Laghima Tiwari Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Laghima Tiwari successfully completed the UPSC CSE 2022 with a rank of 19. Because she had a foundation in biology, she chose anthropology as an optional. The panellists questioned her about the origins of her unusual name during the interview.

Notes read by Laghima Tiwari

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Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
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NameMiss Laghima Tiwari
All India Rank19th Rank in UPSC
Roll Number0886301 Roll Number
Marks1033 Marks in Mains
Optional SubjectAnthropology Optional in Mains
Hometown/CityAlwar, India
Laghima Tiwari UPSC Topper Biography

Laghima Tiwari, a BTech in electronics and communication from Delhi Technological University, successfully passed the UPSC CSE 2022 on her first attempt with an All India Rank of 19.Laghima said the results were a complete surprise; she never expected to be chosen on her first try, let alone be in the Top 20. “It’s good news, and my parents were moved to tears. In addition, I am now glad I won’t have to take the upcoming preliminary exam, Laghima added.

She passed the exam because to her reliability. She asserted that success can be achieved even with less time spent studying, as long as the effort is consistent and made every day, as opposed to studying for 10 to 12 hours one day and not studying at all the next. It may become monotonous, but you will see results.Laghima graduated in 2021 and immediately began training for the UPSC CSE. She read all the fundamental texts during her one-year preparation period and took notes on the topper’s talk she viewed on YouTube.

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Laghima Tiwari UPSC Topper Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

She said, “I took a year to prepare, covering all the static bits, basic GS, and current issues, and now I’m here.Laghima chose anthropology as her optional subject despite having studied biology from grades nine through twelve. “This helped me a lot to get good marks as it was convenient,” she continued. Laghima passed the exam in one sitting without the use of any classroom instruction and with the aid of practise tests and self-study.

She concentrated on two topics for the interview round or personality test: current events and the preparation of the Detailed Application Form (DAF). She also participated in a few simulated interviews to gain experience.Since I have a unique name, the panellists questioned me about it as well as Project Tiger, Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan, and other topics.

Laghima exhorts candidates to concentrate on the approaching prelims exam and review the material they have already studied. Learn from the errors you made in your mock exam as well as this analysis, she said. After prelims, she advises students to start preparing for the mains even if they believe they are on the verge of failing because it will help them. Use those two to three months wisely, she advised.Laghima claims that although she still has a lot to learn, she intends to treat what has been given to her with respect. I will continue to learn and carry out my duties, she concluded.

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Laghima Tiwari Educational Background

Alwar resident Laghima Tiwari placed impressively high in the highly competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) mains exam, earning a rank of 19. Laghima is the first person in her family to seek a job in the civil services at the age of 23, which is an impressive accomplishment. She takes enormous delight in realising her grandfather’s lifelong wish to see a relative contribute to the prestigious steel framework of the country.

She was raised in a family with strong ties to Rajasthan and the lovely city of Alwar, where she is from. In the thriving neighbourhood of Saket, New Delhi, the New Green Field School served as the starting point of her school career. She pursued a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the esteemed Delhi Technological University, driven by a passion for technology. She started her civil service career after being moved to serve her country, opting for the English exam medium and Anthropology as her optional subject.

Laghima Tiwari Family Background

Laghima’s parents, Satish Chand and Kanta Sharma, are incredibly proud of their daughter, who is from Alwar and attended school in Delhi. Her mother, a devoted housewife, and her father, a committed teacher at a Delhi government school, express their pride and respect for Laghima’s accomplishments. Her accomplishment is credited in part to her ambition to satisfy her late grandfather’s lifelong wish to have a family member in the civil service.

Laghima’s dedication to achieving her grandfather’s objective serves as an inspiration for aspirants in her community and beyond by showcasing her fortitude and drive to have a positive impact on society through the civil services.

Laghima Tiwari Preparation Strategy

Laghima proved her talent by passing the UPSC test on her very first attempt. She holds a BTech in electronics and communication from the prestigious College of Engineering, Delhi. She must start her preparation with a clear head and steadfast focus if she wants to succeed. Laghima underlines the importance of planning ahead in order to successfully handle the stress that comes with such a difficult exam.

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Laghima stands out because she is dependable and consistent. Even if it means putting in less study time, she is adamant that success can be accomplished by giving constant effort each day. Laghima promotes a balanced approach that produces better results rather than cramming for long hours one day and ignoring studies the next.

When Laghima received her diploma in 2021, she immediately started her preparation for the UPSC CSE. She thoroughly read all the foundational materials during her one-year study time and meticulously recorded the insightful YouTube interviews with exam toppers. Laghima’s dedication and methodical approach were crucial to her extraordinary success.

Laghima Tiwari Optional Subject

Laghima chose anthropology as her optional subject even though she had studied biology from grades nine through twelve. She saw this choice as favourable because it suited her comfort and convenience, which ultimately helped her succeed in getting good grades. It’s amazing that Laghima achieved her goal without using any classroom training. Instead, she used self-study and an efficient mix of practise exams to be ready for the test and pass it on her first try. Her commitment to her objective is demonstrated by her tenacity and resourcefulness.

Laghima Tiwari Noted & Strategy

Laghima urges aspiring candidates to focus their attention on the upcoming prelims examination and revise the material they have already covered. Learning from mistakes made in mock exams and conducting thorough analysis is crucial, according to her advice. Even if students feel they are on the brink of failure, Laghima recommends initiating preparations for the mains after the prelims, as it can be beneficial. She emphasises the importance of utilising the two to three months following the prelims wisely.

While acknowledging that she still has much to learn, Laghima expresses her commitment to approach her responsibilities with utmost respect. Her journey of growth and learning will persist as she continues to dedicate herself to her duties. In conclusion, Laghima asserts her determination to remain a lifelong learner and fulfill her obligations diligently.