Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper Marksheet, Notes, Strategy

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Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper
Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper
Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper Mains Marksheet
Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper Mains Marksheet. One of the highest in History Optional.

Lakshay Anand UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Prelims Strategy by Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper

Dear Everyone,

Since prelims is round the corner and many of you were asking me to share some last minute tips, here are some things I’d like to emphasize upon.

  1. This is not a game of knowledge. Trust me, not even the topper knows 60% of the answers in the GS. It’s about the mentality you approach the question with. Use your basic knowledge to make a calculated guess, it worked for me multiple times. So, if you’re stuck or think you don’t the answer, it’s okay to go with your instict (only in GS).
  2. Like I said earlier, BE POSITIVE. You will do what you think. If you have thought you CAN clear it, you WILL. Even if you’re unprepared/under prepared, think of silver linings like :

a.) More than 1000 seats this year so many of aspirants will clear prelims!
b.) There are high chances that those who couldn’t make it into the final list, may be unprepared (I was too) due to delaying in results announcement,
c.) The cut-off is going down every year,
d.) Think why you started preparing for this exam and strive for it. Try to think of positives. That will make you stand out in the crowd.

3.) Keep your body and mind active between 9AM-4PM everyday now and eat Healthy only. Stop sleeping in the afternoon if you do. I was so sleepy during my CSAT that I ended up making few mistakes just because I slept in afternoon a day before. I was lucky that I still managed to clear it.

4.) CSAT specific : Do NOT take Paper 2 lightly, even if you are an engineer with IIT background, give a couple of CSAT tests, if you haven’t yet. Note down formulas on a paper to revise in the break. I know many people (including myself in last attempt) who were overconfident in CSAT and ended up failing in it despite clearing the GS.

a.) Try to attempt the Maths portion first, it will be shorter and give you clear cut answer. Don’t pick the option if you don’t get the exact answer in maths questions. You will end up having negatives.
b.) Then go for the reasoning as it will be easy and anyone can do it with little practice.
c.) I used to read the comprehension at the end. It worked for me as they are lengthy and extremely subjective so more chances of you making an error in it.
d.) Most importantly, remember you are not supposed to top the CSAT. You just need a decent score. Don’t take blind guesses or attempt way too many questions when you’re unsure. Attempt 50 but with full confidence.

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5.) GS Specific : There is zero pattern of GS, UPSC can ask absolutely anything. Don’t go after doing only one or two subjects, do every subject. Even if not complete, read the basics of it. I understand nobody likes every subject. If it helps, I myself am is not good in economics but still you have to study it. In next 3 days, try to divide your each day into two parts and complete one core subject is half of a day. Read your notes only. No new source at this time please.

a.) If you think you’re not prepared or have left some topics, assume that it won’t be asked in the actual paper. The point is that don’t run after the things you haven’t done yet. Be confident in what you know.
b.) A very basic trick though most of you may already know it : in polity questions, if any statement contains the word “only” or “all”, it’s most probably incorrect. It worked for me every time.
c.) Lastly, GS is not just knowledge based rather it’s guess based, luck based and mentality based. Every question will give you its own answer if only you know how to dig it. Read the question twice properly. If nothing, think can this even be right/wrong and you’ll get something to linger on and make a good guess (basic knowledge of the subject must also be used here).

Having said this, I wish all of you all the very bestum best! Trust yourself. Be confident and calm, 5th June is yours! Phod dena ekdum!!!!

Mains Strategy by Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper [ Part 1]

Dear Everyone!

Prelims is over now. I can understand what most of you must be feeling right now after the general reaction to both the papers. Just ignore what anyone says. Keep two things in mind : firstly, if it was hard for you, it was hard for everyone and secondly, no one knows the real answer key which UPSC shall make.

So better relax now! Take break for a day or two, you have earned it. You have worked hard to rest. And then get back to prepare for the mains no matter how much you’re scoring. In either case of clearing or not clearing the pelims, the mains preparation shall definitely help you till the results are out!

Also, do NOT trust the “expected cutoff” of any coaching institute. If you can’t predict the future, certainly no one can. Yes, do check your marks using some good answer keys (like Vajiram, Drishti or Vision) but NEVER keep on checking for days and days! You will end up overthinking. Your fate has been decided and no one can change it now. So, Leave the prelims question paper now, bury it. Go watch a movie and then start for the Mains!

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All the very very very best hardworking people! You inspire everyone around you. I will start sharing my notes and strategy soon.


Coaching Institutes Joined by Prelims Strategy by Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to clarify about the coaching institutes’ support I took in my preparation, as some of them are using my name without permission.

GS Papers : I never took any coaching from any institute for the GS and CSAT. Any institute claiming such is falsifying the facts.

Prelims Test Series : Did NOT enroll in any test series formally, but bought question papers from market to practice. They were mostly of Vision and Vajiram & Ravi.

Mains Test Series : Took only ONE test series from Vision IAS for GS papers.

Mock Interviews : Gave mock interviews at Vajirao & Reddy, Vajiram & Ravi, Insights, Drishti, and KSG. I will be sharing my experience in mock interviews in a seperate post.

History Optional : Did NOT take any coaching or test series from any platform/institute. However, i did use Self Study History’s PYQs compilation which helped me.

In any other case, where an institute is posting my photograph/interview/talk on their platform claiming that i was their student, it is false. I gave them interviews only to guide fellow aspirants and NOT to promote these institutes.

Always grateful,

Booklist of Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper

Dear Everyone,

Since I’ve been receiving requests to share my book list, here it is :

Ancient History : RS Sharma (old NCERT), my Optional notes and Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Book of Ancient.

Medieval History : Satish Chandra (old NCERT), my Optional notes and Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Book of Medieval.

Modern Indian History : Only Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Book and selectively Bipin Chandra.

World History : PYQ module of Self Study History (did this along with Optional only)

Art and Culture : 11th Class NCERT titled “An introduction to Indian Art” plus my Current Affairs notes and VK Jain Sir’s notes.

Polity : NCERT and Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Books only.

Geography : 6th to 10th NCERTs and Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Books.

Economics : NCERTs (Only Macroeconomy and Indian Economic Development), Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Book, Dr. Vibhas Jha sir’s telegram channel (named “Economics an Addiction” ) and his notes.

Environment and Ecology : Vaishali Anand ma’am’s telegram channel and her notes and my current affairs notes (most important for Env.).

Science & Tech : Only my current affairs notes plus a few notes of Ayaz Khan Sir.

International Relations : NCERTs plus Pavneet Sir’s notes and current affairs notes (most important in IR).

Disaster Management : An overview of NDMA website.

Society : Mostly got covered with Polity and Current Affairs. Basics were done through Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Book.

Ethics : Vajiram and Ravi’s Yellow Books for both the theory and case studies plus my notes on quotes, case studies and keywords.

Defence & Security : Made notes from various sources on internet.

NOTE : The above list is by no means, a comprehensive list. Do NOT follow my or anyone’s strategy blindly, I request you to make your own strategy based on your comfortability. You know yourself best and one size does NOT fits all! Just keep your sources limited and revise them multiple times rather than having many sources. I bought all the above material from market and although it was less, I used to revise it continuously.

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Motivation by Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper

Dear Everyone,

So the prelims results are out today. There’s no point of congratulating the ones who cleared it, rather good luck for the marathan of mains! Do your best, do as much answer writing as you can. Don’t leave any page blank in the Mains paper. This is a golden opportunity, grab it and do the most rigorous hardwork in next 3 months of your life. And trust yourself, don’t take mock papers marks on heart but learn from it. Have faith in your hardwork, you’ll do good.

To those who couldn’t make it this time, I won’t say don’t be sad. It’s natural to feel sad. I remember when I failed in prelims due to CSAT, it was heart breaking and I’m sure you must be feeling the same. Tonight is longer than usual for you. But I would say that there’s a world to win for you! Your behaviour in this very moment will decide your future. It’s upto you whether to embrace and learn from this or waste time in disappointment.

There’s a silver lining in every dark cloud and this is, a silver opportunity for you to prepare for the next attempt! You’ll get an edge over others if you start now. This time will not go in vain. I studied rigorously after failing my first prelims and by the time of next prelims, I was prepared even for the mains. So it’s you who shall decide the direction. Choose the road less traveled by! Choose the road of perseverance!


Mains Strategy by Lakshay Anand UPSC Topper [ Part 2]

Dear Everyone,

Mains is round the corner! It’s going to be a marathon of two weeks hence, taking some time out from my training, I’m sharing some of the suggestions with who all are writing Mains from this weekend onwards :

1.) Eat, Sleep, and Rest on time. Very very important.

2.) Keep a painkiller/volini/move with you all the time. Your hands will hurt bad after every exam.

3.) The first goal must be to complete the paper on time. Rest is secondary. Do NOT leave even a single page blank in the answer sheet.

4.) Always keep fruits/lunch with you.

5.) Very Important : Do NOT talk to anyone in between the breaks. Each one is your competitor there and some of them will try to demotivate you as well. Keep your calm and distance.

6.) Don’t think about an exam/question which has passed. Focus on what is yet to come. It’s okay if you don’t know something, many people won’t know many things!

Lastly, all the very very veryyyyy bestum best hardworking people! Believe in yourself. Have faith. You shall clear this as well.