Preetam Kumar IAS Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Optional Marks, Age, Rank

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The people who have overcome obstacles and achieved success are the best sources of inspiration and direction for UPSC hopefuls. Preetam Kumar UPSC is provided here for your amazing motivation.

You must read the biography of this incredibly motivating UPSC topper if you aspire to serve the country with commitment, honesty, and integrity. The father of Preetam Kumar was a Kargil soldier. The UPSC ranking for Preetam Kumar is nine. He put a lot of effort into his aspirations and worked hard to earn this recognised position.

Preetam Kumar IAS Biography

Date of birth             10.10.1996

Age                              26

Cast                             O.B.C

Height                        5.6 ft

Rank                           AIR 9

Posting                        In training

Coaching                    Unknown

Preetam Kumar IAS Biography

Preetam Kumar IAS Biography

On Monday, the outcomes of the most difficult and renowned exam were announced. He lives in the Sikar district’s Kotra village. He consistently aimed for the well-known services, and at long last, his wish was fulfilled.

Speaking of his family history, Preetam’s father served in the Indian Army and was wounded during the Kargil conflict. Later, he joined the government as a lower division clerk. Preetam credited his parents with helping him succeed.

Preetam, an IIT-Ropar alumna, began preparing for the UPSC as soon as she graduated. He spent a year working in the national capital, and he also encountered several difficulties while making his preparations.

Preetam Kumar IAS Booklist UPSC CSE

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Preetam Kumar IAS Booklist UPSC CSE

Preetam Kumar UPSC Marksheet

Essay (paper I)122
General Studies 1 (papaer II)099
General Studies 2 (papaer III)117
General Studies 3 (papaer IV)092
General Studies 4 (papaer V)124
Optional 1 (Mathematics ) (paper VI)145
Optional 2 (Mathematics) (paper VII)154
Written Total853
Personality test168
Final total1021

Preetam Kumar UPSC Marksheet

Preetam Kumar UPSC Marksheet

Preetam Kumar received 1030 out of a possible 2025 points, including 201 in the Personality Test, popularly known as the interview, and 829 in the Civil Services (Main) written test. And in the 2021 UPSC interview, this was one of the highest marks obtained.

“I never had a fallback. My goal was to pass the UPSC. In all three of my attempts, including this one, I made it to the interview stage. I was eventually chosen this time. I’m pleased with my outcome and want to contribute to my community, stated Kumar.

He believed that hard work might help you go where you wanted to go in life. You must be persistent in achieving your life’s objectives. He intends to promote IAS service. Preetam advises college students who failed to pass this year’s exam that the UPSC is more than just an exam; it alters your perspective on reading and life.

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The secret to becoming a UPSC topper is preparation. You must concentrate intensely on the subjects and ideas while also learning as much as you can about current events. Preetam began preparing for the exam in 2018 and began working in Delhi for a year.

Later on though, he made the decision to try to self-study for the test, and so his path to the civil services began. He spent many hours sitting and studying in his field, devoting enough time to each subject. He saw mathematics as his area of strength and completely focused on it, which paid off in several ways.

Preetam kumar salary

Basic pay67800
DA on TA812
Gross salary100,869
NPS detection9921
Total deduction9951
Net cross salaryApprox 91,818

Preetam Kumar Optional Marks

Preetam Kumar Optional Marks

He have chosen Mathematics Optional. He have got 299 marks in UPSC CSE 2021.

Preetam Kumar chose mathematics as an elective subject for the Civil Services exam, and it significantly aided him in getting higher scores on the written test.

Preetam hadn’t administered the test for the first time. He had already taken the test twice, but regrettably failed it. Both times, he produced it to the interview level, although it was barely understandable.

You must also accept the fact that if you want to realise your aspirations, you must keep moving in that direction. The two things that matter most to UPSC hopefuls are working hard and never giving up.

“One must maintain consistency. Your academic progress can fluctuate from going well to becoming exhausting and wanting to give up. But maintaining momentum and a relentless focus on the objective is the difficult part. Preetam stated, “Any exam is simple to pass if you are consistent.

Preetam Kumar IAS Age

Preetam Kumar IAS Age

Preetam Kumar IAS Age is 27 years old in 2023.

His date of birth is 10.10.1996.

Well, his perseverance, optimism, and learning have led to his achievement. He had no idea that he would not only ace the test on the first try, but also succeed in landing AIR-9 and placing among the top ten.

Even the morning the results were announced, Preetam commented, “He was hoping to be at least in the top 300.” When I saw the outcome, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My life has never been happier as it is right now.

Preetam hails from a rural area, and he spent the most of his early education years living in hostels. He was always good at sports, and he still enjoys them. On his third attempt, he successfully took down AIR-9, making everyone around him proud. Preetam wants to convey the idea that “hard work is the key” to all applicants who are able to take the exam in the future. Therefore, Preetam Kumar UPSC is the top inspiration for those candidates aiming to accomplish their life goals.

Preetam Kumar IAS Rank

Preetam Kumar IAS Rank

Preetam Kumar IAS Rank is 9th in the UPSC CSE 2021 on his third attempt.

We sincerely hope that reading about Preetam Kumar UPSC’s life and achievements has given you a great deal of pride, courage, and inspiration. To learn about every top performer, go to the UPSC Pathshala website.

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UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar

Some unsettling facts have surfaced since the UPSC IAS 2021 result was announced. After the results are revealed, the picked candidates get a barrage of congratulations.

Interviews with selected candidates are growing in popularity. Online, videos describing the toppers’ preparation and entire selection process have gained a lot of traction.

Preetam Kumar received an All India Rank of 9 in the 2021 UPSC Civil Services Examination on his third try.

He has made it to the interview stage three times, but on his first two tries, he failed to succeed in this very challenging exam. What then led to the success of this effort?

UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar Family Back Ground

Preetam Kumar, an IAS officer, grew up in Sikar, Rajasthan. His father works as an LDC (Lower Divisional Clerk) for the Rajasthan state government.

UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar Educational background

Topper AIR 09 for UPSC Preetam Kumar completed his education in Rajasthan before attending IIT Ropar to complete his B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering. Preetam Kumar began studying for the Civil Services Examination barely one day after graduating as an engineer and receiving his degree. His father is employed by the Rajasthan state government as an LDC (Lower Divisional Clerk).

UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar Preparation Strategy

When asked about his future plans, Preetam stated that he will devote all of his strength and diligence to carrying out the obligations allocated to him in his position. Furthermore, he will engage with them and incorporate their ideas into whatever endeavour he does to improve public welfare.

UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar UPSC Marksheet

Preetam Kumar earned 1030 points out of a possible 2025, including 201 in the Personality Test (interview) and 829 in the Civil Services (Main) written test.

UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar Optional Subject

Preetam Kumar chose mathematics as an optional subject for the Civil Services exam, and it helped him greatly in his written test scores.

Preparation Tips by UPSC Topper AIR 09 Preetam Kumar

Prelims Strategy
A) Static

The core of Prelims is static. A minimum of 55-60 queries come from the static area. Static protects your basic books (NCERTs, for example) and classroom notes. In general, there should be no more than one source for the same issue.

Many historical questions have been raised in recent years. As a result, I believe that no areas/subjects may be disregarded. Because UPSC understands what is in basic books like Spectrum, ShankarIAS (Environment), and so on, many questions are now posed outside of these books as well. I would advise you to gain conceptual understanding from these sources and use your thoughts to perform intelligent guessing in exams.

In addition, one should observe the trend and examine PYQs to determine which issues to prioritise. Many questions, for example, are now derived from the revised NCERTs History (class 11th and 12th). I went through the Bhakti Sufi movement, Buddhism, and Jainism in depth because the UPSC asks questions on these topics every year.

B. Current events

Current must be read using the static component. Along with Google and online resources, I used PT365 (I’ll share it). A year of CAs is sufficient. There is no need to read PT 365 if one is covering a 12-month magazine. It is not necessary to follow the current happenings of two coaching institutes; one source is sufficient. It’s crucial to be up to date on current events in the economy, science, and technology (PT 365/magazine). To increase your knowledge and widen it, use Google.

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(C) Extra Sources

A few subjects, such as maps, the environment, reports, international bodies, and schemes, call for additional reading. Various sources can be utilised to discuss this. (I’ll distribute it as a pdf)

D) Mock Exams

Both sectional and full-length tests should be administered. Sectional tests of any one coaching institute and full-length tests of three to four coaching institutes can be given. In my opinion, at least 30-40 tests should be administered. One can get 20 marks simply by reducing errors and increasing efficiency when attempting the paper.

1) It is critical to have completed nearly 20 tests in the previous month. Avoid administering tests during the last week.

2) Giving one test every day for one month before to prelims is quite beneficial. It aided me in becoming accustomed to the test and pressure situation. In addition, I practised answering roughly 20-25 questions in the last 10 minutes after reading questions twice in the first and second iterations.

Because the real prelims paper will always feel longer than the mocks, practise performing like Dhoni, attempting more questions while retaining accuracy.

3) Test analysis is as crucial as test administration. Determine where you are making mistakes.

4) Based on my success in these fake tests, I decided how to administer my genuine prelims paper. For example, when to begin bubbling (at 1:35 hrs), how many iterations to utilise (3), how many questions to attempt (90-95), which questions to leave (questions in history because that was my weak subject), and so on.

Covering static portions properly, reducing current affairs, revising the same item many times, making fewer mistakes, and enhancing intelligent guessing are all essential factors in increasing one’s chances of passing Prelims.


When writing responses for the mains, a candidate should concentrate on the three organs of the answer: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Your introduction will determine your final grade.

One should include the essence of the response in the beginning so that the examiner can get a general sense of the student’s perspective.

Here, an illustration could be given. The words “Pure Secure and Sure” that PM Modi uttered during the inauguration of the largest solar power plant in Asia can be utilised to begin a question on solar energy in the mains exam.

When composing the introduction to an answer, one should always use creative writing techniques.

When composing answers, there are a number of standard ways to introduce yourself. define, begin with factual information, and write your gist in a thorough manner.

Including current events in the introduction could be a fresh approach to crafting it.

The locus and focus technique is another way to write an introduction in which the terms “locus” and “situation” refer to the same thing in turn. An introduction ought to be powerful, like a movie trailer, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The body of the response ought to be cerebral and topical.

An answer’s conclusion should be Glocal, or have both global and local components.

The emphasis on an India-centric approach and viewpoints should be increased.

The newspaper editorials’ conclusion may be extremely important for developing the ability to write a better conclusion because it will show you how to write a better introduction to an answer.

In addition to the above listed points, the following points are also very valuable.

Self-belief is crucial for passing exams in your first attempt, and you should give your first attempt your all.

Be joyful and open-minded.

Create a narrative and use pnemonics.

The conclusion of an answer should be Glocal, or comprise both global and local elements.

It is necessary to place more focus on perspectives and approaches that are India-centric.

Because it will teach you how to create a better opening to an answer, the newspaper editorials’ conclusion may be crucial for improving your ability to produce a better conclusion.

Along with the points mentioned above, the following points are also highly important.

You must have self-confidence and give your first effort your all if you want to pass tests on your first try.

Be happy and receptive.

Use pnemonics and develop a story.