Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Notes, Marksheet, Biography

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Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper
Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Marksheet

Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Marksheet
Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Marksheet

Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Marksheet
Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Marksheet

Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC Biography

Hello everyone
I have secured AIR 286 in UPSC CSE 2021.
I am here to share my journey with you all. This was my 5th attempt.
In first 3, I could not clear prelims , in 4th attempt , i cleared prelims but not mains. In this attempt i was able to make it to the list.
I got 117 marks in ethics this year and 265 in chemistry , so any aspirant having any doubt can approach me for guidance.

Rachit Kumar UPSC TOPPER Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Wish to students by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

All the best everyone for tomorrow. Just stay calm and try to attempt simple questions first.
Take 8 hours of sleep if possible but if you don’t sleep for a single minute your performance won’t be impacted even 1% ( personal experience during last prelims).
Feel free to contact anytime even at midnight.
Good luck all😃😃

Indore model of cleanliness. I made points like this.send it to my friend on WhatsApp and i am done.

Jo points mjhe lge

  1. Waste segregation at source in 2 parts
  2. 100% waste collection and processing
  3. PPP model
  4. Targeted approach while increasing target year by year
  5. Stray cattles and animals transported
  6. Jan bhaagidari awareness and cooperation
  7. Variable User charges for waste collection (rs 60-150 a month)
  8. Use of 11000
    Swachtagrahi working day and night in shift
  9. SBM for public toilet construction as well as MSW management

Cooperation between people + municipal authorities + government + safai karmachari

Indore spend 1200 crore a year on sanitation

That’s huge.. 25% budget.

Prepare other topics like this.

Mains Preparation Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Good morning
Those expecting to write mains this year.
1.Start with part test for gs as well as optional. I gave 12 test for gs + 10 for chemistry+ 3 for essay .Make a doable plan. Give test at a gap of 3 day alternatively.
Like 15 June gs
19 June chemistry test 1
23 June gs
26 June chemistry.

  1. Read vision ka mains 365 for last year also(economics m agriculture pd lena..baaki agr tum mile toh) as well as this year .
  2. Per day atleast write answers for 10 questions apart from test
  3. Read newspaper daily. Make short notes of very important topics. Don’t waste 2-3 hrs in newspaper. Go for mrunal sir’s commentary and short notes on newspaper. Khud se banane m bhot time jata h. S 400 was directly from his notes. Federalism challenges and all. He is very good at notes making(smart work is nothing but this)
  4. Write test in such an environment that you finish it within 2 hr 55 minutes only. Shuru m m 16questions kr paya tha. . If you are getting 130 in this test or 80 , it won’t matter. Mere b 90 hi aate the. And i scored 417 in all gs. Don’t use mobile during test , just give test seriously.
  5. Write atleast 5 essay test. I joined it in last 2 week and it helped me in improving from 97 to 117. I could have scored better had i joined earlier, so you guys , don’t make this mistake. Write atleast 15 essays, make anecdotes of previous 5 years essay( 8 essays a year) . Download anudeep durashetty sirs essay notes, i downloaded the same. Also I watched prashant kaushik sir essay discussion, simplicity is ultimate sophistication and question there are best practices to better practice repeated on almost same theme. He explains in simple manner. He scored 155 in essay.
  6. GS 3 is unpredictable for don’t overdo it. Ethics , optional and essay are low hanging fruits
    My personal experience in last 2 mains
    Essay 117 from 97(+20)
    Paper 4 117 from 102 (+15)
    Chemistry 265 from 224(+41)
    +76 is huge addition.
  7. Set target for each paper(I set a target of 850 marks overall as I was expecting 310 in chemistry but I got9 799, top 100 in mains) don’t think ki itne log exam dete h. Set your target 🎯 clearly and practice accordingly. I am from normal background , there
    Were people who were already into services, some studied from big schools, speak fluent English. I just had self confidence, persistence , dedication, determination and discipline.
  8. PYQ are key , it helps you in knowing themes of what is being asked. Do it for 5 years for all papers.
  9. I watched money heist, Vikings(just released) but did not watch ASPIRANTS ( hoping ki jb banunga tb dekhunga) Facebook band , left instagram(my favourite place for 2 years) 😅i also use went to marriages for refreshing my mood and to have lachha paratha ,But did not tell anyone about what I am doing. If someone ask simply say looking for a private job.
  10. Had only one good friend, Stayed at home. No chai p charcha and faltu discussion, just kaam ki baat.
  11. Set your priorities right, manage time well and respect time. I used to bath in 5 mins , lunch in 10 mins , slept for 7-8 hrs a day, wall after dinner. I also suffered from tuberculosis. Took medicine for 6 months but never gave up.
  12. Have a clear vision, why civil service. For me vision was to help young aspirants who can’t afford vajiram ki fees like me. I prepared at home isliye. ( Some incidence happened during my teaching , baad m btaunga).
    Baaki all the best guys. Abi laptop shi krwa lu tb session lunga.( Thoda time lgega).
    Ignore grammatical errors.

GS Wise Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Strategy paper wise

Common is rushikesh Reddy sir AIR 93 k notes for paper 1,2,3. For paper 4 i made notes myself + previous 5 years question papers + vision 3 year analysis video (make short notes of it, last m revision k kaam aayega , it is , available on YouTube, keep speed 1.5-2 )

Gs 1

Art and culture –
I did vision k notes in question answer format + PYQ for 5 years + 3 year Discussion + rushikesh Reddy sir k notes ( hardly 3 days)
Bhot Jyada nhi padna. Last year 1 hi question tha 10 marks ka, usse phle 4 questions the so prepare accordingly.

Modern history

Spectrum in question answer format , i never read other book for history , repeated PYQ are asked for example extremist moderate contribution, socio religious reform movement, Gandhiji constructive programs, role of important governors , Dalhousie, Curzon , Is saal75 years of independence so cabinet mission b pd lena ( it was asked in interview as my birthday is on 2nd September and on 2nd sep 1946 interim government was formed but luckily I prepared it in advance) UPSC sometimes ask questions from interview in prelims or mains. baaki evolution of education, 1857 revolt and all. Vision k mains k kbc p Rs 240 m 20 solved papers milte h( agr free pdf jugaad ho paye toh kr lena khi se bhi) or ye 2 years k le Lena (or bhi koi le skte forum is equally good) for 2021 and 2022. Some questions will be repeated in vision test series, this can also happens in mains because mains is not prelims. Yha sabko aata h kuchh na kuchh but kya likh rhe ho wo matter karta hain ultimately. ( 2 din se jyada Mt lgana isme).

Prelims Booklist by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Booklist for prelims i followed

Indian polity by laxmikant

Spectrum modern India + pratik Nayak sir ppt

Mrunal sir notes for economics

Rushikesh dudhaat sir notes for geography + environment + mrunal sir’s geography notes

Vision monthly magazines for science and tech

Vision science and tech notes

Solved atleast 8000-9000 questions and revised them regularly.

Focus was more on static portion rather current ( low hanging fruits )

Art and culture – vision ias notes + red book + pratik Nayak sirs free session on YouTube.

Never ever read any NCERT. Focus was mainly on multiple revision of same notes and learning through questions. Pre k roj 10 questions solve kro jisse regularity bani rhe.

Daily 10 MCQ from insights

GS 1 Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Gs 1

World history – pratik Nayak sir + vision k test papers (1 saal k, usse remaining topics ho jayenge cover + PYQ

Society – smriti ma’am k notes are gem. Idhar udhar se jugaad lo and previous 3 years ka YouTube free analysis dekh lo. You are done with it.

Geography – my focus was on PYQ + rushikesh dudhaat sir notes + vision ka analysis.

So basically I took help of vision’s free material + idhar udhar se jugaad

Also rushikesh Reddy sir k notes are must for society agr smriti ma’am k na mil paye toh.

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Done with paper 1

GS 4 Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Paper 4

Ethics – low hanging fruit. Notes bna liye topic k according. Usme quotes daal diye.. or usko hi revise Kiya bar bar.

Catchy lines daal di. Is saal k upsc k paper m jo questions puchhe gye usme upsc k last year k essay k topics daal diya.
Jese in one question I ended with life is a long journey from human being to being humane ( essay 2020 mains topic) – UPSC ka maal unko hi chep diya, basically 😆

Acha syllabus ekdum yaad hona chahiye. Har ek term ki definition. EI , attitude, ethics moral values sbki ek definition.

Civil servants k examples

Mene harsh poddar
Omprakash Chaudhary is tarah se yaad kiye hue the.. koi controversial Mt Lena isme.

Idols. – Dr Kalam ( scientist + teacher😍)
Vivekanand – blend of spiritualism + materialism

Gandhiji – sarvodaya , 7 sins ,antodaya , decentralisation

Dr Ambedkar – social justice
Gurudev tagore – universalism

Is tarah se pdna. Ye ho jayega.

GS 2 Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Paper 2

Rushikesh reddy sir notes will cover almost all aspects + vision k solved papers + PYQ+ MAINS 365 FOR 2 years

Har topic k specific notes h reddy sir wale m… Use bs aap link kr lena

Separation of power

Sb bhot ache se covered h.
Newspaper reading paper 2 and 3 k liye bhot kaam aayega, so newspaper roj padna h.

Governance part ka b same h, ye aapko paper 4 m b help kregi. Kese krna h ye video p btaya hu

SHG NGO PRESSURE GROUPS IN SBKE EXAMPLES and 1-1 page k notes kaafi hoga

Ek ek topic ka n video p btaunga. Bs notes bna Lena wrna koi fayda hoga session ka.

Current Affairs Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Current affairs k liye kya padna h???

Meri strategy.

1 newspaper (the Hindu or IE) ( 1hr)+ Ghar k tha toh Hindi newspaper (25 mins)+ ias parliament se daily current issue(30 mins) + insights 5+5 questions for prelims daily. Important articles ko save karna and friend ka WhatsApp karna. Isme roj Max 3 hrs lgte the..

UPSC Interview transcript of Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Date of interview -12 may afternoon
Manoj Soni sir board
Hobbies – cooking and teaching
State – Rajasthan (east)
District – sawai madhopur
Background – mining engineer from ISM Dhanbad + 5 years of teaching experience for IIT JEE students.
1st interview at upsc
5th attempt

Chairman sir asked me to remove shield but mask and gloves were on

Chairman sir

  1. So you are a cook? How often you cook? What you cook?
  2. Have you tried ker sangri(western rajasthan berry and bean dish)
  3. What Is special about ker sangri?
  4. Where it is grown in rajasthan?

5 what factors determine its growth

  1. So due to water scarcity it is grown in western rajasthan. Honourable PM is thinking about 75 lakes a district , what do u think? (I was like sir we have to mobilise fund as well as acquire land) 😅 i thought big lakes
  2. As sdm how would you manage water crisis. ( Mentioned johad ,anicut, talai)
  3. What is area of smallest district in India? ( I said sorry sir)

M1 (lady)

  1. What are impacts of Indira Gandhi canal in western rajasthan?

2 can same model be used for river interlinking ( i said no ma’am. Interlinking need displacement, environment degradation , flooding etc

  1. Big projects where displacement took place?(tehri and narmada)
  2. What do you think of water wars?


  1. What is average area of a district in India?? ( From chairman sir question)
  2. Why should government pay farmer for constructing johad( i mentioned but earlier ( i said for equity)
  3. What is mazdoor kisan Shakti sangathan and why it is famous?
  4. What is tarun Bharat sangh(i didn’t know) NGO by rajinder singh)
  5. What do you think of 50 km BSF jurisdiction? Against federalism?

I would ask little bit history

  1. When cabinet mission came( 2nd sept my birthday, 2nd sepb1946, 1st interim government)
  2. It’s members (i remember all 3)
  3. Recommendations
  4. Direct action day?

5 minamata convention?

6 use of mercury?

7 origin of Maharashtra?

  1. Origin of name rajasthan (James Todd annals and antiquities of rajasthan)
  2. Why budget is advanced for 2 months( vote on account)


1.So you are a teacher as well as cook, you teach while cooking or vice versa😂(both separately)

  1. How impact of chemistry be minimised (green chemistry)

3.average landholding in India? (1.08 hectare).

  1. How mechanisation possible in such small land?
  2. What is organic farming?

6 difference between organic and natural farming? ( I knew it😃)

7 border district of rajasthan with pak
(Jaisalmer barmer bikaner ganganagar)

  1. Something about technology.

Some questions i could not remember, will post once I do

Utility of mocks – vajirao and reddy ,ksg, unacademy and Shankar ias were quiet good.

Overall cordial atmosphere. I was having fogging issue due to mask and spectacles. But could not remove it and gave interview with fog.

Prelims strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Common – previous 10 years question

Mrunal sir topic wise book for prelims disha publication

Newspaper – the Hindu/IE , local Hindi newspaper if preparing for state pcs+ mrunal sir newspaper analysis while walking or upsc analyser analysis or Shankar ias analysis ( any one of three) + insights 5 static + 5 current questions daily ( Evernote p save krna) + IAS parliament daily current affair( agar newspaper ki language smjh na aaye toh)

Modern – pratik Nayak sir video on YouTube (beginner) + spectrum (multiple revision)+ insights daily 5 questions + PYQ

POLITY – laxmikant ( preamble FR, DPSP, PARLIAMENT most important) + vision pt 365+ insights 5 + PYQ

Geography – rushikesh dudhaat sir or mrunal sir videos + notes + map practice +PYQ

Environment – Sankar ias book or Rushikesh sir notes+ PYQ

Science and tech- basic 9th 10th ncert + vision notes + pt 365 + common sense or spring board academy k notes of science

Economics – mrunal sir videos + notes + PYQ + pt 365

Art and culture – pratik Nayak sir marathon + red book + vision notes for remaining part

Ancient – Tamil Nadu board + vision ias notes + pratik Nayak sir video + 2 ncert books

Find your own strength, don’t follow toppers blindly. Attempt questions as per your convenience. Cutoff 84 thi last year. So 70-80 questions worked for me.

Chemistry Optional Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

My strategy for chemistry

Background – I have been a Chemistry faculty (teacher) for IIT JEE and NEET students for four years, so my basics are clear in all 3 parts.

1.RK SINGH sir notes +

  1. previous 5 years UPSC papers + their solution( given by Sir) + 3.assignment for topic wise coverage of PYQ( some solutions given + some i made myself) + some standard questions ( some of them are repeated in actual exam) +
  2. 2 years of test series for comprehensive coverage of syllabus as well as questions.
  3. I don’t have any other extra book.(No PSP, KL KAPOOR OR OTHER BOOK)


  1. Look for low hanging fruits ( gaseous state, solid state, liquid state , surface chemistry, phase equilibrium etc.)
  2. For numericals – start by deriving the formula, it will fetch you 7 out of 10 or 8 out of 10, if presentation is good.
  3. In topics such as chemical kinetics, for any order reaction, plot graphs.
  4. For electrochemistry Nernst equation , electrochemical cell is low hanging fruit.
  5. Observe PYQ carefully, for physical chemistry themes are repeated.
  6. Look for toppers answer booklet, how they have written. I did the same thing and my marks improved from 224 to 265 (+41 addition).
  7. In part test , it is possible to do all the things( assignment+ PYQ etc) so before giving part test prepare chemistry atleast for 2-3 full days and then write the test.

I will share detailed chapter wise strategy as well as for inorganic and organic. Hope this will work for part test 1 and 2. If there are any extra points , i will try to add.

Strategy for organic

PYQ, Test series , Test in time etc remain same

Low hanging fruits

Photochemistry – maximum time norrish 1 and norrish 2 is asked

Pericyclic – con rotation disrotation is always asked.

Spectroscopy – structure derivation, delta values, mass spectro. Read notes multiple times. Solve assignment given by sir

Named reaction – basics of named reaction. What happens in a particular reaction. Basic mechanism only

Reagents – LiAlaH4 is asked frequently. Basic function one should know.

Reaction mechanism – backbone. Revise it multiple times.
TCP and KCP is asked every year almost. Carbene and nitrene. Intermediate is important area

Polymer 8-9 pages notes and you are done.


Coordination compound – Read 12th standard ka phle (basics), then higher level given in notes.

Lanthanide and actinide – notes . General trend in magnetic moment , size etc.

Baaki k liye selected notes provided by sir, such as transfer of oxygen. I read last year topper’s inorganic booklet as well as made some of my own notes for DNA RNA FERRODOXIN RUBERODOXIN etc, rest covered in test series and i am done.

So in reality, toppers answer booklet is very helpful in writing, presenting and improving our answers.

Still , if any problem is there, i am here to help you.
Good luck

Essay Preparation Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper


While writing essays , there are certain points one should keep in mind.

  1. Read anudeep durashetty sir’s essay short notes atleast once to get an idea regarding how to cover different dimensions (socio, political, economic, science , environment) basically syllabus for paper 1,2,3 and use different provisions of constitution.
  2. Write your name at the top.
  3. For philosophical essays use Gandhiji, Buddha , vivekananda, Dr Ambedkar , jyotiba phule , Raja Ram Mohan roy etc. Use knowledge of paper 4 here.
  4. For essay on any social issue use data , reports, surveys extensively.
  5. Read toppers essay copies.

6.Watch videos of prashant kaushik sir on YouTube for free. I did watch them.

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication (2020 )
there are best practices to better practices(2021)
Both are quite similar. Just find that similarity and you will sail through.

See.. Essay likhne k liye khudko push kr pana itself is a big challenge. So if you are writing essay.. 100 marks toh whi aa jayenge.

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What is good essay?

After reading your own essay after 3-4 days of writing if you feel satisfied, means it is good essay.

Same experiment i did on yourself( quite late though)

Write an essay today, read after 3-4 days. If you feel satisfied, fair enough. You are done with essay
If no – what more can be done.

This was my strategy for essay, nothing else. 1st i myself should be satisfied then automatically examiner will be.

In shorts durashetty sir k notes + toppers booklet + prashant kaushik sir k videos + PYQ ki practice. That’s all.

Ethics Preparation Strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Alot of people face problem in ethics.

What is the best way to approach ethics??

My strategy

1.Read the syllabus carefully, remember each and every term. Take a print out of syllabus and glue it to the ethics notebook.

  1. Short and concise definition of each term.

Values – things to which individual give preference
Ethics – values which helps in determining right and wrong, societal in nature

Morals- ethics at individual level

Attitude – have cognitive affective and behavioural component

EI – Ability to understand emotions of oneself as well as other.

  1. Quotations – to conclude answer.

Last year question on refugee- I ended with – when I look into eyes of refugee , they don’t want to dance, they just want to go back to their homeland – Bob Marley

On war – Anyone who has looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war. – Bismarck

On education – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela

  1. Watch some videos such as Dr Kalam about leadership qualities , roles, responsibility, his vision about education

Leonardo de Caprio , when he received Oscar – climate change

The speech which made Obama president – The Hope speech

  1. Think about various qualities of civil servants. Why accountability is needed? What if there is no accountability.
    Think like you went to a government office to get your entitlements , it should have been done in 10 days but took 30. That’s why we need accountability. Think this for all the topics.
  2. Previous year topper’s copy. I read vishakha ma’am’s copies. You will get many examples from there. Update in your notes. Functions of attitude was asked this year( in my notes due to vishakha ma’am’s answer booklet).
  3. Prepare examples of civil servants who have done fabulous job.
  4. Some padna awardee such as harekala hajabba , Tulsi gowda could be used for education and environmental ethics questions.
  5. Prepare some quotes of swami vivekananda( daridra narayana) , Gandhiji (7 sins, Nai Talim; talisman) , Dr Ambedkar (constitutional morality, social justice) , Rabindra nath Tagore(borderless world) , amartya sen( capability approach), kailash satyarthi etc.
  6. Paper 2 , governance part is repeated here. Use knowledge of paper 2 here.

UPSC Strategy for Prelims Cleared Student

For those who cleared prelims this year

1.Cover syllabus through part tests

  1. give test on scheduled date and within stipulated time(2 hrs 58 mins)

3  don’t leave any test in between,

  1. read topper’s answer booklet carefully, analyse your mistakes and try not to do it again.

5 cover gs along with optional( same strategy for gs)

6., give test every 3rd or 4th day

  1. Write test series for this year but read the test series of last year also(for gs + optional).

UPSC Strategy for Prelims failed Students

Those who could not clear prelims or those who are new.

Those who could not clear prelims –

  1. Having last attempt –
    there is something called state
    services for you.
    If resources permit try for state services.
    If not, then move on.

UPSC hi life m sb kuchh nhi h. Life is much bigger than UPSC. Join a job , shadi kro and try to move on and start a new life.

  1. 4th and 5th attempt –

Same jo 6th attempt walo k liye bola h +
Focus on optional + essay + ethics+ portion not covered ( i covered art and culture, science and technology etc). Write previous year test series paper in stipulated time.

Prepare for state services in addition to UPSC,

sometimes IIT students might think ki state service m kon jayega!?? One needs to come out of that mentality.

I myself gave RPSC for first time and cleared prelims.

You never know, sometimes same questions you have prepared in state service exam can be asked in interview (read my interview transcript)

  1. 1st 2nd 3rd attempt. –

Just take it easy.

Atleast December tk toh mains ka pdo. I have already shared strategy in this group.

Newspaper reading is must for paper 2 and paper 3.

I have already shared what to read in newspapers. How to write essay, ethics , prepare optional etc.

Those who are new

Start with basics.

Lakshmikant + modern history.

Develop a hobby of newspaper reading.

Have a workable plan.

Self Preparation Strategy for UPSC CSE by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Can it be done by Self Preparation?

In short, yes, and can be done comprehensively.

When should you self prepare?

1. When you have a basic understanding of the nature of the exam. Or,

2. Have already prepared many things. Or,

3. Serious overlap with graduation subjects. Or,

4. If you hold expertise in subjects like Economics, Public Policy etc. Or,

5. Cannot afford any coaching. Or,

6. You’re a working aspirant. Or,

7. Have 2-3 year timeline of preparation. Or,

8. Have clarity about your goal early on, say in 1st year of Graduation.


-In many cases, self prep take time, since an expert and good teacher can make things simpler for you to digest. Lack of mentors is also a big challenge.

-Also in self prep, it is difficult to balance prelims and mains preparation and many topics like Ethics, Internal Security, social justice are left.

-It is also difficult to have self made notes on everything.

-People tend to lose track of their timeline for prep.

-Tend to get exhaustive with multiple attempts.

The Silver lining:

-Post COVID, most of the materials and even mentor support is available online. Test series, evaluation and feedback are available at your computer screen at your home.

– A hybrid model which includes support from coaching institutes for difficult topics, subjects & strategy and rest by self effort can also be devised.

Now, It is your call which method suits you the best!

What were my source of motivation ??
Any motivational video?? Never watched.

My sources

  1. Family + 1 friend preparing for UPSC
  2. 2-3 school k close friends ( used to meet once in a while) + 2,3 ISM k friends ( used to talk over phone) + 2,3 job k time k dost ( for sharing memes sometimes).
  3. Songs – Bhajan to kishor kumar to kumar shanu to a r rehman to kk tk Amit Trivedi to Arijit Singh

Queen, pink Floyd, GNR, Metallica, Coldplay, the script, chainsmokers, Eminem i used to listen songs.

Used to depend on mood.

Special- Amit Trivedi dear zindgi live
Hall of fame live,
queen live,

Martin Garrix live ( Mumbai) i attended

  1. Cooking- delicious food is always a mood booster. So i used to cook whenever I feel low.

5 America’s got talent golden buzzer performance ( magic tricks, stand-up – kuzo)

Fav performance -song the reason by kechi

  1. Movies- as recommended by my fiance ( Sharma ji namkeen, bhul bhulaiya 2, stree) actors – Aamir Khan ( Rang de Basanti, Lagaan)
    Rajkumar Rao( shadi m jaroor aana, barailey ki barfi)
    Ayushman khurana ( songs + andhadhun)
    Pankaj tripathi, manoj bajpayee, siddique+ kartik Aryan

Alia Bhatt (dear zindgi, razi)

Kriti sanon (Mimi + Luka chipi)

  1. Stand-up – Raju Srivastava, Zakir Khan, Abhishek Upamanyu, rahul subramanian, pratyush chaubey, biswa,

Bt ye sb dekhne se phle i used to study complete my target of the day. Give tests on time and with full dedication.

1st and foremost priority was to study. Baaki time Bach Jaye toh ye sb 30 mins Max k liye kiya ja skta h.

PS- I left Facebook, instagram, never used twitter.

Only social media – whatsapp + telegram .

LBSNAA Mail to Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

One of the best motivation for upsc cse.

Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper Biography

My introduction (my 5 years of struggle)

Name – Rachit kumar gupta
State- Rajasthan
City Sawai madhopur
Father – LIC agent , Average salary (40-50000 per month)

Family background –
my elder brother ( professor 1st ever government job in my entire family)

Younger brother IES (2019)

My education

Upto class 7 in village phalodi quarry (Hindi medium )
8th – adarsh vidhya mandir (Hindi medium )
From 9th onwards English medium

IIT JEE k liye 11th m papa n kota rakha but I could not tolerate pressure, chemistry samjh nhi aayi😅😅 so ghar aa gya and yhi se pda.. 12th mein last ke 3 months (crash course) ke liye Resonance Kota chala gya and secured AIR 6115 , got Mining in ISM DHANBAD (2012-2016).

Uske baad job Leni pdi kyuki paiso ka thoda load tha, wo college ke time bhi tha but papa jese tese manage kr lete the , education loan bhi tha.

1 saal bombay mein private coaching mein chemistry pdayi ( same chemistry jiski wajah se i gave up in kota) phir 2017 m cousin (Mohit bhaiya) ka UPSC CSE m hua.. mein motivated hoke delhi aa gya or yha p pdhane lg gya , sath m pdne b…socha ab agli saal Mera b ho jayega (lol)😅

bhaiya bole 5 saal b lg skte!😲

1st attempt

Pre m 45 marks (shattered) cutoff was 108, bahaana b nhi banaa skta ki 1 number se reh gya

2nd attempt
Pre m 89 cut off was 98

3rd attempt
Pre m 72 ( bhot roya)

October 2019 Chhote bhai ka IES M Ho gya, wo bola paiso ka ab m dekhunga..tu pd.

Dec 2019 m kewal optional k liye DIAS join kiya, job b sath hi kr rha tha

March 2020

COVID aa gya.. coaching m job thi.. unhone 4-5 mhine ka payment rakh liya (6 lakh rupees) or job se manaa kr diya. I was saving this money for UPSC preparation

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PAPA was like, Teri mehnat ka paisa h, tune konsa kisi se udhaar liya h. Ek hi dialogue h unko, jo hota h kisi kaaran se hi hota h. Kota se bhagna , coaching se nikaalna , COVID ka aana, bimari ka hona. Sb ache k liye hota h.

1 June 2020 ghar aa gya lockdown khulne k baad socha ki ghar p rahenge

July- khaasi aayi or cough m blood aa gya, i was totally devastated, Dr ko dikhaya toh pta chala ki tuberculosis bhot bura ghabra gya .

6 months ka dots chala.. roj 6 tablets khani pdti thi.

4th attempt

pre 4 oct 2020
102 marks

Mains ka koi idea nh. Ek single answer nhi likha tha. Joined vision ka test series and dias test series for chemistry.

Rajasthan m beech m 10 din (November 2020) m internet band rha, us time b jese tese idhar udhar Jake manage Kiya.

Jan 2021 ( mains)

Dots ki medicine ka negative impact ab dikha.. 6 tablets per day chali. Body khatm ho gyi thi. Exam k tym so nhi paya. 66 hrs Bina soye shuru k 5 paper likhe, Is ummeed m ki agli bar pre na hi toh kya karunga??

Bs.. ab aage aaram se btaunga.. ab discussion k tym aap log priority rhenge.. meri story kbhi or sunenge, faltu ka sentiyapa nh chahiye.. har kisi ki story hoti h. Jiske nh hota uski b.

Ek point add kr dete h.

Gs k liye koi coaching nhi ki mne. Kewal optional k liye li. Gs ka idhar udhar se jugaad krke dekha bs.so 2 lakh kharch krne ki jaroort nh h gs k liye.

Rajinder nagar b shuru k ek saal hi rha uske baad mayur vihar phir job chhodke ghar. Toh 30000 delhi m b khrch krne ko na ho toh b load na lena. Koi library join nh ki. Ghar p aisa maahol mila ki mummy n 2 saal se tv nh dekhi meri wajah se #Maa. So mummy ka credit sbse jyada h.

Papa n bola ki sb bech dunga.. mene khaa ghar p hi rhunga.. aap faltu mje Mt lo😂😂 nhi pdegi jaroort.

Mujhe b chain nh aa rha aadhi btake. 5 saal ka struggle h.

5 paper k baad next day b nhi so paya. jese tese mummy n sulaya. Raat bhar papa mummy mere dono bhai jaagte the mere chakkr m.

Mains hua, bhaiya ki shadi thi 16 Feb 2021 ki, mene saare dosto ko bulaya, but ek bhi nh aaya. Mene apni gf(now my fiance) ko btaya ki mujhe bhot bura lg rha h ki Mera ek b dost shadi m nh aaya ,kya m itna b deserve nhi karta!!.

Then I thought koi bat nh.. m jb shadi krunga toh dost LBSNAA se aayenge, bs mjhe bhagwan yhi himmat dena. Chhote bhai k IES dost aaye the.. unhone shadi m mje kra diye.

23 March 2021 mains ka result.

Mera nhi hua. Bhaiya ka birthday tha ye. Wo khudko blame kr rha, bhabhi soch rhi meri wjh se hua. M khatm ekdum.
Room m akela m ro rha.. baaju wale room m papa.
Mjhe unki aankho m aansu dekh k lga ki mne apne papa ko rula diya aaj!!

Ghar se bahar nikalna band, logo ka mjaak udana shuru. Mje lete the pichhe se.. are tukke m pre nikla hoga, mains khaa se niklega.

April 2021

COVID aa gya wapis help krne.
Exam postponed
Mene beech m mains ka pd liya, RK SINGH SIR n chemistry ka free test series krwa diya.

5th attempt

Ghar k pichhe ek officer rehte h..bhot shor aata tha roj, mne bola ki Mt kro toh ladaai shuru kr di… Owner was like ki ye toh officer h, kuchh b bol skte h, aap khud adjust kr lo😅😅
Koi na.. chup rha. Ghar k garrage m jakar padne lga subah subah (November – December 2021)

10 OCTOBER 2021

Pre diya.. lga ki nhI hoga as 74 hi attempt kiye mene. Bt mjhe kewal ek icha thi ki mjhe mains likhna h. Mjhe pdne se pyar h.. mains make person humane , bs mjhe us humanity k liye mains dena h.mjhe pdne se pyar h bs isliye dena h. Bhagwan mjhe bs mains dilwa de..mera ho na ho..last time m mains ache se nh de paya tha bs.. is saal se pau.

Pre cleared on 29th Oct 2021.

Mains k liye taiyari shuru. Idea tha hi. Same notes revise kiye.

Beech m mere tauji ki death ho gyi(19 dec 2021) , dimaag m bad bar whi aata tha but manage kiya . Mummy papa n mental support diya.

7 Jan se mains shuru

Mains m whi sone wali dikkat but jese test manage Kiya ( kese kiya ye Mt puchhna bs)

Is bar zero expectations from mains.
17 March ko result aaya.

Interview preparation shuru.

Is time fiance , bhaiyo n bhot help me.
My fiance used to watch interviews for me and we used to discuss it over the phone.

12 may ko interview hua( Transcript i have shared on this channel)

Uske baad logo n jeena haraam kr diya.
Kb result aa rha??.

12 may se 30 may tk yhi chalta rha. Har koi bs yhi question krta except my family members. They knew ki m kis cheez ki fight kr rha hu.

30 may ko 1:15 p Clg k junior (Lokesh) n news di ki sir bn gye aap. Rohit (Chhota bhai) mummy and m the Ghar p. Sbse phle bhagwan k aage m jhuk gya..ki bhagwan h is duniya m
aap acha kro..sb acha hoga end m
. Time lgega bt sb acha hoga. 😃

Bhaiya and bhabhi Ghar p aa gye. 10 din se ghar m alg jashn ka mahol h. Aaj rohit wapis gya , kl bhaiya jayega.isliye no session.

2 June ko apni 6 saal se sath gf k sath finally mene roka kiya😊😊 jo mera hmesha se promise tha usse and she actually motivated to do upsc and achieve high in life.

Simple lesson from preparation phase.

  1. Hard work is the key.
  2. No shortcut to success.

3 dedication ,determination, discipline persistence, perseverance, integrity, honesty, Emotional intelligence ( bhot English k fancy words h sb chahiye)

  1. Family hi success dilayegi, log aayenge jayenge. Kisi ko koi mtlb nh tumse. Insaan ko koi nhi puchhta , post ki pooja h.

5 .kisi ko jawaab Mt do. Apni success ko jawab dene do.

6 . Clear goal rakho for civil services. Mine was education sector. Agr m yha Fail hoke aata toh log bolte ki tumhara nhi hua isliye yha ho. But Mera hua tb b m yha hu. M Dil se teacher hi, majboori se nhi.

  1. jitna struggle kroge utna hi success ka mjaa aayega
  2. paisa mere paas aaj b nh h bhot jyada toh. Bt aaj m proud se ye baat keh skta hu.mere papa n 40-50000 ki salary m 3 beto ko desh ki seva k liye taiyar kr diya. So paisa kbhi hindrance nhi h.
  3. Manoj bajpayee ka famous dialogue. Jo successful nhi hua life m use bewakoof Mt smjho. M ho gya toh m bhot naseeb wala hi ki mjhe desh ki seva m jane ka mauka mila. Nh hota toh b m teaching krta jo b ek desh seva h.
  4. Have believe in yourself as well as God. Mene bhagwan ko nh dekha but is attempt k dauran m aise logo se mila jinhone mjhe shuru se positive vibes diye ki tera is bar hoga. So just see positivity in surrounding.

Bs.. khtm ab.
Saari baat ekdum sach h..or b h..bt itna share nh kr skta. Kabhi book likhunga toh btaunga.

Ab pdo bhaiyo chupchap. Mene b yhi socha tha or aaj b yhi soch h

Ki m sar jhuka k desh ki seva karunga and mere pitaji sar uthake jiyenge😊

Special contribution is of my dadaji (87 years old) garib ki sewa wala dream, abi b lge hue h. Sunderkand pdne.. raat din yhi kaam h unka since m jyada Pooja path nh krta

Dadaji, Papa Sitaram Gupta , mummy bhaiya Suchit Gupta (Ram) bhabhi, chacha (Ashok Gupta) Gupta chachi Rohit Gupta ( lakhan) Mohit bhaiya Lokesh Singhal , Mohammad Danish Devanshu Goyal , neha maths wali (ashvini ki dost) chirag (mentor throughout, din m ek bar isse jaroor baat krta tha m , poori journey ka best friend) prashant and my Love 💕 Ashvini Gupta my doctor Laxmikant Mittal bhaiya Ruchi Agrawal Naveen Garg Ashutosh Jindal Dev S Hada sir Rajesh Kumar Sharma sir Alok Gupta sir

For me.
Education is the most powerful tool which can bring revolution.

Aspirants kranti ek din m nh aati. So overnight kuchh nh hoga.bhot mehnat lgegi bt jitna jyada tym lgega mjaa b utna hi aayega.

Jai hind

Mains last minute strategy by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

Those who are writing CSM-2022,
Remember all you need is to write 150/250 words on a given topic, do not try to do PhD on any topic or do not try to find ideal notes etc.
Always focus on the essentials, value addition should be done but not at the cost of losing important time.

Make flash notes for each and every topic so that a quick revision can be done.
Write papers as much as possible.

Material collector नहीं district collector बन ना है 🙏🏼

Those writing mains this year, last 10 days are left, just revise the things you have read, review your test papers.
Syllabus of upsc can never be completed, always there will be certain things which might come as bouncer in mains also. But don’t let 1 bouncer ruin your other 19 questions.

Complete the paper, if you are leaving 1 question in each paper it might cost you 10-20 marks and these marks actually make difference.

Still , if anybody has any query ( those writing mains) , you can comment here .

All the best to all those writing mains from tomorrow.

Last moment tips

  1. Complete the paper,7 mins for 10 markers ,11 for 15 markers
  2. Take a sound sleep of atleast 7 hours
  3. Have faith in yourself.

Baaki no faltu gyaan..

Good luck

Essay on Education sector by Rachit kumar Gupta UPSC IAS Topper

What are problems with our education system

I have worked as teacher for 4 years and whenever I used to tell people that I teach, they were like ‘ beta or koi naukri nhi mili’!

This is hardcore reality of our education sector. Teaching ko ek last option ki tarah socha jata h, even if you are passionate about it. Many of us who could not qualify UPSC are teaching in various coachings because some of them could not get job anywhere else ( I had same backup option)

It is said for India that we want good teachers for our children but we don’t want our children to become teachers. Teaching has become least attractive job.

Coaching mafias have percolated deep down , IIT , UPSC k liye coaching karna ek status symbol ban chuka h, most of UPSC results published by coaching classes are fake ( 80-90% ).

Policies are made at top level by bureaucrats without consultation with teachers and parents.

Syllabus is not updated , teachers training is largely absent, there is no performance appraisal for government teachers and no punishment for poor results.

It’s your turn to discuss more problems and way forward.

Hint – NEP could be a solution.