Role of Indian Diaspora Notes for upsc

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Role of Indian Diaspora upsc

Role of Diaspora

  1. Ambassadors of India’s cultural / soft power diplomacy

GMR 2020–Indian diaspora world’s largest (17.5 ml)—Considering its size, it is aptly said that ‘sun never sets in Indian diaspora’ (Gulf— 8.5 ml, USA – 4.4 ml)

  1. Kugiel Patryk— India’s Soft Power : A New Foreign Policy Strategy—Highlights Sig of Diaspora in India’s soft power projection

History and Evolution

  1. British rule—Indentured labourers to Africa, Caribbean etc (known as Girmitiyas).
  2. Nehruvian phase—Policy of Dis-association—As Interference could offend host countries.
  3. Rajiv Gandhi—Invited them to participate in nation-building—Sam Pitroda.

After C.W—Multiplex & Society centric world—so Diaspora—emerged as a strategic asset for IFP

  • Vajpayee— called for ‘partnership among all children of mother India’ + formalised engagement with diaspora by inst PBD

Importance of Diaspora:-

  • Building translational networks—Ireland & Portugese PM, Kamla Harris etc are of Indian origin.
  • Lobbying for India—For support during Kargil war, Pokhran & Civil Nuclear deal
  • Defence & security goals—Groups like Friends of India, Canada India Foundation (CIF) etc
  • Messenger of India’s soft power—Yoga, Bollywood
  • Source of Capital, Investment & Remittances

Modi’s Diaspora Doctrine

  • Policy of active Ass & intensive outreach with diaspora—Focused on amalgamating Scattered pieces of Indianess into formidable force
  • He calls diaspora as our ‘Rashtra doots’ And Informal & permanent ‘ambassadors’ for India. 
  • Colour of Passport doesn’t matters, what is relevent is whether a person is Indian or not.
  • Addressed diaspora in diff parts of world—Madison Square, New York, Rwanda, Houston—Howdy Modi, Namaste Trump
  • Relaxation of visa norms, merger of OCI + POI , improving physical connectivity & EoDB 

Critical Perspective

  • C.Rajamohan—Remain cautious—shd not be seen as intervening in domestic politics of any nation through diaspora.
  • Suhasini Haider— Re-analyses benefits accrued from diaspora’s political presence through a more realistic lens.
  • India’s Domestic faultlines—US Diaspora criticised CAA & Revocation of Art 370.
  • Anti globalization trends— Stricter visa rules
  • Sectarian conflicts, terrorism etc in Middle East leave our diaspora vulnerable to attacks.
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L.M Shingvi Commttee (2000)—

  • Dual citizenship to foreign citizens of Indian descent
  • Est a PAC on Indian Diaspora
  • Dev SEZs exclusively for projects to be set up by NRIs/PIOs.