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What does Sakshi Garg do?

Indian women are very proud of Sakshi Garg. Sakshi not only got into the UPSC exam, but she also got second place on the UPSC test in Hindi.

Sakshi Garg is the oldest of her family’s daughters.

Her father is Krishna Kumar Garg, who is the second son of the head of the district for the Industry Trade Delegation.

How was school for IAS Sakshi Garg?

Our UPSC winner, Sakshi Garg, did well in school, but she wasn’t the best. That didn’t stop her from passing India’s hardest test, though. No.

Sakshi Garg went to which school for her 10th grade?

Sakshi has always been a good student who puts in a lot of effort. In 2010, Sakshi took her 10th boards test at St. Xavier’s School.

Her score on her 10th board test was 76.1%.

She stopped reading when she went to St. Xavier’s school. Sakshi moved to Prakash genius Intercollege after her 10th grade. From there, she went on to finish her 12th grade board exams with Maths in 2012.

She did great on her 12th grade test, getting an 81.4%.

Then Sakshi got her Arts degree from Government Women Degree College, Robertsganj, and Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth with a 61%.

Then Sakshi began getting ready for the UPSC test.

She did well enough on the test to pass it. To become an IAS officer, she worked very hard.

Even though Sakshi Garg knew what it was like to fail, she kept going!

Sakshi Garg failed the test on the first try, just like MANY other candidates.

Did she stop, though? No!

She didn’t get IAS the first time she tried. She worked hard and fell down, but she got back up and didn’t give up.

“NOT SELECTED” was written on Sakshi’s results for her first try in the year 2015.

She tried again in 2017 because she was still eager to pass the test. This time, she didn’t fail. At age 22, Sakshi got a number of 350, which is great.

Sakshi was very happy to get into UPSC, but she wanted to be an IAS, which she couldn’t do with the rank she got. So, she worked harder and made more plans to make her dream come true. She is now IAS Sakshi Garg, so it turned out to be true.

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In the end, hard work and persistence do pay off.

Where is Sakshi Garg, Rank 2?

Sakshi passed the UPSC test in 2019 and was sent to work as an Assistant Commissioner for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

At the time, she was sent to Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh.

How does Sakshi Garg’s luck change in the interview round?

During her discussion, this table turned in her favour. In her interview, Sakshi gave a great and unique answer to one of the questions, which made the interviewers want to learn more about her. The interviewers were so pleased with Sakshi’s answers that they gave her the job at the IRS right away.

Sakshi worked very hard to do well in the interview round. She worked very hard for that, and it turned out that her hard work paid off.

Sakshi knew what the questions were about and gave smart answers to them.

During the interview, one of the interviewers asked her a very hard question. Sakshi kept her cool and gave a great answer.

She said that India is a secular country where people of all religions accept people of other religions.

It is a tolerant society that respects the views of people of other religions, so we should do more to bring people from different groups together.

Sakshi even said that she wants to talk to their leaders about taking different routes for the Ram Navami parade and the Tajia procession.

Sakshi didn’t stop here with her answer. If the first choice wasn’t possible, she offered another one.

She also told the interviewers that if bringing the processions forward or putting them off wasn’t an option, the times of each procession could be a little different so that they could all happen on the same day but at different times.

Sakshi Garg said that because she wanted people from both religions to take part in both processions so that they could mix and do the needed rituals together.

She came up with this idea in an effort to bring people from both faiths together, and the interviewers were blown away by it.

Sakshi finished her answer by saying that she would ask both of the faith groups’ leaders to keep the peace during the procession and not do anything that could start a riot.

All of the reporters’ hopes were met with this last move of hers, and they were very happy with her answer. Sakshi got a lot of praise for that, and her life changed when she was hired as an Assistant Commissioner in Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh, right after the interview.

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Sakshi Garg’s goals, plans, and way of thinking

IAS Officer Sakshi Garg said that if you are sure of your goal, you should only work towards it. She was studying for UPSC while she was getting her degree.

She kept her perfect goal in mind, worked for it, and reached it.

Sakshi also said that some students can’t pass the test because they study for too many tests and don’t set a goal for themselves.

Here are some last tips that may help those who want to get in.

First, decide on a single goal and work hard to reach it. Again, you have a lot of skills, but if you don’t use them in the right way, you will fail.

Last but not least, constancy is the key to success. If you don’t stick with it, the results won’t go your way.

Sakshi Garg is second in the UPSC tests given in Hindi. The parents and family were very proud of her, and they were very happy about her success.

Sakshi Garg is the oldest daughter of Krishna Kumar Garg, who is the second son of the president of the Industry Trade Delegation district. In 2010, she got a 76.1% from Saint Xavier’s school, where she finished the 10th grade.

Then, in 2012, she finished her 12th grade at Prakash genius Intercollege, where she got an 81.4% in maths.

Later, she passed from Government Women Degree College, Robertsganj, and Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth with a 61% in the Faculty of Arts.

Sakshi Garg did well enough on the UPSC tests to pass. Here is a complete list of Sakshi Garg’s grades:

Sakshi Garg Posting

Sakshi Garg is given a job with the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) as an Assistant Commissioner in 2019. She lives in Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh.

This life-changing event happened because she answered one of the interview questions in an interesting way. This made the judges so happy that they gave her the job right away.

Sakshi Garg Interview

During the interview, Sakshi was asked a series of questions that she was meant to answer as if she had been hired as a District Magistrate for any district in Uttar Pradesh.

What if, on one day, the representative of the Hindu society asks for permission to set up a Ram Navami parade, and on another day, the representative of the Muslim society asks for permission to set up a Tajia procession?

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How will she handle the problem as a district magistrate? What steps will she take?

Her Answer

Sakshi Garg’s answer to this hard question was very interesting. She said that we live in a society that respects all faiths and the feelings of their communities.

She would like to talk to their leaders and decide that the Ram Navami procession and the Tajia procession should take different ways.

Second, she says that if the dates of both possessions can’t be moved up or back, and they have to happen on the same day, she will ask them to make a small difference in the times of each parade.

For both groups to take part and do what they need to do, the Ram Navami and Tajia processions can happen at different times.

She also said that she would ask the leaders of both faith groups to keep the peace during the procession and not do anything that would make people angry and start a riot.


The first time Sakshi Garg, an IAS officer, tried to get into UPSC, in 2015, she failed. In 2017, she tried for the second time and got the 350th place. She was 22 years old at the time.

Even though she’s happy to have done well in UPSC, Sakshi feels like her happiness isn’t full because her UPSC rank isn’t very high. She wants to get a better job and wants to do more to get ready for it. Her dream is to become an IAS.


Sakshi Garg wants to tell the other people who want to get into UPSC what she thinks about how to prepare for it. She thinks that they should start planning for UPSC and graduation at the same time, with the goal of passing it in mind.

She also said that some students plan to take a lot of tests and study for all of them, which hurts their chances of doing well on all of them. So, take each test one at a time and do well on it.