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The most prestigious test offered nationwide is the UPSC exam. If you are a UPSC test applicant, you must be looking for the results that were announced for 2021. Here is the whole Samyak Jain UPSC biography and success story so that you can be motivated by his path and work hard to realise your own goals. If you have internal motivation for passing this exam, it will help you stay focused and self-assured. Let’s review the data presented in the paper.

Samyak Jain IAS Biography

Do you want the UPSC journey to truly inspire you? Here is the most inspirational narrative that will give you the strength, tenacity, and inspiration you need to fulfil your life’s goals. On May 30 of this year, the Union Public Service Commission issued the UPSC result for 2021. The UPSC rank of Samyak Jain is AIR-7.

Samyak is a Delhi native who attended school in the city itself. His parents are all employees of Air India. His mother and he share a home because his father is in Paris. He had tried twice before.

He was unable to complete the main examination on his first attempt.

Samyak Jain IAS Biography

Samyak Jain IAS Booklist UPSC CSE

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Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
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Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
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Samyak Jain IAS Booklist UPSC CSE

Speaking of the first try, he previously stated that there was a lot of water tasting involved because he needed to know how it would turn out. He was not equipped for it. He is a PWD because he is visually handicapped.

In addition, he needed his mother to write down the results of my tests. He is used to reading literature in digital format for preparation. He is thought to be fortunate to have parents and friends who are so encouraging.

Samyak Jain IAS Age

Samyak Jain IAS Age

Let’s learn more about this extraordinarily brave and devoted individual. This unbeatable UPSC top performer completed his education. He earned an honours BA in English upon graduation. Then, to complete a PG certificate in English journalism, he went to the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Samyak then completed his Masters in international relations at a prestigious national university as a result of his interest in international relations.

He enrolled in faculty courses at UPSC in the areas of government and international relations. He began his planning during the lockdown (March 2020), when he had plenty of time to research due to his solitude at home. Being goal-oriented and consistent, like this hardworking UPSC topper, would make it easy for you to reach your objective.

Samyak Jain UPSC Marksheet

The ideal preparation plan for India’s most difficult exam is to be stubborn, constant, and concentrated. Furthermore, he believes that consistency is the key to passing the exam. Similarly, he is used to studying for at least seven hours per day. Maintain a good mental attitude and think that you can do this. Maintain consistency, as previously said.

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Continue to evaluate yourself, and select simulated tests. People believe that there are too many UPSC tries, even though they are just six for the general class. People are constantly saying in this section that if not now, I’ll do it later.

Samyak Jain IAS Optional

This UPSC candidate believes that this is frequently the matter or issue that goes awry. They should assume that this is their only chance to make or break it. As a result, you can make your ambitions come true by constantly studying and dedicating yourself to your goal.

Hopefully, this post has instilled in you a strong drive, motivation, and tenacity to pass the UPSC exam and live the life you desire in the future. If you have any questions about any section of the exam, you can visit the website and get answers from experts and professionals.

Samyak Jain IAS Instagram

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the country’s most popular and competitive examinations. Every year, the Union Public Service Commission holds this exam to identify deserving and suitable applicants for prestigious positions. Every year, tens of thousands of people take this exam. Only a few thousand candidates, however, are able to pass all three selection phases, namely the Prelims, Mains, and Interview rounds.

Today, we will present the success story of Samyak Jain, the those India 7th rank holder who is a true inspiration to those aspirants wanting to obtain the top position in the UPSC CSE exam. Despite being sight handicapped, Samyak Jain secured the All India 7th rank in the UPSC CSE 2021 this year.

Samyak Jain IAS Blog

Samyak Jain is a Delhi native who was born and raised in the national capital. He was diagnosed with a major eye problem at the age of 18, and by the age of 21, he had lost his reading and writing ability. Both his mum and father work for Air India. He currently lives with his mother, while his father is stationed in Paris. During his preparation, he says he had continual support from his family.

Samyak graduated from Delhi with a BA English (Hons) degree. Following that, he earned a Postgraduate Diploma in English Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi. He then enrolled at Jawaharlal Nehru University for a Master’s Degree in International Relations. At the UPSC, he also had the option of studying Political Science and International Relations (PSIR).

Samyak Jain began his UPSC preparations in the year 2020, when the country was affected by Covid-19 and a lockdown was enacted. He chose to use this home isolation period to study for the CSE exam because there was nothing else to do. In actuality, he attempted the exam in 2020 but did not pass. He did not, however, give up and reapplied for the UPSC exam 2021. Finally, his commitment and hard effort paid off, as he was ranked seventh. Samyak Jain claims that he used to listen to literature and that his mother was his writer on exam day.

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“Whatever your difficulties are, they are like iron, in my opinion. Either you can use that iron to create a shield for yourself that you can hide behind or you can melt it. Alternately, you may melt the iron and forge your own blade from it. Everyone is experiencing the same iron-related issue. Your decision, perspective, and way of thinking are now your own.

Samyak S. Jain used these identical words when discussing problems and pessimism in everyone’s lives while speaking to Samyak’s actions are a living testament to his words. He lost his ability to read and write when he was 21 due to vision impairment.

However, the same candidate succeeded in one of India’s most difficult and renowned tests, the UPSC CSE 2021, in his second attempt, earning an all-India rank of 7. He claims that even though his UPSC trip was arduous, it was still quite entertaining. “My journey was enjoyable. Looking back now, I believe that the enjoyment I felt during my preparation was equal to the enjoyment I feel now that I have achieved this great feat.


The young man who enjoys reading, watching films and taking long walks had a major eye condition when he was 18 years old, and by the time he was 21 he was unable to read or write.

Although he was born and raised in Shahdara in East Delhi, he is a native of Delhi and currently resides there. He finished his basic education there, where he also lived until he was thirteen. However, his father was afterwards relocated to Mumbai. So from here, he completed his 10th and 12th. Both his mum and father work for Air India. His father currently resides in Paris and serves as the national manager for France.His mother works as a manager in the Air-India corporate office’s finance division.

After finishing his 12th grade, Samyak returned to Delhi. The School of Open Learning (SOL) at Delhi University is where he received his diploma in English with honours. He later completed an English Journalism diploma programme at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC).

He then enrolled at the esteemed Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to pursue his master’s in international relations. At the same time, he began preparing for the UPSC in 2020, when Covid-19 overtook the entire world and lockdown was imposed. With little to do at the time, he decided that he should begin his UPSC preparation.


His second effort was this one. In his initial attempt in the year 2020, he was unsuccessful in passing the test. He doesn’t give up easily, though, and that is why he retook the UPSC exam in 2021. This time, his diligence paid off, as he earned the seventh position. Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) was his elective.

“I fall under the PWD category because I am blind. I therefore require assistance with both reading and writing. However, reading is not an issue because everything is available on the computer thanks to technological innovation. Software that reads out books comes in a variety of forms. I therefore used to listen to books while reading. My mum is an author. My examinations were written by her. My mother used to write, and I used to dictate. In this trip of mine, she has put in a lot of effort.

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“I would say that my interview was very cordial,” he added in reference to the interview process. Smita Nagaraj, my chair, was very gracious. The questions that were posed to me were really direct. Most of the inquiries were related to my academic background. They also asked me questions about the media because I am a member of the IIMC. Additionally, since I earned my master’s in PSIR, there were also inquiries about international affairs.

He added that they questioned him more analytically than they did about facts and information so that his perspective would come through. “They don’t really care about the facts because they already know you came here after passing the preliminary and main exams. They are asking for your opinion on a specific subject.


Everyone found the Covid period to be extremely difficult, but since there were no offline classes, it was particularly difficult for students.

“I believe that it was a challenging time for all of us because you are unable to meet friends,” Samyak added. With companions, you may unwind and relax, both of which are essential for studying. However, since I had nowhere else to go, I actually benefited much.I occasionally took online courses, which helped me out a lot. During that moment, my laptop and I were constantly together.

Regarding social media’s place in modern life, he asserted that it is impossible to avoid it. “I therefore believed that using social media in our lives should be balanced, neither too little nor too much. You would be missing out on something if you were using it too little. But there are negative side effects as well if you use it more frequently. So, using social media should be done with maturity and moderation. We all have a responsibility to ensure that social media is filled with appropriate and mature information.


Regarding his purpose for serving, he stated, “I believe that if policy implementation in our nation can be better, then we can address the issues facing regular folks. I’ll concentrate on it.That would be my first concern. Second, I would emphasise the importance of education, particularly for girls.


Lastly, he gave a message for all UPSC aspirants through He read out few lines of renowned Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar: “Kaun kehta hai ki aasmaan mein suraakh ho nahin sakta, ek pathhar toh tabiyat se uchhaalo yaaron. (Who says the sky is impenetrable, try throwing a stone at it with conviction.) I would just say that you remain positive, be confident, keep trying, it will definitely happen. If not today, then tomorrow, but surely it will happen.”