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IAS Sanjita Mohapatra, who got the All India Rank 10 in CSE 2019 for all of India, talked about her path through UPSC and how to get to the gate of success. You can’t get anything done without a fight. Victory is always just around the corner for people who have never given up. It goes to the people who don’t give up.

The UPSC is all about getting what you want out of life. People from all over the country study for years to take the UPSC CSE test. Few people are able to make their dreams come true. Read on to learn all about IAS Sanjita Mohapatra’s life and how she passed the UPSC.

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Sanjita Mohapatra UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)

Sanjita Mohapatra UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)
Roll Number 0712529
Name Sanjita Mohapatra
Paper 1 Unknown
Paper 2 Unknown

Sanjita Mohapatra UPSC Marksheet (Mains)

Sanjita Mohapatra UPSC MARKSHEET (MAINS)
Optional Paper 1 148
Optional Paper 2 140
Written Total 871
Personality Total 171
Final Total 1042
Sanjita Mohapatra Marksheet


ABC UPSC Biography
NameSanjita Mohapatra
All India Rank10th Rank
Roll Number0712529
Optional SubjectSociology

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Biography

Sanjita was born in the small town of Sundargarh, but her family later moved to Rourkela. Where she finished school was in Rourkela. Sanjita has always done well in school, and she got a degree in Mechanical Engineering from CET Bhubaneswar.

Sanjita’s childhood dream was to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and become a collector. She wanted to follow her dream more and more as time went on. After getting her bachelor’s degree in 2013, Sanjita got a job as a Trainee (Technical) at the SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant. She worked there until 2018 as an assistant manager. Sanjita quit her job so she could study for a test to get a job with the government.

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Sanjita married Biswaranjan Mundari, a manager in RBI in 2017. She quit her job and moved to Mumbai after she got married.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra OAS Success

Sanjita also passed the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) test and came in second in the state. She also met the standards for the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC). She didn’t take the job, though, so she could focus on getting ready for the UPSC.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Family

Sanjita’s father, Shaktipada Mohapatra, used to work for the government. Her mother, Anjali, doesn’t work outside the home. Santa works for BHEL in Bengaluru. She is Sajita’s sister. Sanjita’s family helped her a lot as she prepared for the UPSC. Even though she didn’t do well on the tests, this gave her the drive to try again.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Trip to the UPSC

Not everything has to do with getting things done. It’s all about the way one gets to their goal. Success is measured by how hard and persistently a person works to reach their goals.

Sanjita became a junior manager in 2013 when she passed the SAIL test at age 22. She was in charge of field operations at SAIL RSP, which meant she had to work in shifts and manage people who were twice her age. In 2018, she left the company to study for the UPSC test.

Her UPSC Attempts

Mohapatra tried three times while she was in college, but she did not pass the prelims. At first, she didn’t know which books she should use to learn. In her first three tries, she learned a lot about what the test was looking for and how to prepare for it. She failed the prelims on her first three tries because she hadn’t studied enough.

On her fourth try,

On her fourth try, Mohapatra was ready to take the test. She, on the other hand, found it hard to work and study for her UPSC CSE at the same time. So, she quit her job to follow her dream of becoming an IAS official, which was her only goal. On her fourth try, she did not do well enough on her big tests to pass. Sanjita had studied well and was sure she could pass the test on her fifth try.

Her Fifth Attempt

Mohapatra passed the UPSC CSE test on her fifth try. She began getting ready for the UPSC test while she was still in college. Even though she tried and failed, she did not give up. Her dream from youth kept her going, and in 2019, she passed with flying colours.

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IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Strategy

The most important part of an aspirant’s trip is how they went about preparing for UPSC. IAS Sanjita Mohapatra thinks that everyone should go in their own direction. On the other hand, candidates who don’t know anything about UPSC or how to prepare for the test could learn a lot from the strategies used by top scorers.

Mohapatra has made it a habit to read the news every day since he was in college. After she started her new job, she started learning with basic NCERT texts, politic, and geography. Mohapatra said that her success was due to how hard she worked.

She chose Sociology as an extra class, and to learn the subject, she signed up for a three-month crash course. Mohapatra started making a weekly schedule and making sure she met her goals on time. She said that you shouldn’t study for long stretches at once. This was how she knew she would pass the test.

IAS Time Management

Mohapatra was sure that putting in good study time was important. She never thought about how many hours she spent studying. She also said that candidates shouldn’t focus on how many hours are left but on the goal they need to reach.

During her last attempts, Mohapatra started making notes from NCERT books and short lists of important ideas. She also read the newspaper to find out about current events because she didn’t have many other sources. Sanjita gave essays a lot of importance and would spend a lot of time preparing them after her prelims.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Optional Subject

Sociology IAS was one of her optional.

Sanjita Mohapatra Current Posting

She works in Sindhudurg as an Assistant Collector for the IAS.

UPSC Preparation Tips from UPSC Exammap

Students can also go to a number of coaching places to prepare for the civil service test. Some people take classes and get help from professionals to get ready for the test, while others study on their own and still do well. If you want to take the UPSC test in 2022, these tips might help.

There are three parts to the UPSC civil services exam: the preliminary, the main, and the interview. Before taking this test, candidates must do some work to prepare. Here are some tips to help you study for that important test.

Essential Tips

  • To pass the test, you have to be focused and determined.
  • Prepare both your body and your mind. Set goals and be ready to work hard to reach them.
  • It is important to fully understand the programme. It will help gather important books, topics, and other materials that go with them.
  • Keep up with what’s going on in the world.
  • In the UPSC total count, there is a 500-mark issue that is not required. Choose the choice based on what you like and what you’re good at.
  • In the IAS exams, NCERT books from grades 6 through 12 are very important. Read other books along with them.
  • You can also help with the final rewrite by making small notes. Applicants’ diplomatic skills, communication skills, ability to handle stress, and other things would be looked at during the UPSC exam.
  • Every year, millions of students prepare for the civil services test, which is one of the most sought-after in the country. But only a few of them make it. You can find everything you need to know about this test at It is without a doubt the hardest test in the country. It is given in three parts. After people have passed all three levels, they are given different jobs based on their ranks.
  • Want to know how to get into the UPSC the first time you try? Go to to find out more.
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To be successful, especially if you want to pass one of India’s hardest tests, you have to be consistent. Sometimes, people have to fail a few times before they finally succeed in life. So, the key to success should be to keep going and not give up when things don’t go as planned. Sanjita Mohapatra’s story of success is similar in that the engineer-turned-IAS was able to reach her goals in life despite the challenges she faced.

Who is IAS Sanjita Mohapatra?

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra has always been interested in learning. She is from Rourkela, which is in the state of Odisha. After she finished school in Odisha, she went to IIT Kanpur to study mechanical engineering and get a degree.

Sanjita Mohapatra sees the future in a very clear way. She was determined to get into the IAS. After she got her college degree, Sanjita Mohapatra started getting ready for the UPSC test.

I got into UPSC without any training.

She tried three times to pass the UPSC Prelims Exam but failed each time. This made her feel bad, so she went to work for a company after that. She was working when she took the UPSC test for the fourth time, but she still failed.

Sanjita Mohapatra did not sign up for any coaching to prepare for the UPSC test. She used information she found online. She quit her job before her fifth try. After that, you should only think about preparing for the UPSC.

She got married during this time. But while she was getting ready for the government job, her in-laws gave her their full support. So, on her fifth try and with the help of a 10th-rank IAS officer, she finally got the job in 2019.

Biswa Ranjan Mundari is married to Sanjita Mohapatra. He works at the Reserve Bank of India as a manager. He was there for his wife every step of the way. Sanjita spent a lot of time studying NCERT books, newspapers, and material she could find online.