Sanskriti Somani Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Biography

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Biography

In the UPSC exam 2022, Sanskriti Somani got the 49th rank (Sanskriti Somani UPSC test 2022 49th Rank). Sanskriti is also from Badnawar, a village in the Madhya Pradesh district of Dhar. She is Manoj Somani’s (the BJP district president) daughter. The family is experiencing happiness as a result of his accomplishment.

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Rank

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Rank

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Rank is 49th in UPSC CSE 2022.

Sanskriti Somani, the daughter of Manoj Somani, the BJP president of Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district, has given honour to Badnawar tehsil and the entire district by earning the 49th spot in the IAS examination. Following the announcement of the test results, Badnavar is experiencing a festive atmosphere. Fireworks are being sent off in various parts of the city in celebration of passing the exam with such a high score, and people are also spreading joy by giving one other treats. Let us point out that another major reason for the joy is the fact that a daughter has been chosen for the UPSC test for the first time ever in the Badnawar region.

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Age

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Age

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Age is 29 years old.

Sanskriti is living in Delhi. After this success, Sanskriti is giving credit for this to her parents, family members as well as her teachers. Sanskriti says that Badnavar residents also have an important role behind my success. Everyone who came to meet my father always encouraged me by wishing me good luck in my studies.

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Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Marksheet

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Marksheet

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Marksheet is not available yet.

Coming from Badnawar in Dhar district, Sanskriti Somani has made the district proud in the country by securing 49th rank in UPSC, the country’s highest examination. With her hard work and dedication, Sanskruti Somani, daughter of District President of Bharatiya Janata Party Manoj Somani, has achieved this position.

After this success, she along with father Manoj Somani met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Bhopal. Sanskriti Somani took blessings after meeting Chief Minister Chouhan and also shared her experience.

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Optional Subject is PSIR.

Sanskriti Somani, a resident of Badnavar, obtained the 49th spot in the most recent batch of UPSC results. Manoj Somani, Sanskriti’s father, noted that this result was achieved after two attempts because the first attempt had failed.

Sanskriti had reportedly passed the written test on her first attempt, but the interview had been skipped. Sanskriti accomplished this feat for the second time as a result of her self-assurance, diligence, and hard work. Sanskriti always wanted to be an IAS officer when she grew up.

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Caste

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Caste

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper Caste is Brahmin.

Sanskriti told, ‘If you are also preparing for UPSC or any exam or any kind of work, then first of all you have to keep your mind under control and strong. If you do not have control over your mind, then you will not become strong, then you cannot cover much distance. If you want to walk long, first of all make yourself strong. Everyday you will get success and everyday you will get failure

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Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper State

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper is from Madhya Pradesh State.

Blessings taken from CM Chouhan

After the successful results of the examination, Sanskriti Somani reached her home in Badnawar. After taking blessings of family members, she reached Bhopal with her father Manoj Somani, where she met CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and also took his blessings.

During this, Chairman of Ujjain Development Authority Shyam Basal, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha District President Jai Surya and others were present.

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper PDF Notes

Sanskriti Somani UPSC Topper PDF Notes is available in our telegram channel.

Sanskriti Somani, a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district, placed 49th overall in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. Sanskriti has a political family. BJP District President Manoj Somani Dhar is his father. Sanskriti, however, went in a different direction than her father and is now at the top of her game. Sanskriti succeeded in achieving this feat on just its second effort. People have been praising Sanskriti ever since the results were announced. Sanskriti has told about her journey to achievement.

How did the Sanskriti prepare?

Sanskriti is an engineering graduate from IIT BHU, he holds an engineering degree in electronics. He has prepared for UPSC by staying in Delhi. For which she was taking regular coaching. After failing in the first attempt, he changed both the method and time of his studies. For this success, he has studied for 9-10 hours. Sanskriti had chosen Political Science and International Relations as his optional subject. For its preparation, she also used to read many types of books and magazines. Sanskriti considers her parents as her role model and is giving full credit for her success to them only.

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Having faith in oneself

Sanskriti taught that you must first be sure that you can carry out this task; if you are unable to believe in yourself, you will not be able to persuade others. For this reason, you should first get yourself ready to accomplish any work and ensure that you will unquestionably be able to complete it. You’ll then achieve success swiftly and effectively.

Girls are equal to everyone else : Sanskriti

In the modern digital era, girls are on par with everyone else. All they require is the proper direction. You are capable of anything if you have the appropriate direction. There is more freedom now than there ever was. We may create a bright future by wisely utilising this freedom.

Constantly prepare for future

No man is ever fully realised. He cannot learn at any age, either. Every day, he advances and learns. It is best to always proceed in this order. Today, new things happen every day. Which requires less effort than before to determine. That information is quite simple to obtain. That is why it is important to start fresh each day and to always get ready to try something new.