Sarjeet Kajla (UPSC TOPPER) Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Age, Rank, Optional Subject, Notes

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There is no short cut for any hard work. If self-confidence is also mixed with this, then the biggest work can be done. Sarjit Kajla, a resident of Loyal, a small village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, has done the same. Kajla won the result by securing 455th rank in the UPSC 2022 exam results released today.

Sarjeet Kajla UPSC

Sarjeet Kajla UPSC Booklist

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Sarjeet Kajla UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)

Sarjeet Kajla UPSC Marksheet (Prelims)
Roll Number
Name Sarjeet Kajla
Paper 1
Paper 2


Optional Paper 1
Optional Paper 2
Written Total
Personality Total
Final Total

Sarjeet Kajla Biography

Sarjeet Kajla Biography
NameSarjeet Kajla
All India Rank455th Rank
Roll Number
Optional Subject

Here his rank and village are not important, but what is important is the story whose fire ignited in him the urge to join the civil service. Sarjit Kajla’s post-graduation gold medal was allegedly withheld as part of a conspiracy. This was in the year 2013, when he was studying (MA) Media Studies at the Central University of Rajasthan.

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Abandoned degree after not being given gold medal

Sarjit Kajla was the class topper during post graduation. He was about to become a gold medalist in everyone’s eyes, when all of a sudden, allegedly under a conspiracy, his result is withheld and the medal is given to someone else. Kajla also tried but she was not heard from anywhere. After this he was deeply shocked and he decided to leave the degree and do something else but it was temporary.

Did the work of direction in documentary films

After leaving the degree, Sarjeet worked as a director of documentary films. He worked with some film production houses in Delhi. An all-rounder, Kajla excelled in direction as well and was part of the direction team for some National Award-winning documentary films, but there was still a different pang in his heart. His heart and mind were elsewhere, his goal was something else. Was also waiting for the right time.

UPSC cracked at the age of 30+ to avenge the insult

Sarjit Kajla remembered the story of his gold medal every day, his heart and mind burning in the fire of humiliation. He chose the time after the corona virus to prepare for UPSC. At this time, civil servants have completed half a decade of their service, then in (29) years, Kajla took the exam while preparing and cleared the prelims. After that he appeared for mains and reached for interview and finally with 455th rank he extinguished the fire of humiliation which was burning inside him for a long time.

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Kajla comes from a farming family

Sarjeet comes from a farming family and has achieved this position by preparing at home. Today he has become an inspiration for others in Loyal village. He also showed that there is no yardstick for success, it just requires hard work.

Graduated from Delhi University

Kajla studied till 12th in Jhunjhunu and later filled the form for admission in Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College and got admission due to good marks in 12th. After graduating from there, he took admission in the media department of the Central University of Rajasthan to go into wildlife photography, but it was something else to happen. Although he is still a good photographer, Kajla also has the skills to operate all kinds of cameras.

Sarjeet told that after doing his initial studies in the village, he studied up to class 10 in Navodaya Kajda. After this he did senior from Siri School Pilani. After this he graduated from Delhi University. During this, he became fond of photography. Seeing his photography, the documentary film maker encouraged him to move forward in this line.

He worked in documentary film making for about 10 years.

Two of his documentaries even received National Awards. But whenever he came to the village, the people of the village did not understand his documentary film making and often used to say directly that where he roams in the jungles doing photography. Had someone given the exam, he would have become an officer today.

These repeated talks encouraged Sarjit.

To test himself, after about 10 years of leaving studies, Sarjeet again grabbed the books and studied. Last year there was no success. But this time Sarjeet cracked the UPSC exam. After which there is an atmosphere of happiness in the family and the village. Sarjit’s father Subhash Kajla is a farmer and mother Miradevi is a homemaker.

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Do not think about pass-fail, do what is in your mind, there will be no regrets
Sarjit Kajla told that he would just like to say that we should not be afraid of any exam that we will fail. If you have something in your mind to do, then keep doing it and give your 100 percent in it. If you pass then your dream will come true. Even if I fail, I will not regret in future that I did not try. That’s why keep doing what is in your mind.

Satisfied with his line, but gave a test to test the faith of the people

Sarjit Kajla told that he was quite satisfied with his documentary film making line. Work was coming continuously and he was enjoying a lot. But the people of the village had faith in him that I can crack exams like UPSC. So to test himself, Sarjit gave the exam and got success. However, Sarjeet is taking another chance now. This time also he is joining UPSC. He has full faith that this time this rank will improve.