Senior Citizens in India (Problems, Solutions, Laws) | UPSC Notes

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Old Age and Senior Citizens 

  • Senior Citizen = 10.5% of population
  • Case Study — A 96-year old woman takes literacy exam @Kerala 
  • Constitutional Provision — ARTICLE 41→ Right to work, to education and to public assistance (old age, sickness, disabled) 
Senior citizens UPSC


Problems of senior citizens in India— 

  1. Considered as burden and responsibility for the younger generation 
  2. Loneliness is increasing 
  3. Lack of enthusiasm among the elderly class towards life 
  4. Financial Responsibility 
  5. Old Age homes
  6. Healthcare Requirements | Insurance laxity 
  7. Protection and safety | cases of robbing and murdering for their wealth/money 
  8. Infrastructural support and accessibility in buildings 

How to use senior citizens in India as a resource? — 

  1. Use their extensive experience of life | Experience always beats the knowledge 
  2. As a source of inspiration and guide to the younger generation 
  3. Provide employment to them (who are physically capable) — this way, respect for them increases | they are motivated towards life | social circle strengthens | employer (may be government also) gains from their experience | advisory roles | kids look upto them with pride and respect | self-confidence | motivated souls | full of life | Loneliness is solved 
  4. Increase the age of retirement | especially in case of judges and highly competent public servants | anyway problem of lack of guidance 
  5. As organ donors 

What to do for senior citizens in India? — 

  1. Provide better, accessible and affordable healthcare.
  2. Cover them under affordable insurance schemes 
  3. Safety and security to be strengthened 
  4. Better infrastructure at least in the government building — make them old-friendly 
  5. Better old age homes (connect them with orphanages) 
  6. Better social security fabric covering them comprehensively 
  7. Give them respect and dignity. Dignity is the most important thing for them.
  8. Inspire them to work for community led welfare programmes — as guide, head or leader 
  9. Better and safe community parks
  10. Organise an interactive session — make them talk to one another | loneliness 
  11. Better financial inclusion 
  12. Better financial investment 
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Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Draft Bill, 2018

  • Will amend the 2007 Act.
  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Senior citizens India upsc