Shubham Bhaisare UPSC Topper Notes, Marksheet, Biography

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Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

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Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 Biography

Hi, I am Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021.

I am expecting IAS this year. Along with it I am in IRTS and IFoS (AIR 63- Telangana cadre). Also I was in IES. Along with it I cleared GATE with AIR 57 and was selected in IOCL, Powergrid, NHAI, NBCC, HPCL.

The aim of blowing my own trimphet is to (obviously increase my credibility 😜 and also) share the common mantra to clear any competitive exam you aspire for.

I have cleared all exams i have given and wish to share my understanding of exams
and how to ace them!!

Shubham Bhaisare UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Shubham Bhaisare UPSC CSE BOOKLIST
Shubham Bhaisare UPSC IAS Mains Marksheet
Shubham Bhaisare UPSC IAS Mains Marksheet

The areas where this post can be of help is

  1. Optional – civil engg (294) – highest in paper 2 since 2019 ie 139 marks
  2. Improvement in Interview score from 145 to 180
  3. Consistently good score in Paper 2 – this year 111.
  4. Always cleared Prelims.
  5. 100+ score in CSAT always. (except this year ie 99)

Last minute tips for prelims by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

1. Starting questions are mostly off beat. Dont be anxious agar 8-10 question in a line ajeeb ho toh bhi. In second round you will get it right.

2. Dont waste too much time in guessing ans which you dont know at all.

3. If any question is difficult for you, then it is difficult for everybody. No need to bang head😁

4. It is an easy paper. Just be calm qnd composed. Your score will pump up by 10-15%. For instance if you solve the same paper at home you will get many ans right.

5. And it is max 30-35 questions that you will know fairly well. That is maxx !! Getting 60-70 right is all about elimination using your knowledge base. And for that calm mind is most imp !!

Eg Zambezi flows into Indian ocean? was the question in CSE 2020. Now no one reads about rivers of the world. How I solved it?
Ans –

Zambezi sounds like zimbabwe and must be flowing through it. Now zimbabwe is on south east part of Africa … so very likely that it will flow into Indian ocean. Had zimbabwe been in other part of africa.. i would have ticked otherwise.
I would have been wrong. But its just the calculated guess which boost up the score. Even if you get 6/10 correct… still its a huge boost in score !!

6. Finally its just a career option and not the ONLY career option. So take it lightly and not tightly. God forbid .. if not this… then there are many options available.. trust me. So be relax and enjoy the day !!

I personally have benefitted immensely from platforms like Quora. I had no idea about exam and strategies and it is Quora which helped me a lot. That was the era of Roman Saini (back in 2015).

CSAT tips by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Lower hanging fruits lelo. Like easy questions from Passage and Numericals.

Passages lower hanging fruits are

  1. Easy to read and comprehend – like climate change or passage on mahatma gandhi
  2. What passage implies (assumptions in passages are very tough!! – do it in last round only)
  3. Small size passages

Numericals lower hanging fruits

  1. Putting options to get ans
  2. Already good in some type of numericals – eg logical patter/ profit loss Q
  3. Will take less than 1.5 min to solve.

This type of question helps to cover 30-40 Q easily. Then in next round go for 20 more Q.

All the very best !!

Best Wishes by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

All the best dosto !!!⚡️😎

Just be relax.
Take exam lightly and not tightly.
Nai hua toh aur kuch karr lenge types !!

Automatically score will pump up.

Baki padha apan ne bahut hai. Agar koi question tough hai… toh wo sabhi ke liye tough hai. Chodd dena filal ke liye. 2-3rd round mein attempt karna

Aur starting mein ya laga tarr 4-5 questions ajeeb lage toh load nai lena hai… wo bich boch mein hote hi hai.

Fata fat tick karte hao aur gola marte jao… DOUBLE CHECK KARNE KE ISME MAT JAO. My exp has been … rarely we change the ans. Dont waste time. Put energy in other questions.

Baki intution and kuch logic lagate raho… aur tick marte raho. Better to tick on higher side like 85-90+ unless you have decided differently!!

Civil Engineering Optional Strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I will be sharing detailed strategy of my CIVIL ENGG optional.

I always scored in 240s since last 3 attempts but this year I changed the approach. I have been personally talking to civil engg toppers which included Gaurav rai IPS (AIR 1, 2014 ESE)(320s marks), Jatin Bansal (AIR 1, 2017 ESE (300 marks) and many other.

I will be sharing the insights i got to pump up my score from 240 to 295 !! One of the highest in any optional.

Also I will be sharing all my notes of Civil engg, Essay, Ethics, and GS 1-2-3

These are very elaborative and you may not require to do anything more … just ADD ON from here and there.

Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

The below are some of the value addition material for GS 1, 2,3.

All these have been sorted out as per syllabus so that its easy to remember in your memory blocks.
Use it whenever you see any keyword eg tribal, judiciary, globalisation

It is advisable to overlook everyday for 30 min-1hr to absorb it completely either in morning or before sleep. In exam, things come out which are deep ingrained in you – due to pressure and time constraint. So multiple revisions of these materials is must.

These material Include
1. Quotes which can be used not only in Essay but also in GS papers. If examiner sees 4-5 quotes spreaded across the GS papers.. it makes your paper unique. Definitely gives extra marks.

2. SC judgements and some reports for Paper 2

3. Government schemes. Its good to use it in GS3 by making extra heading eg Food processing ke Q mein Sampada etc scheme daal do even if not explicitly asked.

4. Facts and stats !! Its huge list as per syllabus. Facts make ans more concrete. Pls update it at some points.

5. Committtee recommendations for all GS papers

UPSC Mains 2.5 Months strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

In this years MAINS there were hardly 2.5 months. In that 10-15 days were gone for IFoS interview which occurred after prelims.

65% of time and energy went into upgrading optional score from 240 to 294. And remaining energy into Essay and Ethics.

I barely gave energy into GS 1,2,3. Here i believe these value additions along with basic knowledge helped me to score decently in these papers.

Guys, now that prelims is over… take some time off (maybe few days) before you start your MAINS prep in full force.

Dont waste any time in speculations about cut off and all. If you have gut feeling that you might just clear the cut off (even if there is a remote chance)… then dont look back.

My friend who solved only 31 questions in CSAT was thinking he will not clear (as per various ans keys) actually cleared and got whooping 28 right!!

Same are the condition in GS paper. Very high variation in actual marks and “mark expected as per ans keys”

Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 Prelims marks – expected vs actual

1. GS – 88 —> actual 95
2. CSAT – 87–> actual 99

Pls dont waste anytime and make sure you are in the list on the day you write last word of your MAINS exam.

Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 Prelims Marksheet
Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 Prelims Marksheet

For Civil engg / for any engineering optional this strategy may work. This was my strategy and adopt it if it suits you. You can modify it as per your study patterns.
What i did was – Dedicate 60% of daily time into optional.
Among that … as paper 1 is more scoring and also my paper 2 was already strong…

so I gave 35% of time daily into Paper 1 and 25% into paper 2. Daily.

About DDaily timetable by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Disclaimer : Many of my target i was not able to achieve. I am also human and many moods. This are expectations !!! And reality is different.

My plan was to revise optional 3 times. 1st time 1 month.. 2nd time in 20 days and then in 10 days.

But I could only do twice and 3rd rev was only based on overlooking imp question and areas where i make mistake.

UPSF CSE 2 Months strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

My broad strategy for 2 months was

First 1.5 month entirely to Optional, Essay, Ethics….
Then completely leave optional
And last 12-15 days into GS, Ethics and Essay.

But I used to give some GS, Ethics, Essay papers on sunday … by reading value addition materials so that i am into writing and completing paper, gets psuedo confidence that GS manage ho jayega, and for a change after bored with Optional.

Also pls understand that my GS was decent and i had already gave 3 mains and wrote 30+ papers (GS +essay) in 1st 2nd and 3rd attempt … so i was like wo manage ho jayega in this 4th attempt.

That is why i say dont take any toppers advice on face value. There is much more into it. You have to devise your strategy as per YOUR STRENGHTS AND WEAKNESS !!

(Civil engg was dragging me down by 240s marks.)

Many 1st attempt guys have started their prep much earlier that many say. Hence the caution.

How to improve marks in UPSC Mains Civil Engineering Optional by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Some pointer which helped me improve my marks in CIVIL ENGG

1. Improve accuracy – My accuracy was not so good esp paper 1. So i discussed with many toppers including many AIR in ESE and 290+ marks of Civil Services. The common link i found to improve accuracy was …..

Solve the question in entirety without leaving in betn.

What we tend to do … see Q … write formula and think in mind- “okay … aise aise karna hai aur ans aa jayega … simple” or solve it half.
Dont do this. Solve it in full and compare final ans. You will be surprised at how many points you will get stuck.

Solve 1-2 toughest question in one section
… eg Earth pressure… solve question which has inclined soil and different layers wirh c-fi soil etc. Other can be managed.

2. Solve /Discuss with friend. Discussion helps to have more clarity. Also your friend may have better concept in Fluid mech and you may be good in enviro engg. I used to solved, discuss with my friend which helped me a lot.

3. Alternate days – solve Q1 or Q5 compulsory Q of prev yrs question within 30min. Check accuracy under pressure. Think on why it got wrong. Its is concept, silly mistake or calculator mistake.

4. Imagine the entire question, concept and subject. Eg while solving lacings question of steel .. imagine yourself as Executive engg incharge of it. Think that YOU have choosen certain 2 I section and now lacing is being given. Think of length, width, depth.., and various checks. Imagine everything happening in front of you.

4. Try to use as much diagram as possible eg Showing given data through diagram.

5. Intro – Conclusion- write something – eg in design of Road SSD, OSD, Extra widening … write in intro that 1.5 lakh death occur annually in India where large casualties are avoidable if they are well designed without leaving any black spots.

Finally in conclusion – road accident not only takes ones life but also destroys the familes as the passed away person is usually bread earner.

So have these things in mind for watershed, foundation Q, sewage, etc.

6. Work on presentation– dont do much cuttings-
I used to clearly write – GIVEN and To FIND at start
And BOX the ans

7. Dont neglect theory of paper 2. Its not so huge compared to GS we do. Take any coaching wala and do prev yrs theory of CSE, ESE and IFoS.

8. Learn the intermediate ans of questions. Eg Earth pressure must come at 2 m depth around 39Kn/m3 …. Or Shear force value of bolt must come around 50KN .. if any different values come… you become alert that something somewhere has gone wrong.
So it acts like self check during paper. Helped me recorrect 2 ans in exam.

9. Solve a bit tougher questions. In relax mode if you can find correct ans then in stressful situation .. you will get but simpler ones defiently right. But that doesnt mean that you solve questions types which are rarely asked eg matrix method for truss solving or any irrigation formula which is rarely seen.

10. Better take 2 subjects for solving – 1 from paper 1 and other from paper 2 so that monotony is broken.

11. Finally dont overdo it. Bcoz its not engg services paper. You can leave some concept if it is taking lot of time or just ask a friend. But Ensure that .. its not an imp concept 😂 like shallow foundation.

12. Rattofy formulaes daily morning. This js just you cant afford to make mistake in. Sapne mein bhi koi aapko puche toh you must be able to write formula.

13. Units are also imp. It also helps in deriving formula if in case you miss out anything.

14. Try to solve as many prev yrs papers post 2015 of Civil services, Forest services in exam format – ie 3hrs paper either 9am -12 pm or 2-5pm

Other points I will update as I remember points.

Civil Engineering Optional Question Papers analysis of UPSC exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Civil Engineering Optional Question Papers analysis of UPSC exam by Shubham Bhaisare
Civil Engineering Optional Question Papers analysis of UPSC exam by Shubham Bhaisare

This is the Analysis of questions asked from various subjects. 1st bar chart represents subject with years from 2015-2020In 2nd bar chart- All subjects have been divided into Theory and Numerical for better analysis. Hence in bracket (T =theory ; N=numericals)You can refer this one or make your own.
Civil Engineering Optional Question Papers analysis of UPSC exam by Shubham Bhaisare
Civil Engineering Optional Question Papers analysis of UPSC exam by Shubham Bhaisare.
This is paper 2

This analysis is important as you need to know which area to hammer more.

If you give me 6 hours to chop a tree, I will spend first 4 hours in sharpening my axe” – Lincoln

So … planning, knowing which area to hit and making yourself ready is most imp.

This is same for all exams you appear for. Know the demand of exam…. then start studying. Rather than studying haphazardly and then attempting question.

Credits to Gaurav Adbale, my dear friend (AIR 63 in GATE 2017 and given Mains 2 times). He has helped in this analysis and making notes.

Civil Engineering Optional Marksheet of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

My attempt in civil engg :

Paper 1 – 240 marks —> got 155
Paper 2 attempt – 235 —> got 139

I give energy in getting correct ans than just attempting for the sake of it. Dont expect good marks just because one attempt full 250 marks but without accuracy.

So focus more on accuracy !!

About scaling in Civil Engineering Optional UPSC by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

It is definitely there… but no one knows exactly how it works. Just focus on accuracy and correct question selection.

Revision of civil engineering Optional by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I have solved CSE, IFS PYQs multiple, multiple times (this was my 4th attempt). I also overlooked ESE good questions once as those concepts gets repeated.

I also overlooked recent ESE,IFS PAPERS esp 2019-2020-2021. Concepts gets repeated at times.

The more the revision, the better. In exam … all question solving should happen like BUTTER … smooth like butter 😊. No time wasting on thinking concept or formula.

Do only PYQs and in some areas go deeper where questions are being asked (have some analysis) by going into Made easy or IES masters or ACE or any other you like.

Tips for Introduction and Conclusion in UPSC Mains Answer writing by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Books can be used in intro and conclusion – not just in Essay but also in GS MAINS. I used it and I have found it useful. It gives an impression that writer has vast reading and also gives hatke intro and conclusion. Advisable to not use more than 2 books reference in entire paper.

PS : I am not much of a reader. I just got summaries from youtube channel
Which I used to watch during my lunch and dinner.

Notes making strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I like to use Liquid text app on Ipad. You can use any other app like this.

I have observed that if one highlights heading and imp points- it helps in better retention and faster revisions.

I wish i could share all these theory notes… but it will result in copyrights issue.

It is nothing new but some highlighting on PYQS of solved papers made by various coaching. You can find it easily and use this approach.

Like this I have made for all papers.

Optional Notes making strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021


What I did was highlighting “Given in orange” and “Green in To Find”. So as there is paucity of time as we have to do GS and essay… its imp that we skim through question fast.

How this technique helps is … i can segregate the facts faster and start IMAGINATION of situation. Eg If I drive a truck then due to drag force I will need 3500W to overcome it. So i should modify my truck for lesser resistance (can also be conclusion).

Also I started learning the ans in between so as to see whether my ans are coming in ‘acceptable range’.

I relied heavily on EVERNOTE( laptop) AND LIQUIDTEXT (tablet)

As I was in job, I was not in position to carry bulky books. I used to read wherever and whenever i got time.

So what i did was DIGITIZE MY ENTIRE NOTES!! I took photos of all imp question that i wanted to practice and uploaded on Evernote.
Then, i converted this note in PDF format and highlighted using LiquidText.

I was adding good question from NextIAS test series or any PYQ i found on evernote.

Booklist for Civil Engineering Optional by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

1. PYQs of
– IFos
– ESE selectively

2. IES master books (can use other also) – used for extra practice question for my weak areas like FM, Open channel, machines, Steel.

Dont go for standard books.. rather take some coaching material (which is available in market or online) and practice extra questions which are your weak areas.

Solve Test series or solving PYQ paper like 2020 ya 2021 is good option.

Do theory portion.

Then REVISE. REVISE. REVISE. Do it as much as you can.

Thats it fellas !! Thats it!! 😎😎⚡️

Interview analysis : Specially for Forest Services Interview by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

There is a misconception that Interview requires only confidence or only good knowledge base. That can secure you above avg marks.

Its not ! Its necessary but not a sufficient condition.

In forest services 2020 interview, I barged in with very high confidence but low knowledge base about core forestry and environment.

There were many reason to not study properly for forest interview (esp the core technical enviro part). First was it was just after prelims and i needed a break to enjoy and relax before CSE Mains prep. It was huge shock to see rank 727 after giving all i could (no upgradation in service).

UPSC has given be much heartbreaks –
(Many would be thinking me like Ananya Pandey … jaha apke struggle chalu hote hai waha hamara success chalu hota hai 😂🤪. But the amount of sacrifices and energy I have put in and when we dont get desired result … it creates disappointments.)

So i needed a break before fresh start.

Second reason was I was very much into Indian Railway traffic service and wasnt thinking of going to IFS. It was my father who pressed to give the exam properly – as its a very very good service (which i researched in depth after getting selected.). Hence my father’s decision proved out to be right. He knew the powers and responsibilities of IFS as he had many friends and know IPC CrPC (being a Judge himself). Finally if not IAS, then it was IFS which i was going to join.

Third reason was … as I wasn’t much into IFS (previously) so I wanted to take this UPSC Forest interview to see if only high confidence but low core knowledge is really the game. So that I can replicate it in my future Civil services interview.

Trust me, when you have nothing to lose attitude, your confidence is at 1000 level. I said i didnt know in 30% questions of which 80% were to one person( probably IFS) who asked my basic questions like what is ecosystem, ecotone, biodiversity etc. My attitude was like … I am not allowing you to take me deep into this area… ask me anything but this.

Finally got not good score – 160 only. So i understood that it is knowledge plus confidence.

So understand demand of exam. Forest services requires technical people so do your basic well. I also found out that 60-70% of this core area gets repeated. I will try to share PYQs list of forest which i have complied. I am sure it will be of some use.

Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 recommendation for forest interview

– Evolution interview material
– PYQs
– Discuss answers with friends and in front of mirror
– Overlook Indian state of forest report
(I had also red Annual ministry report of Moefcc)
– New initiatives of India and world.
– Overlook enviro notes (as per PYQs)
– DAF toh hai hi

I understood the demand of interview exam due to my experience of 6 UPSC interview and applied all in my recent interview.

I made certain changes and will be sharing shortly…

All the best forest fellas !! Happy learning 😎✨

Celebrations Picture of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
Celebrations Picture of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I have been really occupied in these days !! Lot of celebrations with friends and families.
Again the bombarding of strategy and notes will start in 1-2 days- GS; Essay; Interview. Will share most of the things in this week as many will start their MAINS prep in full force.
Stay tuned !!

Ethics Strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Generally Ethics paper required many real life examples on finger tips. We do not have any time to think during paper. Recent Ethics paper was one of the longest where 4 subparts were asked in some Case studies section.

So time is of essence.

And to score more marks in ethics… more and more VALUES  with examples is essential.

Since 3 years … generally 1 question ( mostly Q1) is asked -values expected in civil servant…  Also many question in THEORY (PART 1) section has question on empathy, impartiality etc…
Here rattofied examples can be used to increase weight of ans.

I have tried to keep examples unique. Either way dont worry too much about unique example. Most imp is having an example to write at first place. Many dont have time or rarely remember to put even these examples in actual paper.

All we remember is Chaua chauri incident 😂😂 and values shown by Gandhiji !!

How to use quotes in UPSC IAS MAINS exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Quotes which can be used in ETHICS and Essay paper.

How to use?
-Whenever i saw that question is on transparency … i used to put Dalai Lama quote in conclusion (you will find it in this file).
So such quotes can be used in intro-body-conclusion. Works like a charm !! ✨

I used it in both theory and case study part.

Only thing is that … you will have to read it frequently to absorb it as it is not like any article/chapter which one can read 1 -2 day before exam and apply it. You will have to absorb it so that it comes naturally and firs at right places rather than looking it forced one !

Yojana magazine strategy for UPSC Civil Services Exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Yojana compilation from 2014-19. Very nicely written articles by Editors on varied topics. Flow and ideas can be taken. It expands the horizon. Gives new approach.

Have a look !

I used to make notes on essay – topic wise. Here on a particular topic … i would add PYQs, quotes, facts, yojana writeups etc so that brainstorm time reduces.

It helps in completing the paper comfortably. Warna toh pata hi hai … 2nd essay ka last part kharab ho jata hai 😅

THE MOST Important THING FOR ACING ANY EXAM by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021


What does it means?
– Knowing the area from where it is asked.
– Knowing the weightage ie how much marks
– Which type of questions are asked

So Before start of ANY EXAM, Or ANY SUBJECT or ANY TOPIC…. First thing to do is ANALYSIS !!!!

I always give my first 2-3 days on analysing the area … which to hit the hardest… and which can be left or done lightly.

UPSC Mains GS 2 and GS 3 topic wise PYQ

UPSC Mains GS 2 and GS 3 topic wise PYQ
UPSC GS 2 and GS 3 topic wise PYQ

You will see pattern and questions repeating. So the idea that UPSC asks anything is not right in entirety.

Analyse the pattern !!

Mrunal sir used to do this is detail till 2018 i think. I made additions and modifications as per my need.
But credits to mrunal sir as well !!

Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Many of my notes has significant contribution of Nitin Agarwal – my CPWD senior. Very helpful and kind person.

Unfortunately he couldnt clear. But is happy in CPWD. Wish him healthy and happy life.

Lot of contribution in Essay has been from my dear friend vishwajit chimanker ITS

All the best to him!! Loads of love 💜

UPSC Mains Answer writing strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Answer writing : Thoughts and philosophy 😊

Answer writing forms one of the most essential part of exam. Some of the aspirants think that they will first complete the syllabus of particular paper and then revise 1-2 times … then mast naha dhoke they will give paper. 😂

This is one of the biggest blunder.

Firstly what happens here is there is postponement of scheduled test paper. Rarely it will happen that you will be able to give test after “sufficient revision”. It always feel that i could read more and give better test….Atlast i have paid for each paper about thousand bucks!! 😅

Second thing happens is you get into habit of rescheduling every time. So your mind thinks like you have 1- 2 extra days. Aur pure schedule ki band baja deta hai. They finally are able to give very few test with very less revision,


Make your schedule and stick to it. No matter how less you have studied for test. Your time is up. Your efficiency is low. Your planning is poor. Or your time management is poor. It can be anything.
So now take it as
punishement and give test with whatever you have prepared. PERIOD.

Do properly for next test. Focus on that. Here you will realise that you start valuing your time and schedule. Your efficiency will increase. Your mind knows that “you mean business”!! 😄

Highlighting again the importance of test. You must give 20-30% of time and energy in answer writing ATLEAST.

There is no point in studying 80% and able to bring out 25%. Rather read 60% but bring out 40%. Here answer writing plays key role.

If you frequently give test or write answer daily… you will automatically understand what the paper demands, what question demands. You start reading every piece of article in newspaper or any magazine through that lens. For example the way of reading newspaper is very different for prelims, mains and interview. Very different. You need MAINS lens at this point. So WRITE WRITE WRITE !!!!

Its like learning to drive a vehicle… after regular practise it becomes smooth like butter.

ALSO READ  Siddalingappa K Pujaar (UPSC Topper) Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Age, Rank, Optional Subject, Notes

When i interact with topper of GS, i get same feedback that when they see any question… the whole skeleton of entire ans comes in mind…. Like 1/2 page of intro and fact… then main body … then last 1/2 – govt initiative or way ahead … then what conclusion will come.

And when does this start happening…. After you write 100Q ie atleast 5 papers !

I wrote 20-25 GS papers during my 2nd MAINS and 3rd MAINS.

During this attempt ie 4th – I wrote less papers -around 8-10 because i was more or less confident about GS as i had already practiced a lot.   But i did answer writing practice every alternate day or after 2 days.

Here i gave 30-40 min and i wrote 1 Question of
– GS 1 – GS 2 – GS 3- GS 4 and sometimes 1 essay brainstorm.

We can ourself analyse after some point ki kitna acha likha hai aur kitna kachra bhara hai 😂😜

Surround yourself with positivity and optimism. Let the ideas flow from all directions.

UPSC Mains Answer writing strategy [ Part 2] by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Answer writing : Thoughts and philosophy: PART 2

Once Anudeep Durishetty said that there are 12 questions maxxwhich we know properly. Then there are 3-4 questions maxx where we have fair idea. They finally 3-4 questions where we have very less or no idea like the Blue LED light question in this year GS3.

This is the opinion of many toppers.

So why am i telling this??

It is because we tend to just focus on writing good ans of these 12 questions. We dont focus on how we will write decent and where we have very less or no idea… ie remaining 8 questions and within TIME.

For this – practice random questions without preparation. Dont always think of practicing ans after REVISING. It will also help in to know your RETENTION power.

(I joined chrome IAS during my 2nd and 3rd MAINS where toughness level was higher. Vision IAS papers were relatively easy – just like UPSC standards)

So managing these remaining 8 questions within time limit and giving an impression to examiner that you know better than others (using flow chart, diagram etc) will give extra marks and that acts as an edge!! Also you dont panic during exam when off beat W comes.

So sharpen both 12 Q and 8Q.

UPSC Mains Answer writing strategy [ Part 3 ] by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Answer writing : Thoughts and philosophy: PART 3

TIME MANAGEMENT WITH QUALITYThere are no perfect ans. There are just decent ans. This has been reiterated by many toppers during my discussion with them.

I tend to write “Perfect ans” during my 2nd MAINS to get maxx marks in Q i knew. In this i gave lot of time and was trying to remember almost all points of my notes.

Do remember that any extra time given to any question will steal away the time of last question. This will be great injustice. Here you may have secured extra 0.5-1 marks but lost 2-3 marks.

So ensure time management of each question well.



If you know that you can complete the paper with certain amount of words (say 120 words for 10 marker and 200 words for 15 marker) … then go with it.
Trick here is increase the FONT SIZE … add diagram and flow chart. This will reduce words and need only bullet points.

This is what I did. Also i limited myself to 3/4 portion of last page of every question. If i wrote end to end of every page then i used to miss 2 questions. So i sacrificed 1/4 portion of each question and gave that time and energy for last 2 question.

I reminded myself in each question that if i write end to end then somewhere 1 question is getting compromised .

Also i ensured that i wrote quality content in most question and not fill pages for the sake of it.


70 Days Strategy for UPSC Mains exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Congratulations to all those who cleared prelims.

Gear up with full force !!

Sattar(70) Din, sattar din hai tumhare paas. Shayad yeh.. tumhare zindagi ke sab se… khaas sattar din.

Do study every day as if its the last day. Study like tomorrow is the exam. 💪

Bring that intensity for the next 70 days where what happens in the world doesnt matter at all. Its you, your syllabus, tests and revisions.

Reduce unnecessary call and other timepass. Your true friends will understand when you avoid going with them for outings and all. 💜

Make sure that when you write the last word of MAINS paper, you ensure your name is on the holy list. Let interview be just deciding the service and cadre.😎

Give your best shot this year!! Seats are one of the highest -thanks to IRMS!! ✨

Dont have any regret that “I could have done better”.

UPSC prelims strategy for Prelims failure students by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Those who couldnt clear… take a small break. Maybe have a small tour. Refresh yourself. Then do 3 things….

1. Introspect what may have gone wrong (other than randomness of exam… what it is you can do better)

2. Study for MAINS (which you will definitely give next year)

3. Think of backup (if you have give 2-3 full fledged attempt). Think of this like you are going to meet your DATE. You have car and are very excited, but alas, there is big pothole in road and you cant cross it. What will you do?? You will find another longer route to meet your DATE!!
Thats what the exam needs. A bit longer route at times. A backup. But finally the destination is same. Dont lose your final aim.

I know its not easy.

But okay to not succeed despite best of efforts. Its really okay. Maybe GOD has other plans for you and GOD knows better. Maybe God wants you to join lbsnaa a bit late or have some other plan. Its okay.

Take some time REST and start prep again. There are many examples who have been not able to clear prelims but in next attempts… they are in very good ranks!

NEVER LOSE HOPE. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing… and let good things never die” – Shawshank redemption

Remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. ✨

Social issue Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

This is compilation of my entire Social issues and Society (GS 1). This compilation is made of my notes, Kanishk Kataria, Vision IAS, IAS hub, some other toppers and few random points from internet (adding up since 2018). So due credit to all. I did this much only (for MAINS) added by very few topics from MAINS 365. These notes are very detailed and diverse so hardly any topic is missed. I had sufficient content on every topic. Do have a look and pick up what is needed for you.

Topics covered – SOCIETY AND SOCIAL ISSUES (These topics arranged as per importance ie frequency of question asked in exam).
– Communalism – Regionalism – Secularism
– Diversity of India + Caste
– Globalisation
– Indian society
– Poverty
– Regionalism – communalism
– Women and their empowerment
– Women and women organization role
– Dalit Issue
– Migration
– Population and associated issues
– Social Empowerment and social mobility Index
– Superstition
– Tribals
– Youth + Olympics
– Anti social activities – like alcohol violence, DRUGS
– Children – Child labour -Child marriage
– Differently abled
– Senior Citizens
– Minority

NOTE : You will see ready made INTRO AND CONCLUSIONS in MY NOTES. Along with it it has Facts to be used, RECENT NEWSPAPER EXAMPLES which I added daily etc. All at one place in every note!! This reduces the pain of remembering from various sources. Also many candidates tell me that they are not able to use recent happening from newspaper in actual paper. This is because you may not be writing such examples under respective topics.  !! Lot of blood and sweat in these notes has been poured in these !! Do have a look…. 😊

Polity Notes for UPSC CSE exam – Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

These are Polity notes. Again very elaborative with ready made Intro, conclusions, stats, SC Judgements etc all at one place. Pick the topics you need. Be selective. I red this much only supplemented by Lakshmikant and MAINS VISION Polity 365 (very very selective as lakshmikant as my notes covered most of the topics)

This year scored 111. Consistently scored good marks in GS2.

TOPICS covered (Arranged as per Importance of topic)
– Citizen engagement in policymaking
– Coperative and competitive federalism ; Interstate and Centre-state Issues
– Local self govt (LSG) / PRI
– Self help group (SHG)
– Separation of powers
– ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION MECHANISM- Alternative/Parallel Justice delivery
– Art 371 –> Gives power to 5th and 6th Schedule
– Civil Society organisations
– Comparision – American Vs Indian constitution
– Fake news and Hate speech and TRP issue
– Jammu and Kashmir – and Daman and Dadra
– Judicial Review, Activism and Judicial Overreach
– Pressure groups
– ROLE OF RAJYA SABHA – Legislative council
– Social media and OTT platforms
– Transformation of aspirational district programme
– Vigilanstism/ Mob lynching / Hate crime
– Lokpal and lokayukta
– PESA, 5th, 6th Schedule ;
– Simultaneous elections
– Speaker
– Surrogacy
– Trafficking
– Urban Local Bodies
– Direct democracy
– Judicial intervention in religious matter:
– Reservation policy
– Prevention of Corruption Act 1988
– Rule of law + Law and Liberty
– Office of profit

UPSC Mains GS 2 Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

TOPICS COVERED TOPICS covered (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Health – Universal, rural, primary health – Broad
– NHP policy
– COVID care
– National Nutrition Mission
– Sanitation and SBM
– Tech in Health
– Government schemes for Health
– Traditional Medicines
– Health Survelliance
– Indian Pharmaceuticals + Medical Device
– HIV in India – AIDS
– Tuberculosis

Education Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

TOPICS covered (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Education – Primary-Secondary
– e-Learning
– National Education policy 2020
– Vocational training and Skill development in India
– Higher Education
– Reforms in Education

Natural disaster Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆 (35+ marks are being asked lately)
– Vulnerability
– National Disaster Management plans
– Flood
– Cyclone
– El-Nino and La-Nina
– Landslide
– Earthquake
– Tsunami
– Urban fire
– Biological disaster
– Chemical accidents
– Forest Fires
– Role of Media
– GLO ; Avalanche
– Oil spills

International Relations Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

TOPICS COVERED TOPICS covered (sequence as per Importance for 2021 Exam) 👆

How to use my notes of IR? –> Pick topic which is in NEWS and do THAT TOPIC ONLY for IR. These notes are veryelaborative. It ensures that you have decent content on everytopic going around the world. I had covered almost every country we are engaging with. I liked IR so I have done in depth. YOU DO AS PER CURRENT HAPPENINGS !!

Topics covered :
– Changing global scenario
– Bullet words to be used in all ans
– Map making
– India – Afghanistan Relations
– India – Japan
– India – USA
– India China
– Indian Diaspora
– International Institutions
– WHO – structure and mandate and its role in COVID
– COVID mandated changes
– General Importance
– India – Myanmar
– India – Pakistan
– India- Australia
– Indo-Pacific
– South Asia
– Technology in IR
– India – Middle East
– India Bangladesh
– India’s nuclear doctrine 2003
– South East Asia – ASEAN
– European Union (EU)
– India – Africa
– India – UK
– India France
– India Russia
– Israel – Palestine – India
– Prohibition of Nuclear weapons
– Global Refugee Issue
– India – Bhutan
– India – Nepal
– India – Srilanka
– India- Maldives
– Mauritius
– Central Asia
– India- Caricom
– NSG- MTCR- Aust – Wassenaar Agreement –> Export control regime

Agriculture Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Diversify cropping
– Food Processing
– New farm bills and MSP issue
– NFSA National food security act
– Tech use in agri
– Agri in general
– Various types of revolution
– Agri marketing and e-Nam
– Horticulture
– Land reforms related issues
– Agriculture Export
– Enviro impact of agri subsidies
– Livestock and Dairy
– Agri investment and credit
– Climate effect on agri + climate effect of agri + Fasal Bima
– Feminization of Agriculture
– Agroforestry
– Cotton
– Pesticides
– Sugar
– Fertilizer
– Seeds issue

This much sticky notes I had used. Infact it must be less than half… many has been lost and misplaced now. There were many things i wanted to internalise in this journey. So i used to pen down every strategy, idea and thoughts. It subconsciously used to get feeded inside me.

When i look back since 2018… i feel i am much upgraded as personality than i could imagine!! Thanks to this preperation journey. You must be feeling the same… we are much different now… and will change in future (for good).

Keep learning, observing and correcting oneself !! Thats the funda i guess 😊!!

PS : This sticky notes must be looking very less in photo but they are like 7cm thick.

Environment Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

ENVIRONMENT TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Climate change – Finance
– Climate change – General
– Renewable –> Solar energy + Wind energy
– Climate change – India’s Effort + Private
– Air pollution
– Biodiversity – Superyear 2020
– BIOECONOMY – Biofuel
– Major Environmental Movements in India
– Ozone
– SDG goals – inclusive and sustainable
– SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ; E-Waste ; Plastic pollution ; Waste water mgmt ;  Biomedical
– Wetlands-in-India
– COVID impact
– Ecosystem restoration + Ecological fiscal transfer
– Ecotourism
– Forest Policy and Laws in India ; Social forestry
– International initiatives and National laws
– Religion and Enviro
– GM crop
– Green building
– Land degrade
– Mangroves
– Tiger conservation
– Tribals and Enviro
– Urban heat island
– Bioremediation
– Coral reefs
– Oil spill

Economics Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

ECONOMICS TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Economic Survey 2020-21
– Economic Survey 19-20 and before
– Economic Survey 18-19
– EcoSurvey 17-18
– WTO – World Trade Orgz and imp summits
– Economic reforms since 1991 LPG
– FDI and FPI
– Fiscal control
– Growth of industries and services since 1991
– Inclusive development –
– Mines and minerals ( including COAL )
– Taxation –>Direct + Indirect
– Corporate governance, CSR
– E-commerce
– GST tussle
Indian economy during independence
– Jobless growth and Underemployment – Unemployment
– Labour law reforms – Labour code
– Land
– Make in India
– Mining Sector
– Monetary policy
– Nuclear Power/ Energy
– Post pandemic
– Recent imp scheme in detail – PLI
– COVID impact and Atmanirbharta
– Financial inclusion – Jan Dhan account
– Oil and Gas – HELP ; coal bed methane (CBM)
– Start ups – Entrepreneur
– Telecom sector
– TRADE-EXPORTS – Free trade policy and other global trade agreements
– Banking sector reforms
– Blue Economy
– Effective Use of Technology for Welfare Schemes – Case of MGNREGS
– Electric vehicles
– NITI Aayog – 3 year action plan
– Acts which Transformed to Market-driven Economy
– Company frauds / negligence
– Competition Commission
– IFSC – SEZ – CEZ – Cloud Economic zone
– Textile sector
– WORLD BANK’ – Ease of doing business report 2020
– Agglomeration of manufacturing industries in India:
– Automobile Sector
– Black money
– Forex (Foreign Exchange Reserve)
– Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016
– Leather industry

Download all notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I am putting notes in ‘Mission Mode’ as many of you must be needing GS notes asap🤟. Even my mother is asking “what are you doing on laptop day in and day out? Arent your upsc exams over? Go and enjoy netflix …”😶

But anyways… in market lot of GS notes are scattered. Most painful thing here is making good notes.

VisionIAS and other coaching material upload their MAINS 365 after 1-1.5 months. Sometimes even late. We cant wait till then. Till that time try to complete 2 revisions. Be in mission mode.

Also these coaching material are insufficient. These are made by aspirants who are there for value addition. So you understand the limitation there. I personally feel that max 30-35% of content is valuable of any coaching notes. This is max.

For me, as my notes were already prepared, the value addition was 5-10% only. I only took topics which were missing and were in news. Rest I have covered everything.


This is the key my friend.

You may find some addition of 1-2 more points in many notes…but what will it gain?? And we are hardly able to recall all points… so by CONTENT- NOTES are sufficient..

Dont waste time in making notes (unkess you have already made). Take anybody’s notes (as per your comfort) and do value addition if you want but give max energy on Optional-essay-ethics.

I want that my post is of some value addition to all of you. 💜

I wish that you all be in the list!! ✨

Science and technology Notes for UPSC CSE exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Science and Tech (S n T) TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆

  • Biotechnology
  • COVID – Vaccine
  • IPR – Intellectual property rights
  • ISRO and all about space
  • Crypto currency
  • Innovation promote
  • Job loss due to IR 4.0
  • National Hydrogen Mission
  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Big data + Data anaytics
  • Awareness in Biotechnology
  • Blockchain technology
  • Covid
  • DNA Bill 2018
  • Nanotechnology
  • Quantum
  • Robotics
  • Space
  • 3D printing
  • Achievements of Indians in S n T
  • Cyber physical system
  • Hyperloop
  • Bullet train : 2.5hrs including stops (Mumbai to Ahmedabad)
  • Great Scientist
  • Medical oxygen
  • NFT
  • Black hole
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Permanent station + Gaganyaan
  • Sarabhai
  • Supercomputers

Have Discipline during preparation. Motivation fades away faster than one’s perfume. Not even last more than 2 hours. 😜😂

Its the discipline to stick to your routine and timetable.

If you have decided that you will finish certain portion in a day or in particular time of the day. DO THAT.

NO TIME TO MELT AWAY WITH FEELING!! Your competitors are BRUTAL. Ensure that you leave no stone unturned. Do know that your competitors are people who are already in services like in IPS, IRS, IRTS etc. and not only ppl whom you see around ‘enjoying life and chilling’. Many IPS friends have taken EOL to give their best attempt… so to beat them you have to be BRUTAL TOO.

Give due respect to this exam. Dont take lightly as one might have done during college days.

I have seen many IITians who flunked in prelims and mains and thought that they will clear just like they did in IIT JEE or in IITs. This exam demands different strategy and dedication. Exam has become competitive. So no leeway to feelings.

Finally, have confidence in yourself guys. I am just a regular guy who did engg in civil from state govt aided college, not from IIT, IIM or AIIMS. But still I have got 294 in Civil engg, the highest this year in Civil engg. IITian or IPS hoga ghar ka 😜 (not to demean any body). But they are also normal human being just like us.

Its just the efforts, dedication and planning which which changes the entire game.

And also, its important to rest and enjoy at times. 😌At last we are human and not robot!! But not let it make a habit as someone in comments rightly said.✨

But do know when you are overdoing it. Be honest with yourself. Be disciplined.

Good night. Do take good sleeps everyday. Preferably 7 hours sleep.

Infrastructure Notes for UPSC CSE exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

INFRASTRUCTURE TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆
– Gati shakti + NIP – National Infra pipeline
– Logistic sector
– Mining Industry
– Island development in india
– Ports + Inland transport
– General Transport
– Civil Aviation
– Housing for all
– Power sector
– Railways
– River interlinking project
– Road development
– Road accident

I will be answering questions in detail which aspirants ask me in comment boxes, which i feel must be bothering many.. 🙂

If they are personal and individualistic … then i will reply in comment box only in crisp manner. So feel free to ask any question no matter how silly you may feel it. No one will judge. Just ask… dont keep in mind.

Zindagi bahut choti hai … “puchu ki nai puchu sochne mein” 😎✨

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 1 ]


This will be my second mains in two attempts. However I still feel like I have no clue about how to write good answers.
1. Do ts(test series) marks really represent our worth?
2. How to judge ourselves & make objective progress? (Since peer review feels vague and self review feels against principles of natural justice)
3. Is quantity really the quality in aw?

Please shed some light o wise one. Thank you.

Answer :
1. Test series marks does not represent our worth. I used to get 70-80 marks or even less many times (or lets say mostly). But in actual exam – i got 95+ in my first attempt back in 2018 exam where self doubts are max.
Scored 103 in Paper 2 where i used to get 60-70marks. Same was the condition with many of my friends.

In recent papers 2021, i used to get suggestion that dont use quotes or book references in GS papers. I was like … “What??!” 🤦🏽‍♂️. I actually was sad for them because they have become so mechanical in approach that any innovation is discouraged. Also guys, some MAINS evaluators are the one who have not been able to clear MAINS. Many times their suggestion are helpful… but dont take all suggestions seriously.

And definitely not the marks.

This year, i studied GS 1-2-3 for 10-12 days as max time i spent on Optional- Essay-Ethics. But ensured that these papers dont Backstab me like Katapppa 🔪 🩸.
Hence i didnt take their test marks seriosly. Be your own judge.

Practice a lot of papers or daily answer writing. Be in momentum and continuously in MAINS mode!!

2. After giving multiple test or writing lot of answers, comparing with model and topper copy… we get to know humne kitna acha ans likha hai aur kachra bhara hai 😜. What we could have done more.

Write lot of test and self evaluate. Be honest. See some of the suggestions by evaluators and mentors and correct oneself if you agree with it. 😉

3. Quantity deviating from DEMAND OF THE QUESTION is Raddi(useless). Even if it is related to topic… its okay. But writing anything you know abt topic will NOT work. 

Rather if you produce Quality , it will be appreciated.

Quality with Quantity is ayeee hayee !! 🕺💃✨Fir toh aap hi bhagwan ho 😎

Guys please read earlier post. Many of questions are repeating. And those not repeating.. i will take it one by one. Dont worry. Bass thoda time lagg sakta hai.

Also, some good content has been posted earlier (scroll up). Do read. I am confident that you will like it. 😎😎

Also take classes from me for self boasting ! 😂🤪

Anyways, do check it guys. 👆

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 2 ]

Question :
Content collection and answer writing ke bich ka balance kaise banayein… I feel ki average answers hi likh paa raha mein…


Agar decent content bann gaya hai on one topic then leave it. Dont put energy in adding 1-2 more points. Rather put energy on revising them 1-2 more times. Hence newspaper value addition is less after some time.. esp when notes are already made on that topics…

Eg You have covered primary health very well in your notes. Then if any editorial comes/ you see notes somewhere on that topic… then just leave it. You already have decent notes. Trust yourself. 1-2 points add karoge and spend 10-20min is not worth it. 😊

Just try to write more than avg answers in 10-12 questions… baki 8 mein avg likhe toh bhi chalega.

This will give more than avg score!

International Security Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

INTERNAL SECURITY TOPICS COVERED (sequence as per Importance) 👆
Border management (for infiltrant and migrants)
Insurgency in NE
J & K militancy
Coastal and maritime security
Internal disturbance + Riots + Suspension of Internet
Link between organized crime and terrorism
Money laundering
– New types of
–  (Bioterrorism) + Hybrid Warfare
SECULARISM ; Communal ; Racial violence in india
Weaponization of Space
AFSPA, 1958
Defence Acquisition -production – funding – private participation
– Epidemics and National Security
National Security architecture
– Refugee – Asylum and Migrants
– Climate change and security
– Cold start doctrine
– Lone wolf attacks
– NIA Act
– Police reforms
– Women in defence – Army ; Navy; Airforce

Many have been asking if my notes are sufficient?? Here is the ans.

And this will be more or less sufficient for 2023 and 2024 and… because ethics will not change, history, geography art and culture will not change.

Also internal security issue, enviro issue, polity and governance…. and many other subjects… all these remains more or less same. This has been my experience since 2018.

So do some value addition and remove some notes which become old news…

And you are good to go.

CSAT strategy for UPSC CIVIL SERVICES EXAM by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

CSAT STRATEGY !!💪 (Many have been asking for the same)

– Take PYQ – solve them
– If you find certain type of questions gets repeated like finding next logical sequence or finding blood relations or which direction “X’ is facing e.g. Mr Deepak Mohan walks 5 km towards the south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. What direction is he facing right now?
– Then solve such types of questions more
– Take a book or go to online websites referred to this site). Solve their questions.
– Do it daily for say 1 hours atleast. Develop problem solving skills and comprehension understanding skills. So do it daily.
– Then set time limits to solve the same questions. Pressurise yourself just like you will have in exam. When given infinite time, you can solve hardest of question. If given time limit, then even in simple question we may do silly mistake.
Give CSAT test.… I preferably used to give tougher test than exams ( I joined IASbaba tests). It is because in our room we are much relaxed, so to increase stress, i gave tougher exam. In exam, there is more or less some pressure which cannot be brought in our daily routine. So i artificially created pressure on myself by harder test. If i am able to solve and pass with decent marks, in such tests, then in exam, with pressure but relatively easier questions… I will sail through comfortably.


*Lower hanging fruits lelo*
. Like easy questions from Passage and Numericals.

Passages lower hanging fruits are😎
1. Easy to read and comprehend – like climate change or passage on mahatma gandhi
2. What passage implies (assumptions in passages are very tough!! – do it in last round only)
3. Smallsize passages etc

So increase your reading speed. Also comprehending speed to judge if passage is easy or tough to crack. By overseeing it, you should understand. I personally red 2-3 lines and then jump to middle and then to last lines… just oversee… if the language of passage is easy then i solve it. If i feel that passage wording or use of complex sentence is there (like some editorial in THE HINDU) then i leave it for subsequent rounds.😉

Numericals lower hanging fruits😎
1. Puttingoptions to get ans
2. Already good in some type of numericals – eg logical patter/ profit loss Q
3. Will take less than 1.5 min to solve etc

This type of question helps to cover 30-40 Q easily. Then in next round go for 20 more Q.

Dont rely only on numericals or passages !! Healthy balance of both is good. ✌️

Biggest mistake
which aspirant do is not able to see all the questions properly!! Or rely mostly on passage or on numericals. The trick here is to judge a question / passage and know if its a low hanging fruit. If not… leave it for subsequent rounds.

Happy learning ✨💥😀


For those who have not been able to clear CSAT but got good in GS. Guys, dont worry, it happens. Sometimes its the pressure and sometimes paper is tough. Many of my friends who are in services or gave interview are stuck because of CSAT. It also may happen that CSAT start creating fear if its drags one down multiple times.

Again for CSAT this there are two things….. ONE is have HOPE/ FAITH. SECOND is DO what scares you.😊

Have HOPE that – “yes, no matter if I have not been able to clear CSAT 1-2 times… I am CONFIDENT that I will  not only clear CSAT next time but score 100+ marks” !! Work with that passion. Have HOPE. I have been the biggest witness of that. From 749 rank in CSE 2019 to 727 rank in CSE 2020… but still hope that I can come in top 100!! So have hope.

Do what SCARES you. Many times its the laziness to solve questions during. practise. Overcome it fellas. Many things in life we may not like it. Like daily paper work when we join services. But we gotta do it. There is no leeway to ‘how we feel’. Take tougher questions on topics than are asked. Solve them. Why only stuck at UPSC level…. go one notch higher…. you have time.. right. Once you start solving questions and get right ans… you will start enjoying CSAT. Trust me, its FUN !! Solving problems and getting ans. You also must have felt it.. When you become expert in a topic of csat.. you want to solve more Questions on that topic.

For comprehension, I first read question and options (2-3 times).. then I read passage and find ans. Its faster and easier to locate the area where where I will find ans.


Treat both GS and CSAT with due respect. CSAT has blocked the chances of many. It feels very bad when one has got 100 or 110 or 120 in GS but not clearing prelims just because of CSAT.

All the very best !! I am confident that if you sincerely do CSAT and give due respect to it… nobody can stop you !! GO for 100+ marks this time !!😃

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 3 ]

Q. Everybody lost faith in me after i failed twice and maybe I too have lost confidence in myself.
Idk what to do next I’ve been in preparation for so long I can’t think of anything else neither do i have such degrees to get a good job. I feel numb all the time


Think of backupbuddy (if you have give 2-3 full fledged attempt). Think of this like you are going to meet your FAMILY after long time. You have car and are very excited, but alas, there is big pothole in road and you cant cross it. What will you do?? You will find another longer route to meet your FAMILY!!
Thats what the exam needs. A bit longer route at times. A backup. But finally the destination is same. Dont lose your final aim.

ALSO READ  Financial Action Task Force (FATF) : History, Members, Objectives, Full Form, Grey List Countries, Functions

I know its not easy.

But okay to not succeed despite best of efforts. Its really okay. Maybe GOD has other plans for you and GOD knows better. Maybe God wants you to join lbsnaa a bit late or have some other plan. Its okay.

Take some time REST and start prep again. There are many examples who have been not able to clear prelims but in next attempts… they are in very good ranks!

Backup will give you breathing time.
Try for other exams like State PSC, SSC CGL, CAPF, Bank PO etc. Try to have certain degree from distance course so that you can apply in private sphere. Go for CAT for MBA. Hotel mgmt is also an option. Teaching is another good area. Or strt your own something…There are countless areas buddy!! Find 1-2 options and go after it very seriosly.

One exam is not the end. It doesnt define your worth… Its is just one exam and it also needs some improvement.

If you know Ojha sir (former faculty of vajiram which i admire a lot) couldnt clear UPSC in 6 attempts. Then started coaching near in hometown in UP. Then got mastery in his subject and with his communication skill is now one of the best faculty in India. Opportunities are endless he says. One exam doesnt define your mettle.

Finally Ojha sir says, “PRE nai hua toh kya, jaldi FREE ho jaoge”!!!

Think of backup to engage yourself. Introspect what went wrong and what can be done more. Be honest with yourself. And again prepare for UPSC, but now with stronger version of yourself!! 💪😊

Couldnt stop myself but to answer this question on priority basis.

Life is beautiful … with this exam or without this. 🤟✨😊

Keep your options option. Explore. Prepare again for exam. Dont settle.

All the best buddy! I know you will SHINE one day✨ 💪🕺⚡️

Tips to students after Prelims Exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

I hope that you have started writing practice !!

Many just read read and read thinking ki without sufficient reading what is the meaning of writing. Its not like that buddy… ANS writing is very very imp. Your skills will only sharpen by writing out of comfort zone ans.

Dedicate everydays time or every sunday !!

Thoughts and philosophy: PART 4😃😃

I want to emphasize on thought process and philosophy while studying and not just syllabus.
Many people think-” if toppers are genius or whether they have very good rememberance powers. They read once and their memory lasts long”… I am trying to bust these myths and give insights on thought process which many toppers may have.

Baki syllabus, book list, study material, strategy toh sabko more or less pata hi hai and many toppers have already shared it.✌️

I try to share what many toppers may miss.


What i call as active reading means you are actively participating in whatever you are reading. Passive reading is you are just reading by detached mind. For example, you are reading Art 22 ie Detention. Here detention can be punitive or preventive. Puntitive is the arrest after crime or act. This is what i call passive reading. No imagination. Detached mind.😶

Active reading is, consider yourself as IPS or officer who is implementing this article. You see a mob getting violent. Now you have 2 options in front of you. Either preventive or punitive. You take decision as per your wisdom and conscience. You think punitive will be good as i will have evidences. But then, I will have to produce him/her before Judge within 24 hours (excluding vehicle conveyance time) or else he has to be automatically released. Other option is preventive detention, if violence may get out of hand. Here i can arrest him for 1 month (through legal means and with giving due thought to life and liberty).

Now this active reading and active revision,continuously keeps one into question mode (why only this, what can be other options, what is way ahead…) and helps in better remembrance. This is especially beneficial when you are doing your 3rd or 4th revision or more when things become very monotonous (at times boring). But Revision must be done with high productivity. So that there is good retention. Try this and you will feel the difference. This should happen naturally, hence initially you may have to take efforts to program your thought process. Then it becomes natural.

Consider yourself as DM, SP, Diplomat, Executive Engineer and what not and try to place oneself in their shoes. Then read any piece of article or book. You will read with completely different perspective and better remembrance. Improve your IMAGINATION. Feel the laws, knowledge into real time mode.😎

We are always told that practical experiences gives more clarity, helps in longer remembrance. Like you are giving visit to any plant/ industry or cement factory etc. When we see it, we remember better. Now while studying in the room…. why not visit these places, process or implement laws in IMAGINARY WORLD.✨ Hence i say...imagine yourself as DM, SP, Diplomat, Executive Engineer and think like you will implement these laws, policies, etc. Your memory will improve.💪

This is true for any exam !! Do ACTIVE Reading !! And not detached one… just reading and rattofying articles, laws, committee recommendation. Think like you will be implementing it. Many miss this !!

Revision Strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Thoughts and philosophy: PART 5


We see new episode and when they show us the Re-CAP of what happened in last episode / last season. We immediately get to remember the entire episode/season. Imagine this happening with whatever you read.

Many times, we keep running behind achieveing our daily targets. “OMG, I have to complete entire Modern history today.” But we hardly think on how much we are remembering or recalling. Kitna dimag mein fit ho raha hai. Then God be like… 😢”Bete maauj karr di aapne, padh toh bahut rahe ho.. par yaad nai ho raha hai”.  What you have completely absorbed only will come out during ANSWER WRITING.😄

Our parents and teachers told us that its important to revise what you have red.. on next day before coming to class. The emphasize here is on revising/ doing a fast re-cap and fixing it in your brain.

Now, during our study, hardly do we get time to revise the next day. We are already loaded.

So whats the solution???

After you read certain portion, Re-cap in fast mode immediately after reading. Like within 2-5 min. 😄e.g. You have red modern history from ‘Entry of Gandhiji till Independence’. Now recap in fast mode immediately 9before going ahead)…. like Gandhiji… Tinkathia system, ahmedabad strike.. Nagpur session… this all happened in these… (Make framework or a skeleton structure of these events)……then NCM …. then HRA- HSR.. revolutionaries… CDM… issues… different opinons..elections..war…august offer.. cripps mission.. etc…. till independence. Try to imagine and if possible take yourself to 1930 and see yourself happening… ITS FUN…!! You will realise how our freedom fighters took decisions and why. You can compare different personalities and their thoughts.

All these with fast recap. A structure forms in mind.. a skeleton structure. Then its just the muscles that you have to grow on it. Which will happen with multiple revision and practice.

Sometimes, fast recap may take some time… esp during 1st or 2nd revision. But you will feel the difference after doing it. DO try it. Helps in better remembrance and application of knowledge during exam. I have done both, without recap (and just chasing targets) and with recap(bit time taking) and personally felt the difference.. hence the emphasize.💪✨

Study Timetable of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Thoughts and philosophy: PART 6


I used to study during my Engineering services time from 12PM to 4-5AM(or even late) in morning. Night Owl.

I used to feel magical powers after 7.00PM. My memory was better. I could remember fast. I could analyse things quickly. I could recall multiple things which was difficult during 12PM to say 7PM.🙃

Also, I used to feel that 6 hours sleep is enough. So i restricted myself to max 6-6.30 hours sleep. and a short nap of 15-20 min after lunch. I felt that anything more than this is waste of time as i becoming lazy. 😟

This affected my remembrance power and many times could not think clearly. Also, my mind worked fastest after 7.00PM.

😇Then during training and job, my routine got changed. So i used to sleep at 12AM or max 1AM. Wake up at 7-8AM. Take some deep sleep (of 8-9hrs) when body demanded. Our brain takes max energy, so even if we dont do any physical exercise.. but still with continuous study… it requires a lot of rest. 😌

SO when i used to get say 7-8 hours sleep…. my mind was fresh and most importantly HAPPY.😄😃😃 I was looking forward for reading more stuff and analysing the world in the way it is.I was excited to start the day with energy. I felt that i can complete the entire syllabus ajj ke ajj ( on lighter note).

Here is the catch of all this bakar…🥸

One is slowly change your timetable and in sync with exam. 9.00AM -12PM and 2PM to 5.00PM. You BRAIN should work most efficiently in these hours. Not in night. SO slowly try to change your schedule. This was also suggested by Kanishk Kataria and I too felt the same. Try to give tests  / brain storm during these hours. Or atleast dont go into deep sleep during this time. 💥

Second is take good sleep. Nothing is better medication and meditation than a proper sleep. Good sound sleeps helps in better linkage formation and storing what you red. About more sleep, a word of caution... dont do too much under the grab of … my brain and body needs rest. Be honest with yourself. Do you really need it or its just the laziness.💥

Finally, these are all suggestions. Do understand that all humans are unique😎 and all these suggestions are as per my personal understanding and reading. So take what you think is right or what suits you. Dont take all advice of all toppers as it is. I again repeat, we all are UNIQUE..😁✌️. what may suit to one person (like stuyding in night / 6 hour sleep works for someone) may not work for other. But do give it a try or atleast give it a thought to what i want to say. TRY THIS YOURSELF AND DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AS PER YOUR EXPERIENCE !!💪

Happy learning !!✨

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 4 ]

Q. Bhai per day maximum kitne hour nikal lete ho study ke liye? or Kitna padh lete the din mein? Or Kitna padhna chahiye din mein?


Mere yaar… Engineering services (IES) ke wakt mai 12-14 hours padta tha. GATE ke wakt (during my engineering 4th year) – sometimes i used to study for 14-15 hours peak and 6 hours (at least) during low phase.😅

Civil services ke wakt, before joining training and job... again i used to study as much as i can – sometimes 12 hours.. sometimes 6 hours (atleast – and excluding 2.5 hours coaching). Kyuki dusra kaam kya hai. Parents have sent me to Delhi for study with trust and money. So i used to be honest with myself. 😅

During job… 4-5 hours daily (during weekday) to 10-13 hours during weekend. MAINS ke wakt lambii chutti pe chala jata tha and again study as much as i could. 😅

Actually… truely speaking… I never counted how much HOURS i studied. Now that people are asking so i am thinking on it. 🙄I just focused on my daily targets. If i finished them in 6 hours…. i could rest in 6 hours. If it took 12 hours… then study for 12 hours. I was completely focused daily into achieving my daily, weekly target and giving TESTS.😎😎

Also, I hardly took studies as burden or task or duty
. Conversly some people are like.. “ajj maine 6-8 hours padh liya, toh apun ko ek movie dekne ka haqq hai”😌.Dont be like this. Again, I enjoyed learning and knowing new things. I always felt that this knowledge will help me empower myself. I felt that when I become an officer, I should be an asset for the nation, state, city and department (where i will serve). Not as a drag or burden on society or department🙏... and for this i must have good knowledge about EVERYTHING. SO this hunger never allowed me to settle. I want to be READY already before i am posted somehere. So, I studied, studied and studied and tried to know, learn as much as i can… which will continue for the rest of the life. Learning and studying is never ending. Einstein has said “You stop learning, you start dying”. 😉

Trust me.. you have got the best of time to upgrade youself. Upgrade several notches above. Be better version of yourself daily. You will excel in any field you choose. Also dont stop enjoying life. Have balance. Watch movie, spend time with friends and family… but also keep in mind that this time and period will never come back. Your family and true friend will understand if you limit yourself for some time during prep mode. After selection toh alag level ka maja hai dost !! Alag level !! ✨✌️😎

😊.. but think like how much you have upgraded, have you achiveed your much knowledge or understanding you have got… which you will use for betterment of society.😊

PS : As some are questioning whether 13-14 hours study can happen? I will agree that one cannot do it for months… but yes during last 2-3months you can. I did. Many do. My roommates and friends have seen. Especially during GATE and IES i studied for long time. I studied like hell.

But how many hours to study or one can sustain is a very personal choice. One can have more efficiency with 8-10 hours study.. instead of 12. So AGAIN REPEATING… DONT COUNT HOURS… COUNT THE TARGET ACHIEVED.

Go for CONSISTENCY. This is MARATHON and NOT A SPRINT!! But change to SPRINT in Last months (just like runners do in last lap)!!

Also some toppers who say mai bass 6 hours padtha/padhti thi is  not true entirely. We have to see since how many months/years one is studying and how much efforts one has put. Sunne ke liye acha lagta hai ye dosto…


My Wallpaper when I started my preparation journey in 2016 during GATE prep —> then into IES in 2017 then CSE 2018 …and the journey continued till CSE 2021 results!

Sandip Shinde Motivational Message
Sandip Shinde Motivational Message

One of my dear friend, Sandip Shinde… nailed forest service in his last attempt (6th one). This was his last one and gave both cse and forest interview. After not qualifying in CSE this year, forest was his last HOPE. He gave his best with full faith in himself!! And BOOM …. AIR 32 ✨⚡️🎉!!!

UPSC Mains strategy bybShubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Many aspirants have pinged me that it takes time to decide on introduction of MAINS ans (and not able to complete paper). Sometimes it takes 20-30 sec for just deciding on intro. This leads to missing of 2-3 questions atleast or atleast compromising on the quality of these questions. Result is loss of 2 marks in 2-3 questions… hence loss of 5-6marks in each paper at least !!😟

So here is suggestion for various types of INTRO in MAINS ans💥
– Definition wala
– Recent example
– Facts
– Quote based
– Book based
– Historical
– General

Example —> Intro types (e.g. Corruption wala question)✨✌️😊
Definition – “Money earned but not acocunted for……
Recent example – “Recently student scholarships in Jharkhand were duped from the rightful owner. Even their Aadhar card numbers were faked.”
Facts – As per “Corruption perception Index – given by Transparency International…India is ranked in 2021..”
Quote based – Rajiv Gandhi once said – “When we transfer 1 Rs … only 15 paise reach the beneficiaries”
– Book based – Captain G R Gopinath in his book ” Deccan Oddessy” has beautifully explained about corruption problem and how his genuine effort to make air travel affordable to common people couldnt smoothly succeed.
Historical – “The main reason of Great Roman kingdom to fall was corruption. Corruption is such a menace that it can lead to demise of centuries old empire”….
General – Corruption is one of the major blockade in India’s economic, social and political development…..

PS : You have to practice lot of question / brainstorm lot of question so that this process becomes smooth.

Answer Writing strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021


Similarly… there are various WAYS to CONCLUDE. I have complied in order to save your time of thinking on conclu. You can think of various types of conclusion and pick one for ans. If you are taking time on conclu… then recall these TYPES… and pick ANYONE which SUITS the ans.

Ways to Conclude✌️😎
– Connect with global
– Connect with Govt aim / vision
– Connect with ground level
– Quote based
– Book based
– SDGs
– DPSP, FD, FR etc
– General

😃🤘Example —> Intro types (e.g. Climate change wala question)
Connect with global – To limit the temp rise to 2 degree… all countries must come together and ensure Nationally determined contributions are implemented.
Connect with Govt- aim / vision – India is taking strong strides with Hon’ble PM’s vision of Panch amrit ….etc
– Connect with ground level – climate change has immense impact on food security, and hence on health and nutrition of all. Hence limiting climate change has now become a necessity.
– Quote based – We must understand that “this air, water, soil is not a gift from our parents, but a loan from our children”. Hence we must protect it.
– Book based – Yuah Noah Harrari in his book “21 lessons for 21st centry” has said climate change as one of the biggest problem in front of humankind. And he has said that without partnership of all countries, we may not be able to avert it.
SDGs – We must work together to achieve SDG 13, 14 etc…
– DPSP, FD, FR etc – It is one’s duty to protect enviro… or “It is duty of state to protect enviro”
General  (Just one liner to give closure to ans) – Hence climate change is creating problems in multiple areas / We should work upon one’s “Green good deeds” and contribution to avert cliamte change.

Agar ye bhi nai jamm raha hoga… toh just give WAY AHEAD (and give some solutions) and leave the question. Dont give lot of time. Rather give energy on other questions and complete the paper well.

Mains Notes of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Here are my SOLVED COPIES of GS 1,2,3,4 and Essay. 👇😃
Some old copies and some new. Some value addition i had ensured by the strt of MAINS. Files have already been shared.

Also i have shared RECENT GS 2 copy where i had got 60 marks only !!!😵‍💫In exam i had got 111 marks which are said to be very good marks as per this year’s trend!! 👊🏻😎So again, dont take marks seriously. Just keep practicing and improving by applying your own wisdom.

So bhaiyyaa ji 🤠… Marks Serious nai lena hai jada … Enjoy the process … happy learning !!✨

PS : I had benefitted from ChromeIAS bcoz Mridul sir (director) himself oversaw copies and gave personal time. Had sometime hour long discussion during my 2019-2020 exam. Got lot of value addition as he personally analysed many papers and gave inputs. So this year i took GS I II III a bit light bcoz my foundation was decent.

With minimum inputs ensured decent marks.

Railway memories of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Railways has given me much more than i could ask for !! 😊 (In the back is the Majestic Western Railway HQ!! ✨) Beautiful memories and even more awsummm friends. Got to learn a lot from them and will be learning!!

Now that i am talking about being thankful.. then there are loads of people out there. It includes SPCE, Mumbai my college. SPCE ke dost. Roomies. 😬

Then the CPWD provided me platform to grow and upgrade myself. My friends and seniors have always been very supportive. 😄⚡️

I am very fortunate to get such good friends, colleagues and seniors throughout my life.🙏😇

Wish all of them a healthy and happy life. ✨

PS : Felicitations functions still going on…. If one thinks of attending all… then almost every weekend is engaged 😂 till LBSNAA joining.

LBSNAA Registration message - Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
LBSNAA Registration message – Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

LBSNAA Finally …. ✨

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 5 ]

Q n A ——–>✌️😊

Q. sir, what is the crux of passing Mains exam….
सर mind में हमेशा fomo चलता रहता, क्या में कुछ missout तो नही कर रहा, कोई दूसरा aspirant मुझसे ज्यादा पढ़ रहा होगा , कही में कोई resources miss तो नही कर रहा, चलो ये भी पढ़ लेता हू ,….ये बुक भी पढ़ लेता हू, जबकि पता है toppers बोलते है की minimum resources पढ़ो….लेकिन मन में fomo बना रहता है में चीज़े missout कर रहा हू
sir how to get away from this fear of missing out….how to trust on our minimum resources mantra….🙄

– In my 4 attempts, I have only learnt that there are multiple books on various topics, chapters. But as i already told… after making notes on certain topic say food processing (GS 3)… no matter which magzine you pick or article you read….the problems are more and less same. Govt initiatives are same. Way ahead is same. So is the introduction and conclusion.😌😌 I agree that you may find some innovative 1-2 points. But again, 1-2 points add karoge and will waste 30min-3 hours is pointless. Dost, at last, what is important is solving 12 question above avg, rest agar avg bhi rahenge toh bhi above average marks mil jayenge. Focus on other subjects also !! And revise like 8-10 times. 2-3 revisions se kuch yaad nai ata hai aur ‘generic points’ hi nikalte hai.

Q. I am stuck at 60-65 marks in some GS Mains papers? What to do?

There can be two reason
– Either you have less content (generic points)
– Or you are not meeting demand of question.

If you solve this two.. you will get good marks.😃😃

Q. My handwriting is not good.. does it affect marks?

Ans. Handwriting should be legible. If you can read it and your friend can read it… then examiner can surely read it🥸. No worries. And marks are not for handwriting, but good writing. So focus on content of ans.

Q.Sir kuch samajh me nahi aa raha ki hum kay kr rahe hai? or kah ja rahe hai kuch pata hi nahi chal raha  …. bas aapka post padhne k bad soookooooon milta hai  or fir padh kar so jate hai…..

Areee bhai bhai 😂😂

Utho padho khao padho aur so jao ..chal raha hai aapka.

🤘On serious note : make daily -weekly- monthly schedule for exam you want to prepare.

Set alarm for every hour to achieve them.

Give test frequently to keep you on toes.

Reschedule your schedule. As many times.. things dont happen as we plan. But dont change it too frequently.💥

Q. Revision Strategy  – How did you revise books/notes? as people say they did it on daily, weekly and monthly basis but it is not manageable.

. I did my revision based on TEST timetable. My schedule was packed with 2 test every week. So no breathing time. If i missed to revise somethings for a particular test. I just left it for next time (ie next test)... which was usually scheduled in next 20 days. For instance if I wanted to give GS 2 test today and unable to cover its portion…. then next test used to be scheduled within 15-20 days ie. on say 20-25 july. Uske liye ache se padh leta tha.

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 6 ]

Q. I’ve given 4 prelims including the one 20 days back, failed in all four. 1st one was unprepared, but in all rest have been getting 5-6 marks less from cutoff, my analysis is –
1. I solve paper poorly, without understanding which ones i should attempt and which ones i should leave
2. Panic in the later hour and tick unnecessarily just to increase attempts
And rest I’m very confused and underconfident during exam. 4 years and still don’t understand what’s wrong, yet people qualify pre successively even with limited preparation.

Ans.. The major problem i find is that you are taking this exam WAY TOO SERIOUSLY😓😓…. “agar nai nikla toh kya hoga… exam nikalna hi chahiye… and all”. I will say take this exam as just one part of life. PRE Nai hua toh Jaldi Free attitude.
Also, if you have backup… it will reduce anxiety and stress. You will have somethings to look. It provides you with some responsibility and interaction with people. It increases your confidence. And as you have discovered your problems… you have to find solutions. And as personality is unique… hence the solution for same has to be unique… 

For instance… i had the problem of thinking about random events during solving my civil engg questions. I used to think why sudden thoughts come in my mind even of which are 6 years old and have no relevance today. This has been a problem since 3 attempts which hit my CIVIL ENGG accuracy. So in my 2nd attempt i could understand that as i used to think a lot while studying (of such events)… they were packed with me along with civil engg and used to unravel when i solved them. In my 3rd attempt i figured out that when i am completely immersed into question – continuously IMAGINING the civil engg problem and engaging with it… then that issue is reducing. Hence my accuracy was improving !!!
So in my 4th attempt … i practiced on this like hell. As it was something new… i had to put lot of energy.

Knowing what your problems are… is like… have solved it 50%. Try to find solution yourself.

Now for PANIC… We cannot afford that !!
Imagine yourself as DM or SP or any other officer with public dealing and you lose calm. Imagine railway officer having PANIC after rail accident. Or SP or DM having panic during riots…. Lives can be lost. We are taking about LIFE !! So we cannot afford that. Imagine an ideal civil servant. Imagine what qualities he/she must have. Try to inculcate inside you. All this will negativity SLOWLY start reducing. ✌️

All the best dosto !!! Happy learning !!✨😇

General tips by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

The best way to maintain efficiency and mental peace is to let go of words that do not matter.

I learnt this over the years with many difficult experiences that cost me my productive hours and inter-personal relations.

You’d have been a party to debates where people try to prove their point even at the cost of denigrating others, ignoring facts and logic.

Some people would say something unwarranted and you would ruin your day contemplating the cause-effect of such incident.

Some people spend hours fighting the ‘keyboard warriors’ on social media.

If you find yourself involved in any of these, you’re losing big time. You could be more efficient.

Words mean nothing. That’s the beauty of words. We give meaning to them.

Have you wondered why dog-barks don’t bother your mind?
Do you get bothered by a person abusing you in an alien language?
Why do we see adults taking insults more seriously than children?

If we learn the art of detaching emotions and meanings from words, we would be better off. We would not only be saving our energy, we would be channelising our energy for personal well-being. We would reflect more on ourselves and our shortcomings. For those around us, we would become a humble person showcasing modesty.

This would initiate a chain of good vibes and create a positive environment wherever we go!
Good food for thought ✌️✨

Dont think on the problems or issues which are not in our hand.

Also many times we think about result!! Is rank or result in our hand?!  No!!

What is in our hand is what we do TODAY!! Focus on present.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, But today is a GIFT. That is why it is called PRESENT” – Master Ugway from Kung Fu Panda 🐼 ⚡️✨

Live in the present and do what you can !! Fal ki chinta na karr !! ⚡️

Mental health improvements tips by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Today I will be putting some stuff on MENTAL HEALTH. This issue is largely neglected in society especially during preparation of EXAMS !!!!. We cannot discuss it out in public, rarely with parents (and sometimes friends too). But many times our family and close friends are the one which expects the most from us in this exam. And this puts one in lot of pressure.

So today i will share some REALLY BEAUTIFUL ARTICLES which are close to my heart ❤️. These are testimonials of last year selected candidates ie CSE 2020.

It will be a really long post with multiple articles and stories. I WILL STRONGLY RECOMMENED TO READ IT ONCE.Rarely do i press upon any issue to read. You may agree or you may disagree with this. But DO READ IT BY TAKING OUT SOME TIME.

And this is specially for those who are not able to clear prelims or mains or improve ranks. This is for those who get stressed out during exam. DO READ THESE !!!

I got reminded of these post as one aspirant said that “i get stressed out during exam … panic and anxiety”. To this my professional counselling friend told me that she can refer to any professional for the same. There i got reminded of beautiful articles on MENTAL HEALTH.

Some sstories to Learn something new by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Story 1. In his own words. (Will not disclose name)

“Let me share my story. I hope if anyone is going through the same, I’d like to tell you that there are so many like you.

I’ve quit a corporate job that paid me 16 lakhs per annum for full time civils prep.

First attempt, reached the interview but couldn’t clear the final cut off by 10 marks. It shattered me. But it gave me hope that I can clear this exam if I put in more effort. During my second attempt, I had a series of personal losses, my dadaji, my pet, my mamaji, all passed away in a span of 2 months. It made me so sad and disillusioned, still I gave my all in second attempt, thought it was better than my first attempt- didn’t clear mains

Third attempt- cse 2020, gave my best, been also taking therapy sessions in the past one year to improve my mental health. Even 3 weeks before mains 2020 I had therapy sessions. Cleared the exam this time, but been terribly disappointed with the rank.
Now I feel is it even worth to leave a top corp job and to have inflicted upon myself all this.

But then I tell myself, I know a person who has given 6 interviews and still didn’t qualify. I know people who are a million times more intelligent than me and deserve to be in top 50 but they were never in the final list. Maybe all our pain is relative, not saying this to invalidate other’s pain. But maybe we don’t know but we’re in a better position than others.

Not saying people can go again with the same rigour, maybe some can, some cannot. There are no easy answers here, no simple decisions to make.

But I can say, there are so many people out there, who’ve gone through more than me and had bouts of panic attacks, depression and yet they’re strong and are battling it out. I personally know so many of them. They’re super heroes.
I’ve now reached a realisation that, upsc is now a casino, where your skill can only give you a “chance”, there is always luck which will give you the outcome.

Unfortunately this exam is all about jo jeeta wahin sikander.
Only the top ten rankers can be happy absolutely, because they’ll get the service and cadre they desire. For everyone else, there is disappointment regarding cadre or service or self doubts whether they can improve their rank again.”

Story 2. (Again no name pls)

“Let me add my saga of  9 years

Me and my husband were both in this cycle. We both are engineers from reputed college. I left a job with experience of 3+ years and paying in lakhs per month.  My husband kept switching from one service to another.

In past 8 years this is first time one of us didn’t write prelims.
He got into following – GATE, IES, Forest Service, Custom service, IPS finally in 6th attempt

My services – Rpf, IDAS, now expecting IPS in 5th attempt

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Now when we were most (**happy**??) relieved in almost decade long saga?

This year when we found that now we both are out of this cycle and won’t have to go through whole anxiety, stress and trauma now. After this year result I quietly went to corner of world where no phone calls, no media, no social media, no topper talk was there… We wanted peace and kept whole environment around us in a manner that nothing big has happened. We were not faking this… Thai was actually a internal realization.

This exam devalues one own self who is preparing and not getting desired service / rank. Self doubt goes on peak. I felt not failing in upsc but failing in life. Our all past success was appearing nothing to us. I was almost in depression even when my rank was improving with every attempt. In fact any small small happiness around me was getting me more and more into depression as I was not enjoying it as I should have done. My everything in life was stuck with upsc.

All this explain why we were really relieved than being happy on result day this year. So everywhere wherever possible I keep adding that this exam is not worth the hype.

Story 3. Naam nai bataunga uska..

“I would like to share my experience also.
6 pre, 6 mains, 1 interview and selected this year. (2020 exam)

My mental state is so used to not being happy and always in struggle mode that I am unable to feel happy over this success.
My mental health has suffered alot.”

Again repeating …

😃😃So dont equate one exam with life. Yes it is definitely important to give your best for the exam and there is no excuse for that. But, failure is also part and parcel of life. Take both, suceess and failure, these two imposters equally.

Enjoyy small events, moments in life. Life is much more beautiful!!✨😊✨

Control you mind… control where you give attention. If you all the time are positive and enjoy the journey… you will be happy in this process. If you divert your attention into negative thoughts, or your past trauma or failure… your energy will flow there.

Hence always, be optimistic, that this time it will be different for sure. Bring your attention into present state and not in past or in future. Your energy will flow in that direction.

Control your mind and attention !!

PS : Thanks for considering my request

Dosto do discuss or debate in respectful manner in comment box. We are aspiring to be leader to bring changes in the society. Derogatory language doesnt suit us !! (Warning ⚠️ – any foul language or even unnecessary fights will result into ban from my post).

If you say bad mouth to someone… very certainly he/she will backlash. This will again affect mental peace. So for your own good just stop when someone is being negative. We are all here to learn new things, discuss and get new info.

Finally we all are here to succeed and do good to society!!! Be good… do good….

Finally, this meme is not directed to anyone. Laugh ..enjoy… and forget…✌️✨

Take this as last warning though.

Civil Engineering Optional Strategy for UPSC Exam by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Civil Engg special (Applicable to all engg optionals and optionals which has numericals like maths)💫

Question selection – How to select questions??🤞
– I used to give marks to every question by rough reading and then think of probability of getting it correct was also applied.  For instance – Q2 has one question of 20 marks of solving by Moment distribution method – then i know the method… hence 20 marks – but probability of getting it right is say 50%… hence 10 marks i can get in this question. Another instance, lets say some slope deflection method (15 marks) is asked and lets assume that i dont know it at all and i am solving only till Fixed end moments. Then i assume that 4 marks are awarded and probability of getting it right is 100% – hence 4 marks.
Thus i used to see how much marks i can get out of 40 in each question. And the highest marks giving question used to be selected.

Also for theory question – i used to award myself – out of 15 mark theory question –> 10 marks if i know really well; 7 marks if i know decently ; 5 marks agar thoda bahut ata hai ; 3 marks agar phekna hai pura toh.

Also in back of the mind, we have to think of time taken for a particular question. Do not attempt a question which will take more than 45 min to solve entirely for the sake of getting 40 marks. Rather choose a question which will be solved in 30-35 min and will give lets say 32-35 marks. Definitely,  If a question can be solved within 35 min and can get full 40 marks… then that would be best… but earlier i compared the lesser evil. This will help you to solve the complete paper with good accuracy.


– Try to solve 1 question (entire) in 30 min. Hence 5 Q in 2.5 hours. But generally what happens is we get stuck at 2-3 questions and it take 10-20 min extra. 1-2 questions are tricky and new which takes more than usual time. Hence try to set the time limit for each question as 30min. Automatically you will complete paper in 3 hours.. 


Which to choose first?😅
– I used to choose question other than Q1 and which i knew the best among all 5. First this gives the confidence which is required initially. Secondly it helps us in gaining momentum.
– Then i used to solve Q1. Because Q1 is the one through which question checker judges our civil engg capabilities. First impression is the last impression they say. Hence i ensure that initial question are correct and neat (in presentation).
– Then again the sequence of questions which i know the best


How to enhance accuracy and efficiency?⚡️
– I almost daily for a month solved one full question ie 40 marks within 30 min (took any PYQ Q) with my friend. Then we discussed about the concept and the mistake happened while solving. This helped me immensely as i was training my mind to complete one question within 30 min. Also, i could comprehend myself, that when there was pressure… where exactly mistakes happened.. ie whether is was concept or formula or calculator. Initially, almost all question were getting wrong 0/3. Slowly my accuracy started improving to 1/3. Finally before few days of exam… 2/3 or 3/3 question were getting correct.✌️😊

UPSC Prelims strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021


After my interview… i hardly had 1-1.5 months to prepare for next prelims. In all my attempts i gave interview. And all the time i cleared prelims (4 attempt) with this much time preparation.

– I focused mainly on static portion and ensured that 70-80% question of static are correct. Current affair mein 50-70 % accuracy rahi toh bhi chalega. Dynamic portion kaha se ata hai kisi ko nai pata hai….. so i ensured that i should try to get static question correct as much as possible. If any easy question of static gets wrong.. it used to unsettle me.🤯

Along with it… i focused on

  – 35 IAS baba tests –> for practice (IAS baba i chose because they have tougher tests)
    – (Esp weak areas)
    – Full lenght tests
  – Plus….Vision full tests only

– 100 days plan / 60 days plan of IAS baba

– PT 365 compilation

– Extra Material i covered😃
  – Enviro —> International bodies and orgz
  – Agri statistics – very frequently and lot of questions asked
  – Schemes
  – Intl bodies e.g.
  – National orgz
– e.g. PESO – when formed and under which minstry
  – Reports – who releases which report..
– GI tags
  – Committees formed
in 2017-2018-19-20
  – CR ; Endangered ; etc list (elaborative)
– NP, Biosphere – rivers, mountains etc etc
  – Mapping – Atlas use
  – etc

And REVISED it multiple times !! Multiple means at least 4 times.
I will recommend you to revise it 8-9 times! 2-3 revisions se kuch bhi yaat nai hota hai and lot of confusion happens between 2 options. So to remove this 2 options wala panga… revise lot of times!!

UPSC PRELIMS BOOK LIST of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
UPSC PRELIMS BOOK LIST of Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
Kishlay, UPSC Rank 133 Booklist
Kishlay, UPSC Rank 133 Booklist

This is booklist of my friend Kishlay, Rank 133. You will see many books overlapping. So the crux is … this much books are sufficient. Keep the book list and material limited and focus on REVISIONS (like 7-8times) with lots of tests. Focus on absorbing these books and not just rattafication.

History Preparation tips for UPSC Prelims by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Prelims Special : Ancient and Medieval History : Important Keywords (Credit to GS score).

I will upload some imp files, for prelims also, in few days which i referred. Do selectively among these files also as per your wisdom. It is humanly almost impossible to learn all ki kisko kya bolte the sultanate mein, mughal mein etc.

Try to link the word with funny thing to help you remember. ⚡️

Prelims strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Prelims special :

Good and important question.
Sir firstly I apologize to you because what I am going to ask you will be quite a long message. Please bear with me . Sir , I am preparing for UPSC 2023 . Sir my query is , I have done some analysis of the requirements of this exam , of each stages , listened to toppers interview and some other candidates who failed to clear after multiple attempts just to get some lessons on what’s needed and what’s not.  Sir I wish to ask you , and it might sound strange to you as well but please I request you to guide me from your experience to this query of mine. Sir my query is that I have seen Soo many aspirants not able to clear exams in 4-5 attempts even after working hard and also aspirants who clear exam in initial few attempts and not just that , if they clear with a higherr rank they appear again and immediately in the very next attempt , not only do they clear it but also improve their rank and get their desired service. Sir it makes me think that how come there is Soo much variation where some candidates struggle to clear exam even once whereas some get final selection multiple times attempt after attempt. Sir by looking at this it makes me feel that there is definitely something , one can maybe call it a trick or method or approach with which if one studies , they can clear multiple times this exam . Sir because the ones who clear the exam and ones who don’t – both the category of students say the same thing – read few sources , revise multiple times , solve tests , practice answer writing , focus on optimal more etc etc . If everyone does the same thing and follows the same approach , how come some people clear multiple times consecutively and some don’t clear at all. Sir I wish to ask you what is that procedure / approach / trick etc etc with which one can clear this exam easily with consistent preparation. Is there something that toppers after clearing exam hide it from aspirants because it’s their intellectual property Soo they don’t share but there exists some trick/preparation approach / some common  requirement of this exam to clear ? Sir please be honest if you know something on this as it change many aspirants future here . Some guidance on this will work wonders for people like me who cannot afford coaching. Thank you sir to read all this patiently .will wait for your reply / guidance on this.

Buddy … no topper hides anything. It may so happen that what is normal thing for them may not be so normal.

For instance… some have good memory and its ‘natural’ for them. But many times … there approach of learning is different than many. Like they imagine that thing and hence they can remember for long. Or they create some linkages with other topics. This is not natural for many.

Hence i focus on THOUGHTS AND PHILOSOPHY where i want you to inculcate changes in behaviour and thoughts.

2. Not all are able to study for 1-1.5 yrs consistently.

3. Not all are able to absorb the knowledge. Many just read and rattofy the things. Many are not able to apply knowledge. For example i like to learn about countries in world map… where they are located etc. In 2019 there was a question on where does Zambezi river drains… Now no one learns about ‘Rivers of the world’. But how i solved it ?.. Zambezi sounds like zimbabwe… and is in south east of africa. So must be draining in Indian ocean. Had it been else where in africa i would have ticked differently.
So apply your knowledge

4. Not all are calm and composed during critical situations like exam.

5. Not all revise their notes or booklets for 5-6 times atleast!!!!

Like these… there are some things … which many miss out. Develop these qualities and skills and you will automatically get selected.

I can say all these because I have cleared UPSC multiple times. And hence fortunate to interact with officers from various fields and exams (engg to forest to civils). PS : This is as per my observation!

And then there is bit of luck 😊.

All the best and happy learning !! ✨✌️

CSAT strategy : Part 2 by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

After my interview… i hardly had 1-1.5 months to prepare for next prelims. In that time… i used to devote 1-1.5 hours daily or alternate days to CSAT – for 15-20 days atleast. Sometimes more if i felt that i am not able to have a strong grip over CSAT. Also i always felt that CSAT will only get tougher so i took myself one notch higher than UPSC exam.Hence I used to solve more tougher paper of CSAT or solving easy paper within 2.5 hours.

I analysed PYQ papers of CSAT (below are 2 years data of some coaching i copy pasted) and found out frequently asked topics. I practised those area (on indiabix website) which will help me to solve those question in exam quickly and I can give more time to new innovative questions or passages. Also – atleast 15-20 question you can be decently confident about numericals. Solve more 10 questions of numerical and for remaining 20-25 question.. you can rely on passages. Finally, you are able to solve 40-50 question. So, you can buy some book on CSAT or can practise such questions online.

These are some of the areas I found out and practised more… You guys analyse 2021 paper and do find some pattern…

Areas to cover
– Numbers wale
  – 1 to 1000 divisible by 4 /5 etc –> how much
  – AB3F + 2XCM
  – Multiplication of 45 *35*75*20*7 – divisible by 50/100/200
  – Sum of pages
– Alphabates <–> to number
– Day and date wale
– aaa___bb_____ccccc
– Liner and circular sittings
– Relationships
– Profit and loss
– Series and sequence completion
– Combination, permutation and probability
– Ratio-proportion
– CP- SP cost
– Age
– etc

PYQ analysis for CSAT by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
PYQ analysis for CSAT by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
PYQ analysis for CSAT by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021
PYQ analysis for CSAT by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Here is the PYQ analysis for CSAT picked online

I used to analyse the areas … and practice the areas which are more frequently asked. Analyse for 2021 -2022 also… and be ready for 2023 !! 😎⚡️

Simple trick …. Know where to hammer more !!

Edited excerpts from Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 speech

Firstly dream big. Dream so big that people should laugh at you. I used to be one of the most masti doing guys in my engineering. Hardly anybody had expected me, to reach this height during my college days. I still remember one day in 2nd year of engineering, I said to one of my senior that ‘one day I will be clearing Indian Engineering Services of U..P..S..C…’ To which he mockingly replied that ‘sometimes I too feel that I should start acting, who knows I may become Amitabh Bachchan someday’. I being just another civil engg guy among thousands with daily schedule of ‘playing computer games from 5pm to 5am ( whole night) and then waking up and going for practicals’… Hence any other senior or mentor would have said the same. But I dreamt big and I knew that once i start, I will achieve it, no matter what. It doesnt matter what people say.

Today I have not only cleared Engg Services, but cleared UPSC 5 times out of 6. Missed final selection 1 time just by 1 mark. Thus I have cleared IES, Forest services and currently in Indian Railway Traffic Service.. and will be joining Indian administrative services (IAS).

Another important thing is efforts and struggle. I had sometimes put upto 10-12 hours per day. I could not attend many social events like my real cousins sister wedding, best friends weddings and many more. I, despite living in Delhi for 5 years, have not been able to see Red fort !! So its not just dreaming big, but some sacrifices will also be there. Being in job and simultaneously studying needs efforts.

And when i see today thinking about the efforts, energy and sacrifices I had put.. I am myself amazed. If I were asked 5 years back that will I be able to put such efforts ?! Then my answer would have been mostly NO! So dont get overwhelmed or scared thinking about efforts you will have to put. Just start … no matter how slow the pace is. Slowly efforts will increase as you delve in. The most difficult and important thing is to START. That is why it is said that “Journey of thousand miles start with single step”… and then all starts to fall in place.

Other important thing is that Never think that I am from village and will not be able to compete with ‘city guys’ as they get much better education. I will say… be ready to put in more efforts that ‘city guys’ and you will defeat them. You see, I am a civil engg not from IIT or NIT… but I have got highest marks in civil engg this year in entire India. And trust me many civil engg from top colleges appear for this exam. So Never think that you are less than anybody. Just focus on efforts.

One hurdle i know is finance. Now there are many schemes of government at different level. You have to search and tap it. I have friends who come from very poor family and from villages… but with the help of scholarships, they are now with me in Civil services like IAS …IPS.. But if you still feel that finance is an issue… then go for other jobs at initial level for stability…. then jump for your big aim and ambitions. But never settle !!

And the things went ON……

Indian Forest Services Preparation strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Forest Services (IFS) Special : Part 1

Sorry, Forest wale dosto !! Your MAINS is coming and I hope you are preparing in full force. 🙏

Today, I will be talking about forestry optional. Here I had got 242 marks which are one of the highest😇😇. In civil engg I had got less than 200 marks😶. It is also because i literally didnt practised civil engg at all and only red formulaes. I entirely focused on Forestry, English and little bit of GS.

Let me tell you guys, Forest service is one of the best service !! I was thinking of settling in Telangana cadre.

Anyways, Forestry optional in my view needs 1.5 month to ace it. I prepared for Forest services after my Civil services Mains. Only 1.5-2 months prep approx. No coaching joined (only test series – for feel of papers). Away from delhi. Prepared from Home.

Issue that arise during forestry
Manikandan is not, written logically and in simple manner, and hence gets difficult to understand. Here Hornbill class free video and its pdf come in handy.

Hornbill class has made very good notes and video which a layman can understand. It has lot of pictures which makes the read interesting and we get the fodder to draw in exam.

If you have 2 optionals to prepare… then 1 month is decent enough if you study well. SO 2 months and 2 optionals.

TIPS during prep and exam
– Analyse PYQ and know which area to learn-study more
– You just need to be able to solve forestry questions till 1998. 70-80% questions gets repeated. So you just need to rattofy and understand already asked questions and you will get good marks
Draw lots of diagrams – 1 diagram every alternate page will do wonders!! Draw even simple things like sunken bed or raised bed… anything….. just make the paper presentation better.
Write 2-3 mock papers of forestry before writing actual paper. I wrote 4 papers – 2 each of paper 1 and 2. I had joined Shanker IAS test series.

Finally –> After Civil services…. 80% juntaaa gets exhausted 🤯🤯and dont prepare for forestry whole heartedly. I am personally guilty for this. But I am thankful, that I have been able to get good rank. Many dont. They then regret about that. Many just do lot of timepass after Civil services Mains thinking they will be able to cover …but finally when they try to tame the bull of Forest Mains… things get out of hand😓. Then last month is went into studying with fully de-motivated nature… 1 mahine mein (2 optionals) kya hi karr lenge wali feeling.

I am saying this because many are going to fall for this trap despite me shouting it multiple times ☠️!! Study hard for 2 months after civil services exam and make sure that you are into forest services the day you write last word of this exam. As the margin of marks in very high in forest service… and not 1-1 marks competition like civil services… hence you can actually ensure that you are into services.✨😎✌️

Finally, the most imp things which i felt for forest services is the REVISION… I literally revised my content 12 times. As you are preparing optional for the first time which is completely new domain… so revision and absorption is must. So try to do as much revision as possible. Try to do fast reading. Then only 12+ revisions are possible. Try to make short notes of subjects…

Again, people have prepared optionals within 15 days for forest and cleared it. So never lose hope and keep your energy high !! Study harder !!💪😃

Its a simple exam… highly underrated service.. opportunity to lot to do for NATION… but we are lazyyyy  !!

Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 booklist for Indian Forest Services

Shubham Bhaisare Marksheet of Forest service 2020
Shubham Bhaisare Marksheet of Forest service 2020

Civil Engineering Optional Strategy by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Civil engineering special :

Mere civil engg wale dosto…

2019-2020-2021 ke PYQ analyse karlo of ESE – IFoS- CSE. And see the areas being asked in exam.

Many time these areas gets repeated and we get brownie points. Less efforts and more marks.

I remember one question of ESE (of 2019) being asked into CSE the next year (in 2020 i think)… ekdum same to same question with value change.

Those areas get repeated quote often… so do give a look!

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 8 ]

Q. Sir I have been preparing from 3 year and have not been able to clear prelims this year I was expecting but border case it seems … Now it is getting difficult to read again the stuff There is conflict in mind that i have already studied that… Firse padhne ka mann nhi krta


Mere dost… fir bhi padh le
Aur lagg raha hai ki meko sab already pata hai toh bina padh revise karne ka try kar

Aur fir bhi lagg raha hai … dabb yaad hai… toh test dedo. 100 ke niche ayenge aur padhai pe lagg jaoge.

And do remeber that we need multiple revision of study material … multiple means it can be 12-15 also!!

Mai 12-15 bol raha hai ( so that tum logg at least 7-8 barr toh karoge…
Agar pehle hi 7-8 barr bolunga toh 2-3 barr karoge maxx 😜)

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 9 ]

Q. Sir I am from Maharashtra washim district I completed my ITI and preparing for UPSC Now I am in 1st year of graduation so please keep guidance 🙏🙏🙏
Sir as i am also from BE 3rd year Civil engineering sir your this msg. is very important for me and i also want to crack UPSC CSE so please sujjest me how can we manage Our college study with UPSC preparation?


I have shared multiple post of various toppers… go through them

Take what you think is right and will work for u.

Start with NCERT and optional.

Try to take out 4-5 hours daily. In college we can manage time (except near exam times)… On holiday … try to stretch it for 8 hours.

In final year – give test series of prelims and mains. And get into services right after 4th year !!


Q. Sir would you please help my query that is it futile enough to make daily notes from newspaper or can I skip it…bcz it’s time consuming

Daily notes from newspaper is not worth the time it takes.

I would rather suggest to read the newspaper within 1 hour with internet search abt topic you find relevant for prelims. For example if something about defection is going in newspaper… just read abt it on some website.

Also daily current affair reading from 1/2 website (like insights/iasbaba/civilsdaily/vajiram etc) to ensure that no imp news is missed

Finally monthly current affair magzine every month (I used VISION IAS – PT 365 only)

Then revise revise revise.

It may seem that questions in upsc are asked from anywhere and you may be tempted to increase your current affairs coverage. But beware…. No one knows ki current affairs aa kaha se raha hai. So rather than just running behind current affairs… go for more revisions (tabhi wo confusion between 2 points will reduce). Also back it up by strong static portion.


Q. How often you analyse pyqs …
Ur way of analysis …tell us please

Ans. Hamesha hi

For example … before starting ethics … i will see PYQ

and even in ethics… before reading certain chapter like ‘Corruption’ … i will see what type of questions are asked in that area.

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 10 ]

Hello sir, normal background se hu aur age 21 sal, is bar first attempt diya aur nhii hua… Prelims ke result ke bad se hi ek bhut bde confusion m fasa hu & isiliye pdhai shi se nhi ho pa rhii…. Kbi sochta hu is bar jo mistakes hui sbko shi krna hai aur dubara se exam dena hai…. But but vhi dusra thought aata ki kya phle backup ke liye jau ( NET jrf ka exam bhi aa rha & state pcs m bhi vacancy aa rhi to ek alg hi pressure sa feel ho rha )…. Bhut jyada confusion sa ho rha, exhausted feel ho rha. Aur m backup wali cheej ke liye pdhne ka try krta hu but vha mn nhi lgta aur ek do hour pdh kr exhaust ho jata hu….. Sir please suggest something. Please.

Kya m backup ka jyada soch rha hu?

Backup ke faide –
1. If one of the mistake you are doing is taking ‘too much stress’ on exam day and affecting your performance… then backup is good. It relieves lot of stress as we have something to look forward too.
2. Freedom from relatives and even parents (if they are/will create pressure for earning)
3. Many cannot study with full force till next prelims. Abhi feb tak low period chalta hai bahut logo ka… toh koi aur exam dene mein harz hi kya hai…. Uske karan padhai ho jayegi.
But mere hisab se 2-3 attempt full fledged do. Uske baad backup ka socho…. You are 21 and can afford it. After 25 age- one should try to get some job and responsibilities.


Q. Sir what is right time to join test series for both gs n optional psir or we shud do after prelims only n shud revise only before or we can from starting only after 1 reading shud test ourself n improve acc to test series

Ans. 1 complete revision ke baad start doing test series and learn from mistake.


Civil engg special

Q. Now that i am in college in 2nd year ….I am studying directly from ies master notes …to prepare for the optional is this with pyqs sufficient ….i also have made easy class notes , tho i never joined any coaching …… this enough for optional preparation from scratch

Pls answer this question …this is the main thing i want to ask….as my optional selection also depends on this……as books are too bulky

Ans. IES master material and Made easy class notes are sufficient.

1. Just ensure that you understand the concept (and each word in every formula.)
2. And rattofy formula
3. And revise 7-8times

Enjoyyy and happy learning !! ✨😊

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 11 ]

Hello sir,
I am enrolled in a mains test series for 2023. For the sectional tests I’ve started making consolidated notes for each theme of the syllabus. But I think it’s taking way too much time. Eg: for GS 2 we have 20 themes. In judiciary theme alone we have further subdivisions like judiciary independence, accountability, pendency, infrastructure, women in judiciary, judicial activism and so on. And in each sub division we have introduction, present status, benefits/challenges, way forward, recommendations etc. Sometimes it feels overwhelming & I’m falling behind test schedule. Is it the right way to go about? or any other way by which I can shorten the time I’m devoting? Looking forward to your answer sir.


Kisi ke notes utha lo aur uspe improvise karo. Dont start from scratch.

Use evernote or tablet for compilation.

But still i will say that notes making is time consuming process but its worth it. One very actively reads while making notes. So it helps in better understanding of content.😎

Also what is most imp is revision and what you read in last 10-12 days. Unn dino mein max revision hona chhaiye. And for that consolidated material hona chahiye. Apna notes best hota hai… bass kisi ke upar improvise karlo (i have shared post of multiple toppers… take notes which you find best)

There is no short cut mere dost!! ✨😊Time and bahut energy toh dalni padegi!

Janhit mein Jari ⚡️😎

One imp advice is … REVISE multiple times and Practice
!!.. ✨

15 aug ke baad current affairs addition nai karna hai. Only focus on Revisions. Last mein MAINS 365 (Supplementary … complimentary etc) jaisa compilation itha lo and cover current affairs.

I will strongly suggest to cover this Updated final month current affairs (july-aug 2022) ke … as some topics are directly asked from RECENT current affairs.🤘

Also, all your value addition should be over by now. In the next 40 days … focus max on Revisions and writing questions. Evaluate. Improvise. Unlearn and Relearn.

Pressing again that dont run behind making notes and value additions now. Jo bhi bache ho … sum up karr lo jaldi jaldi by 15th aug.

Biggest mistake most aspirants do is not revising enough or not practicing enough questions. 😅

If you are not able to complete the whole paper… adjust font size and add diagrams. I have covered this point in elaborate manner in earlier post named ‘Thoughts and Philosophy part 3’ (pls refer to that). ⚡️✌️

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021 [ Part 12 ]

Q. You are such a nice personality sir.
I have a doubt about current affairs.
From what extent to what extent should i prepare current affairs for mains ( specially from which month to which month)

Ans. Bhai maska lagane ki jaroorat nai hai… 😂 I try to answer the doubts as i get time…🤟

1 year ka is decent enough its its your 1st attempt. 2nd attempt mein pehle ke saal ke kuch imp karr lo (kyuki 2-3 question old current affairs se aaa rahe hai).

But bahut jada sir fodne ki jaroorat nai hai for 2-3 questions. 😉Else the amount of current affairs for 1 year extra may hamper the prep of other subjects.

Revise aur test papers bhi toh likne hai….

So —>🤘
First priority is
– completing Current affairs of 1 year well along with optional

Fir Test papers likne hai aur Revise karna hai (2-3 times)

Fir time mile toh Extra old current affair karna hai….😎

Various exam which are good as backup and even good if one want to continue ✨⚡️

– RBI grade B
– ACIO IB (Intelligence bureau)
– SAI (Sport authority)
– Go for Masters
– Various state PSC exams – Rajyaseva, forest service, RFO, etc
– JRF (UGC NET – for professorship)
– Teacher, Content developer or paper evaluator in various private institutes.

Will keep adding as i recall !

Happy Independence Day Wishes to students by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

We have come far … But MILES to go … 🙏Happy Independence Day Dosto ✨🇮🇳🫡 !! Wish you all the force for upcoming exam and become part of India’s growth story. By 100th Independence day…Lets hope to see India at top 3 world power not only in terms of economy but also happiness Index. Country which our forefather imagined … not divided by religion or caste … where everyone gets equal opportunity in terms of education and employment irrespective of religion, gender, caste or financial background. A country free from corruption, terrorism or left wing extremisim. Let us hope that we when we celebrate our 100th Independence day… we are there !! ✨Jai Hind !! ⚡️

Strategy for Marathi language (qualifying paper) by Shubham Bhaisare, AIR 97, CSE 2021

Strategy for Marathi language (qualifying paper) 😎✨
Credits : Vishal Narwade

I think everybody must look at least once to the qualifying paper also.
I, being from English medium, had to struggle in marathi. I was reading and writing Marathi after almost 5-6 years … so my hand wasnt at all working smoothly. I had difficulty in reading marathi!! The horror was higher especially during my 1st and 2nd MAINS. Sabse jada load toh Marathi ka tha literally… 😅

And it is “said that 2-5% ppl fail in this language paper” (i personally dont believe it😂). But anyways…if one fails in them … other GS papers are not even checked !

So i, almost daily used to read Marathi words (like Tolerance, Globalisation etc) taki jabb use kare toh watttt pade!! Jaise circuit bolta hai bole toh Hriday parivartan, Atma santulan.. (bade bade words) 😬😬🤟

Along with it …i used to practice marathi test paper (for 20 min). So in total about 20-30 min used to be given to Marathi almost daily… till i got confidence.

I will again suggest to never neglect any paper even if it is just a qualifying paper!!

⚡️Few things to keep in mind just before and during exam days. As ✨🤟LBSNAA will strt from 24 Aug… I may not get ample time … so highlighting important points to keep in mind !!!✨✨✨

1. Do brainstorm and mains / essay writing for 20-30 min before every paper (actual exam). 😊We observe that intitial 3-4 questions or 30 min … we need time to come into full swing of paper. Many times 2 question drain out 30 min.
Do remove such thing and smoothly complete entire paper. Do brain storm and writing practice!!

It helps a lot!!

2. Take hotel nearby your centre (i used to do my stay right in fron of exam centre) – during exam days ie friday sat sunday

It reduces the travel hassel and help you have extra sleep. Also you can come and take rest in gap. Small naps or some revision can help a lot.

Caution- will have to shell out lot of money.

(Not very imp point but can be thought abt it.)

3. ⚡️DO NOT THINK ABOUT HOW PAPER WENT!! Dont be too happy if your paper goes well and neither sad if it doesnt. 😅My personal experience in MAINS papers have been (which has been confiremd by many toppers) that where paper goes well… sometimes times we actually get less. And where we feel we badly performed … we sometimes get more marks.

Dont discuss or think abt paper. Just focus on next paper.

4. Take a nap after every paper. A short nap of 15-20 min is good. It refreshes mind completely.

5. 😌Take good sleep. Atleast 7 hours. Many forgotten things strt remembering during exam if you get good sleep.

6. 😄😄My sequence of completing paper was … first 11-17 questions( in 1 hr 20min) … then 1 to 10(1 hr 10min)… then 18-19-20 in last 30 min.

It was because intially we tend to write perfect ans… so 15 markers first.  But here also i try not to extend time limit in each question.

Then i come to 1-10 because first impression is the last impression. Any examiner judges the capability and intellectual of aspirant from these first 3-4 questions. So i try to write good quality ans in these. Then normal normal ans for 5-10…

Then the final remaining for 18-20 as examiner already more or less makes up the mind after reading first 17 Q. This is as per my understanding.

7. Revise whole optional once for technical optional like engg and twice if humanities optional like socio or anthro.😎😎
These 5-6 days of optional are game changers.

Many times aspirants after GS papers relax for 2-3 days …
I mean … WHYYY??!! Akhri ke 7 din ache se padh lo.
Make each hour count !!

8. Thoda compulsory language paper bhi dekh lena!😜

9. Keep your checklist ready 1 day before.

10. If you have any issue… literally any issue.. during exam like lot of air or sunshine through windows… ask authorities to solve it
. 😊You have earned your right to solve each paper peacefully. Demand it!! Teachers are very cooperative in these matters.

11. I would recommend you to eat chocolate (I even used to drink 1 Red bull before every paper)… for caffeine. (Indian culture teaches you to eat dahi and sugar for the same. )

Have confidence in yourself that you have revised ample amount of time ( even if you have not able to complete as per your plan). This mentality itself helps you to remove any negative thoughts and helps you focus on question and presentation.

Energy flows where attention goes”.

Finally be a bit Relax during Mains. Abhi ghis lo jitni ghisni hai. The more relax you are during paper… better the performance. Have thought process that Mains nai hui ya phir rank nai aya toh kya hoga… agle saal likh lenge ya phir koi dusri exam de denge.

Dont have this thought that “iss barr nikalna hi chahiye… warna kyaa kyaa ho jayega”. Dosto … kuch nai hoga.. ⚡️🤟

Bass relax rahoge toh marks badhenge 😇🤟