Smriti Mishra (UPSC Topper) Age, Family, Biography & More

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Smriti Mishra Biography

Smriti Mishra UPSC Biography

Smriti Mishra is a law student in Delhi right now. In Agra, she completed her education to the 12th grade. She finally succeeded after three tries. Smriti contacted Rajkumar Mishra on Tuesday in the late afternoon to share the news that she had been selected as an IAS officer. The news of her daughter’s accomplishment brought a smile to her father’s face.

Smriti’s scholastic history includes completing her secondary education in Agra until the 12th grade. She then went on to get her Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Delhi before beginning her legal studies there. Smriti showed her everlasting dedication to her academics by devoting an astonishing seven to eight hours daily to her studies during her tough preparation for the UPSC exams.

Smriti immediately told her father, Rajkumar Mishra, about her incredible accomplishment of winning the fourth rank. Her father took the news with measured enthusiasm. She told her mother, Anita, about the significant achievement as well. Smriti first had the desire to become an IAS officer in her 10th grade, and her unwavering persistence and determination have now paid off.

Smriti’s extraordinary achievement has given her family a great deal of pride, and respected police officers, such as SSP Prabhakar Chowdhary, SP Dehat Rajkumar Aggarwal, SP City Rahul Bhati, and other COs (Circle Officers), have called to congratulate them.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Real NameSmriti Mishra
Nick NameSmriti
ProfessionIndian Administrative Service (IAS)
Famous AsRank-4 IAS 2022

Smriti Mishra Physical Appearance

Height in Feet5′ 5″
Height in CM167
Weight58 kg
Figure Measurement(will update soon)
Age (2023)(will update soon)
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Smriti Mishra Salary

Net Worth (in Rupees)(will update soon)
Monthly Salary(will update soon)
Annual Income(will update soon)

Smriti Mishra Personal Details

Birth PlaceBharadwaj Puram, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India
Date Of BirthYear, 1998
Current CityPrayagraj
Qualification• B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Miranda House College, Delhi University
• Pursuing a degree in Law from Delhi University (2023)
SchoolSt. Clair’s Higher Secondary School, Agra
College/UniversityMiranda House College, Delhi University, Delhi

Smriti Mishra Biography (Family Details)

Father NameRajkumar Mishra
Mother NameAnita Mishra
BrotherLokesh Mishra, practicing law in Delhi High Court/Supreme Court

Smriti Mishra Age

Smriti Mishra UPSC Age

Smriti Mishra is 27 years old. She works for the government of India. When the results of the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022 were released on May 23, 2023, she received an All-India Rank (AIR) of 4.
Her father works for the Uttar Pradesh Police in Bareilly as a CO (second) and is a Deputy Superintendent of Police. He was appointed a sub-inspector in the Uttar Pradesh Police in 1989. In 2021, he was elevated to DSP.
Smriti was inspired by her father’s selfless service to society to pursue a career as an IAS official. When Smriti was in class 10, she began preparing for the civil services exam.

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Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Marksheet

Smriti Mishra UPSC Marksheet

Smriti received 96.6% of the possible points in her class 12 exam.

Marksheet of Smriti Mishra is not available yet. We will publish it on our website as soon as possible.
She moved to Delhi with her brother for higher education after completing her 12th grade, where they rented a home in sector 41.
In 2023, Smriti took the exam for her final semester of law school.
In her third attempt, she successfully passed the civil services test with an All-India Rank of 4. On her second try, she was unable to pass the preliminary exams. She persisted nonetheless, concentrating more on her preparations.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Smriti Mishra UPSC Optional Subject

Optional subject of Smriti Mishra in UPSC CSE is Zoology.

Laxmi Singh, the first female police commissioner in Noida, serves as an inspiration to her.
To be ready for the civil service exams, Smriti avoided social media for three years. She stated in an interview that she stopped using social media, avoided social meetings, and concentrated on her studies. My third effort, and I’m thrilled to say that I came in fourth.

Smriti Mishra admitted in an interview that she spent almost eight hours a day studying for the civil services exam, making notes daily.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Caste

Smriti Mishra UPSC Caste
  • Smriti is Hindu and follow Brahmin Caste.
  • Smriti took Zoology as her optional subject in the UPSC exam.
  • In the interview round of the UPSE examination, Smriti was asked a few questions about Kumbh Mela as she belonged to Prayagraj. She was asked if she knew how the mela was organised and was also asked to give suggestions on managing a huge crowd effectively during the mela. Belonging to the law field, Smriti was asked about her choice between law and life. She replied that she would choose law as law simplified the lives of people.
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Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper State

Smriti Mishra UPSC State

Smriti Mishra is from Uttar Pradesh, India

According to the most recent UPSC result, Smriti Mishra has achieved All India Rank 4. In the Civil Services 2022 examination, she received the fourth-highest score, behind Uma Harathi N, Garima Lohia, and Ishita Kishore. The fact that women are running for the top four positions this time is a source of immense pride for India.

The Union Public Service Commission has issued the list of UPSC top performers in PDF format. The chosen individuals will next be assigned a cadre in accordance with their preferences and the open jobs.

Smriti Mishra UPSC PDF Notes

Smriti Mishra UPSC PDF Notes

Smriti Mishra, who finished fourth on the UPSC Exam this year, didn’t begin taking the Civil Service Exam seriously until after the COVID-19 outbreak. She has admitted that in 2021, she failed the CSAT. She therefore never imagined achieving a remarkable All-India rank in the UPSC. She described how her entire family was in shock when they learned of her outcome and how she shouted when she saw the results.

The reported number of openings in the civil service has increased to 1022 this year, which is the greatest amount in recent years. The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is administered by the Union Public Service Commission in two phases: the Preliminary Examination (Prelims) and the Main Examination (Mains).

One of the hardest exams in the nation, becoming a UPSC topper and earning a spot in the top five is a remarkable accomplishment.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Husband, Family

Smriti Mishra and her family spent their formative years in Prayagraj. Rajkumar Mishra, her father, is a CO assigned to Bareilly, while her brother is an attorney working for the Supreme Court. Smriti has always had a passion for learning and did exceptionally well in her classes in both high school and college. Smriti had a strong interest in public service during her academic career and intended to have a beneficial influence on society.

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Smriti Mishra, who has bagged AIR 4 in the UPSC civil service exam 2022 is a graduate of the prestigious Miranda House College in the University of Delhi. She completed her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree from the college and later studied Law. She did her schooling in the city of Agra at St. Clair’s Higher Secondary School. Not only has she made her alma maters proud but Smriti Mishra has also become an inspiration for many young people and especially girls who dream of getting into the civil service in India.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Topper Biography 2023

Smriti developed a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to help her country from a young age since she grew up in a family that valued public service. Her father, who has faithfully served the nation as the chief of police, served as an inspiration to her. Her family was aware that she would go on to accomplish extraordinary things after she received a Class 12 grade of 96.6%.

She travelled to the capital with her brother to pursue her higher studies after completing her secondary education. Many people are unaware of the fact that Smriti passed the UPSC exam on her third attempt. It’s remarkable that even on her second try, she failed the preliminary exam.

Smriti tried again and failed the prelims, but she never gave up on her goal and resolve to pass the test and serve her country. Her journey therefore serves as proof of her tenacity, enthusiasm, and dedication to public service.

Smriti Mishra Struggles and Challenges

Smriti Mishra faced hardships and obstacles along the way to achieving rank 4 in the UPSC. She had to compete against thousands of applicants for a small number of vacancies in a highly competitive industry. Smriti has disclosed that she abstained from social media for three years as she studied for the esteemed test. She also put in endless hours of preparation, frequently giving up free time and personal time.

When they fail the exam a few times, many aspirants frequently give up, but Smriti demonstrated that success can be attained by maintaining consistency and focus. She was able to pass the exam on her third try and also achieve an exceptional rating as a result.

Preparation Strategy of Smriti Mishra

Without a sound preparation plan, it is impossible to pass the UPSC exam, one of the most difficult competitive exams. Smriti had to learn material from the extensive and varied UPSC syllabus, which covered topics like history, geography, politics, and current affairs. She therefore had to put in countless hours to practise both her writing and the curriculum.

She had to navigate through mountains of books, study notes, and internet resources as a result of the demanding study schedule, which required discipline and focus. Writing and taking notes on her own, according to Smriti, were the methods that helped her retain the most information. Self-study, in her opinion, is the most crucial element in passing the UPSC.

Smriti Mishra Optional Subject in UPSC

A candidate’s performance and overall ranking can be significantly impacted by the optional subject they choose for the UPSC exam. This is due to the UPSC Mains examination’s considerable weighting of the optional subject, which affects overall ranking. As a result, a wisely chosen optional subject might provide applicants with the chance to earn excellent scores, improving their overall performance.

For the UPSC test, Smriti Mishra selected zoology as one of her elective subjects. She enjoyed the subject, which contributed to her strong performance. For those who are really interested in the subject and have a foundation in science, zoology can be a useful optional course.

Smriti Mishra FAQs

What is Smriti Mishra’s age?

a 25-year-old

From what region is Smriti Mishra?

Prayagraj, India’s Uttar Pradesh