Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Notes, Marksheet, Biography

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Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper
Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2019

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Marksheet
Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2019

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2020

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Marksheet
Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2020

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2021

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Marksheet
Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Marksheet 2021

Soham Sunil UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper Biography

Good evening dear aspirants,
I’m Soham Sunil Mandhare, AIR 267. This was my third attempt. I’ve attached all marksheets below.

In first attempt, I was like my attempt my strategy on the lines of my life my rules😅,

In second attempt modified strategy, I was expecting rank but essay score played its part. Still had marks equivalent to AIR 399.

In third attempt worked on some areas. I got expected marks in all subjects except essay and interview. At the end found my name in holy PDF.

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Happy to have you all on this plateform. I’ll share aspects related to this journey after prelim.

Thank you. ☺️

Prelims exam 2022 analysis by Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

Good morning all,

Hope you’re doing well,
As we all know for many, this prelim was difficult.
My opinion is cutoff shall be around 82-83 for general cat.
If you’re getting 80+ with considering all doubtful as either neutral or wrong, wasting time will cost very heavily.

I would suggest that start your mains preparation immediately considering yourself as qualified for next 20 days atleast.

For people on borderline, My last year prelim score and cutoff was exact same. Still I prepared for mains, you shall do the same, to get best result in difficult times.😊

One can consolidate/prepare notes, data etc. It can help in next attempt also.

Please ignore grammatical mistakes😊

PSIR Optional Preparation Strategy by Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

First Post concerning PSIR,

  1. My Score in 3 attempts- 232, 278, 290
  2. Resources- Tukaram Jadhav Sir notes, unique academy, these notes are mostly copied from reference books, so If you’re reading reference books then no significant value addition.
  • model answers of Unique academy test series.
  • reference books
  1. Why marks improved- It was third time, more revisions, more retention of content.

Suggestions- improve your content, make it easy to revise. After GS papers you’ve to revise one section in one day. Total 4 sections in 4 days, one day to revise model answers, Suggestions from test series etc.

It is important to only write what is asked, irrelevant content affects negatively.

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Work on keywords in quetion such as Critically examine, evaluate etc.
Different Keywords require different conclusions.

Selection of questions is important. Take a moment to analyse which quetion you can answer with more content.

In first two attempt, I answered 3 quetions from section one and 2 quetions from section two in both papers.

In this 3rd attempt, I answered 3+2 in paper one and 2+3(2nd section) in paper 2.

It doesn’t matter which quetion you answer, only imp thing is content, structure etc.

PSIR Optional booklist by Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

Material referred for PSIR.

Paper 1
Section A

  • Gauba
  • Unique Academy notes

Section B

  • Unique Academy notes
  • Shubhra Ranjan notes

Paper 2

  • Andrew Heywood
  • Unique Academy notes
  • SR notes
  • The Hindu, IE related to PSIR
  • Model answers.

I’ll share my answer copies also.😊

Questions asked by UPSC Aspirant to Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

Sir what mistake did you in your very first attempted which affected your optional marks

  1. No proper revision
  2. Not written enough tests
  3. No planning, like for revision after GS papers—- we have to finish one paper in 2-2.5 days after GS, We need micro content there, either handwritten or specifically underlined in notes.

Motivational post by Soham Sunil Mandhare UPSC Topper

All the best !

We all fear failure before exam.

Last year I was closely following SC petition filed for postponement of exam due to covid as my preparation was not complete (revisions). Desiring some more time.

Yet, exam went well except GS3😁 and result came in favour.

Keep mind relaxed, answers simple.
Whenever you mention challenges write solutions also.

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If any quetion you find difficult, try to connect it to syllabus points and write accordingly. For e.g. Blue LED- Nano tech angle.

Praying for success of all🤞