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Hello everyone, I am Suryabhan Yadav. I have got AIR 27 in UPSC CSE 2022.
This is my post wherein I will try to provide inputs, strategy and share notes.
Thanks and Regards
Suryabhan Yadav, AIR-27

Suryabhan Yadav UPSC

Mathematics optional Strategy by Suryabhan Yadav IAS

Every aspect below mentioned will be discussed in detail.

  1. Doing all standard books thoroughly, booklist will be shared.
  2. Preparing all physics based topics and fringe topics well.
  3. Using pen and paper(practising questions) instead of reading the solutions.
  4. Be thorough with basics.
  5. Join a credible test series which matches the standard of UPSC and is slightly un-predictable.
  6. Solve PYQ of UPSC CSE, IFoS, UPPCS maths optional paper of past 25 years.

More to come as I get time. I will keep sharing information.

Prelims strategy by Suryabhan Yadav IAS

Suryabhan Yadav UPSC Biography

Broader points to be kept in mind

  1. Read with curiosity whatever you come across. Try to get in more details.
  2. Save the link for additional searched or googled information’s. You can save in telegram saved messages by creating group of 2-3 members and sharing the content subject wise. This has helped me and my friends.
  3. Knowledge is always the saviour. Elimination technique doesn’t works now. Even in Assertion reason type question one should be clear whether it’s the reason or not. Knowledge in last used to help for elimination of options. It has helped in wild guess as well. Trust me this is single most factor that can help at any stage specially interview.
  4. Do all subjects thoroughly and master every subject atleast to a threshold level so that easier questions are not missed. Subjects such as ancient, medieval, agriculture, core science and technology have not received significant focus by aspirants. Even easier questions on this front is missed often.
  5. Parallel mains preparation is helping in prelims preparation. Many of questions can be tackled well if mains preparation is robust. Also linking the current affairs with static helps in understanding what questions may be asked.
  6. Take CSAT very seriously. I had maths optional so I cant say how really csat needs preparation.
  7. Prepare for the worst case in prelims. This helps in staying calm and composed else jumping from one questions to another leads to wastage of time and attempt.
  8. Take your time out and try to be stay mentally and physically healthy.
  9. Following additional prelims specific booklet shall help you in your prelims preparation. I shall further share my notes and summary of Romila thapar, environment specific notes etc.
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Meanwhile stay focus and healthy.
For any other doubts I will enable comment section.
Thank you.

UPSC Prelims Booklist by Suryabhan Yadav IAS

My sources for prelims

  1. Polity – M. laxmikanth + PT 365
  2. Modern history – Spectrum, selective reading of Plassey to partition for mains, Mandar Patki sir notes, lucent and googling. Present focus should be on celebrations under Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav.
  3. Environment: Shankar IAS , PT 365, googling ( for this I will share soon what I have with me) , Selective reading of IAS Parliament on environment.
  4. Economy – By Vivek Singh book, 550 MCQ, 3-4 sectional test paper of Vision IAS
  5. Ancient India – NCERT Theme 1, Class 6, Lucent, my compilations of Romila thapar,

I will add on this later.