Vaishali Chopra IAS Rank 23 Biography, Age, UPSC Marksheet, Rank, Optional Subject, Preparation Strategy

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The Union Public Service Commission released the top scorers’ list and UPSC CSE Final Results 2022. Vaishali, a Delhi native, placed 23rd overall in the exam and was one of the top scorers for the UPSC 2022. For more information on this high performer, including his background, preparation method, number of tries, and UPSC optional subjects, candidates preparing for the UPSC Exam should read this article.

On the list of top UPSC scorers, Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smirti Mishra hold the first four spots.

Civil Service Exam2022
All India Rank23
Number of Attempts5
Optional SubjectMathemathics
ProfessionJunior Assistant at DRDO
Vaishali Chopra Rank 23 Biography

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Biography

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Biography

AIR Vaishali 23 Background

Delhi is where Vaishali was born and raised. After attending Indraprastha College for Women, she earned her diploma. The NCERT was Vaishali’s first employer, and she later worked as a judicial assistant in the Delhi District.

She had been a technical assistant with the DRDO for three years by the time she took the UPSC exam. Her interests include writing and exercise.

Candidates may see her interview in the following video:

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Vaishali’s difficulties with the UPSC exam

  • Effective time management was Vaishali’s biggest obstacle.
  • She lamented the requirement for critical thinking in order to pass the UPSC exam.
  • Instead of focusing on the quantity of hours spent studying for the UPSC, one should pay attention to the quality of those hours.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book
Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Booklist

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Rank

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Rank

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Rank is 23 in UPSC CSE 2022.

  • Vaishali was simultaneously working and getting ready for the UPSC. This gave her the impression that she was exerting significantly less effort than those who would study full-time.

UPSC Exam Study Techniques

  • Know how to complete a detailed application. Be mindful of the content you are writing there. By mastering your DAF, you will have an advantage over your rivals in the UPSC Interview.
  • Make a plan of action to start studying for the Civil Services exam, and allocate at least a year to it.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Age

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Age

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Age is unknown.

  • Create a study plan that you may follow while you get ready for the UPSC CSE. Making a plan of action and following it are also very helpful.
  • Spending too much on resources and study materials is not advisable. It’s preferable to concentrate on a small number of books and materials if you don’t want to get confused by the various ways that things are explained.
  • Limit your time on the internet because it can be distracting.
  • Be composed. Gaining momentum for effective UPSC preparation takes time for candidates. It is best to maintain focus and refrain from taking preparation too seriously.
  • Study your UPSC curriculum carefully. Gain as much in-depth knowledge of as many topics as you can.
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Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Marksheet

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Marksheet

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Marksheet is not available yet.

  • Practise a number of simulated exams and interviews. You will be better able to direct your emphasis on the preparation and gain understanding of your strengths and shortcomings as a result. This attention and comprehension will be of great assistance in optimising each stage of preparation in accordance with your requirements.
  • Keep up with news and current events. Read two to three newspapers daily covering a range of topics.
  • Visit key questions from UPSC previous year exam papers and give those a lot of practise.
  • The UPSC Civil Service examination requires candidates to have confidence, which they develop through effort, a committed study schedule, and consistency.

The key to passing the Civil Services exam is perseverance, unwavering focus, and, of course, a well-thought-out strategy for the IAS exam. The following links can help candidates for the UPSC 2023 examination with their preparation.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Optional Subject

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Optional Subject is Mathematics.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Caste

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper Caste is unknown.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper State

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper is from Delhi.

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper PDF Notes

Vaishali Chopra UPSC Topper PDF Notes is available in our telegram channel.