Vasu Jain UPSC Marksheet, Law Optional Notes, Age

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Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Vasu Jain UPSC Biography

Hello Everyone,

Jai Hind!

Hope you all are doing good.

I am Vasu Jain. I have secured All India Rank 67 in this UPSC CSE 2020.

I will using this platform to communicate with you and share my strategy here.

All the very best.


Prelims Exam Preparation Strategy by Vasu Jain IAS

Now only a week is left for the prelims exam, it’s my request not to read anything new.

  1. Do not attempt any new mock test.
  2. Do revision of the tests you have already attempted.
  3. Its highly suggested that at this point, for this week, try writing previous year question papers. Even if you know all the answers to pyq, do attempt it. It will acquaint you with the UPSC exam traps and pattern.

All the best ✌️


Vashu Jain UPSC TOPPER Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book


If you are reading this message right now, this message very relevant for you.

It is very important that align your body clock with the exam schedule. Even if you have the habit of studying late in the night, it is recommended that you start sleeping early and start waking up early.

  1. From now on start waking up at 6.
  2. Try to give a test (preferably previous year papers) from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning.
  3. Donot sleep during the day.

Try aligning your body clock according to the exam pattern. And don’t underestimate it. 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine was given for this research.

All the very best! ✌️


Motivation by Vasu Jain IAS

Good Morning 🌻,

As the exam is nearing, I am receiving many texts as to we have not read enough. Still too much to read.

Although this feeling is quite natural considering the vast syllabus to be covered. But we need to understand what we want to achieve from our preparation. In prelims, we are not aiming to top the exam, we have to only clear it.

So, even if you don’t know some answers, don’t doubt your preparation JUST HAVE FAITH IN YOUR PREPARATION. TRUST YOUR EFFORTS.

If you have put in efforts, if you have studied well, then just have this confidence –
if I don’t know any answer, then 95% of the people will also don’t know the answer.

Have Faith | Be Confident

All the very best✌️


CSAT Preparation Strategy by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

At this point, you would be engrossed with revision and revision. And that is certainly the requirement of the day. However, I would just add one thing, in addition to your GS preparation, don’t forget CSAT.

Although for most of you, it would be a cake-walk, but still it would be my request to at least practise 2 CSAT papers. Don’t take it lightly.

I know it is difficult to take out 2 hours for CSAT but trust me its best to acquaint yourself with CSAT pattern at this time.

All the very best ✌🏼

LAW OPTIONAL Preparation Strategy by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

I will be sharing  my notes, how did I prepare, my book list and everything  just after the prelims. They all are in the process. I am just waiting for the prelims to get over. Didn’t want to distract the people who are writing this prelims.

Mediation tips for UPSC CSE aspirants by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Dear all,

The exam is round the corner and it is quite normal to feel nervous or anxious. Also, know that it’s the peope who have toiled hard, who will be more worried (but not everyone).

So, it is my request to all to practise MEDITATION. Please take out 15-30 minutes and meditate. Even if you don’t know much about meditation, I would suggest you to simply focus on your breath. Try to see your breath. Breathe in and breathe out.

This will bring peace among turbulent waters and helps you to calm your thoughts and emotions. So, please meditate for 15-30 minutes, at least till the prelims.

All the very best✌️


SOME TIPS ON CSAT by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

DISCLAIMER: This message may not be relevant for all. This is mainly for those aspirants who struggle with CSAT and find themselves on the border of the exam.

So, when we are talking about CSAT, I classify the questions in three categories:
1.  Comprehension
2.  Maths
3.  Logical Reasoning
And it is generally believed that while comprehension covers 50% of the questions (~40), the other two makes up the other half.

1.  You need to get only 41 questions correct – So, even if the other 39 questions are incorrect, you will clear this exam. (You can do this maths.) This means that even if you are not so strong in one area of the exam, you can still clear it.

2.  Play on your strengths – We all know our strengths in CSAT. Some are good with numbers and some are eloquent with comprehension. First cover those questions in which you are confident and then switch the sections.
                           a. Now, in the sections in which you are not so comfortable, there will be some straight forward questions. For example, if maths is not so comfortable area for you but still there will be questions like “how many 3s are there which follow 6 in a given sequence”. That can still be done without much practise. Same is for English comprehension.

3.  Don’t try to attempt all the questions – understand this, you need to only qualify the exam and not ace in it. Try to do questions with surety. Take time to do questions. DO NOT RUSH in order to read or attempt all 80 questions. Even if you could not even read 10-15 questions, that is perfectly fine, as long as you are able to do the others with confidence.
                                    a. Now, some people might have objection to this point. What I am trying to say here is that don’t rush. What generally happens is that in order to complete all 80 questions, we leave some paragraphs in between or some numerical in between, when we feel its taking time. My only point is this – DON’T LEAVE A QUESTION IN BETWEEN JUST BECAUSE ITS TAKING TIME. Leave a question if you find it difficult to solve and think it is an impasse situation.

4.  Tackling your Weak Area – While practise is the answer but 4 days before the exam, that cant be the solution. So, for that, I would suggest you to break-up the subject category. Suppose maths is not your dear area. So, you break maths into different sections like permutations, distance-speed, number games etc. And take only limited low-hanging categories which you think you can do. And practise majorly these areas.

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5.   Doing Logical Reasoning question – while there are formulae and tricks to solve all Logical reasoning questions, I rarely applied formulae. I used logic to solve them. However, at this point, I would say to ignore this point; but in the long term, this point is very very pertinent. Don’t cram formulae. You will be tricked. Rather understand the concept.
                            a. For example, understand why we add speed of a boat when going downstream and why we subtract in upstream movement. Understand the movement of clock hands and don’t cram those formulae.
                             b. Trust me, I am able to solve 90% of LR questions and yet don’t know any such coaching wala formula. I have even cleared IBPS Prelims, Intelligence Bureau Prelims, which have advanced LR with pure logic.

With this, I hope you can make some difference in the CSAT. I just don’t want not clearing the prelims exam for the want CSAT.
Still if you have any issue in CSAT, feel free to contact me.

Chaliye | Good Night | Keep Practising and Have Faith

All the very Best!✌🏼
Vasu Jain

How to overcame negative thinking of opting out this year exam


This is a very common doubt coming to many minds these days. While one may think that the revision has not been done, others might be skeptical about the mocks score. And trust me, its not just you, almost everyone fights with this feeling. So, firstly, don’t get bowed down by these thoughts.

Secondly and more importantly, at this stage, I would say more than the studies, its the CONFIDENCE which is required. Have confidence on your efforts; on your preparation. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Now, I know it may sound hollow. So, I will tell you how I kept myself motivated and build my confidence during these crucial stages. But these tips will work only when you have studied well and prepared hard.

1. See Your Practise: By now, you must have written 40-50 tests. You must have filled some good amount of note-books. Just bring them on the table and cherish the hard-work you have put in. See and feel your efforts. Although the photo I have attached is not mine, but I too have a very similar picture.

2. Routine: If you have missed some event in order to study, or if you have deleted your social media in order to study, or if you have not missed newspaper for any day or any other thing, wherein you have FORCED YOURSELF to study while it would have been very easy and acceptable for you not to study, take pride. Just take pride that you have given yourself to this exam.

3. Positive Approach: Think positive. Act Positive. Just try to see all the positive things around you. Feel that you are made for this exam.

4. Believe in Higher Spirit: If you believe in God, then have faith in him. Have faith that your anna-giver has taken of you till now and even now he will take care of you.

In short, just feel good and confident. Whatever way it may be (but not infringing upon other’s rights), just feel good and calm.

All the very best.

Prelims last minute tips by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Dear all,


Time has come to rejoice your hardwork and efforts. Time has come to keep your head high with respect because UNLESS YOU YOURSELF TREAT YOURSELF LIKE AN OFFICER, others will not – may it be other persons or the exam.

So, today just relax and feel your inner officer’s calling. Treat yourself well and remain calm.

With this, all the very very best for tomorrow. Although it is just like any other mock exam for you.


P.S. I will be sharing a to-do list which has been prepared by Rahul Jain, IAS (2018 batch).

Dear Friends!
Greetings for the day!

Some points to remember a day before perlims and on D-Day

1.Be ready with the checklist for the last day before Prelims — admit card, black ballpoint pen, snickers, lunch, writing pad, watch etc. If possible, visit the center beforehand to break out of anxiety on the D-Day morning.

1A. Covid precautions – take around 3 masks along with you. So, that even if one or two get worn out or loose, you don’t have to panic.

  1. If you dont get enough sleep a day before, tell your mind in the morning that you had a good sleep.
  2. Reach exam hall timely, what you read in last few hours rarely come in exam.
  3. Read the whole paper and mark sure shot questions in first 1 hour.

5.Dont get relaxed/dheela in the mid of examination, every second counts.

6 Have your water bottle with you.

  1. Fill the omr sheet carefully, ultimately that sheet is everything.
  2. Read questions and options very very carefully. Pay special attention to things like amount/year/data given in question.
  3. If your table/chair is not comfortable, request the examiner to change it. If he is non-cooperative, dont argue. Give your best in whatever situation you are. Peace of mind is supreme.
  4. Dont take too much risk.Remeber that if have worked hard and studied well and if the paper is tough for you,it is equally tough for everyone so don’t panic.
  5. Answers are before your eyes. Think like crazy in the exam hall. Connect things. Think of the most intelligent person you know and how he would have thought about the question.

12.While attempting any particular question, keep an open mind to form linkages and eliminate options

  1. DO NOT calculate your marks in the break from some random key on the D-day. Complete CSAT and then you can go for matching with any key. I personally waited for reliable keys like Vajiram, Vision, and Shankar.
  2. Do not take CSAT lightly
  3. Take all precautions against CoVID 19.

Finally, more than knowledge, its a test of temperament. Dont loose your confidence, what come may.

Remember these inspiring lines.
“वसुधा का नेता कौन हुआ?
भूखंड-विजेता कौन हुआ?
अतुलित यश-क्रेता कौन हुआ?
नव-धर्म-प्रणेता कौन हुआ?
जिसने न कभी आराम किया,
विघ्नों में रहकर नाम किया”
― Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’, रश्मिरथी

Best Wishes!

What to do after Prelims Exam by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Dear all,

Prelims has got over.
For some, it is  a joyous moment. For some, it is not so good. And for many, it is still dubious.

Cheers! You have scored the first stage. Keep it up!
Just take a rest for 4-5 days. Enjoy and celebrate. Go on a trip, treat yourself, watch some favourite movies, or simply complete your sleep. And then we will march forward. But till then, just relax and take a break.

Just know this that this exam does not determine your worth. While it is easy for me to write this, accepting the fact is very difficult. Do vent out, do cry.
Spend some time with yourself. Don’t be harsh on yourself. And understand this – there is always a silver lining behind every thing. Suppose if you clear prelims but dont have enough preparation for the mains examination, then wont it be difficult. Sometimes, failures are blessings in disguise. Do read my article on it here –

Now, this message is most relevant for you. This would be one of the most difficult phase for you. Because you would be swinging in the pool of uncertainty, fear and doubts. But Trust me, the better you hold yourself during this period, the sweeter the results. Try to beleive that you are clearing the exam.
So, see, if you clear the exam would you be studying for mains? Yes!
If you dont clear the exam would you be preparing for mains? Yes, for the next one.
So, you know the answer. Pre hua to acha, nahi hua to bhi padhna to hai hi. So, why not do it from this week itself. Try not to waste these 20-25 days in useless fretting.

Finally, just know that WE ALL ARE THERE WITH YOU.
If you feel anything, any fear or doubt or just want to vent out something, we are there with you. Can always connect with me.

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All the very Best! Have Faith!
Cheers, 🌻

Mains Preparation Strategy after giving Prelims exam by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Dear all,

Greetings for the day!

Now, that its almost a week since the prelims was conducted and I hope you all have taken the much needed break, I would request you to get back to the grooves.

Following Points to be done:

  1. Prepare a plan – plan the subjects which you would be doing and when.
  2. Answer Writing – Develop a habit of writing answers daily. Write at least 2 answers but write daily. Follow any online free daily answer writing platform. Write, Evaluate and Compare your answers.
  3. Optional – Complete the optional, if not done already.
  4. Notes – Make notes so concise and precise that you can refer to them in the last 15 days of your preparation. Write only limited facts in your notes.
  5. Current Affairs – Try to cover the relevant current affairs (1 year). Also, know that current affairs can help you complete your syllabus. even you miss out of some topics like internal security, you can cover them through current affairs. I myself had not read any specific material for many topics but I relied on current affairs part.

6.Test Series – Do write full 3 hour tests(but not now). Write test within time and do complete your tests. You would be amazed to know that 70% of the folks who subscribe to any test series, dont write more than half of the tests. Please dont do this. Utilize your test series.

With this, start studying, start practicing.

All the best 👍

Vasu Jain UPSC Topper Timetable

Sharing My Schedule

MIND IT, it is only for your perusal and not for anyone to follow it. Make your own schedule according to your own needs.

6 AM – Wake Up & daily routine
7 AM – Temple + Meditation
8 AM – Breakfast
10-12 – Current Affairs: Newspaper + Online material
1-2 – Lunch
2-4 – Study
4-4:30 – Break
4:30-5:30 – Study
5:30-6 – Exercise
6-7 – Dinner
7-8 – BUFFER
8-9 – Study
9-10 – Discussion
10-11 – Revision


  1. Keep it flexible – a rigid schedule crumbles within it own weight. I used to keep Buffer zones, so that I have some leeway in completion of my daily targets.
  2. Revision – Dont underestimate it. Do it daily. Do it regularly. Never miss a day without revision.
  3. Keep Some time for Self – Do exercises or meditation or NOTHING. But do take out time for yourself.
  4. Make Changes Accordingly – When you are writing full length tests etc, make changes adequately but dont skip thd whole day’s schedule.
  5. Finally, Respect Your Schedule – Respect time. Dont waste your slots.

With this, I wish you all the very best and hope you make the best of your time.


Vasu Jain Study Timetable
My Time Management Sheet | I use Microsoft Onenote to make most of my notes.
This sheet has also been created in that application.
You can also try Evernote. Both are equally good.

Some things which I religiously did for my Mains preparation

  1. Reading Topper’s Answers – it is the best and easiest way to improve your answer writing.
  2. Reading Model Answers of any Test Series – it builds your content in limited time.
  3. TLP of IASBaba – for answer writing
  4. ICAN video series of Insights (especially the 10 min in which ma’am discusses the answer writing)
  5. RSTV Big Picture

I can assure you all these 5 things will help you improve tremendously. Literally, tremendously.

All the very best 👍

Just a disclaimer

Many coaching institutes are using my name and photo but this is to inform you all that I HAVE NOT taken coaching from any such institutes. I have only appeared for the mock interview before them. Otherwise, I have studied on my own and have not taken admission in any coaching institutes.

Thank you.

Other Exam cleared by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper


I have appeared for this exam and had cleared the prelims in 2018-19.

But let me tell you one thing about these examinations.

If you have been working hard and if you’re religious, you need not prepare for these exams separately.  I have appeared for multiple examinations like haryana public service commission exam, UPPCS exam, RAS exam, but I have never studied for these examinations separately. I have always been focused on UPSC civil service preparation.

Trust me, if your preparation for civil service examination is good, you can clear the other examinations with simple logical, elimination and hit-n-trial error tricks.

So all those who are writing UP-PCS this Sunday, all the very best.

Keep your spirit high and keep your confidence high.


Just for your perusal

Exams which I cleared:

  1. UPSC CSE 2019 – Interview reached
  2. HCS – Interview reached
  3. RAS – Mains appeared
  4. UP-PCS – Mains appeared (didnt write mains because just weeks before UPSC CSE Prelims)
  5. SSC CGL – Qualified Prelims (didnt write mains because just 2 weeks before UPSC CSE Mains)
  6. IBPS Law Officer – Qualified Prelims (didnt write Mains because dates clashing with my graduation convocation)
  7. IB exam – Mains appeared (results awaited)

And more

Answer Writing tips by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
I used to record time taken in individual question. I used split-timer in mobile phones to do so and then analyzed in which type of questions I am utilizing more time. This helped me manage my time better.


Since Mains is only 2 months away, I request all those who are writing Mains to start writing answers religiously.

  1. Write at least 3 answers daily.
  2. Evaluate yourself – dont wait for others feedback.
  3. Be brutal while evaluating your own answer.
  4. Compare Your Answer with other’s answer and see what extra or new they have done.
  5. Make Notes from the answer. In my view, such notes are the best notes for mains.

Also, we can have a answer writing Live Session (especially for beginners and for those writing mains for the first time) so that you can have a fair idea.

Till then keep writing and keep practicing.


Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing Copy

Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips

Be Brutal

Be Brutal when you evaluate yourself. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Just an example of how brutal I used to be with my answers.

My comments read – waste, poor, too much space used, dull, repeat etc…

Pen used by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Pen used by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper
3 mahine ki mehnat…
All the inks have been drained out.

Motivational tips by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
Some remarks on my answer copies… BE BRUTAL as you can.

What is the best law optional coaching institute in Delhi?

My answer would be Self-Study from college notes and basic books.

With the coaching institutes, there are 2 types of problems:
1. Inclination towards Judicial Services – Many Judiciary coachings have started their UPSC CSE coachings also. So, their approach is not specifically for CSE and hence, many a times, they miss the point.
2. Inadequate Test Series & Meta Material – They done the students with huge amount of material and still many institutes dont provide test series and the ones which provide fall short of quality and timely checking.

Hence, it is my view that one should do self-study for law, after all you have already studied law in your law school and can easily tackle the law questions.

Vasu Jain UPSC Topper
Vasu Jain UPSC OMR sheets
My 60-day plan answer sheet for prelims practise.

Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
Such diagrams can be used in GS 4.
Source – Twitter se uthaya hai.


By Vasu Jain, AIR 67 – CSE 2020


1. What Are The Myths Associated With Law (3 M) 1

2. Why Study Law Optional 2

3. Where To Study For Law From – Booklist (3 B) 2

4. How To Study For Law Optional (3 P) 3


AIR 67, UPSC CSE 2020

B.Sc. LL.B., Gujarat National Law University

268 = 131 + 137

262 = 123 + 139

• All India Rank

• Qualification

• Law Optional Score

• Last Year’s Score


3 M = Marks, Material and Misplaced Focus

1. Marks – Law is low scoring optional.

a. I know people who have score 290+, 280+ in 2020. So, I don’t think law

optional doesn’t reward your efforts.

2. Material – Not enough material is available for this optional.

a. Books, notes and guidance is readily available. Also, various toppers have

shared their notes and strategy here: b. Moreover, I have also shared my notes on my telegram channel


3. Misplaces Focus – Coaching Institutes primarily focus on judicial services exams.

a. Why go for coaching when you have already studied law for 5 years! I

personally don’t understand the need for coaching in law for law students.



1. Aptitude – 5 Years Efforts

a. You have studies law for 5 years and have been surrounded by legal talks and

legal texts, so, you have acquired familiarity with the subject.

2. Opportunity Cost with other Optional

a. Other Optional would require atleast 2 months to develop the basics which you

already have in law (if you have studied law)

3. Benefitin GS Preparation

a. Especially the polity part and GS II paper. Eg. The question in 2019 Mains

examination with respect to federal supremacy and legislative lists.


3B = Books, Bare Acts and Basic Notes

• Firstly, keep the sources simple and easy. Pick a light book and don’t go for heavy and bulky books. They are neither required from the exam point of view, nor do you have that much time and energy.


o Dukki type book for Constitutional Law, Administrative law, International law.

o Bangia type books for Law of Contracts, Law of Torts.

o Kulshrestha type book for Law of Crimes.

o Online sources for CLD, Partnership, Sales of Goods Act etc.

Bare Acts

o Very very important, especially for CLD and smaller topics like partnership act.

Basic College Notes

o If possible, refer to your college notes for clarity and understanding but don’t cram them unlike college days.


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3P = Prepare, Practice and Predict

1. Prepare Notes

a. Make detailed notes in the beginning, so that you can understand what you have

written even after 4 months. Write all important things.

b. Make crisp & to-the-point notes from your detailed notes for quick revision.

These notes mainly contain the authorities. See this:

c. Example, see my notes on ‘Attempt’ under “Stages of Crimes” .

i. Image I – detailed digital notes; Image II – crisp handwritten notes.

Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips


Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips
Vasu Jain UPSC Answer Writing tips

2. Practice Answer Writing

a. Write answers on Previous Year Questions. If you cant write, atleast brainstorm

b. Review your answer yourself from your notes and sources and see what more

can be added in your answer.

c. Try to add Act numbers, Case Citations along with case name, if possible.

3. Predict Questions

a. That can be done by seeing a pattern in the previous year papers.

b. Many times, same questions are repeated verbatim.

All the Very Best.



Learning from LBSNAA Training

Learning from LBSNAA Training
Dear all,
Greetings for the day.
Hope you all are doing good. I am communicating with you after a long time. Well, We have completed one week at the LBSNAA and I would like to share some good things with you here.
Punctuality – Here at LBSNAA, they are very particular about reaching in time. 8 AM means 7:55 sharp. This brings in respect for time.
Always be Ready – Even for lunch or dinner we need to be in formals. Irrespective of the PT timings, we have to be in formals for any engagement.
Respect Everyone – Irrespective of the status (teacher or staff member), we should respect and greet everyone. Even to dilute the service boundaries, we are discouraged to ask each other’s services.
Journalling – A habit that should be developed. We will be assigned marks for our daily journal.
Physical Activity – We have to participate in at least one physical activity for an hour each day.
Finally, never forget the motto of the Academy – Sheelam Param Bhushan.


So, here are some academic learnings in the first week of LBSNAA. These you can easily use in your answers

1. Popatrao Pawar – Awarded Padam Shree for village (Hiware Bazar in Maharastra) development through good leadership and community participation.

2. Javaid Tak – Awarded Padam Shree for work for the disabled. He himself is wheel-chair ridden and has shown great empathy towards differently-abled citizens.

3. Heah Held High – An NGO which is “transforming” lives (and not just training) of rural youth to empower them to participate in labour force.

4. Ed-Tech – Focus should not just be on technology but also on education – quality education. “Access to quality” + “quality of access”.

5. Nature v. Nurture debate is not that relevant. Nature has its own role though genetics but nurture can affect the functioning of the gene itself. So, the nurture part is more important.
Explaining this point – Genes are like a fan. But will the fan run itself? No. You need to switch it on. And the switching on is done by the nurture and external factors. For example, suppose you have a lung cancer gene. But if there is no air pollution, all good air, will this gene express itself? This is the new field of EPIGENETICS.

Optional last minute Preparation Strategy by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper


Hope you are all prepared for the optional exam. Utilize these 4 days for the best revision.

Remember 2-3 case laws for each section. Do learn up the section numbers and you are good to go.

As soon as any question comes, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Link it to which section the question has been asked from. Know that questions are asked syllabus-wise. While PIL is there is in both the papers, but the approach differs.
  2. Recall the case laws and section numbers to that topic.
  3. Present your knowledge in a good and informative way. I tried writing citations of the cases as well and sometimes, even wrote the names of the judges. But dont go on remembering judges names and citations now, if you have not done that so far.

All the very best 💪

Hope the JOSH is very High.All the very Best for tomorrow’s exam.Just a few tips, 1. Decide the questions to attempt in advance.2. Dont write more than 3 cases in an answer.3. Try to be innovative in answers.


Importance of writing in UPSC CSE Exam by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper


Hope you are doing good!

One thing I want to share about preparation which I realized after this prelims is the importance of WRITING OFF.

We all are aware about bank write off loans. We also know the reason – to shed of unuseful liability. So, why cant we implement me in our strategy.

WRITE OFF the things which look difficult to cover in the limited amount of time. WRITE OFF the parts which are not cost-effective given the time constraint.


Because when the exam is on the door, along side syllabus, you need Mental Peace. You need calmness and not anxiety about the pending syllabus/revisions.

So, just write-off some topics to get the calmness of mind on the day of the exam.

All the Best.

Secret tips for UPSC CSE by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Dear All,


  1. Whenever You are reading anything, YOU MAKE NOTES.
  2. From tomorrow onwards, Daily write ATLEAST 3 Answers. And answer writing means writing answer + reading 3-5 answers + evaluation. Also, make notes from that, if possible.
  3. In evaluating answers, use 2 pens. Use Red pen for your markings and use Green pen for writing or highlighting something which you want yourself to remember and revise before the exams.


Motivational Post by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Vasu Jain UPSC Topper Motivation
Those who want to prepare for UPSC CSE v. Those who actually prepare for the Civil Services Examination. So, dont worry about the competition. Just worry about your performance and consistency.Cheers and All the Best


An Important Tip for this Exam, especially Prelims

Today, I participated in a quiz and there was this question to which almost none of us knew the answer of,

QUESTION: Who was the First PM to attend the Davos Conference?

Think. Try to answer before reading further. 

No, the answer is not Sh. Narendra Modi. I am sure most of you won’t be knowing the correct answer, but that is not the point.

I want you to CONNECT. Connect things.
What does WEF or Davos represent?
Again think. Think about the fundamentals of WEF. WEF represents an Open Economy.
Now, tell me who was the first PM to attend the conference representing the Open Economy.

PS. Sometimes, the answer might still be different. But, I emphasize, this is the type of reasoning and logical connection you need to build.

Cheers and All the Best ✌

View on Coaching institute by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

I have been asked why I loathe these settled coaching institutes.
The reason is self-evident, I guess. The first answer-sheet contains the evaluation by Forum and it is nothing but a farce show.
The same answers have been evaluated by me and are there in the second PDF.

This is the reason I say that none of you should rely on external evaluation. They have made it a dhanda and once their market is set, their quality denigrates heavily. For them, its just a copy, for you its your attempt.

Dont rely on these coachings. Evaluate yourself and improve.


Secret Answer writing strategy by Vasu Jain UPSC Topper

Sharing a sample answer evaluation. It is my humble submission to all of you to do detailed evaluation and not just read model answer and move forward.

1. How can I re-structure my answer in basis of the question.
2. Can I bring some innovation or better presentation form?
3. How to use my existing knowledge in a better way?
4. Are my Intro-Conclusion good?
5. What are the things which I know and can be used in the answer but I couldnot write them. Also, see why this is happening.

All the Best!

For those writing mains, use this time to write answer and test series. Dont shy away from emptying your pens on answer sheets.

Cheers and All the Best.

For all those who are appeared for Mains Examination

Now, you must be feeling relaxed and you should be. You have given your best and now, its your turn to relax a little. I say a little because most of us, just spend the next 2-3 months doing nothing and waiting for the results. Well, that is one approach to relax but I suggest you to do something. So something apart from UPSC preparation cycle.

You can:
1. Book reading – random book
2. Make YT videos
3. Take up a hobby
4. Spending time on quality things.
5. Basic computer skills. Can learn new softwares like MS, PowerBI.
6. Work on your Communications Ski
7. Or Any New Skill like Dance, Painting etc.
8. Or Take up voluntary teaching.
9. Go and do Vipassana

Do anything what you like but do. Dont just sit idle.
Also, these 2-3 months is a very good time period to improve your answer writing. Hopefully, all of you (those reading the message) get shortlisted for the Personality Test, but still, it is advisable to work on your answer writing skill.

So, do spend these 2-3 months while enjoying, learning and improving.

Cheers and All the Best 💪