Veena Gupta (IAS) Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Family, & More

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The most effective form of incentive is that which results from expert counsel. This information on Veenu Gupta’s IAS journey is provided for those of you who are studying for the exam. With her perseverance, Veenu Gupta IAS Rajasthan has accomplished amazing milestones. The biography and IAS success story of Veenu Gupta are both included in this article.

Veena Gupta IAS biography

Veenu Gupta, IAS Biography Rajasthan

Senior bureaucrat Veenu Gupta comes from Rajasthan in India. She is a member of the 1987 batch of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and has held a number of important posts in the Rajasthani government. She held the position of Principal Secretary for Health, Medical, and Family Welfare in Rajasthan, where she was instrumental in the execution of numerous health programmes. In Rajasthan, she has also held the positions of Principal Secretary for Rural Development and Secretary for Tourism, Art, and Culture.

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Veena Gupta IAS Booklist

Gupta has received widespread acclaim for her work in public service. She has won a number of honours, including the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration in 2007, the National e-Governance Award in 2011–12, and the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours in 2013. Gupta is well renowned for her e-governance knowledge, and she was instrumental in Rajasthan’s e-governance programmes’ execution.

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Veena Gupta IAS

Gupta participates in a number of social activities in addition to her administrative responsibilities. She is the creator of the non-profit organisation “Nirbhaya,” which promotes the welfare of women and children. She has also held a position on the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur Board of Trustees.

Veenu Gupta IAS has contributed significantly to Rajasthan’s public service overall and is well-known for her ability to lead and excel in a variety of fields.

Success of Veenu Gupta in the IAS

Veena Gupta IAS family

An experienced official with a distinguished career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Veenu Gupta IAS is a bureaucrat. She has held a number of important roles in the Rajasthani administration and has received praise for her work in the community.

Gupta’s achievement is the result of his perseverance, passion, and dedication to public service. She passed the Civil Services Exam in 1987, making her eligible to join the IAS, one of India’s most prominent and competitive civil services. In Dholpur, Rajasthan, she began her job as an assistant collector and gradually through the ranks.

Gupta has served in the Rajasthan government in a number of important capacities throughout the years, including Principal Secretary for Health, Medical & Family Welfare, Principal Secretary for Rural Development, and Secretary of Tourism, Art, and Culture. She has been well acknowledged for her skills in e-governance and has played a significant part in the execution of numerous health and rural development projects in Rajasthan.

Veena Gupta IAS age

The success of Gupta is also a story of creativity and vision. She has played a key role in putting into practise several e-governance initiatives in Rajasthan, which have aided in enhancing government services and raising transparency. Additionally, she has been actively involved in a number of social causes, such as the formation of the NGO “Nirbhaya,” which promotes the welfare of women and children.

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In general, Veenu Gupta IAS serves as a role model for many people, particularly women, who want to make a difference in the field of public service. Her achievement provides as proof that one may achieve great heights in life with perseverance, hard effort, and a dedication to public service.

UPSC Preparation Strategy by Veena Gupta IAS

Veena Gupta IAS husband

One of the most prestigious exams in India is the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), and candidates must study hard to pass it. Here are some advice for preparing for the UPSC:

Get a firm grasp of the exam format and syllabus before you begin. To gain a sense of the questions asked, examine the papers from past years.

Keep up with current events and problems by routinely reading newspapers and current affairs periodicals.

Put your attention on developing a solid foundation in essential ideas and information in areas like history, geography, economy, politics, and science and technology.

Consult reputable study guides and textbooks that have been approved by professionals in the industry.

To better comprehend the exam format and to pinpoint weak areas, take practise exams and work through old question papers.

Veena Gupta IAS posting

Create a study plan and follow it. Give yourself enough time for practise and review.

Practise composing essays, answers, and other types of communication needed for the exam. Develop good writing skills.

Remain disciplined and driven during the period of preparation.

Enrol in an excellent coaching programme or take online courses to receive direction and help from professionals.

Finally, on the exam day, maintain your composure, calm, and confidence. Have confidence in your skills and abilities.

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