Ishita Kishore have got 54.02% marks in the UPSC civil services exam

Ishita Kishore have got a total score of 1,094, with 193 points in the personality round and 901 points in the written exam.

She chose International Relations and Political Science (PSIR) as her optional subjects.

In the Essay paper (Paper I), Ishita Kishore scored 137 marks.

For General Studies I, Ishita Kishore achieved 121 marks.

In General Studies II, Ishita secured a score of 130 marks.

While in General Studies III, she obtained 88 marks.

Her performance in General Studies IV  was superb, with a marks of 112.

In Political Science & International Relations Paper 1, she have got 147 marks.

In PSIR Optional Paper 2, her score is 166.