Census Town, Freight Village : Definition | UPSC Notes

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  • Census Town —
    • It is not statutorily notified and administered as a town, but nevertheless whose population has attained urban characteristics.
    • Population exceeds 5,000.
    • At least 75% of male main working population is employed outside the agricultural sector.
    • Density of 400 person per sq. Km
  • Freight Village — 
    • A ‘Freight Village’ is a specialised industrial estate which attracts companies that require logistics services and can cluster to improve their competitiveness.
    • This will allow relocation of retailers, warehouse operators and logistics service providers supplying the regional FMCG market.
    • Due to its proximity to the main city, it will serve as a distribution centre and as a point of transfer between long distance transport by truck, rail and waterway and short distance distribution with delivery vans. ‘Freight Village’ includes an inter-modal terminal, which facilitates integration between different modes of transport
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