Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20
  • FTP aims to increase India’s exports to US$900 billion by 2019-20.
Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 for UPSC
Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS) –

• Earlier export promotion schemes have been merged into MEIS.

• Notified goods exported to notified markets will be incentivized.

• Countries have been grouped into 3 categories for grant of incentives – Traditional Markets, Emerging and Focus markets and Other Markets

Service Export From India Scheme (SEIS) –

• The SEIS applies to ‘service providers located in India’ instead of ‘Indian service providers’.

• Provides for incentives to all service providers of notified services who are providing services from India

• The rates of incentivization under the SEIS are based on net foreign exchange earned.

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