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SANDEEP KUMAR upsc rank 24 biography

Interview in first attempt, became IPS in second, now Madhubani’s Lal Sandeep becomes IAS

This time, the Bihar young are clearly in charge according to the UPSC results. Sandeep Kumar Jha’s name is also on this list; he lives in the Tardiha hamlet in the Madhepur block of Madhubani. Sandeep, who is undergoing IPS training, has this time been ranked 24th.

By passing the UPSC exam, Lal of the Madhepur block in the Bihar district of Madhubani has given honour to the area. Sandeep Kumar Jha, a citizen of Madhepur block’s Tardiha village, placed 24th in the Civil Services Examination. His third effort was this one. He is presently receiving IPS training at Hyderabad’s National Police Academy. Sandeep made it to the interview on his first try. After that, he was chosen for IPS after placing 186th on his second attempt. Although this time, his ambition of becoming an IAS is coming true.

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Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
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Suman Kumar Jha, the father of Sandeep Kumar Jha, manages the contracts. Mother Sunayana Devi is a domestic worker. Sandeep completed his fifth grade schooling in the village of Tardiha. He graduated from Navodaya Vidyalaya Madhubani in 2012, in contrast.

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He successfully completed his 12th grade year at the Indian Public School of Madhubani in 2014. IIT, on the other hand, successfully passed the test in 2014. Sandeep has a strong passion for mathematics, according to Suman Kumar Jha. Maths was another of his Civil Services Examination optional subjects. It was also mentioned that Pallavi Jha, Sandeep’s sister-in-law, is a software engineer and that their older brother Sudhakar Jha works as an engineer with L&T Company.

Sandeep stated that his ultimate objective was to become an IAS, therefore after being accepted into the IPS programme, he retook the UPSC test while putting in a lot of preparation and effort. This time, luck played a role in his selection for the IAS. Along with his entire family—father Suman Kumar Jha, mother Sunayana Devi, brother Sudhakar Jha, sister-in-law Pallavi Jha, and grandmother Parvati Devi—he attributes his achievement to God. Success can be attained even after training or while working, according to Sandeep. Simply studying with a purpose in mind is best.