Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Riots, Sachar Committee Recommendations | UPSC Notes

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Muslims in India

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Riots

  1. Issue of portrait to MA Jinnah 
  2. Issue of giving reservations to the SC/ST community as per the constitution — A.15(5)
  3. AMU as per SCs directives — is NOT a minority educational institute | A stay order on Allahabad Court’s verdict by SC to maintain status quo | sub-judice matter
  4. University is under AMU Act, 1981 

Sachar Committee Recommendations

  1. Affirmative action for specific sub-sects of Muslim communities. 
  2. Increase the employment share of muslims in public dealing jobs. 
  3. Facilitiate access to the normal colleges, universities for the most backward minorities 
  4. Provide financial and other incentive to occupations overburdened by muslims 
  5. Recognise degree of madrasas as eligibility in defence, civil & banking exams
  6. Hostel facilities at reasonable cost for minorities students 
  7. Include the importance of diversity, plurality and sensitising towards Muslims in teachers’ training 
  8. Open high quality Urdu medium schools wherever they are in demand 
  9. Increased participation of minorities and particularly muslims in commercial banks 
  10. Set up National Wakf Development Corporation
Sachar Committee Recommendations upsc
Sachar Committee report UPSC
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