23 Best website for UPSC Preparation 2023 | UPSC CSE Website

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Best website for UPSC Preparation

In this part, I’ll show you the full list of the best websites for preparing for the UPSC exam.

To prepare for the Civil Service Examination (CSE), you need to study both offline and online. Once upon a time, the only way to learn was through books. Now, there are so many different ways to learn.

There are a lot of good places to learn on the Internet. But you need to pay attention to the best website for your planning as you look at information about them.

There are many sites on the Internet, but if we focus on just one website, it will be very helpful and meet your needs. You can’t be a waste of time. By time wasters, we mean things like games and news stories that don’t matter.

Online learning is the best way to get information about education today, and the online information database is always being updated. This makes it a great way to study for the CSE and other exams.

It’s important to know which is the best and most useful tool for preparing for IAS.

I’ve seen that when a candidate is just starting out, he doesn’t know which websites to follow and read every day and which ones to read every now and then.

So, here is a complete list of the Best websites for UPSC Preparation and also useful websites for UPSC IAS preparation. These websites cover almost every part of preparing for the Civil Services Exam (CSE): the Prelims, the Mains, and the Interview.

So, you don’t have to go to any other site to find the same information.

So, let’s look at the list as a whole.

The best source for preparing for the UPSC

IAS Bio, Exammap, Vision IAS (visionias.in) Drishti IAS (drishtiias.com) Next IAS (nextias.com) Insightsonindia (insightsonindia.com)

• Mrunal (mrunal.org)

• Byjus IAS (byjus.com)

• IAS Parliament (iasparliament.com)

• Pmfias (pmfias.com)

• Study IQ (studyiq.com)

• Unacademy (unacademy.com)

Only IAS (onlyias.com) and Clear IAS (clearias.com).

• IAS Baba (iasbaba.com)

• IAS Score (iasscore.in)

• Dhyeyaias (dhyeyaias.com)

• Afe Ias (afeias.com)

• GKToday (gktoday.in)

• Samajho Learning (www.samajho.com)

• Vajiramandravi (vajiramandravi.com)

• IASexamportal (iasexamportal.com)

• Forum IAS

• Civilsdaily

Guys, There are many other useful websites and blogs for IAS study, but we tried to limit ourselves to the most important one for UPSC preparation. To be honest, this list is too long for you to get ready for. You can’t go to all of these places every day because you have a lot of other work to do as well.

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Guys, we’ll only tell you about a few important IAS study websites, which should be enough for your UPSC preparation.

1. IAS Bio

2. Insightsonindia

3. Vision IAS

4. Drishti IAS

5. The next IAS

6. Byjus IAS

7. Mrunal

Aside from that, you can only choose one or two websites based on how you study for exams.


The best YouTube sites for preparing for the UPSC

Since there is so much information on YouTube, it is hard to find information that is useful and correct. From all the YouTube feeds out there, it is important to get rid of the useless information and focus on the good sources.

Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for UPSC training, to help all the people who want to get into the IAS.

• Sansad TV (RSTV)

• Amit Sengupta

• OnlyIAS

• Byjus IAS

• Mrunal Patel

• Target UPSC

• Bookstawa

• RaghukulCS

• UnderStand UPSC

• EdSarrthi IAS by Varun Jain

• Unacademy


• StudyIQ

• Forum IAS

• Vajiram and Ravi

• News on AIR

• Atish Mathur

• Anshuman Rajhans

• Mu

Choose just a few YouTube sites to help you get ready. Stick to it, because if you spend hours online, you won’t want to learn from books as much.

There are so many things to do on the internet that a person who wants to get into the UPSC can’t do. Books are better than the Internet.


The best website for UPSC news section is

In the current situation, the importance of current events has grown in the same way that critical questions have become more important. Last year’s paper, which asked a lot of straight questions about current events, gives an idea of how uncertain it is.

Recent events can’t be ignored because of how important they are. Most of the CSE paper is dynamic, so it is obvious that current events will be important. To do this, just focus on the best website that covers all current problems from a static point of view. These are the best websites to check for all the latest news about UPSC, UPSC Quiz, Test Series, all notifications, and UPSC news.

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• Insightsonindia • Vision IAS

• Drishti IAS • Byjus IAS • IAS Parliament

Current events are an important part of all three steps of the UPSC preparation process. Focus on the best Current Affairs website that has all the information you need in one place.

Current Affairs covers a wide range of issues that sometimes overlap with static subjects like History, Politics, Economics, and Geography, and more often with dynamic subjects like the environment, science, and technology. Since then, it has become hard to put questions under a certain heading or theme.


UPSC’s main website is upsc.gov.in. UPSC Online is located at upsconline.nic.in.


Government sources for preparing for the UPSC

There are a lot of Government websites that can help you prepare for the UPSC. Here are some of the most-visited websites.

1. www.ncert.nic.in – Get all NCERT texts as PDF files.

2. Download NIOS Online Materials at nios.ac.in.

3. Download IGNOU Books at egyankosh.ac.in.

4. yojana.gov.in – Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.

5. The official UPSC site is upsc.gov.in.

6. e-PG Pathshala is a programme run by the UGC on behalf of the MHRD’s National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT).

7. The Press Information Bureau’s website, pib.nic.in, has news about the government.

8. prsindia.org is a site run by PRS that lets you keep track of bills in Parliament.

9. The IDSA site for Defence and Foreign Relations is at idsa.in.

10. gatewayhouse.in is the website for the Indian Council for Global Relations.

11. The Ministry of Environment and Forests can be found at envfor.nic.in.

12. The Ministry of External Affairs is found at mea.gov.in.

13. Download the Budget and Economic Survey from indiabudget.gov.in.

14. Press Trust of India (ptinews.com).

15. The India Brand Equity Foundation for business and the economy is at ibef.org.

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16. vikaspedia.in is an effort by InDG to spread knowledge.

17. Makeinindia.com has information about manufacturing linked to the Make in India initiative.

18. Department of Atomic Energy (dae.gov.in)

19. isro.gov.in is the site for the Indian space research organization’s Department of Space.

20. ccrtindia.gov.in – To get ready for art and culture

21. indiaculture.nic.in – For art and culture training

22. orfonline.org: To learn about international relations

23. lawmin.gov.in is the official website of India’s Ministry of Law. It has a lot of knowledge about politics that can help people who want to get into politics.

24. The official site for the Five Year Plan, economic reports, and strategies can be found at niti.gov.in.

CCRT- MATERIAL 1. http://ccrtindia.gov.in/visualarts.php

2. http://ccrtindia.gov.in/performingart.php

3. http://ccrtindia.gov.in/literaryarts.php


The best source for preparing for the UPSC in Hindi

Here is a list of the best sites for IAS Hindi candidates to prepare for the UPSC in Hindi –

1. Drishti IAS

2. Dhyeya IAS

3. HindiArise

4. AFE IAS: This website has things like “Life Management,” “Daily Audio Lecture,” “AIR News,” “All News Clipping,” etc.

5. Jagran Josh

All of the government pages listed above

IAS Toppers Blogs

1. thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com

2. lohitmatani.wordpress.com

3. jhinujha.wordpress.com

4. irasinghal.blogspot.in

5. unravellingcse.wordpress.com

6. anudeepdurishetty.in

7. demystifycse.in ________________________________________

Guys, you can also suggest useful websites for UPSC study and Toppers Blogs, and they will be added if they have good materials.