Hominid Fossil Sites in India | UPSC Notes

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• The fossil record of hominids is one of the most well-known and thorough of any mammal. An ancient Homo sapiens fossil from Hathnora on the Narmada River, near the famous palaeolithic site at Hoshangabad, is the oldest fossil of a human in South Asia.

Hominid Fossil Sites


• A village in Sehore district, MP, that is on the north side of the river Narmada.

• Arun Sonakia found a fossilised piece of a skull cap, fossils of animals, and tools from the Acheulean period.

• The piece of brain belonged to a woman who was about 30 years old and was an advanced Homo erectus.

• A. R. Sankhyan found a human collar bone, fossils of animals, and tools from the Palaeolithic period.

• Two sets of fossilised bones from a woman may be from the same person.

• Dates guessed:- 0.5 to 0.2 mya.


Odai is in the Tamil Nadu district of Villupuram. P. Rajendran found the fossilised head of a human baby from the middle or upper Pleistocene.

The fossilised baby head is 1.66 million years old. It is the first human fossil ever found in ferricrete. Rajendran found it while digging in a trench that had upper palaeolithic tools in the upper levels and microliths in the lower levels.


Pune is a district of Maharashtra.

• H. D. Sankalia and S. N. Sharma found the upper and lower jaws of an adult male and female Homo sapiens.

It is on the bank of the Mula-Mutha river. No one knows how old it is.

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V. S. Wakankar found an adult male in a cave at Bhimbetka. Bhimbetka is in the Raisen area of the state of Madhya Pradesh.No one knows how old it is.