44th rank in UPSC: Bihar’s Tushar turned out to be true, Haryana’s Tushar is fake, MP’s Ayesha Makrani also turned out to be false

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The dispute regarding the claim on the 44th rank in the UPSC examination has now been resolved by the UPSC. UPSC made it clear that Tushar of Bhagalpur, Bihar is right and he has actually brought 44 rank in UPSC. On the other hand, a forgery case will be filed against Tushar of Haryana (Rewari). Tushar, a resident of Rewari, Haryana, tried to cheat by editing the admit card. Now his pole has been exposed.

Haryana’s Tushar failed in the preliminary examination itself

Tushar Kumar of Haryana was issued roll number 2208860. But he failed in the preliminary examination itself. Minus 22.89 marks were obtained in that first paper. And in the second paper, 44.73 marks were obtained. According to UPSC rules, only those who score at least 66 marks in Paper II are considered passed.

The forgery was done by editing the admit card

Tushar Kumar of Rewari, Haryana had committed forgery by editing the admit card. He edited the roll number itself and put the roll number of Tushar who passed. Then started claiming that he is the rightful owner of 44th rank of UPSC.

Bihar’s Tushar Kumar had already said that Haryana’s Tushar is fake

After the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) result was declared, Tushar Kumar of Bihar and Haryana claimed that it was his result at 44th rank. One Tushar is a resident of Bhagalpur district of Bihar, while the other Tushar Kumar is a resident of Rewari district of Haryana. On the other hand, Tushar, a resident of Bhagalpur (Bihar), had already called Tushar of Rewari (Haryana) fake. He said that the admit card of Tushar Kumar from Haryana is fake.

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Tushar Kumar of Rewari missing since Thursday, phone also switched off
Tushar of Rewari went out of the house since Thursday saying that he is going to check whose roll number is correct. And after some time his phone also started coming off. Can’t even contact family members.

MP’s Ayesha Makrani turned out to be a liar

Actually, this case is related to Ayesha Fatima of Dewas in Madhya Pradesh and Ayesha Makrani of Alirajpur. After the controversy surfaced, when the admit cards of both were seen, some mistakes were seen in the admit card of Alirajpur’s Ayesha. Firstly, there is a water mark of UPSC on the admit card of Dewas’s Ayesha, while the admit card of Alirajpur’s Ayesha looks like a print out on plain paper. Ayesha Makrani could not pass the preliminary examination itself. Due to failure in the preliminary examination stage itself, she could not proceed to the next stages of examination.

UPSC will take action

The UPSC issued a statement on Friday saying that both Ayesha Makrani and Tushar acted contrary to the examination rules. UPSC is considering criminal and disciplinary punitive action against both of them for fraudulent acts.