Jayant Nahata IAS Biography, UPSC Marksheet, Age, Notes

Jayant Nahata IAS

Jayant Nahata IAS Biography

Brief Intro and Journey

I was Born in Kolkata, May, 1995. Brought Up in Delhi
Did Schooling from GDSPS, Delhi

IIT Delhi 2013-18
B Tech and M Tech in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Elected General Secretary, Student Affairs Council, IIT D

Represented India at World Cup, Johannesburg, South Africa for Smokeless Cookstove Project (Aanch)

Summer Research at ENS Paris, France, 2016
Consulting Intern, Nomura (NRI), 2017

Startup Experience at GoComet, Mumbai (after 2019 CSE Mains)

GATE AIR 182, 2017
AIR 298, CSE 2019
AIR 56, CSE 2020

Interview scores:
:198 in CSE 2019 (PK Joshi sir Board)
:195 in CSE 2020 (Sathyavathy ma’am Board)

Hobbies – Reading Non Fiction Books, Travelling, Vipassana, Journaling

UPSC Prelims Preparation Strategy by Jayant Nahata IAS

For this year’s Prelims students

  1. Priority Focus on revision of all fact based topics and topics like Modern History factoids, Envt Parks/EN animals, Geography River/Mountain/Lakes etc
  2. Keep calm, maintain your routine, if it includes exercises/meditation then better
  3. Give 1-2 last UPSC papers to get into mode
  4. Don’t give any more difficult test series
  5. Be confident of your preparation and don’t seek any more content

Believe in yourself and you’ll ace the Prelims on that D Day. Now, your confidence, mood, state of mind is more important than content. So do everything to improve the former!

Sorry guys, I have been travelling. Will find my laptop soon and upload my notes, tests etc here.

All the very best for Prelims on 10th October. Know that you can and will crack the exam.

Maintain your composure, sleep cycle and confidence these last few days, and you will ace it.

Many of the aspirants have reached out to me to seek guidance/tips. So I thought of two ways ->

  1. For Common Doubts – I will take a live chat session on Instagram today ie 6 pm, 17th October at my id – jayant.nahata.ias

Anyone interested can join in and comment their doubts.

  1. For Individual Doubts – Please book your slot on my calendar on either today or tomorrow any time on the link given here. We can have a Google meet/call session (only for CSE 2021 mains appearing candidates).

Thanks and all the very best!

These notes might help you as a guide but I’ll suggest not to see them as replacement to your notes. And least of all, don’t be intimidated by them as even I was not able to revise them fully.

I wish you all the very best for a successful Mains preparation for CSE 2021 and beyond.

Two quick suggestions to address above conclusions

  1. For planning your days till D Day – Have 37-27-17 days revision plan for 3 full GS/Optional revisions till Mains. That is 37 days for first revision and so on..
  2. For Time Mgmt – I used to keep a stopwatch and log hours on an excel to track average hours and trend over time. Helped to stay on track even after a bad day. Try maintaining around 9-10 hours average till Mains. Could be less/more for some.

Jayant Nahata IAS Study Room

Jayant Nahata IAS Study Room
My study desk for preparation! Checklist :-
✅ The stopwatch (for channeling hardwork),
✅ Time table (for strategy) and
✅ Quotes (to motivate)

I would recommend everyone to keep it very simple for Mains preparation ->

Revise your notes, Write tests regularly, Improve based on feedback and Repeat!

Jayant Nahata IAS Marksheet

Jayant Nahata IAS Marksheet
Marksheet for CSE 2019 –
Got AIR 298

Jayant Nahata IAS Marksheet

Jayant Nahata IAS Marksheet
Marksheet for CSE 2020

Jayant Nahata UPSC PSIR Optional Notes

I’m uploading all my PSIR Notes of all 4 sections here. These are the final concise notes that I made and referred to finally for my exams.

It has been built with Shubhra Maam’s notes as base and has additions from all the books (v selectively read most) I referred in last 3 years -> OP Gauba 1a, Oxford Handbook for 1b, Fadia, Heywood for 2a, VR Khanna for 2a, David Malone 2b, Vibhor Sir notes etc.

I’m repeating that I only read these books v selectively and not cover to cover so don’t start buying more materials than you already have esp for coming CSE Mains!

Thank you and please do share the channel or notes with people you think can benefit. All the best.

Jayant Nahata IAS Time Management Techniques

My Time management Technique
I used excels to track hours I studied (measured with stopwatch) over the long horizon (for consistency). These are my Excel sheets.


1. How after a dip in hours, my instinct was to get back on track over next 1-2 days
2. The yellow marked cells are days where I was embarassed to log hours (eg when I did only 2-4 hours of study) because they would skew my Excel. Such days were few and far between.
3. How average is around 8-9 hours but it’s avg over time so difficult to achieve.
4. How no one has a good day consistently. We have bad days of studying but it’s important to get back on track asap.

Jayant Nahata IAS Timetable

I have such excels based tracking done almost consistently over the last 3 years. I think this is my “Secret Sauce” of consistently improving over every attempt -> Clearing prelims 3/3 times, securing ranks in two attempts and clearing even forest prelims and mains* this year. (*Didn’t give forest interview as CSE results came earlier)

It may seem a lot, but frankly it took just 5 minutes to enter each day’s data in excel and see my daily progress. It helped me tremendously to see the excel graph line move upwards as it boosted my confidence and when the line moved downwards on a bad day, it pushed me to discipline myself more for the next days to keep my average hours above a certain level.

Jayant Nahata UPSC Marksheet

Jayant Nahata IAS Marksheet
30 marks above cutoff.
CSE 2020 Prelims marksheet released today (for those that cleared forest prelims too).

UPSC Mains Preparation Strategy by Jayant Nahata IAS

Strategy and answer writing session
I had taken a 4 hour strategy and answer writing session (paper wise) with a student group.
Sharing some portion here in some time.

Pro tip (for mains)
Plan a mock practise of paper cycle ~20 days before final exam (ie 15-20th December). It will include Essay on 1st day, GS1/2 on 2nd and GS3/4 on 3rd day. You can also go one step ahead and do optional papers after 4 days from this Mock cycle.

Remember, studying is almost done by now, need to prepare yourself to complete papers in time/exam envt and revise now. No new material, Nothing new!

This mock/simulation strategy has helped me greatly in last two attempts.

I know many of you would feel ill prepared for a full mock just 15 days from now, but trust me you’ll feel like that all the time. It’s important to not skip this simulation whether you are in 1st or 6th attempt.

Winter warning
(seems trivial but it’s the most significant for D Day performance for Mains)

  1. Be prepared with ultra thin warm clothes/inners which are not hindering you with writing fast.
  2. Many exam centres require students to remove shawls/gloves/headgear, so be prepared for that
  3. Carry warm water
  4. Lastly, practise a little in simulating final day environment (exam hall doesn’t have heaters and exam is in January that too in Delhi!). But don’t risk getting cold/fever before exams during such simulation.

2 weeks to D Day!

All the best to everyone giving Mains. Keep calm, be confident about yourself and your preparation and give your best on the D Days!

Focus on revision and covering as much of the syllabus as wide as possible and don’t go in depth of 1 particular topic.

Jayant Nahata IAS Booklist

Jayant Nahata IAS Booklist
I read 24 books this past year

Jayant Nahata IAS Prelims Notes
At Sabarmati Ashram, looks Prelims worthy!

23% (of ~5000 who voted) feeling confident to crack cse is a great number!

Those who are disappointed (25%) with low test scores, I and most toppers can empathise as we all had pathetic scores in one or multiple tests. Take cue from your mistakes, improve on them and keep working hard and smart. If you perservere through this ‘Dip’ (also the name of the book I’m reading right now based on this phenomenon), the rewards are outstanding, that I can assure you all.

If you are not able to perform despite working hard, you are most probably lacking the right strategy/approach and are not working smart. Know the syllabus, be pincer focused on it. Prioritise topics, find good mentors to guide you closely, write/attempt mocks more and try to better your skills each time – compounding of little improvements over time is the game changer.

Jayant Nahata IAS Motivational Post
An excerpt from the book. Re read it and think whether you are the mediocre kind or the upcoming superstar (in context of CSE)

UPSC IInterview Transcript of Jayant Nahata IAS

Hello guys!
I am Sharing my transcript of CSE Interview, 2021 to help in understanding the question and answer pattern.

Interview score – 195

Date – 04/08/21
Interview Board – M Sathiavathy

Chair (C) – Remove your face shield and keep on lap Asked me to lower my mask once for verification.

Oh, so you have done B. Tech in Biochemcal engg and Biotechnology. Oh, and M. Tech also, so it’s an integrated course! So, you are already selected, In which year exam 2019?. I was reconfirming in my head ( as to say selection year or exam year!), and said a..yes 2019 exam. She said < in a polite way I suppose>, yes last year’s exam was 2019 and this year it is 2020 one..I said yes ma’am. So, you have joined or what. Ma’am, I’m on EOL. C – So what are you doing since graduating in 2018?
A – Ma’am, 1 year serious study, then got selected in 2019. Then, was at home preparing for interview this year. Also, practising my hobbies. Okay she read along DAF, Nomura Consulting Intern, Gurugram, Harayana, Director’s Award for Best Gen Sec, Student Affairs Council, Project A A N C H < I pitched in with its pronounciation> Read out leadership positions. Then, Hobbies – Journaling, Reading Self Help Books, Vipassana Meditation..
C – What is this journaling? What do you do?
Maam, it’s one of my creative pursuits where I explore my thoughts and ideas and do self reflection. Track my progress, identify my weakneses. Gives me sense of direction and control over my life. C – What was your project in IIT Delhi?
A – Ma’am, it was Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater at Thermophilic conditions.  C – Oh, so what were your findings. What is its commercial significance?
A – Found out that biogas recovery better, better treats and reduces concentration of Wastewater. Economical. C – But aren’t these known earlier too?
A – I said ma’am yes Anaerobic Digestion is known earlier but what differentiated my project was special thermophilic conditions above 45 degrees. C – There is so much talks of biogas but we have not much biogas plants? What are the reasons?
A – Maam, not much RnD. Investment/costly. Skilled manpower needed. C – But we dont we have skilled manpower?
A – Maam yes, but process is complex. We need to maintain high temp conditions, oxygen availability, pressure etc. We have a latecomer disadvantage as this field is upcoming only recently. However we see Countries like Netherlands have deployed such plants and they are coming up in India too. C – What newspaper do you read? So, Why is this Sec 66A recently in news? Why still being invoked? What should be done? But it’s been 6 years now since the judgement, shouldn’t it be removed from statue books? M1 (lady M) – You did Finance right so..
M1 – Is speculation good? Investment in share market good? How good for economy? How good for society? M1 – Two rivers which have religious significance? I said Ganga and Krishna. She asked whether Narmada has religious significance? I said yes. M1 – So compare the religious following of Krishna and Narmada!! A – Ma’am, I’m not aware of the comparison. M1 –  Sewage water and Drinking water mixing in urban cities. What is the reason? What is the solution? M1 – Do we have an issue of drinking water. Does everyone have access to it? A – No ma’am, we have issues. M1 – Why is drinking water polluted? A – Because lack of sewage treatment capacity. For eg In Delhi, 900MGD of water supply but 400 MGD treated. M1 – Single biggest pollutant hampering drinking water quality? A – Ammonia levels M2 – What is diff in IQ and EQ?
A – Gave standard definitions.

M2 – What self help books you have read recently? Then said a monologue on why do we need self help motivational gurus? Can’t we decide to live life ourself without their motivation?
A – I answered 1st part first- I told Atomic Habits by James Clear Then about to say second book author and he said one is enough.

Tell me about the book?
Sir, it’s a v practical book giving insights on how to build good habits and how to break bad ones..

Give me tips on how do I break a bad habit?
A – Written Goals, Tracking our progress and maintaing a streak. Sir, for eg I used an application to track my habits daily. Environment is important, the group of ppl you are with. Gave eg of how if we want to leave smoking and others in the group are smoking then it’s v difficult to leave the habit. Also, For long term achievements, small rewards and incentives are needed to motivate. So, yes these are some of the ways.

M – There’s talk of One Nation One Election, do you favour it?
A – Yes sir, underlying intent/principal is v good. Frequent disruptions due to MCC, security deployment for non security purposes all through the year, divisive politics happens etc. However, we need constl amendments and therefore wide consensus.

M2 – What’s NOTA?

M3 – Isn’t vipassana escapism?
A – Quite on the contrary sir, it’s about facing our deep realities and realisation of impermanence. It’s about making efforts to prevent our constant reactions to fleeting cravings and aversions etc

M3 – So, now does it make  you are immune/better prepared to external things, like whatever ppl might say or do?
A – Sir, to an extent helps to deal with it. However, it’s a journey and I’m practising to be better. No one is perfect.

Isn’t the ideological debate ended in Indian context?
A – Sir, yes after 1990s the major ideological debate b/w socialism and capitalism has ended. However, new poltical formulations like feminism and multi cultiralism has arised.

Sir, yes to a very large extent diluted. Even economic policies etc are similar.

M4 – You know about NEP 2020? What does it have?
A – Sir, yes it a v right move. It focuses on critical thinking and experiential learning. Mentioned major salient points.

M4 – Are there are any disadvantages?
A – Appropriate finance to back the initiative not there. Mother tongue till class 5 or upto 8 if possible. But issues.in transition to suppose a English Medium school afterwords? Also, if other state students are studying, then how will they cope up. So, other such disadvantages but I think with time we can solve these things.

M4 – So, you think it’s the right move?
A – Definitely yes sir.

M4 – What is Vaccine Cocktail?

M4 – Mix the vaccines together? What are its advantages? What is India’s stand on it?

M4 – Given Cairn Arbitration dispute, don’t you think investors will not want to invest in India?
A – Sir, yes it gives a bad policy signal that investment not secure and govt may may change anytime retrospectively. But sir, I think the issue is long back, and govt is trying to amicably resolve the arbitration issue outside court. So in long term, I don’t think it will be a major issue bec the underlying economic fundamentals of India are v strong. Therefore we see India witnessed highest FDI of over 60 bn last year..

M4 – FII or FDI?
Sir, FDI

And what about FII?
Sir, not really sure about FII but there was trend outflow some years back.

Chairwoman – Okay, Jayant your interview is over.

Jayant Nahata IAS Booklist

Jayant Nahata IAS Booklist
Behave by Robert Sapolsky
I have just read this book and would highly recommend it to you all (might get a bit technical but you can skip those parts if you wish).

It will improve your awareness of human brain/our behaviour patterns with amazing insights from neuroscience, great anecdotes/ examples and suggestions for criminal justice reform.

Jayant Nahata IAS Motivational Post

Jayant Nahata IAS Motivational Post
Question-Action Matrix

The most intelligent people don’t have the best answers—they ask the best questions.

Asking great questions is how you uncover the truth.

Bias for action is how you build.

We often think happiness is about self-care, treating ourselves, and giving ourselves these luxuries. It’s not.

In fact, if anything, it’s about doing nice things for others. That gives you more of a happiness bang for your buck than spending time on yourself.

Civil Service is one such huge platform where you are enabled with resources and manpower to bring happiness for others (and in turn yourself)! That should be your drive to study and crack the exam. Was mine.

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