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Hi guys, I’m Mohit Gupta. I have achieved AIR 195 in CSE 2022. I have created this telegram channel to share my notes, tips and all relevant information about this examination which I have collected throughout my 6 years of preparation.

Mohit Gupta UPSC biography

Mohit Gupta UPSC Marksheet

Mohit Gupta UPSC marksheet

GS 2 Preparation Strategy

I scored 127 this year in GS 2 whereas in previous years I got 103 and 104. This year I tried to reduce the length of my points and arguments and increased the number of examples.
Further, I tried to conclude my answer with solutions and measures, even when they were not explicitly asked.

GS 3 Preparation Strategy

Gs3 : Though I got 87 this year in GS3 but it was the paper I thought I have given my best in. Again I covered all the important dimensions with a solution oriented conclusion.
Further structuring answer with special focus on keywords and examples were really important.

Gist for GS papers: Write a holistic and comprehensive answer. Cover all the parts of the question. Also try to provide a way forward with atleast three points or arguments.
Further every part of the question should be covered with different dimensions.
Eg 1: while providing solutions give dimensions like technological solutions, legal solutions and behaviour solutions.
Eg 2: With repect to analysis of a policy dimensions could be : issue at policy formulation , policy implementations and policy monitoring.
I will be sharing a small note on these dimensions on this channel soon. Further I will share all my notes in timely manner.

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Prelims Preparation Strategy

Hi guys, many of you are asking me to provide insights about notes making.
For prelims ( I will cover mains notes soon) you have to make sure that your notes are comprehensive yet “revisable” just before the examination. What I used to do was make notes of my notes until they become manageable with important keywords only. Reducing the number of pages give psychological advantage of having complete all that there is, just before the exam. I’m attaching few of my prelims note for your reference. How ever one has to remember Prelims is not just about knowledge, it is also about skill set in elimination, smart guess and risk taking. I will try to write my full strategy for Prelims in coming days.

Essay Preparation Strategy

Hi guys, this post is about my Essay strategy. In past I have scored 132(2019) 123(2020) 125(2021) and 132(2022) in my essay papers.
Though this is not the high score this year but in a year when people have hardly scored above 110 in essay I believe 132 is fairly above average.
My strategy: Write a relevant essay by asking as many questions as you can about each and every keyword in the topic itself, during your brainstorming time.
For eg: this year I wrote on “poets are unacknowledged legislators of the world” during my brainstorming I asked questions like “who are these poets” “how have they shaped the world moral and legal foundations” “why their contributions have remain unacknowledged” “what are some examples of these poets wrt to India and other nations”.
Asking as many questions gives a original and authentic structure to your essay which UPSC rewards.
Further try to give more original examples in your essays which you can collect through newspaper, movies, books or real life.
Essay, in my understanding, is a test of personality itself. Don’t try to write an essay based on some formula like using PESTEL analysis (though you can try to extract examples from this). Essay should be a free flowing statement of your understanding of the topic based on easy to understand claims backed by good premises.
Caution: Don’t use too much quotes in your essay. Use quotes only to backup your claims and arguments.

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