Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Anthropology Notes, Marksheet

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Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2021 Mains Marksheet (70th Rank)
Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2021 Mains Marksheet (70th Rank)
Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2020 Mains Marksheet(Rank 289)
Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2020 Mains Marksheet(Rank 289) for comparison. In 2021, GS improved by 24 marks and Optional by a whopping 49 marks.

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Biography

Brief Intro: Hello all, it’s really a privilege to be writing this post. So without further ado lets get started. I’m Narayan Amit and I got AIR 70 in UPSC CSE 2021. I’m 24 years old and graduated from IIT Kanpur in Chemical Engineering in 2020. This is my 2nd attempt. I had got AIR289 in UPSC CSE 2020 but was fixated on getting IAS/IPS/IRS so I wrote again and due to grace of Lord Balaji I am successful. My optional is Anthropology:)

Narayan Amit UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Friends since ‘Integrity’ is best ‘not left’ just to the Ethics Paper; I feel every UPSC Aspirant has certain strong points in his preparation. These points can add as value addition and guidance for others. it is my duty to make them freely and easily available to all. In other areas, the knowledge of oneself might be limited. Hence to avoid adding more water to the ever bulging ocean of ‘UPSC Guidance’ I have taken a conscious decision to keep myself limited to only those aspects where I can add value to your preparation. (Nowadays there are so many guidance and mis-guidance videos that a person gets depressed while scrolling through youtube).

The areas I will confine myself to are as follows:
1) GS2(107 and 110; consistently a good score)
2) GS4(101 and 114; good score and very good score)
3) Optional(257 last time and whopping 49 marks increase to 306; possibly highest; I will tell what changed and my unique insights)
4) Prelims Paper 1(Got 132+ this time; 109+ last time)

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Anthropology Optional Notes and Strategy [ Part 1]

I have referred to over 20 toppers notes, videos, copies, etc…. over the past 2 years. Right from the days of Koya Sree Harsha to Vivek Bhasme to Aashima Mittal to Akshat Jain to Varnit Negi to Mandar Jayant Patki to Yogesh Patil to Shubham Kumar to Ishant Jaiswal) all have helped me enrich my content. I think Newton once said: “It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that I am able to see so far”. In Anthropology, the aforementioned people and others have contributed to the tremendous performance of the subject. By building upon their work(adding 1/2 new points; converting to diagram) has been the primary focus of my preparation in Anthropology. Getting 306 in Anthropology is the ‘single reason’ for getting this rank. I’m getting little emotional as I cultivated my notes in Anthro for over 2 years

PS: I will try to put my notes as soon as possible. So that mains candidates can get sufficient time do value addition from them

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper General Studies Notes and Strategy

Friends we all know how dicey the Prelims exam is. Fortunately I was able to clear it in both attempts with very good score. It is the stage of the CSE that I am most frightened about. Hence, I gave the prelims exam the due respect it deserves and it too hasn’t disappointed me. I will share many nuances that have propelled me to get 130+?

  1. Focus for entire 2 hours on the paper. Don’t look left or right….simply look down on the paper and start applying your basic logic. It is 2 hours that quantify your 1 year hard work. Don’t fool around. In my IIT JEE exam in 2016, I was very casual in the way I attempted the paper so it did affect my rank then.
  2. General Consensus among toppers is that pleasant mood and sharp attention can overcome any FOMO and Revision Regrets. Don’t fret about what you could have studied in last 2 months. I guarantee you 100% even if prelims is postponed by 6 months then also everyone will feel that revision was inadequate.
  3. Mock Paper is for acquiring knowledge and general performance guessing. FLT, Abhyas, Simulator, etc…. are like Pre-Wedding Photography. Even if you didn’t do well in them the real marriage is still pending. FOCUS on real exam. If you are feeling the exam paper is hard…then always remember it is hard for everyone.
  4. Always be sure that in multi-statement options, the basis on which you have chosen to eliminate options is foolproof. Else you will be lead to wrong answer. Ex: Which grows on rocks/barren land? Correct answer was Moss and Lichens. But logically even Mushroom seems legit. If I had chosen Mushroom as fundamental basis for eliminating a,b,c,d….then my answer would be wrong. Hence, be careful about logical guessing.
  5. PYQ must be at your fingertips. Start from 2021-2011 in reverse order. Since time is very less leave some weird questions like: Where is Medieval Kingdom called Kuluta State found(Himachal Pradesh near Kulu Valley). I can show atleast 15 questions from 2021 that have come from PYQ of 2011-2021. But still many aspirants don’t do the PYQ’s and revise them: Ex: Money Multiplier(2019), Constitutional Government(2020), Virus in Synthetic Medium(2013), Sea Horse is not detrivore(Deduced from PYQ once asked before), Inflation & Repo Themes are repeated atleast 5 times in 2021 and Env Prem about Lichen, Moss , Diatom all terms have appeared previously. No excuse for not knowing that Diatom is called Phytoplankton(So it becomes Primary Producer).
  6. Don’t for God’s sake miss easy questions as then you will be lagging behind in the cutoff. Ex: If you don’t know difference between Mitakshara and Dayabhag then it’s alright but Please mark 8th Aug as start of QIM movement.
  7. I would do in 3 iterations…I bubble after each question as it gives me slight breather(personal choice). My golden rule is if I can’t eliminate one option then I don’t attempt. If I eliminate 2 options then I 100% attempt no matter what. If only eliminate 1 option, then depending on my judgement I choose to mark. One exception is that if I feel that Shah Nawaz Khan is from INA and my gut says so then I mark. I would always attempt 90+ questions in any mock. But this is based on personal comfort levels.
  8. Since few years Polity and Economy have been very direct and straightforward. Please try to maximize score here. But no guarantee that the same trend will hold. Don’t get bamboozled by the Set you get. Some might get One-Liner History questions from 1,2,3,4,5….and then easy polity from 82,83,84…. Each question is a battle in itself to win the war. Don’t rest until the bell rings.
  9. Don’t judge your paper 1 performance in the break. Break is meant for relaxing or revising CSAT. Trust me on this and you will be rewarded. Don’t check any key also. Ex: In my mind I felt that Bollard 1 Tech was about Gene editing so marked it. NO NEED TO VERIFY IF I MARKED CORRECT IN THE BREAK.
  10. Please don’t take CSAT lightly….it is a very difficult exam nowadays. I got 135 in 2020 but only ~95 in 2021. This despite being an Engineer form IIT! I always practice 2-3 CSAT before going to real exam. Also don’t bank on only 1 section either Maths/Comprehension. You will get mental fatigue by solving vague passages or brain twisting math questions. Ideally there are very easy questions from both sections that must be solved. Then the cutoff can be easily passed. If you are doubtful about some comprehension best move on and solve another less ambiguous one. Don’t get stuck on any one question and take it as matter of ego. It makes the rhythm of the paper go astray.
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Secret Tips by Narayan Amit UPSC Topper

Friends I will recall a short story from Kung-Fu Panda Movie which relates to so called ‘secret’ for qualifying the Prelims: ” Po(The Panda) keeps on trying find what is in the secret scroll !!!!!! He annoys Master Shifu day in day out …..Ultimately he realizes there was no secret. It was just himself.”

Similarly many try to find that one secret book, pdf, summary sheet, top 500 shitlist…..that would magically change their life. I would turn the question on it’s head. If such a book existed then it would be known to all. The closest a book comes to it is Lakshmikant. Ex: Environment ka koi ek source nahi hai. They ask flora, fauna, conventions, pollution, rivers, bodies, etc….. there simply doesn’t exist such a magical formula. Thus what matters is having trust and belief that whatever source you referred is sufficient and revising it again and again. As Mrunal Sir often says: “Thoda Pado Aage Bado. Ab woh kya puche kaha se puche….ant mein toh Bhagwan Malik hain:)”

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Prelims Notes and Strategy [ Part 1]

Further thoughts on Prelims after contemplation. I believe giving raw and frank thoughts is my virtue. So gave my real feelings also:

My score in mocks were as follows: Mostly I would score from 80-95 before giving my first prelims. Before giving my 2nd prelims I used to score 95-110. This time as I was awaiting the results, I practiced few papers and was scoring ~120’s. So with each year the scores have increased for me. But I distinctly remember in 1 Abhyas Test before my 2nd prelims I had gotten only 54/200. But never let these go to your heart.

To remove this guilt feeling simply solve one easy mock soon after the bad mock and revise the mistakes you have done in both papers. This is the best method to avoid disappointment associated with mock scores. This motivates a person for further studies. Otherwise we would be sulking about our performance and waste 2-3 days. Please solve few CSAT paper’s also.

1st iteration used to take me around 50 min. 2nd iteration would take me 35 min. Last iteration would also take me 35 min. One major distinction I remember between mock and real exam is that I was much slower in the real exam. It would take me entire 2 hours to solve the questions but I could solve the mock completely in 1.15 hours. This is because in mocks there is no fear of taking guesses but in real exam stress is more. This reduction in speed can also be used in positive way to your advantage as it helps carefully read the question and apply logical elimination.

In the 1st iteration, I never stop at any question and break my flow. I would do only questions I was sure about and which were not time consuming. In 2020, I had managed only to do 18/100 questions in first iteration. In 2021, this number increased to 33. In fact I couldn’t solve first 8 questions in the beginning in 2020. Don’t worry about this at all. That’s what 2nd and 3rd iteration are for. In my 2nd iteration, I used to just give reasonable time for each question and apply my skills. In my 2nd iteration, I used to attempt around 30-35 questions. Rest were left for the last iteration.

Solve questions one by one from first to last. Don’t jump questions in between at any cost. This will break your flow and also make you nervous. The correct method would be to mark it and again attempt it in second iteration with fresh mind. Many times I noticed that questions which at first glance I found difficult were very easy to solve in my 2nd iteration. Also the time taken to solve each question by 3rd iteration would drastically decrease as I am already exposed to the question twice. In addition, few options were already eliminated by me before.

You can revise factual things like modern history, global reports, environment (parks, rivers, etc) & british laws now. Don’t take too much stress about anything now. Just be in positive frame of mind. Stay away from negative people who are like a poison in your life. I would actively never cross their path. Just Ctrl+Del them from your life. Don’t engage in any discussion good or bad with them. Unfortunately, there are many such.

When I was in exam hall, I used to repeat to myself that you are the one who is going to be selected. Half the people didn’t even turn up for the exam and this acted as a confidence booster for me. I would take deep breaths just before the 9.00am bell so that I become calm and composed. This actually works because your brain receives more oxygen and is stimulated. Please take atleast 10-15 breaths. I would close my eyes for few min & look down.

Interview Transcript of Narayan Amit UPSC Topper

Chairman: TCA Anant
Date: 19th May, 2022
Session: Forenoon; 3rd/6th to go in;
Time: 11.10-11.40am;
Graduation: Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Hobbies: Cricket, OTT Platforms
Work Experience: Nomura Structured Finance
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Telangana(But asked entirely on Andhra Pradesh)
Room: It was big room with a table and there was photo of President hanging behind the Chairman.

Chairman: Straight Ahead

  1. What is your name?
  2. So you have 2 first names?
  3. Is one of them your father’s name?
  4. What is the third word in your name?
  5. What is this TA-ship?
  6. How is TA selected?
  7. Tell me the Pros and Cons of this?
  8. That’s good for you and the professor but what about the students?
  9. How many students were there in class?
  10. Which course was it?
  11. Were you the only one selected?
  12. Were there any other TA’s?

Member 2(Female): Left 1st

  1. What is Prayas? How many years were you involved in Prayas?
  2. What is your most key takeaway from this program?
  3. What were the problems told to you by the children?
  4. You got the academic excellence award. Listen carefully to this: All work and no play make Joe a dull administrator. Do you agree with this?
  5. All the time you’re studying then how are you enjoying yourself?
  6. India is an inclusive nation so how to promote the inclusive identity?
  7. What is Ted Talk? What is Ted-X? What Ted Talks you have watched?

Member 3(Female): Left 2nd

  1. How to prevent electricity losses?
  2. What is judicial overreach? When does judicial activism turn into judicial overreach? Give an example of judicial overreach?
  3. What do you understand by women empowerment?

Member 4(Male): Right 1st

  1. Name your famous Anthropologist
  2. What is he famous for?
  3. What is origin of Caste?
  4. What is Happiness Index? What is India’s rank? Is it good? Do you agree with India’s rank in it?
  5. Who is Jyotiba Phule? What is he famous for?
  6. What is area of Northern Circars? History of Northern Circars?
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Member 5(Male): Right 2nd

  1. What was important world event held in Vizag a few years ago? Why is International Fleet Review important?
  2. What is major health issue that is specific and endemic to Vizag? Have you heard of the kidney crisis?
  3. What are the pros and cons of bio-metric attendance system? Should it be applied for all jobs? How to enforce this in an organization? What are the different types of such bio-metric machines? If people are breaking the machines then what do you do?
  4. Gaming promotes violence and sexualization. What are the pros and cons of Gaming? If you are in position of authority then how will you enforce the policy regarding gaming? What game was banned by India?

Chairman: Thank you very much your interview is over.

Observations on Interview Day by Narayan Amit UPSC Topper

Came to Delhi on Monday. Took ample rest and got in the mental frame of mind for an interview. Somehow even after realizing that good night sleep is not essential before the ‘D day’ and also mastering the art of sleeping in high tense situations, I still couldn’t sleep well before the interview.

I went for a walk on the day of the interview. Got back and started dressing up. Then went at 8.50 am to the UPSC building. Did the required paperwork superfast. This time it was in the central circular dome with round waiting table for each of the boards. Read 3 newspapers(I haven’t read so many in some time). I asked the peon which board it was to which he told me TCA Anant. I was very happy to be honest. Then at 10.50am the peon came and took me outside the board room. Then my life started.

After coming out, I collected my stuff. Then after collecting my TA, went home. Then started the analysis, recall and discussion with people who matter to me.

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Prelims Notes and Strategy [ Part 2]

After careful observation of several year prelims papers I have the following observations. These are my personal observations(many may disagree with the reasoning used; that’s alright with me) and follow at your own risk. I make no guarantee of the trend holding in the future. This is ultra-risky if you don’t know what you are doing. So here they are:
1) If options says ‘xyz’ steadily increasing from year 2016-2020, it means that each year it increased continuously(7599102114125). But if even in 1 year it decreased then it is not steadily increasing(759988114125). Here while from 20162020 the data has increased from 75125 but still since in 2018 the value decreased from 9988 it can’t be called as steadily increasing. Usually in 10-20 year period very few data are steadily increasing so such statements are generally incorrect.
2) S&T Question many times answer is D/All of above(Nowadays backfiring). But my say is how will you know what is exact interpretation taken by UPSC. Still D seems to be safest option. Also does anyone have courage to not mark D even when it’s remotely plausibly.
3) The straightforward answer is many times the correct answer. Ex: What is biggest threat of black money? Not land buying or gold; these are infact subsets of tax evasion which is correct answer.
4) Logical, Simple, Non-Controversial statements are generally right. Ex: Water Credit Initiative helps poor people meet their water needs without subsidy. Here this option is in consonance with the name of the organization aswell as other options in the question.
5) Be careful if the name of the organization has been changed. It is common way to make statement incorrect. Ex: UNICEF and UNESCO. Here you should become alert.
6) I have noticed that more times than not the Motto of Event(Olympics) & Endemicity of Species are incorrect options.
7) Generally a Council is headed by a Minister while Committee or Board is headed by a Civil Servant.

Will add more soon friends. Takes me a lot of contemplation and verification to frame these points.

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Prelims Notes and Strategy [ Part 3]

1 Be careful in units. Ex: Geostationary Orbit is 22,236 miles(not km)
2 Futuristic Technologies have good potential so wide range of possibilities and options can be correct.
3 Please just go through essence of Art 1-51A. Even if not word by word then at least essence of each article. As 3-4 questions are repeated every year from this part.
4 Be alert when asked if India is member of a certain group or not. Its a common way to trap students.
5 Generally questions about UDHR, all the statements are correct.
6 Etymology of Question can be used for answer. Ex: Mstripes for Tiger, Love story should have 2 names so Malvikaagnimitra and Hundi must have some relation to financial activities.
7 Imagine yourself in some situations. Ex: In Ocean Mean Temp question in 2020 one statement said it is 26 degrees at depth of 129m. Logically it must be much colder there so I eliminated the statement.
8 If you don’t know what things like Girardinia Diversifolia are better to skip. Such things backfire and are very risky bet. Wether it is invasive species, medicine or textile fibre(correct) only god knows.
9 Gandhiji approach to British is unique. Helped them during Boer War and WW2 due to value based ethics. Gandhiji is one the most complex political thinkers of our times. So be careful. Much much more than Satya and Ahimsa.
10 Contemporaries are generally incorrectly paired. I have seen this in few questions. Ex: Did Akbar and Saint Nimbarka live in same time period(No)
11 If you know which body published which report then attempt it. Otherwise it is very risky to mark.
12 Some species of turtles are herbivores type statements are generally found to be correct.
13 In some question when 2 organisations are mentioned then the contents are flipped. Ex: UN Convention against Corruption and UNTOC in 2019. So keep an eye.

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2020 Prelims Marksheet
Narayan Amit UPSC Topper 2020 Prelims Marksheet
My score in 2020 prelims. I had got 17.02 marks above CSE cutoff but missed IFoS cutoff by just 1.35 marks. These can be your marks tomorrow. My best wishes!!

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Prelims Notes and Strategy [ Part 4]

Hello Friends, now that the prelims exam is over I will share my thoughts on GS Paper1. This in my view is the toughest and lengthiest GS1 paper ever. Each year since 2018 onwards the level of the exam has increased demanding furthermore study from the aspirants. I have myself solved the paper in exam like conditions at home in 1.45 hours to get real feel of what the person attempting the paper feels like. Just by glancing the paper, we can erroneously conclude that it was ‘moderate’ as most topics are familiar to us. But when we are in exam hall, it is a different ball game altogether. Thus to make my observations more accurate I have undertaken this exercise. I have attempted only 80 questions. It was a very low attempting paper. In 2020 & 2021, I had myself attempted 95+ questions. This highlights how much tough the paper was. I hope this exercise is fruitful to you.

1) Very lengthy paper with multiple statements. Thus a lot of time taken to do the logical elimination and arrive at the answer. The quality of framing options was also better which made logical elimination even tougher to apply.
2) Influence of GS Papers of 2021 seen in WHO question.
3) Questions were either doable or not doable at all. Thus this makes it even more important to do the easy questions well. The cutoff is going to be very low this year. Hence, those who do simple and straight forward questions accurately are likely to be in advantage.
4) Concepts in Economy were tough(What is Real Sector; Indirect Transfer; Company Affairs). It has increased in complexity. Effect of NEER/REER are tough to do in exam hall. By no means easy to do. This is shift since last few years Economy was on easier side. Even labor stat question and Coal Controller question were medium-tough difficulty.
5) Polity was also tough(Advocate Question; Mandamus; Deputy Speaker). There has been a shift from abstract political theory & rights issues(FR,DPSP,FD) to hard core procedural based questions. Thus Polity was time taking and tough to eliminate options.

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6) In Geography, crops questions were tough(Anthropogenic Source; Rice Intensification). West Africa lake question was not attemptable. Even Gandikota & Resorvoir/State questions are tough unless aware before. The question on Tea states will be debated for 1 year.
7) History was very very tough. Only few questions were even attemptable. Modern Indian history was moderate-tough. There is little I can add here. It is not possible to remember everything. Tick what you can and move on to easier questions. As per my division, around 11/13 questions were in the tough category.
8) S&T whether D logic holds or not only time will tell. But was on easier side compared to last year and other sections of this year paper. May be face saving.
9) Environment had many bouncers(Gucchi, Climate Tracker and Climate Group; Fungi Association; Wildlife Status). In agriculture, only god knows which plants are nitrogen fixing.
10) Random Org(G20 Common Framework; Indian Sanitation Coalition) & Mechanism(Rapid Finance Facility) and International News were very tough. In some IR questions I feel it is not even possible to prepare in so much detail. This further added to the worry of the aspirants. Compounded with new way of asking questions in # of pairs made the question even more challenging to do in exam. Even UN questions were tricky. No doubt even IR was challenging this year!!!!!!!
11) Current affairs also demanded detailed knowledge of the background place. This year current weightage has increased compared to the last 2 years.

General Elimination usefulness has decreased this year. How many pairs are correct type question have proven to be a thorn in the aspirants skills. This precluded(not possible to) the possibility of attempting even 90 questions. But PYQ still reign supreme(Ex: Masheer is a fish; it was in 2019 prelims & Ex: CGWA under EPA, 1986; it was in 2020 prelims & Ex: Bank Board Bureau was asked before). They are influencing questions framing and even in such a tough paper can help you get many questions right. This edge can help you get over the cutoff line literally.

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper General Studies & Anthropology Optional Notes, Analysis
Narayan Amit UPSC Topper General Studies & Anthropology Optional Notes, Analysis
Friends I do this analysis after every prelims. I recommend you do this too as it gives you very deep insight of how you have done in the paper. This year kindly note that my accuracy in Easy and Medium Questions is 90%+. But since ~50 questions are tough this year overall scoring is sure to fall. Don’t worry too much about cutoff. Take rest till tomorrow evening. I will update on Mains soon.
PS: Don’t look at my history performance😅

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Anthropology Optional Notes and Strategy [ Part 2]

Those who are writing Mains 2022 and are short on time can skip (at your own risk) following topics. I hope you understand that any question can be asked anytime. This is what I skipped in 2021:

1.1, 1.2 & 1.3: (Not scoring & can be managed from Anthro GK)
1.4: Dolls Law, Cope’s Law and Gauss Law(Outdated syllabus topic)
1.6: Ignore Grimaldi and Chancelade(Outdated syllabus topic)
1.7: (Irrelevant for note making)
9.1: Only prepare Pedigree Analysis and Twin Studies(High chance that if this topic asked only these will be asked)
9.6: Only prepare for Genetic Markers, ABO, Rh, Hb, MNS and Fat Level(In last 12 years only 1 question on Rh asked from this topic)
12: Only prepare for Kinanthropometry, Design of Defense/Other Equipment, Nutritional AP, Racism & Eugenics, Forensic AP & Personal Identification(High chance that if this topic asked only these will be asked)

Now coming to Paper 2: 8.2, 9.2 & 9.3(Except Communalism) can be skipped(Even Koya Sree Harsha and Anudeep skipped these topics)

Narayan Amit UPSC Topper Anthropology Optional Notes and Strategy [ Part 3]

The most persistent question I have been asked is how did I improve my marks from 257(2020) to 306(2021). This is very relevant as many are stuck in ~220-260 range. I will try my best to answer it:

1) Completed entire syllabus. Hence interconnections among different topics were stronger & also gives freedom in which question to attempt.
2) Attempted more questions from Theory, Fossil, Primates and Archaeology which are more scoring than Physical/Social. Since my entire syllabus was complete I could pick & choose the questions.
3) Added more unique things to each answer. What I mean is that in each answer I wrote 3-4 things which would always stand out. It could be an application of concept, case study, good example, personal example, diagram, flowchart, scholar, book, theoretical dimension, interconnection of topics, contemporary relevance, current affairs, etc. All need not be there in every answer but 3-4 things give edge. Don’t write GS type answers in Anthropology.
4) Due to further vast reading I could add content from more diversified sources such as Ember & Ember, MoTA Report, EPW, Down to Earth, DK Bhattacharya Videos, BD Sharma Letters, Peoples of India, Examples of Civil Servants(OP Choudhary), Abhay Bang Report, NCST Report, Idate Commission Report, etc.
5) My time management was iron-clad. I would take 14min for 20 marker, 10min for 15 marker and 7 min for 10 marker. The remaining 6 min were for choosing questions. Actually if revision is done before hand and all the facts are memorized then writing paper is relatively easy. I didn’t find much stress in writing Paper 1 in which I got 166/250. I had whiteboard at home on which I would scribble main points of answer.
6) My answers were very dense & data rich. My opinion is that even if demand is ‘slightly off’(only slightly) still marks are given.
7) My command over PYQ’s of 2013-2020 was very strong.
8) As Shubham Sir has already said: “Innovation & Uniqueness is highly rewarded in UPSC as it differentiates your answers from others. Write like an Anthropologist”. We need more Anthropologists in bureaucracy. This is called ‘Administrative’ dimension. Ex: Shubham Sir said, “Show your understanding through better analysis- I used to write ‘As a student of anthropology I also observe..”.
9) Attempted 500/500 unlike last year where I left ~50 marks.
10) Also don’t BLUFF. There is huge difference between bluffing & writing broadly. Please bear this in mind. In addition, don’t take any gamble in initial few questions as it can cost you heavily if the examiner develops a negative mindset here.

PS: I generally try to reply to all messages but If I don’t then simply keep reposting after sufficient gap. Don’t take it personally.

PPS: Anthropology has no current affairs AFAIK❤️

Busy Schedule of Narayan Amit UPSC Topper

Hey All,

It’s been quite a while since my last post as in the last 10 days I was travelling with friends. But now I’m back and recharged afresh! So sorry for not responding to any queries, I will try my best to catch up back to speed. The next few weeks are soft-paced for me so don’t worry I have not deserted you:) I hope that those who are giving Prelims 2023 are fully engrossed in Mains preparation. For those who are giving Mains 2022, a rule of thumb could be that for every hour you study you are ahead by 10 ranks. Time is of essence now! Give it your ”all in” as after Mains you can have extended break because Interview preparation is comparatively easier. You have Willy Wonka’s GOLDEN TICKET to literally ‘write your own destiny’.

A simple advice to all would be to forget the past and start anew from this very moment irrespective of your current position! Make small but consistent and cumulative gains and within no time you will reach your destination😊😄