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Nisha Yadav UPSC

Nisha Yadav UPSC Biography

Hello guys!
This is Nisha (Rank 187, UPSC CSE 2020). Welcome to my Channel ! Here I will be sharing my Detailed Strategy, Class Notes, Own Notes, Checked Test Papers and anything else related to the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

This is the only channel where I will be sharing my stuff. I hope it will help you in your preparation.

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Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet

Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Preparation Strategy by Nisha Yadav

So, the above attached files were for quotes to be used in the essay. Now I will focus on the facts to be used in essay to fetch extra marks.

Sources of facts:

1- upsc facts telegram channel for daily collection of the facts(

2- from daily newspaper editorials(personal advice to make a small diary to collect the facts).

3- from Economics Survey and Budget of that year.

4- Census available. This will cover the factiual part needed to be added in the essay.

I will share further sources if I will get some other good source.

Also one more advice to all of you to kindly focus more on writing rather than just seeing the answer sheets of topper.

Set your goal of writing one essay on every Sunday till January. This will definitely improve your speed of writing as well as confidence.

Ethics Preparation Strategy for UPSC CSE by Nisha Yadav

For ethics:
I am getting good scores in this paper, so sharing my tips.

1- prepare your own notes of the terms mentioned in the syllabus.

2- examples are the most important thing to write for this paper.

3- focus on case studies.

4- completion of the paper in time is also very crucial.

Personal advice- don’t write bookish answers but a practical one.

I am attaching the list of examples I have done.

Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet

Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet

Current Affairs Preparation strategy for UPSC CSE by Nisha Yadav

For current affairs:

1- read newspaper daily(focus on editorial).

2- follow insights on India website daily.

3- vision IAS monthly magazine for pre and mains.

4- for mains answer writing practices-pl do practice questions available on insights and IAS Baba website.

Nisha Yadav UPSC Prelims Booklist

Complete booklist that I followed for Prelims :-

Ancient history:- Old NCERT RS Sharma + SRIRAM IAS notes + Tamil Nadu state board book.

Art and Culture:- NCERT class 11th (Introduction to fine arts),Nitin Singhania’s book on art and culture.

Medieval history:- Old NCERT Satish Chandra + SRIRAM IAS notes

Modern history :- Spectrum + SRIRAM IAS notes

Polity :-Class 11th NCERT + M Laxmikanth

Geography:- NCERT Class 11th and 12th + GC Leong + map practice(Oxford atlas)

Environment:- NCERT Class 12th biology last 4 chapters + Shankar IAS book+ current.

Economics:- NCERT class 12th macroeconomics only + Sri Ram IAS economics book + Economics Survey and Budget summary + current events

Science and technology :- class 10th NCERT + current affairs.

Current affairs :- Newspapers(The Hindu/Indian Express) +insights current affairs (daily)+ Vision IAS monthly magazine + insights quiz.

Personal suggestion:-

  1. Prepare a notebook for writing notes from newspaper.
  2. Revise standard books 10-15 times before your pre.
  3. Do atleast 50 mock tests before pre, and revise them before the exam.
    4.CSAT practice from previous years paper of UPSC.
    5.Timing of the test to be 9.30am -11.30 am.
    6.25 years of UPSC previous year question paper 1 to be practiced.
  4. Preseverance is the key.
  5. Calm and composure do help in every stage of the exam.

All the best.

Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet

Nisha Yadav UPSC Marksheet
Just passed in CSAT🙈.
I request all of you to pl focus on CSAT as well. Even if you are scoring good in GS and not scored 33% then you will be out.
This has become extremely important paper to pass.

Nisha Yadav Name in UPSC Service Allocation list

Nisha Yadav UPSC Service Allocation List
The final confirmation of my dream service😍😍..

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