Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet, Answer Copy, Notes, Strategy

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Raj Krishna UPSC Topper
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Biography

Hello everyone, I am Raj Krishna, Rank 158 in UPSC CSE 2021. I am a Chemical Engineer from IIT Guwahati (2018 batch).
Creating this official post for sharing my learnings, experiences and “gyan” to help in every way possible.

Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2021 - CSE
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2021 – CSE
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2020 - CSE
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2020 – CSE
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2019 - CSE
Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Marksheet 2019 – CSE

Raj Krishna UPSC Booklist

A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)Get Book
Indian Art and Culture by Nitin SinghaniaGet Book
Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC LeongGet Book
AtlasGet Book
Indian Polity by LaxmikanthGet Book
Indian EconomyGet Book
Shankar IAS EnvironmentGet Book
Internal Security and Disaster Management by AshokGet Book

Raj Krishna UPSC Topper Answer Writing Preparation Strategy

Hello Everyone,
If you have gone through my marksheets, you can see I have become a “Veteran” {unfortunately so} in mains. The journey was 4 years long, filled with despairs, lows and pitfalls. Will try to concentrate on Essay for now.

First Essay – Attempted Neglected Primary health care and education are reason for its backwardness : Filled it with all prepared data points, facts (IMR, SR, MMR, Doctor to patient ratio; GER, Literacy rate, learning outcome – PRATHAM survey etc) and how it leads to backwardness by reducing Human capital, leading to Disability Adjusted Labor years, High Out of pocket exp, low residual income, Vicious cycle etc.

And in abstract one – Best for individual is not best for all; filled the essay with examples, even wrote crime is good (i know its not ideal, wrote whatever I could) for criminal but bad for society, other examples were also on similar lines – cheating in exam etc. Ended up with 110 marks.
Before Mains 2019, I wrote 4 Essay tests in NextIAS Essay test series, recieved decent marks there, but knew I lack preparation and lucidity.

After Prelims 2020, saw Shabbir Sir’s essay lectures – 17-18 videos, made notes of them, read Anudeep durishetty Sir’s book on Essays (Very very very very helpful) , didnt write a single essay, read 20-22 essays of different toppers, a quotes compilation of essays, examples compilation with 100-150 real life examples; in exam, attempted Life is a long journey from human being to being humane; and one about social and economic development. Started with good examples, didnt know lot of data and facts, so essay was totally based on Ques-Ans format. What, Why, What if so and so, How etc. I wasn’t confident about my essay, I felt I didnt do good, but ended with decent marks.

After prelims 2021, revised the same materials, wrote 2 essay tests in December from Triumph IAS (didnt get them checked though, it was just for self confidence) and finally in exam, wrote on Philosophy of wantlessness is utopian and materialism is chimera – had passion about the wantlessness and materialism, so could write from heart, wrote about Elon musk vs bill gates, filled with quotes about selflessness (Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo), followed ques ans format. Also, i didnt know what chimera means, but hindi translation was helpful. Also, I started with Perception of me bla bla one, but while brainstorming I realised I couldnt go further with it, and looked for any other topic, on first view I didnt understood any other topic but after reading hindi of Chimera, I decided to go with it. And second one I wrote on, Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, started with women empowerment in Ralegaon siddhi, Thomas Edison’s mother and then went on with women’s role. Filled with examples and quotes.

Essay Preparation Strategy by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

How to prepare for Essay (Key takeaways)  –
1. Prepare content from whatever sources/coaching you want, but keep ’em ready. Some sources that I’ll suggest – Anudeep Sir’s essay book + Any coaching material (Vision, forum, next, maluka, any) or any previous toppers’ notes.
2. Go through examples, quotes compilations and pick out the most favourite ones (Go for recent examples – International Teacher award winner, In India’s pluralistic culture, the 5 year old muslim girl who won Bhagvad gita’s recitation – like these)
3. Read different toppers essays and see how they do it, it will give you an idea.
4. Be confident and give the best you can in the paper. Let go all the apprehensions about your preparation before sitting in paper.
5. Intro – strong example relevant with topic, Quotes, Underline, and End with a poem!

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Prelims Preparation Strategy by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Prelims gyan –
Bhai/behen, koi gyan nai hai. Exam bahut random rehta hai,

Only tip is – Dont commit mistake in basic questions – and for envrionment/S&T/Current affairs – preach to all the gods you can.
But I have personally experienced and observed in my group as well that, people don’t get left behind in Prelims because of random questions but because of mistakes in basic Polity/History/Culture that one can do by reading books.
But never underestimate yourself if you don’t qualify for prelims by a close margin, getting beyond cutoff definitely requires substantial amount of luck – No matter how many test series you solve.

Please if you have difficulty in CSAT, then work on it. Not qualifying CSAT is a blunder that one can avoid.

Mains Test Series joined by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Hello Friends,
Many people are asking about ‘My answer copies”. To be honest, I had joined Forum IAS MGP for mains 2021, which starts after prelims. I had previously given tests, under ForumIAS MGP 2018, and then Mains test series in Vision IAS for 2020 Mains (between Pre and Mains 2020). I had also joined Shankar IAS Mainstorming (daily mains ans writing programme 2020, before giving prelims; but I attempted only few ethics tests).
Apart from these “Coaching tests” I also tried to write ans from Secure and TLP – in a On/OFF mode, like “Not regularly or very routinely”. In my 4 years of preparation, I would have written these secure/tlp at max for 2 months, and that also not all questions, only selectively.
But, I did not get results from any of these tests, I will not endorse any test series as panacea to Answer writing. There are some thoughts that went into buying these test series –
1. I will be forced to write a test, because if I don’t my parents’ money will go to waste – {Push factor}
2. I lacked the discipline to write a test with full sincerity in my room, going to centre, writing test in a room full of students gave a “psychological feel”
3. Someone will check my copy and give me marks (which is completely useless and checking is very sub-par)
If you need “external force to push you and can afford to waste 10-15 thousand rs” then you can go for buying tests. If you are disciplined, sincere or having any sort of financial limitations, please don’t get forced to buy these TEST SERIES unnecessarily.

I could not complete the tests, I took around 2 hours to write just 6-7 questions. No matter how many times I told myself, this time I am gonna write the full test.

Quality – very generic. Wrote whatever I mugged up, most of the time I didnt know much about what is being asked in the question.

How to write answer – Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Ok, I will come directly to “How to write answer”
Going directly to give tests is not the optimum approach, in my opinion. Because mostly questions require a comprehensive analysis or a multi-subject view, which is not possible by only one or two reading. It requires reading + revision of all the basic books and current affairs.
So, How to begin!!!
Do three things –
1. If you have the urge to write, please write via Secure or TLP
2. Buy solved test series of any coaching from market, and that too complete set. Like, full test series of XYZIAS coaching. Then, see the question, write in your sheet/copy, and then see what is written in the solution. Add those “extra points” in your notes/material, under suitable topic. And Complete this process atleast for one test series. Like, do all tests.
3. After qualifying prelims, write full tests in coaching atmosphere, get ranks, get marks and Self-analyze.

So, key takeaway is – Test series without proper preparation will go to waste. Noone can write ans without knowing what the question is about or without any idea about the field asked.
If you even read the solutions of a test series, then you have collected few pointers which can be used anywhere and everywhere, and you will have some idea about each topic.
Then go for test series, because now you will be able to incorporate the suggestions of the coaching.
Then work on speed, quick brainstorming and presentation.

Coaching Test Series experience by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Will upload copies of recent tests as well.
And people, I am not bashing coachings or against series, my only request is – analyze yourself before submitting to any coaching. Know thy self.
Atleast do one – two week TLP/Secure and read solved tests (better if you try first and then see the solution) of one XYZ IAS before purchasing mains test series. This exercise is way more beneficial than just giving test in coaching.
People, please understand, checking of coachings is not at all upto the mark of UPSC. I never got <90 marks in tests (if I completed it), but I ended up with 67 marks in GS3 in 2020 attempt.

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My experience with coahcing tests is that they give you average marks if you have filled the ans space, if you have made diagrams they give extra marks, but in real exam, even after completing the paper, we get 60-85 marks, so don’t rely completely.
Also, if you enrol in any course, please take full benefit of it, go to mentors, get personal 1 to 1 sessions with your teacher, in that way, you can take maximum benefit from their experience.

Wishes to students by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Hello most anxious people on Earth today,
Tomorrow is a big day for all of you!! I wish you “All the best” for your prelims. I can only give you very “philosophical/gyaanish” words, which are very true.
1. Be a Karmayogi (Govt of India also wants its civil servants to be so) – A Karmayogi is one who only thinks about his Karma, and leaves everything else to destiny. {This calms your mind, it does}

2. Your preparation is enough – If you have read basic books in April-May (Once or twice), then your preparation is good enough for getting selected, now Performance matters. Performance depends on Logical, rational and objective thinking.

3. Take risks – No one knows more than 30-35 questions (except a very minute minority), so everyone does what they can, in those precious 2 hours.

4. Fearlessness is a core value of civil servant – Being afraid is normal, everyone is. But letting fear take over your senses is not acceptable. You have to first win over your fears, only then you stand a chance in battlefield.

All serious aspirants of this exam, deserve huge amount of respect and recognition, and I humbly view all the aspirants at very high pedestal, being courageous and ambitious enough to attempt this exam.
Let me tell you, one last thing. There will be people with preparation level lower than you who will get selected, and there will be some, whose preparation level is better than you and they will not get selected. {This is a fact}

Life is tough. As aspirants we tend to think our life is toughest, but seldom it’s not true. Strolling on the road we come across many people who work hard daily, but don’t get the returns in proportion to their hardwork. They are – daily wage earners, rickshaw pullers and many others.
During mains preparation I used to see an Uncle, standing in front of Thalassery restaurant, holding a board with words – “Rooms hi rooms”, all day. Whenever I crossed him, I felt motivated that my work is to sit and study which is quite easier in comparison to standing on road for whole day.
I know Brokers are evil and they charge exorbitantly but Uncle gives a very pleasant vibe and no one can feel any sort of negative feeling for him.
Today I saw him again, I went to him and thanked him for being a strong pillar of motivation, at least for me. I was impressed by Uncle’s great knowledge about PN junction and LEDs (we discussed blue led question, thanks to aspirants there). Today he made me realize the cliched quote – Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Motivational Post by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Today is results day, and it is somehow always sad because many good, serious aspirants lose out. Don’t take any rash decisions right now!! If you have not cleared, give yourself some break, spend time with your loved ones!
If this was your 1st Or 2nd attempt and you have lost out, don’t worry, prepare for mains, make your mains preparation at par with Rank 1, put all your energy into mains preparation! Not clearing this exam in 1st or 2nd attempt is very normal, and please don’t measure your worth from success in this exam!!
Moreover, its not about who clears prelims, its about who gets the service of his/her choice. And one thing I used to say to my friends and myself is, If you got in, you will study till mains, then till interview; if you didn’t get in, then also you will study till prelims, so it doesn’t change anything on ground!! Ofcourse people who have qualified only they have chance to be in final holy list, but the basic truth is – We all will study! So, put your mind to it.
Also, be as positive and constructive about yourself as possible, because Life is long and we will face times worse than this, so buck up.

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Congratulations Post by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

To all those who have made it, Congratulations. I know, many will go in self doubt and for many these 20 days would have been hell. I’d give one example to show what i want to say –
1. Yash Jaluka Sir (Rank 4, CSE 2020) said in his Journey memoir that He didn’t utilize time properly till Diwali (it was 1 month after prelims) and then he picked himself up and aced it. So you can do that as well.

Also, one thing is certain – There are people with preparation worse than you and they will go in final list and there are people with preparation way better than you, and they will fail to qualify this exam.
So don’t let any self doubt, any insecurity hamper your senses, put all your strength in efforts and leave the rest!!! You will feel I am not prepared, I will not make it, well, those thoughts arise in the minds of even people who secure single digit ranks. So, Just concentrate on what’s in your hand, What you can work upon.
Don’t worry about the results, worry about the efforts.

This is for those who are writing mains 2022 and have wasted this last month. Remember, last year students only got 2 months after prelims result was announced and so you can do it too, even now.
Secondly, start writing answers now, if you haven’t started yet. Write iasbaba tlp for atleast a week.
For those who have 2022 as first mains of their life, kindly give atleast 1 full test for each GS paper in exam simulation mode. The exam is not about how much you read, but how well you write and that, requires practice.

Best wishes.
Keep hustling.

GS 3 strategy by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Many have asked me for GS3 strategy, so here it is. . .
I know I have very high marks in that paper, but honestly, I had no specifically unique strategy.

My sources (pretty simple) –

  1. Economy mains 365 – cursory reading and comprehensively over imp topics
  2. 3 months monthly (between Pre and Mains) – June, July, Aug for this Mains – especially Economy, Internal security section
  3. Topic wise content – on
    Nanotech, biotech – definition, govt efforts, Use in diff fields
    Terrorism, Naxalism, Insuregncy – definition, Indian govt efforts to tackle, reasons, areas affected map
    Wetlands, River and water bodies, groundwater
    Cropping pattern – a map and some content
    Public distribution systems – data, issues, recent reforms, NFSA, way forward (Shanta kumar committee recommendations)
    Food processing – data, govt schemes (MUST PREPARE), issues, way forward

But, the marks that I have govt is not mainly because of my “content” but rather, my fearlessness and creativity. Fearlessness – to be able to keep mind calm in questions like blue LED, WHO guidelines, same question on terrorism three times|| and creativity in terms of diagrams (drew V shape, K shape and J shape, drew diagrams on LED, a basic functioning LED with conduction and valence band, drew maps in internal security questions).

For GS2 and GS3, practice as many questions, tests as possible rather than relying on materials (personal opinion). And, always, always, always be Calm and just give your best, no matter what happens.

Don’t get scared of the exam. Don’t go to bed crying.
Just focus on efforts & preparation, just keep trying.

Last message by Raj Krishna UPSC Topper

Hello everyone,
Past few weeks would have been the toughest for you, physically, mentally, emotionally et al. If you have survived that, Congrats.
Now nothing can be done and nothing needs to be done.
Now, you only need one key civil service foundational value – Fortitude.
Search your soul for it.

I shall face my fear, and stand tall with it,
Until only I prevail, and Fear is no more!!

Whatever happens in the coming week, it will be an enriching experience, once in a lifetime kind. So, cherish it.
Also, preparations aside, your mindset matters the most!
Keep in mind, people with preparation less than you will get selected and more than you will get rejected. So even if your preparation is lacking, make it up with sheer will power and raw courage.

All the best.
Just Don’t Give Up.
I know, it’s tough!
Don’t aim for victory, aim for Glory.