Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Marksheet, Age, Biography

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Topper
Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Topper

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Biography

Hello everyone

I’ll be posting my strategy regarding CSE on this post.

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Marksheet

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Marksheet
Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Marksheet | Marksheet UPSC CSE 2021

UPSC Preparation Strategy by Atulesh Jha UPSC Topper

In the next couple of days please try to compose yourself and consolidate your study resources.

Speculation won’t increase or decrease your marks. If you feel strongly about an answer, do put it in a representation to the UPSC because beyond that you cannot do anything.

In any case game theory suggests that preparing for Mains will be fruitful going ahead. For the next 20-25 days you can have either of the two scenarios.

  1. You Qualify

You will bless your stars that you did not waste any time and got into preparing for Mains which gives you an edge on atleast 25% of the candidates now.

  1. You Don’t Qualify

You can continue with the flow to prepare for the Mains phase of examination till the Prelims comes up and next year preparation will feel like a revision.

P.S. If you are not able to compose yourself then start with Optional and GS4. They are usually less demanding to begin with, also Optionals have a more consolidated approach that way you can discipline yourself too.

All The Best 😊👍

Coaching Institutes Joined by Atulesh Jha UPSC Topper

My coaching sources for 2021 attempt.

GS Test Series – ForumIAS only

Socio Test Series – Vision IAS (Smriti Ma’am only)

Essay – ForumIAS and Prashant Kaushik Sir

Value Added Notes – Vision VAM, ONLYIAS Prahaar, Kalam IAS Marks Maximizer (These were used to revise and add to my notes).

Interview Mocks at quite a few places but there are those who can guide better in this aspect as my marks are below avg.

P.S. In my 5 years of preparation I’ve joined various coaching and used multiple material. Some have been helpful while some haven’t been so. I found IASbaba Socio test series in 2019 to be quite decent too. Lukmaan Ethics classes were also very decent.

For prelims Current Affairs specifically, I used to daily make short notes from 9PM CA post of Forumias and at the end would look up Magazines such as PT365.

Try to read posts of past 2 years if you are preparing for prelims.

P.S. I’m not asking you to skip newspapers. I read newspaper as well and brushed it up with 9pm initiative of Forum, as I believe reading things multiple sources and media can help us in retention. Again this is my personal experience and opinion and not the gospel truth.

Sociology Optional Preparation Strategy by Atulesh Jha Topper

Now sources I used for Sociology.

NCERT, IGNOU and Jammu Univ Distance Learning Books (links provided above in this channel).

Selected chapters from Haralambos (Blue one), B K Nagla, Veena Das (All essays), Ritzer (If needed).

Notes from Nitin Sangwan, Neha Bhosle Ma’am and Tusharanshu Sir (if time permits).

Apart from this you may go over the articles published by eminent historians like Dipankar Gupta, T N Madan, etc. whose names you will find mentioned in various notes and IGNOU books.

This you can do after you are done with all basic books, infact you can even skip these. Unfortunately I prepped for 5 years and had the time to go over these too. 😅

Makes short notes from Veena Das and any other such readings which you study to add value to your base notes.

You don’t have to treat these as base source, only add value to your study material and help you write introduction and conclusion especially in P2.

I see alot of individuals engaging in cut off prediction and random debates on sources for various answers.

Please unless you are a veteran who knows exactly what to do in mains, don’t engage in this, especially beginners need to be vary that once you see the mains result and if you qualify, you will have only yourself to blame for wasting 3 weeks or more.

Answer Writing Preparation Strategy by Atulesh Jha Topper

For those who have started answer writing for the mains.

Look at NCERT books from class 9-12 and see the grammar and simple sentence construction they use. You will find each and every phrase to add value and contain some information regarding the content.

Our answers should also look like that.

P.S. For Sociology optional IGNOU books can be used as a parameter for such exercise.

Should you do PhD in Optional by Atulesh Jha Topper

A small point I would like to make.

We all must have seen and read the news item regarding the Sologamy and especially Sociology optional students must have analysed it too.

PHD nahi karni hai. You have to focus on static only. The examiner is expecting you to write Murdoch, Merton etc only when asked abt family and even when changes in family system are asked you have to begin with Shah’s Guj study or points written by Giddens on changes in family or marriage. You can at the very end mention abt this as an outlier, but don’t start your answer or focus it or centralise it around this theme to make it very unique or exciting.

This is a mistake alot of us commit especially in P2. Keep these things in mind please.

Motivational Post by Atulesh Jha Topper

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Motivational Post
I am not one for much motivation and all, but this captures it very well.
You cannot stay motivated forever, but you can stay consistent and that is what matters.
Find your sweet spot, be it 6 hours a day or 10 hours a day; but stick to it unwaveringly.

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Notes

Atulesh Jha UPSC IAS Notes
If you are attempting the Mains 2022, now is the time to start making concise/dirty notes like these above for topics you feel are important in CA or asked repeatedly over the years for your GS and Optional.
They help you in revision and retention of information.
Also try to revise and stick to what you already know rather than trying to study or find new content.
All the Best 😊👍
PS maintain a healthy sleep cycle and tune your body to the exam schedule or else u will feel sleepy in exam.

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