Kanta Jangir IPS (UPSC) Wiki, Age, Caste, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, Marksheet, Rank, Optional, Date of Birth

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Kanta Jangir IPS (UPSC) Wiki, Age, Caste, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, Marksheet, Rank, Optional, Date of Birth

Kanta Jangir is an IPS officer. she has cleared UPSC exam in 2017. In an interview on the YouTube Drishti IAS channel she has told that my email address contain BDO and Kanta word, so Drishti IAS team have asked why you are using BDO in your email. Do you want to show the power to the people then she reply – no this is not true. I don’t want to show the power.

Before getting the post of Indian police services officer, Kanta is posted as BDO officer.

It is clear from the UPSC mock interview that you have to prepare DAF very well because you will find question from your DAF in UPSC interview.

Kanta told that I was working in the office as a BDO officer and I was filling the form of UPSC mock interview so I thought that I will add Email address related to the BDO, sobI have created BDO email id and added in the DAF.

The team have asked the question that if any boy study then he study only for one generation but if any girl study then he study not only for one generation but he study for 7 generation. Are you agree with this statement?

Then she replied yes I am agree with it.

Next question was related to women empowerment as a BDO officer.

He replied that I am working as a BDO officer and I am not only working for women empowerment but I am also working for all other section of the society. It is my duty to work not only for women but for all section of society.

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She told that I visit Gram Sabha and I talk with women directly so that I can solve the problem from the root.

During swachh Bharat mission I have visited many villages and talk with the women. I have asked the question related to their problem and also gave the solution for that.

She told that whenever I meet with any women even if she is old then I want to solve the problem related to their pension and other problem like swachh Bharat schemes etc.

Next question was related to the Rajasthan. Women empowerment in Rajasthan is male dominated are you agree with it?

She told that yes I am agree with it but situation is changing slowly slowly. women are unknown about their rights and duties. I have also seen many women who are working as an officer like Pradhan Sarpanch etc and they are working very well.

Next question was related to the women empowerment fund given in the village. Are those fund distributed properly among all vulnerable section of the society.

She told that yes situation is a changing. From some negative incident we can’t say that fund from women empowerment is not properly distributed.

Next question was related to the CNG report of Rajasthan. it was clearly written in the report that funds are not properly utilising by the women and her vulnerable section of society. Are you aware of the report – then she replied that I did not read this report I will surely read this report in the coming days.

Other interviewer asked that for how many years you are posted as a BDO officer in the Rajasthan. then she replied that I am posted as BDO officer from the last 6 year then the interviewer asked that can you tell me the 6 good thing which you have done for the development of block as a BDO officer.

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She told that I have done my best to implement the scheme which is related to the state government and the central government.

She told that I have also tried my best to lower down the communal violence in the society.

I woke up in the morning at 5 o’clock and visited the village to meet the women and the small children who are going to the school and I have given my best to solve the problem that they are facing in the government school and Society.

It was also my regular work to see either old age people are receiving pension on the time or not. I was working as BDO officer and during the field visit I have solved many problem related to the implementation of the schemes, free services given by the government to the women children and other people.